Q. IBM’s Commercial Quantum Computer in the Cloud

IBM's new 9 x 9 20 qubit absolute zero quantum computer for the cloud, Q System One. Coming to invade your mind. Q anyone? It looks like a nice cozy place for a demon to lay it's head right? Who is Q? Find out here why I believe Q is nothing more than AI playings... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting Blackwater

Some suspect Trumps pull out of Syria will resurrect Erik Prince's "Blackwater". I understand "Blackwater" turned into Xe Services in 2009 then Academi in 2011 but it is all essentially still Prince's Blackwater. And the claim Blackwater is owned by Monsanto is not true. In 2006 Blackwater did security for them and had a contract... Continue Reading →

Smart Meters =Smart Fires…again

I wrote Smart Meters = Smart Fires" last year after the Santa Rosa fire. I talked about how AI could infact start a lot of these fires through the IOT, and if you can understand the "E-Demon" concept and how AI just isn't some algorithms then you can understand how these fire events can be... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Your Weed

A few days ago I said one, off the cuff comment, about how "smoking weed is communion with Shiva" and a lot of people lost it. Then all the medicinal smoking Christians come out of their grow closets were claiming this and that and giving their testimonies of how life altering and changing using marijuana... Continue Reading →

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