5777/5778 Timeline: An Overview

Here are all of the links to reference what's been going on in the heavens and what will be going on in the future. I will keep it updated as something comes up. Please keep checking back to reference it. Jupiters Dark Vortex birthed (http://wp.me/p6Haqi-aZ) (Dec 8th, 2016) The first 2 minute vibration felt all... Continue Reading →

Jupiter’s Dark Vortex being birthed

This article comes from http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA03473 from 2002. Original Caption Released with Image: Unexpected dynamics in Jupiter's upper atmosphere, or stratosphere, including the birth and motion of a dark vortex wider than Earth, appear in a movie clip spanning 11 weeks of ultraviolet imaging by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The development of the vortex resembles development of ozone holes in... Continue Reading →

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