Saturn, Cassini, Death and Resurrection

This excerpt comes from my book and I originally posted the full section on October 20th, 2016. I think this is relevant to what is going on with Jupiter being birthed in September and Saturn being in Ophiuchus. Now keep in mind that the April event during Passover, Saturn is in Sagittarius at this time. This symbolizes the rider on the White Horse of Revelation 6 in my opinion. Here is the paper.

“I also want to bring up that this ongoing cassini to Saturn project will end soon. “After almost 20 years in space, the Cassini mission will end on September 15, 2017 at 5:07 a.m. PDT (8:07 a.m. EDT). Here’s how it will happen: In late 2016, the Cassini spacecraft will begin a completely new type of mission at Saturn. During its final months, the intrepid spacecraft’s orbit will carry it high above the planet’s north pole and then send it plunging between the planet and the innermost edge of its dazzling rings. Beginning on Nov. 30, 2016, Cassini will repeatedly climb high above Saturn’s north pole, then plunge to a point just outside the narrow F ring (the edge of the main rings), completing 20 such orbits. Then, on April 22, 2017, Cassini will leap over the rings to begin its final series of daring dives between the planet and the inner edge of the rings. This is the Cassini “Grand Finale.” After 22 of these orbits, each taking six days to complete, the spacecraft, will plunge into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant planet, where it will burn up like a meteor, ending the epic mission to the Saturn system.

As it plunges past Saturn during the Grand Finale, Cassini will collect some incredibly rich and valuable information that the mission’s original planners might never have imagined: 

The spacecraft will make detailed maps of Saturn’s gravity and magnetic fields, revealing how the planet is arranged on the inside, and possibly helping to solve the irksome mystery of just how fast the interior is rotating. It will vastly improve our knowledge of how much material is in the rings, bringing us closer to understanding their origins.Cassini’s particle detectors will sample icy ring particles being funneled into the atmosphere by Saturn’s magnetic field. Its cameras will take amazing, ultra-close images of Saturn’s rings and clouds.This computer-generated view shows the view from the perspective of the Cassini spacecraft as it dives between the rings and Saturn’s cloud tops.

No other mission has ever explored this unique region so close to the planet. What we learn from these activities will help to improve our understanding of how giant planets – and families of planets everywhere – form and evolve. And at the end of its final orbit, as it falls into Saturn’s atmosphere, Cassini completes its 20-year mission by ensuring the biologically interesting worlds Enceladus and Titan could never be contaminated by hardy microbes that might have stowed away and survived the journey intact. It’s inspiring, adventurous and romantic – a fitting end to this thrilling story of discovery.” (

So notice that the grand finale starts on April 22nd. This is during Passover. It’s almost like they are doing this symbolic sacrifice where they will plunge into Saturn. And the strange thing is this, its completely finished on Saturday (Sabbath) September 15th. The interesting thing about this date is that it’s a week before some believe the sign of Rev. 12 happens in the stars. I do believe this happened with the birth of Jesus in 3BC but I do also believe that this is a false sign that is connected to the man of sin. Now it may be connected to Saturn also. So you have the two important dates of Passover and Rosh Hashanah. The biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah (יוֹם תְּרוּעָה), literally “day [of] shouting/blasting”, sometimes translated as the Feast of Trumpets. So there you have it. Cassini will sacrifice itself into Saturn during this time. This to me looks like a ritual in the highest degree. And I wonder if this stopping of the mission on Sept 15 means that there is a rebirth that is associated with Rev 12? 

I want to also point out that this is 5 months apart at 147 days. This is 6 days short of 153 (the fish Peter caught and Rev 9 locusts – 5 months). Those who have read my paper on The Vinegar and the Sword know exactly what I’m referring to. I will post it here. The Vinegar and the Sword

Saturn in Ophiuchus

Since 11/30/15, the new 13th constellation Ophiuchus has had a guest…Saturn. Saturn has been hanging around for almost 15 months but on February 23rd, 2017 it decided to step out for 84 days. For almost two months it will be in Sagittarius and then after that it returns back to Ophiuchus. Below is the sign from November 30th, 2015 to November 18th, 2017. 

I’ve written about Ophiuchus in the past but I’ll quickly brief you about what Ophiuchus is actually about. Just in the last few years it has been named the 13th Constellation. It is called the Restrainer and its a picture of a man holding or restraining a snake. This constellation is reminescent of the restrainer mentioned in 2 Thessalonians. When Saturn actually went into The Restrainer, it was escorted by the Sun on the same day (11/30/15). To me personally, this sign in the Heavens is significant. I believe this could be when the Restrainer is taken out of the way and Satan is loosed from the abyss to indwell in this man of sin (just like what happened to Judas). 

The key to all of this is understanding what or who Saturn represents. Saturn is Satan so this sign is very fitting. Below is when Saturn leaves Ophiuchus for 84 days only to return May 18th, 2017. On a side note, in the occult the number 8 and 4 are bad numbers. And when they are put together it makes them even worse. Take that as you may.

Now as you can see, Saturn left Ophiuchus on February 23rd and I want to point out that NASA released the information on Trappist-1 and its seven planets on February 22nd, the day before. I want to point out that people around the world have in general lost their minds but since the 23rd, things have gotten exceptionally demonic. I suggest you do a little research starting on Feb. 23rd to now. Your going to find a lot of crazy stuff that has been going on. So i wonder if Saturn leaving the restrainer temporarily is having a crazy affect on people? Is the timing of the release of the info on Trappist coincidence to Saturn leaving Ophiuchus the next day?

So i mentioned that Saturn actually does go back into Ophiuchus on May 18th. Saturn then stays there until November 18th, 56 days after the false 9/23 sign. Now November 18th is actually a registered holiday. It’s National Occult day. That’s no joke. So Saturn leaves the restrainer for good on this particular day. Here is an interesting bit of information I had gotten from a few websites about the number 56. I can’t confirm this because I don’t know what English translation they are using. The words virgin and cursed are both used 56 times in the Old Testament. Strange coicidence being this is exactly what we are talking about. A false virgin sign with Virgo that leads to a curse.

The words for virgin in Hebrew are used 57 times not 56.

And curse in Hebrew is used 63 times

The Sun and Saturn both going into Ophiuchus at the same time in 2015

So is Satan released from the abyss and the restrainer taken away around this time? Well its interesting to know that astronomers have called this particular section of the milky way near Ophiuchus the abyss. This is also where NASA discovered dark matter. “More specifically, the celestial Hades must refer to a great constellation consisting of those stellar configurations now called Scorpio, Ophiucus (the Serpent-Bearer), Sagittarius, the Altar, and the Centaur. It is in this region of the sky that one finds the sky entrance to Hades, located between Scorpio and Sagittarius (see Plutarch, On the Genius of Socrates 22, 590B-592E; LCL). An Assyrian name for the Milky Way was “River of the great Abyss” (Nahru apshi rabi) (Allen 1963:475).”

This is where both Satan and Saturn are coming out of. I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens spiritually. Is time to use our discernment people. 

Venus, Islam and the Arch

This is in regard to the Venus-Sun inferior conjunction that happens on March 25th. It just so happens to fall on the same day the Arch of Triumph is set up in Arona (strong mountain), Italy. Now pay close attention to the Venus crescent symbolism he talks about. This is from the book “Moon-O-Theism” by Yoel Natan.

Arch of Triumph

“Venus altars in the shape of pillars and steles are sometimes thought to be betyls but really represent a doorway—a prayer portal. The simple doorway altars were sometimes embellished with inverted crescentand-orb symbols. In Carthage for instance, some pillars from the same era and area have doors and some have inverted-crescent-and-orb symbols where the lintel or arch would be located. 3706 In larger versions of Venus altars, arches took the place of the crescent symbols—as in Mosque Mihrabs or the arches at the Dome of the Rock…Pickthall however translates “arches”as “synagogues,”which points to a religious purpose of the arches, even though Muhammad probably had Mihrab arches in mind. Muhammad probably was not thinking of generic arches since he probably thought that if the Kaaba had no such arches, the Jerusalem temple did not either. It is well known that the Crusaders referred to the Dome of the Rock shrine as Solomon’s temple. The Muslim architects of the Dome of the Rock seem to have been inspired by the Koran’s mention of arches in connection to Solomon.”

“The use of the arch in moon-god temples apparently goes back to the Sin moongod worship at Ur and was used in ziggurats…This paragraph reflects Muhammad’s reinterpretation of Venus: What the prophet said ‘When I arrived into the Third Heaven, I there saw an angel, equal to whom in excellence and beauty I had seen none, placid and joyful, he was seated upon a throne; and a circle of angelic effulgence was diffused about him.’This was the heaven of Venus and it is not necessary to comment its beauty; it denotes gladness and festivity. 3722 The reason that Muhammad’s theological sex-change operation on Venus was acceptable to Muslims is that a male Venus was not without precedent in Arabia.”

Mihrab Arch

“Moshan Fani wrote in The Dabistan: In most of the ancient temples of Persia they had formed the symbol of Venus [the bulbous lamp] in the figure [arch] of a Mihrab, or arch, like the altar of the Mosques; consequently, the present [Muslim] Mihrab, or altar, is that identical symbol. 3726 What is this “symbol of Venus” in the “altar” of which Moshan Fani speaks? The most common iconic symbol for Venus was a star or orb next to a crescentmoon. The lunette of the recessed arched Mihrab served as the crescent-moon, especially when the lunette was lit up with an oil lamp hanging from the apex.”

“So the area between the pillars of the Mihrab was a throwback to the gates of Venus. That gates represented Venus explains the ubiquitous ancient prayer portals with doors found throughout the Mideast3756 and the famous Ishtar Gate at Babylon…Muslims nearly always use a Venus altar in order to pray. In a Mosque, Muslims face a Mihrab niche in the Kiblah wall that is aimed at the ultimate Venus altar for Muslims—the vulviform Black Stone and silver casing. Also, the prayer rugs that are used inside and outside Mosques usually have an embroidered or woven arch pattern that represents a Venus altar…When praying, Muslims face and bow toward a Venus altar either in the form of a Mosque Mihrab, the arch on the rug or a Sutra Asherah pole.”

“The worshipper stands and says the Fatihah. Fatihah means the “Opening”and refers to the first chapter (Sura) of the Koran—about seven lines of text. Muslims generally recite the Fatihah thirty-two times a day. 3800 The “Opening”seems suspiciously like a magical incantation like “Abracadabra”or “Open Sesame,”perhaps meant to open a prayer portal to Allah via the Venus Mihrab altar. 3801 That Islamic Mihrabs represented a portal to heaven is further strengthened by an early Islamic tradition…The pagans even referred to the Mihrab Venus altar as an “opening.” For instance, one of Baal’s old titles was Baal-Peor, meaning “Lord of the Opening.”

“Baal-Peor, acted like an antennae pointing to god Baal, which suggests that there was a Venus prayer portal altar in the Beth-Peor temple. This Venus prayer portal “opening” was what gave the deity associated with this place the name, Baal-Peor, meaning “the Lord of the Opening.” Since the ultimate target of prayer is the Black Stone at the Kaaba—a stone in a vulviform frame—“ the Opening” (Fatihah), must refer not only to the opening of a Venus gate or opening chapter of the Koran but ultimately to the opening of Venus’ vulva.”

“The Muhammadan doctors say that Islamism is connected with this planet [Venus], from which source proceeds the veneration paid by them to Friday, or the day of Venus [the Muslim day of prayer]. Moshan Fani was a later critic of Islam, but early critics such as John of Damascus (~ 675 to ~ 749 AD) probably knew that Mihrab niches were Venus altars. John of Damascus did write that the Black Stone was associated with Venus. 3995 The Spaniard Alvarus Paulus (flourished 854 AD) noted that Muhammad had obtained the power of Aphrodite (the Greek Venus).”


So Islam did in fact worship Venus from the symbolism of the black stone to the rugs to the Mihrab and so on. My question now is this. When Venus finished off its cycle of the Pentagram shape, was its dying off into the form of a crescent more significant than any other time of its cycle? And on March 25th, its final day of going black, hold some significance to the Arch getting put up on that same day? I think so. I have said all along that this Arch of Triumph has been invoking Isis (Venus) from the beginning. 

Venus ruling over Jerusalem?

Cestus the Sea Beast on March 9th with Venus in Pisces waiting to fall into Pegasus for three hours.

Here are a few more quotes from the book “Social-Science Commentary on the book of Revelation” by Bruce Molina. He equates Mystery Babylon to Jerusalem (so do I) and says that this represents Venus in the Heavens. He believes that Venus is the Harlot that is ruling over Jerusalem. It makes a lot of sense when looking at it from this angle. Its a lot to read but its worth it. Notice what he says about stars/planets being masculine/feminine at different times and keep in mind Venus burning out on March 25th while the Arch of Triumph is in Arona (strong mountain).

Revelation 17:3

“First, the Woman identified with Venus is the Evening Star. The celestial patron of Babel/Babylon in the Hellenistic period was Venus. From time immemorial, morial, each Mesopotamian city, town, and district had its own special and peculiar liar patron stellar divinity. Thus Dilgan (the star Capella) was the patron star of ancient Mesopotamian Bab-ilu (Brown 1900:2:136). Furthermore, each star or constellation itself was equally a divinity (ibid., 97). There is abundant information tion about Dilgan (= Capella) and the divinities of ancient Babylon (see Brown 1900:2:86-87, 184, and passim). However, this information is of little use for understanding our seer. For right before Alexander’s conquest of Persia, Anahita (Undefiled One), an Avestic goddess, was given central place in Babylon. The star (planet) Venus took the place of traditional Dilgan/Capella. Clement of Alexandria reports: 

“Berossos, in the third book of his Chaldaica, describes them (the Babylonians) as venerating a statue in human shape, after Artaxerxes, son of Darius Ochos, introduced the usage there. He erected the first statue of Aphrodite Anaitis in Babylon, Susa, Ecbatana and egged on the Persians, Bactrians, Damascenes and Sardians to venerate it” (Protreptikos V, 65 ed. Mondesert SC 2: 130). Thus from Hellenistic times on, Aphrodite was known to be the divinity over Babylon. Moore (1982:90) observes: In the previous verse (Rev 22:15) the writer speaks of several groups of people who, because of their wickedness, are left outside the gates of the New Jerusalem, the pure city that replaces the wicked city, Babylon, after the warrior King conquers her. Of that group, sorcerers, fornicators, and idolaters are mentioned: frequently used terms in the Apocalypse (cf. Rev 2:14, 20; 17:1, 2, 5, 15, 16; 18:3, 9; 19:2 and 21:8). These activities, of course, were essential elements in the worship of the female goddess Ishtar (Babylon); Ashtarte (Northwest Semitic); Kwkbt’ (Syria, Northern Arabia); Aphrodite (Greece); Venus (Rome). To these we may add the Egyptian Isis or the ancient Canaanite `Anatu or Athtartu (= Ashtarte). In other words, the Greek Aphrodite under any of her various ious equivalent names was a well-known figure in the whole region running from Persia to Spain. From time immemorial in the Middle East and the Mediterranean as well, this divine personage was identified with the planet we call Venus. 

There are countless instances of ancient Middle Eastern steles inscribed with the sun, moon, and Venus located over some royal personage or some significant event. It was the God/Goddess Sun, the God/Goddess Moon, and the God/Goddess Venus that were equally significant in the stories deriving from ancient Canaanite lore, and frequently alluded to in Israel’s sacred books. Interestingly, the Aramaic version of Isaiah states concerning Babylon: “How have you been thrown down from the heights (of the sky), you who were resplendent dent among the sons of men as the star of the evening [= Venus] among the stars .. “(Tg. /.ca. 14:12). In sum, at the time of our author, Babylon had as its patron and protector Aphrodite/Venus. Under any and all of her names, she was the planet that we know as Venus. As an evening star, Venus is female. Nonfixed stars such as planets that are observed one time rising and another time setting have two gender aspects. Ptolemy explains:

They say too that the stars become masculine or feminine according to their aspects to the Sun, for when they are morning stars [“being of the dawn”] and precede the Sun they become masculine, and feminine when they are evening stars and follow the Sun. Furthermore this happens also according to their positions with respect to the horizon; for when they are in positions from the East to Mid-Heaven, or again, from the West to lower Mid-Heaven, they become masculine because they are eastern, but in the other two quadrants, as western stars, they become feminine (Teirabiblos 1, 6, 20; LCL).”

Revelation 17:8 

“The Sea Beast of the vision is presently in the Abyss and will soon emerge before being totally destroyed. It is described as one who “was and is not,” and is going to come up from the Abyss before being totally destroyed. This chief celestial being is the Canaanite deity Ba’lu or Baal, the Syrian Adon or Adonis. In the cosmological theology of the eastern Mediterranean, Baal/Adonis (Roman Jupiter, Greek Zeus) is the consort of `Anat/Atargatis (Venus). As giver of fertility to humankind, Baal controls celestial phenomena such as rain, dew, lightning, thunder, and earthquakes. He annually disappears during the dry season, son, only to emerge with the autumn rains. All of this is indicated in the sky with the transit of respective constellations and planets. In other words, if any sky being “was, and is not, and is about to ascend from the bottomless pit;” it is Baal/Jupiter. The reemergence of this deity annually astonishes his devotees, that is those persons not listed in the scroll of life “from the foundation of the world.” Those listed in the scroll of life are not astonished, since they know the God of Israel who raised Jesus from the dead is in charge. This book of positive cosmic destiny is in possession of the cosmic Lamb, himself “from the foundation of the world” (13:8).”

Revelation 17:11 

“The Sea Beast is the eighth, or “an eighth,” who is one of the seven, and “goes to destruction” (17:11). The seven rulers of the cosmos are those stars called planets. In the Israelite tradition, God created in six days and rests on the seventh. For the seer, we are obviously at a period when the first five day-controlling planets ets have completed their rule, the sixth day planet is in power now (Venus), while another is going to come. Then comes the eighth, the cosmic Beast. In cosmic lore, this is the Ogdoad (literally in Greek “the eighth one”) that marks completion, tion, fullness, totality. Thus the destruction of the cosmic Sea Beast marks the end of whatever process is going on. The Beast “belongs to the seven.” The only seven previously mentioned are seven kings or rulers in v. 9.”
I also want to add the discussion he has on the three frogs from the mouths in Revelation. 

This is also from the book “Social-Science Commentary on the Book of Revelation” by Bruce Malina.

“In the astronomic traditions of Arab bedouin, there are two well-known stars called the Frogs. “The First Frog” (al-dafda’ al-awwal) is in the mouth of the Southern Fish (Piscis Austrini) and still bears an Arabic name, Fomalhaut (meaning “mouth of the fish”). “The Second Frog” (al-dafda’al-thani), likewise still with the Arabic name Diphda (meaning “frog”), is located on the tail of “the hated Sea-monster,” Cetus. Aratus singles out these two stars as “two of more lustrous form,” but does not call them frogs (Phenomena, 395-98; LCL).”

Venus in Pegasus on March 28th, 2017.

As you already know, on March 25th Venus will be in its last inferior conjunction phase as it goes black and then comes back to life from darkness and rises “out of the ashes”. This making of a pentagram in the heavens took seven years to complete and will end on March 25th. But I want to look at what happens three days later on the 28th of March.

Prior to the 28th, Venus has been in Pisces since January 23rd and on February 4th it was in the belly of the Pisces fish who is represented in Greek mythology as Cupid, Venus’ son. Symbolically you can see Venus in a union with her son until Feb. 24th. This is reminiscent of the Isis/Horus myth of the Mother/Child cult. Then Venus retrogrades back and does something strange. Venus goes into Pegasus. I wouldn’t say that its a rare occasion but it does only happen every 219 years and it shows up in a group of four. This means that the first initial time that it happens, it happens again the following 8 years then again and then a final time. It’s in a span of 24 years. 

So on March 28th Venus goes into the corner of Pegasus. Then again on 3/22/25-3/24/25, 3/15/33-3/18/33 and finally 3/9/41-3/12/41. So this March 28th starts a 24 year cycle of Venus in Pegasus every eight years. The interesting thing about this year is that it’s three days after Venus’ inferior conjunction (think about the 3 days symbology), this is the first time that Venus will go into these constellation regions that came about in 1922 and this 3/28 event only lasts from 6:09pm to 9:09pm Jerusalem time. Three hours after three days of its inferior conjunction with the Sun. 

Now the separation of regions was a big deal in the world of Astronomy. It gave a clear distinction between say Pisces, Pegasus and Aquarius. These lines drawn in the sky are kind of like the boundaries that are drawn on land for the States. This shows us when planets/stars go precisely into constellations, the same as when a car crosses state lines. “In 1922, Henry Norris Russell aided the IAU (International Astronomical Union) in dividing the celestial sphere into 88 official constellations; Prior to this, Ptolemy’s list of 48 constellations with many additions made by European astronomers had prevailed. However, these divisions did not have clear borders between them. It was only in 1930 that Eugene Delporte, the Belgian astronomer created an authoritative map demarcating the areas of sky under different constellations. Where possible, these modern constellations usually share the names of their Graeco-Roman predecessors, such as Orion, Leo or Scorpius. The aim of this system is area-mapping, i.e. the division of the celestial sphere into contiguous fields.” (

So the “mapping” out of these constellations isn’t that old. It’s only been 95 years since these regions have been drawn in the sky. So I find it interesting that March 28th is technically the first time in our modern era that Venus went into Pegasus. Prior to this happening, I am not sure where the lines were for Pegasus and if the prior times that this has happened, was Venus in Pegasus? I also want to say that since 105 AD, this will be the 9th time since this “alignment” has happened and there isn’t any other planets that EVER go into Pegasus. So like I said, this is the first time in our era that this will be happening. Before I go into Pegasus, I do want to add that according to the Talmudic tradition, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all died on 1 Nisan and this event just so happens to fall on this date. It’s also says that this is when the first mitzvah (commandment) is given to the Jewish people (Exodus 12:1–2). This was the establishment of the Passover.

Now most Christian astronomers believe that Pegasus is representing the white horse that Jesus rides. Scripture doesn’t say that Jesus rides a horse with wings but it does say it is white. Now we know that this man of sin is against everything Jesus stands for but also tries to mimic what he does, this is where the deception comes in. He wants to deceive Christians and he is not so concerned with those who reject Jesus and are already being deceived. So is Venus being in Pegasus represent this man of sin. Remember, Venus is represented as the feminine aspect of Lucifer in the entity of Sophia and prior to entering Pegasus, Venus is in Pisces (specifically the fish going Westward who represents Cupid/Horus) and then returns back to Pisces (Cupid) after being in Pegasus for three hours. 

So if this sign isn’t a positive thing, then what does it mean? I want to tell you what new agers think about Pegasus. It’s just not a white horse with wings according to them. They believe that this is the ancient sign of the new millennium and new (Christ) consciousness and that something significant will happen with Pegasus. I wonder if they think this event is significant? “In the human body the place of memory is called “hippocampus”. The word hippocampus means sea horse. The father of Pegasus was Poseidon the God of the Sea. In addition, Stedmans medical dictionary defines the hippocampus of the brain as a white eminence. Thus Pegasus is the white sea horse of Revelation and the white sea horse in the sky, and in addition, the white sea  horse of memory within you. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Pegasus was sacred to the Muses. The mother of the Muses is Mnemosyne who is the Goddess of memory. Pegasus which is the hippocampus of the brain is responsible for memory. Pegasus is connected to Mnemosyne who is the Goddess of memory.” (

So you can see how new agers interpret what they think the Bible says. They associate this sea horse/monster with the horse Jesus rides but we know that this just isn’t true. Hippocampus is Pegasus which resembles a part of the brain. Like the article above mentioned, its associated to the memory loss (long term) and also that its the center of emotion. This is where depression and Alzheimer’s comes from when there is damage and massive cell loss. “Hippocampal dysfunction is also implicated in schizophrenia and associated disorders, suggesting that that region of the brain is particularly vulnerable to neuropsychiatric disease.” ( As far as the name goes, “Ram’s horn” was proposed by the Danish anatomist Jacob Winsløw in 1732; and a decade later his fellow Parisian, the surgeon de Garengeot, used “cornu Ammonis” – horn of (the ancient Egyptian god) Amun, who was often represented as having a ram’s head. This has survived in abbreviated form as CA in naming the subfields of the hippocampus.” ( So will there be some sort of awakening, or should I say just the opposite, a slumber with these people who are looking forward to this “consciousness and awareness”? Does Venus have something to do with all of these people slowly losing their minds as we continue to see? Is the 28th of March a post card day for them.

I also want to say that Pegasus is connected to Apollo and lightning. There are two views about where this word comes from. “The poet Hesiod presents a folk etymology of the name Pegasus as derived from πηγή pēgē “spring, well”: “the pegai of Okeanos, where he was born.” A proposed etymology of the name is Luwian pihassas, meaning “lightning”, and Pihassassi, a local Luwian-Hittite name in southern Cilicia of a weather god represented with thunder and lightning…According to legend, everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth. One of these springs was upon the Muses’ Mount Helicon, the Hippocrene (“horsespring”) opened, Antoninus Liberalis suggested, at the behest of Poseidon to prevent the mountain swelling with rapture at the song of the Muses.” (

Notice how there are 7 stars on this card. Venus (Wormwood) and Trappist?

Now notice how the name Pegasus can mean birthed from spring waters or lightning. I want to bring up that where its hoof touches there a spring opens up. This made me think about Venus being wormwood. I just want to bring up the tarot card of the star that was on the Economist Trump magazine cover. It was different obviously from the real card which has a blonde woman pouring vials of something into streams and the sea with seven stars around her. Are these stars the seven stars of Trappists (who are also monks who keep silence, and Muses also have vows of silence)? And if you remember that just a week or so ago, Trappist and its seven planets were released to the public. Is the Trump star card, Trappist and Venus going into Pegasus all related? The type timing seems right for the taking.

So we see there’s also a connection to the Muses. Muses are goddesses and are also known as Nymphs. These Muses were associated to Apollo, Artemis (also known as Wormwood) and Osiris. “Diodorus also states (Book I.18) that Osiris first recruited the nine Muses, along with the Satyrs or male dancers, while passing through Ethiopia, before embarking on a tour of all Asia and Europe, teaching the arts of cultivation wherever he went.” ( Muses were the female version of Trappist who vowed to be silent. These goddess Muses also did this. And you can Google Muses and look at the pictures that come in during the search, notice that there are pictures of geoups of threes. If you read my Witches, Walpurgis and Trappist paper then you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The word Muse also means “art of meditation”. “The very interesting part of all of this is that the word Muse means the mind and meditation. Pegasus is the white horse that caused the fountain of the Muses to activate. This was on Mount Helicon. Consider meditation and the spiral energy called Kundalini or the coiled serpent which rises up from the base of the spine to the Pineal Gland of the brain. Now consider the fact that the word Helicon which is the sacred mountain of the Muses, means spiral. So Helicon the sacred mountain of the Muses is the spiral energy which rises in meditation to bring us to the place of enlightenment. This mountain is sacred to Apollo…Mt. Helicon is the spiral or energy which rises through the spine in Meditation. The fact that Pegasus stimulates this activity is extremely important.” (

So as you can see, this thought is totally new age and demonic. These people believe that something will happen with the constellation Pegasus and connect it to a Kundalini awakening. And we see the connection here to the “sacred mountain” Helicon. Now please remember, this Venus entering Pegasus is only three days (rising on the 3rd day occult symbology) after March 25th’s inferior conjunction with Venus and the Sun. And the Arch is at Arona on the 25th and Arona means “mountain of strength” which is only a few hours from CERN. So let me ask again. Is Venus going in Pegasus for 3 hours exactly significant to something happening with the minds of those who aren’t sealed? Will they be awakened with this Kundalini spirit and start to make up this eschatological image of the beast? 

Just be aware that things are changing for the worse and to make sure we are all sealed with the Spirit of God.

What is “The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place”?

If you were to ask the same question to people who watches, studies or is interested in Bible Prophecy in these last days, you will find out real fast how much the majority of them all agree. The majority will tell you that the Jews will rebuild a 3rd temple, the antichrist will set himself up in this temple and claim that he is God, and he will then set up some sort of abomination in the holy place that causes Jerusalem to become desolate. I have read this a thousand times in books that say the same thing but have different covers and titles. I have watched video after video that claims the exact same thing as the video before it. And every last one of them will claim that this is the gospel truth. But, the real question is this? Is it all true? What if one thing concerning these events wasn’t true? Would this allow their whole house of cards to crumble to the ground? What would these so called prophecy experts do if the very bedrock of their teachings ended up like the house that was built on sand? Can we be sure to trust what someone else tells us without testing it with what the Bible says?

This entire teaching of what I mentioned above is loosely based off of Daniel 9:27. I believe this one verse is crucial for knowing how you are going to look at and understand Bible prophecy in this day and age. They take the “he” mentioned in this particular verse and say that it is the antichrist and this is where they get the 7 year tribulation. But….what if the “he” mentioned isn’t the antichrist (and I’m using the term antichrist in place of man of sin or son of perdition because this is the term that has been used in this teaching. Even though the name antichrist isn’t actually ever mentioned in the Bible referring to a particular man, it is used in 1st and 2nd John when representing the spirit that denies that Jesus came in the flesh, denies that He is the Messiah and denies the Father and the Son). What if the “he” referenced back to the One who Chapter 9 was talking about the whole time? The Messiah or the Anointed One to come. No where in this verse alone or the entire Chapter for that matter, does it ever once refer to the antichrist. It would be more obvious to refer the “he” to “the people of the prince”. This would be Titus according to what the Preterist  says. But that just isn’t true. So if this “he” is Jesus, then this verse alone changes everything according to modern Bible prophecy.

Then what happens? You no longer have a 7 year tribulation where everyone argues about the timing of the “rapture”. Instead of trying to figure out the foundation to something prophetic, everyone wants to instead fight about something that has no real basis to it. To understand not only the prophetic aspect of scripture for the future, you need to know the historical background to rightly divide it all. What if the disciples knew what Jesus was speaking about when He said what He said in Matthew 24:15? What did it mean when the writers of the Gospel said “whoso readeth, let him understand:”, when Jesus mentioned Daniels abomination? Was He referring to all three abominations mentioned or referencing to one particular abomination? How would it change your outlook on the end times?

Can we be for sure that this 3rd temple will be built? I’m 99% sure this Jewish temple will be rebuilt but that’s not according to scripture. This will only happen because mans heart is continuously wicked. Wasn’t Jesus as our perfect sacrifice good enough or do we still need the blood of bulls and goats? Does Paul refer to an actual temple of God in Thessalonians or did he and in fact Jesus, mention something else about this temple? Was the glory of God ever in the temple in the time of Jesus and what does the historical record say about the inside of the Holy of Holies? If God was going to actually have a temple again (which He never would), wouldn’t it have to be in the exact same location as the first two and not a centimeter off? These are questions that need to be asked.

And if there is no temple that God would ever recognize in this day and age, where is this Holy Place actually at? It cant possibly be in the Holy of Holies can it? Wouldn’t the Ark of the Covenant need to be in its exact same spot to even make it Holy again?  Does the Bible ever speak about another Holy location that God recognized as HOLY? And what about this abomination. There is so much speculation on what it may or may not be, does the Bible give us any  hints? I am not going to claim that I have all of the answers, but I do believe the Word of God will show us things if we allow to get our own understanding out of the way.

If you are going to read my book “The Temple, Abomination and The Holy Place”, you need to drop every preconceived idea you had about Bible prophecy concerning these topics and look into these matters yourself. I’m not expecting anyone to take my word for it with what I’m saying. I do expect you to research it for yourselves, search the scriptures diligently and come to your own conclusion on what the Scriptures are saying. What do I personally expect from someone reading this book? I personally expect to be called names and be told that I’m in error by the profit prophets of today. As someone once told me recently, I’m sure the piranhas will love having their way with me. If that’s the worst to happen to me, I’m ok with that. I won’t be the one back peddling and having to recall hundreds of books, videos and teachings.

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