Trump and the Meteor

This is part of the October Trump post but I couldn't add it there for some reason. So I didn't think much about the meteor in Ohio on September 30th until all of the White House has now claimed they got corona and are quarantined. The meteor was seen at 6:24 am on the morning/day... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Candidate

So I recently came across the Libertarian Party candidate party. It screams Liberty goddess divine feminine all of it. The scenario of a now down Trump and Pence may be taking over is a strange scenario. Pence is worse than Trump in my opinion. So here is a few things I want to look at.... Continue Reading →

WordPress Sucks

I'm trying to add things on WordPress from my phone and everything isn't working. I go to my computer and it crashes. If it disappears suddenly, you know why.

The Return of Sleepy Hollow

I will share 3 different posts I did yesterday. 1) The Ecumenical NAR Zionist machine in the guise of The Return. They went to the biggest phallic in all the land, laid hands on it and prayed for this country. This picture looks much like the Jews that Daven with their divine feminine shekinah at... Continue Reading →

Please Read. 3/11

Just a friendly reminder. March 11th 2020 (the 70th day of the year) was the day the CDC (343) declared Coronavirus (snake crown venom covenant) an official pandemic (all demons). Two days later on (March 13th) the U.S. declared an national emergency on Friday the 13th (Knights Templar ritual) a State of Emergency. Now look... Continue Reading →

Second Lockdown in Israel

So let's go back. In February, rabbis in Israel came out and said they were in talks with their "messiah". They said he would make himself known in 5781.In April Israel went on lockdown the night before Passover. This was an inverted enactment of the original Passover where they were to lock themselves in their... Continue Reading →

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