Joey Bee: to sign or not to sign?

There was this one time when I got my account suspended permanently from Twitter because I called Joey B a Westworld clone. It was such a good tweet, even a Westworld affiliate page commented on it and said that this was definetly not one of theirs. That was actually pretty funny. Twitter didn't seem to... Continue Reading →

My YouTube Has Been Suspended…new one

Well that's bs. YouTube suspended my account permanently. I got 3 strikes in four weeks for posting on electromagnetic frequencies (emf) for being the cause of everyone's sickness and mRNA inoculations are nothing more than gene therapy that modifies your genetic makeup of your body. You don't silence something that isn't the truth. I've had... Continue Reading →

Dinosaurs and Genesis 6

So this is going with my giants and dinosaurs research and the connections to the watchers ie fallen angels of Genesis 6. In the original Jurassic Park, they created clones of dinosaurs from blood taken from a mosquito. They took that blood and used a PCR test to get thousands of copies of this dino... Continue Reading →

PCR Scam…more in depth info

From Robin Monotti FACT: The PCR or lateral flow tests do not test for Covid19 nor do they test for even a single or even many SARSCoV2 particles or virions. The PCR is meant to test for 3 single genes, or small sections of DNA, not even a single virus particle in its entirety. However,... Continue Reading →

The Modern Moderna Abomination

Enabling Drug Discovery & Development We built Moderna on the guiding premise that if using mRNA as a medicine works for one disease, it should work for many diseases. And, if this is possible – given the right approach and infrastructure – it could meaningfully improve how medicines are discovered, developed and manufactured. Our Operating... Continue Reading →

Where is Tiffany Dover?

On December 17th Tiffany Dover took the Pfizer vaccine and then fainted 17 minutes later. Her name means "manifestation of god waters" (beast of the sea reference) and Tiffany is related to the Festival of Epiphany of January 6th. This is when the RCC celebrates the magi bringing their gifts to Jesus. This year Nativities... Continue Reading →

Abraham Accords Coin

In September I wrote a little about the Abraham Accord coin that was being sold by the Temple Institute. I could remember a little bit of what I said so I put it in a meme. I do remember that I wrote about the handle of this sword of peace, so I'll try to go... Continue Reading →

The Underwater Cloud

Microsoft put 864 (846 symbolism) servers in a 40 foot hydrogen filled tube to see if the "Cloud" could survive and work 117 feet under water. 2 years later they just pulled it out. This happened July 9th but felt compelled to bring the story to us today (12/22/20). AI survived the test. Orkeny Islands... Continue Reading →

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