It Took 66 Days to Make the Vaccine: White Phantom Transport and Burnt Champion

Do you realize that the first 2 people to receive the Moderna vaccine mRNA1273 trial on March 16th was a man and a woman. Jen Haller and Neil Browning. Both come from "tech" companies out of Seattle, the home of Bill Gates. Jen Haller (43) works at Attunely as a "People Operations Manager. Attunely is... Continue Reading →

Abraham Accords: Jupituran

One thing I never noticed about This coin was this. The dove with the olive branch flying towards what I thought was Saturn. Look closer. This is Jupiter with a ring, not Saturn per say. Ironically I mention in my book that Jupiter originally was thought to have a ring around it. And the top... Continue Reading →

Another First: California

Another "first". The Etymology of one of the first in California to get the vaccination abomination. Helen (a bright one ie torch) Cordova (a new construction). In "light" of knowing luciferin, a bioluminescence, needs to be stored at the same sub-zero temps as the vaccine. Nice coincidence.

Vials and Vials

I'm not saying this is related to the image I am posting but, I find it interesting that some of the earliest English translations of Revelation 16 have the word for "bowls" as "vials". And remember, these vials/bowls being poured out are considered plagues. "plēgē" - a stroke ; by implication a wound ; figuratively... Continue Reading →

First CV Inoculation: Sandra Lindsay

The first vaccination on December 14th was given by Michelle Chester to a black woman named Sandra Lindsay. She is a rn and received the vaccine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens. There is always a water connection to everything they do because the water invokes the beast of the sea symbolism. I... Continue Reading →

Hitler’s Saturn

MSM announced on 12/11/20 that Hitler's 84 year old alligator has been "stuffed" to live forever in Russia...and his name is Saturn. Perfect timing for the mythos in the stars on December 21st. What I mean by that is the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction is a sign in the heavens that these Luciferians are trying to tie... Continue Reading →

Deception is Here

The Saturn-Jupiter is NOT the "star of Christmas" like they label it. It is not some new age event horizon moment or a time humanity is going to ascend to their "god" status. It is not a time where the frequency will allow you to evolve. It is NOT a some good thing that is... Continue Reading →

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