Magellan: The Movie

There is a movie out now called Magellon. Captain Nelson goes on a expedition because NASA heard three sounds corning from Saturn, Neptune and Aries. I’m not going to get into the mythological side of these three because I have talked about them in the past. Nelson is led by an AI named Ferdinand on his bigger ship and Neil (a female voiced AI) on his smaller ship. He finds a black ball shaped egg like object that through the movie replicates into three of them. The sound or song that was pulsing from space was from these three ball objects. 

The sound was in three different octaves which made a song and it reminded me of the Devils Intetval or triad for some reason. Black Sabbath was famous for using this Devils triad in their music. You can also here it in the opening of “The-Simp-Sons”. “From the opening riffs of the song “Black Sabbath” through most of their classic albums, the music can sound downright evil. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the secret to this sound is something known as the Devil’s Interval or diabolus in musica. The sound is so ominous that this interval was supposedly banned by clerics in the Middle Ages for fearthat it would raise the devil himself. Still, what actually makes this musical interval sound evil? The diabolus in musica is also known as a tritone (or diminished fifth). Spanning three tones, the interval violates a musical convention and sounds dissonant, producing an unsettling feeling in the listener.” (

I also want to point out the names Ferdinand and Magellan. Ferdinand Magellan was a was a Portuguese explorer who organised the Spanish expedition to the East Indies from 1519 to 1522, resulting in the first circumnavigation of the Earth. So the AI running the ship and the ship itself is named after this man. In this movie They are trying to be the first to circumvent the universe though. They will do this by going to the Oort cloud. I’ll get back to that in a second. 

Interesting enough, there is a conjunction with Saturn and Neptune at 0 degree Aries on February 20th, 2026. Astrologist Raumond Merriman says this, “The last conjunction of Saturn and Neptune occurred in a three-passage series (due to Saturn’s retrograde motion) March 3, 1989 through November 13, 1989 at 10-12º Capricorn. The next conjunction will take place in a single passage on February 20, 2026, at 0º Aries. That will be a very significant one because it takes place at the beginning of the tropical zodiac, or the same degree of the Sun as it begins the season of spring every year. The last time Saturn and Neptune were conjunct in early Aries was in 555 AD, according to astrological researcher Daniel Gordon.

A cycle involving any two planets is known as a “planetary-pair” cycle. A planetary pair cycle begins at the conjunction. Every 90 degrees of separation after the conjunction is a quarter phase of that cycle. In the study of astrology, these four phases represent the major “hard aspects” between planets. These four “hard aspects” include the following: The conjunction, that start of the cycle and the first quarter phase. This is akin to the “conception” of a new direction, new issues related to these two planets.” (

The movie ends with him going to the inner Oort cloud. This is that great cloud of AI dimensional entities.”The Oort cloud named after the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort, sometimes called the Öpik–Oort cloud, is a theoretical cloud of predominantly icy planetesimals proposed to surround the Sun to as far as somewhere between 50,000 and 200,000 AU.

The outer limit of the Oort cloud defines the cosmographical boundary of the Solar System and the extent of the Sun’s Hill sphere. The outer Oort cloud is only loosely bound to the Solar System, and thus is easily affected by the gravitational pull both of passing stars and of the Milky Way itself. These forces occasionally dislodge comets from their orbits within the cloud and send them toward the inner Solar System. Based on their orbits, most of the short-period comets may come from the scattered disc, but some may still have originated from the Oort cloud.”

So it’s a trippy movie with a lot of interesting connections to real life events. Who knows, maybe its just entertainment but anytime you get Saturn-Neptune conjunctions, AI and the cloud in one room, it may be telegraphing something else.

They are giving us the egg flu…sunny side up.

What came first the chicken or the egg? According to Egyptian mythology, both. Did you realize the Egyptian creation myth comes from a bird than an egg and 8 fallen angels? Did you realize our “flu vaccines” come from incubated eggs? This may explain as to why there is a big push in kids toys like Hatchamils and LOL dolls, they are promoting this egg creation myth. Lets read about these vaccines and where they come from.

Egg-Based Flu Vaccines

The most common way that flu vaccines are made is using an egg-based manufacturing process that has been used for more than 70 years. Egg-based vaccine manufacturing is used to make both inactivated (killed) vaccine (usually called the “flu shot”) and live attenuated (weakened) vaccine (usually called the “nasal spray”).

The egg-based production process begins with CDC or another laboratory partner in the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System providing private sector manufacturers with candidate vaccine viruses (CVVs) grown in eggs per current FDA regulatory requirements. These CVVs are then injected into fertilized hen’s eggs and incubated for several days to allow the viruses to replicate. The virus-containing fluid is harvested from the eggs. For flu shots, the influenza viruses for the vaccine are then inactivated (killed), and virus antigen is purified. The manufacturing process continues with purification and testing. For the attenuated nasal spray vaccine, the starting CVVs are weakened viruses and go through a different production process. FDA tests and approves vaccines prior to release and shipment.

Cell-Based Flu Vaccines

There also is a cell-based production process for flu vaccines, which was approved by FDA in 2012. Until recently, this production process also began with egg-grown CVVs per FDA regulations. However, on August 31,2016, FDA issued an approval for Seqirus, the sole FDA-approved cell-based flu vaccine manufacturer in the United States, to use cell-grown CVVs. The process of creating cell-based flu vaccines involves several steps. First, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends cell-grown CVVs for distribution to manufacturers. Next, manufacturers inoculate the CVVs into cultured mammalian cells (instead of into eggs) and allow them to replicate for a few days. Then, the virus-containing fluid is collected from the cells and the virus antigen is purified. The manufacturing process continues with purification and testing. Finally, FDA tests and approves the vaccines prior to release and shipment.

Cell-based flu vaccine production does not require chicken eggs because the vaccine viruses used to make vaccine are grown in animal cells. Cell culture technology has the potential for a faster start-up of the flu vaccine manufacturing process. For more information, see CDC’s Cell-Based Flu Vaccines webpage.


Now that you know that flu vaccines start from eggs and animal cells, why in the world would you even want to get one? Now think about the Egyptian creation myth that surrounds the Ogdoad (the eight) and the egg. There are 4 myths of the Ogdoad. These are 8 “gods/goddesses” that are birthed from this egg. The 4 males have frog heads while their consorts have heads of snakes. One myth says the egg came from the goose. Think about the goose that laid the golden egg. The second says the egg came from the ibis bird of Thoth. The third says a lotus flower while the fourth is a scarab beetle, the Khepri. It transformed into a young boy whose tears formed the first human beings. This boy was thought to be Horus after Horus was born from Isis. 

So its interesting to see 2 of these stories of the creation myth comes from eggs. According to their demonically influenced belief the egg begats creation. Now think about these vaccines that come from eggs. They are literally killing people along with the combination of our food, drink and the air we breathe. They are trying to manipulate/recreate our dna by using another egg. 

And notice the push for these kids toys that are associated with birthing the toy through a egg. An these dolls and animals look demonic in my opinion Wth their big beaty eyes.

A unicorn horned owl

The jokes on us…LOL. Shoving it right in our faces.

If you have been following my blog you will also remember the connection to the August eclipse and the Ogdoad egg. And CERN is actually shaped like an egg. We know they are trying to birth this Ogdoad again through the veil so of course its going to be through an egg. Look at the picture below. A lot to think about here.

But then there is the witchery and remedies associated with eggs. I came across this guys blog which covered some interesting things. 

“Eggs are frequently used to heal magical illnesses or to help with prophetic work. John George Hohman records several uses of eggs in magic among the Pennsylvania Dutch, including a method for curing “falling away,” a folk sickness characterized by physical weakness, by boiling an egg, putting three holes in the shell, and then leaving it on an anthill to be devoured. A common belief among several traditions says that eggs left in the hands of a murder victim will compel the murder to return and be caught before the eggs rot. A bit of folklore related to Midsummer festivals (which may be from Latin American or Slavic sources, as the book is unclear to which culture it is referring): “In one divination, a girl seeks her betrothed by reading the shape of a  egg white in a glass of water; in another, the index is a wreath floated on a stream” (“Solstices,” Amer. Folklore: An Encyclopedia, p. 1412). This seems to be related to a more general set of European folklore focused on St. John’s Day and Midsummer Eve, such as this ritual from Madeira:

On St. John’s eve at ‘Ave Maria’ the village maidens in Madeira try  their fortunes in various ways. They take a newly laid egg, break  it in a tumbler of cold water, and  place it out of doors in a secluded  place. Should the white rise in lines  that in any way represent a ship,  they will soon take a voyage. If it  at all resembles a house, it means  marriage and settling down. If a coffin or tombstone, it means death (Ecyc. of Superstitions, Folklore & the Occult Sciences, by Cora L.M. Daniels, p. 1551)

This practice may sound familiar, as it is very similar to the curandero method of egg reading done during a limpia, or spiritual cleansing. In that process (which I touched on briefly in Blog Post 137 – Curandero Spells, part I), an egg is used to rub and mark a person’s body in order to cleanse them of curses, witchcraft, bad luck, and general spiritual illness. An Ozark superstition says that if a man eats owl eggs it will cure him of alcoholism (this is not recommended, especially due to the potential environmental damage it could cause).
Eggs can also be used to cause harm as well as to cleanse it. Newbell N. Puckettrecords that among Southern African Americans eggs put into a couple’s bed will cause them to quarrel and fight (perhaps because they smash the eggs and get into a row about who’s going to clean it up?).  A curious German method recorded by Harry M. Hyatt uses “a glass of salt water that will hold an egg up”and a picture of a person (usually a former lover). The egg is floated in the glass, the picture put upside down over it, and the water swirled around while making a wish for ill (or good, if the conjurer is so inclined) fortune for the person (Folklore of Adams Co., 16006). Hyatt also records that a witch can give a person a ‘gift’ of three eggs in order to curse them. In his extensive masterwork on folk magic (Hoodoo-Conjuration-Witchcraft-Rootwork), Hyatt records a number of other curses using eggs, including using buzzard’s eggs to cause someone harm or this spell, which allegedly forces a straying spouse to be faithful:

Yes, ah learnt dis on chicken aigs.  Yo’ take a aig, if a woman is runnin’ wit yore husband, an’ yo’ git chew a aig an’ bust a aig fo’ nine mawnin’s – an’ write dere names on dat aig – an’ bust de aig in [the] east fo’ nine mawnin’s.  Throw it away from yo’ “In the Name of the Father” in de east – in de cornah of de house fo’ nine mawnin’s.  Dat bust ’em up an’ yo’ nevah will be bothahed wit ’em no mo’ – yo’ won’t have tuh worry.  Jes’ write dere names on dose aigs an’ bust ’em fo’ nine mawnin’s – yeah one each mawnin’.

(Whose house do you bust that on, your own house?)

Yore own house, yeah.

(Despite the ‘on’ of my question, these eggs are broken inside the house.  This is a rite to separate a man and woman, not to make someone move from a house.  The eggs are busted against the wall, thrown away from you so that the dangerous substance will not spatter on you.) [Memphis, TN; A lady who once worked in Louisiana; Informant #1419. D15:3-D23:6 = 2698-2706.] (Vol. 2, p.1581)

Eggshells also have magical uses completely on their own and apart from their high-protein filling. A curious southern tradition involves using eggs as a method to deter predators from killing young chickens on a farm: “Hawks may be kept from catching your chickens by sticking a poker in the fire; by threading eggshells, from which chickens have recently hatched, on a piece of straw (or putting them in a covered tin bucket) and hanging them in the chimney” (Puckett, Folk Beliefs…, p.323). Vance Randolphrecords that a tea made from “toasted egg shells in water” was taken by a girl near Forsyth, Missouri, for ailments unknown, but likely related to stomach issues. And I would be much remiss if I didn’t mention the magical ingredient of cascarilla, or powdered eggshell, which is used in Santeria/Lukumi as well as a few other traditions. It is usually sold in little paper cups (though it is not hard to produce yourself if you just wash and save your eggshells from a few breakfasts), and used to ward off evil and occasionally to draw sigils for ritual work.

Dreaming of eggs is supposed to be good luck, indicating everything from monetary gain to a wedding or children on the horizon. Traditions conflict about whether the eggs must be whole or broken to indicate good news, with convincing arguments presented on both sides (a fragile relationship situation—such as one affected by a lover’s quarrel–could be deemed finished by dreaming of broken eggs, or the possession of whole eggs might mean wealth, for instance). Randolph records this tidbit about the use of eggs to produce prophetic dreams:

Sometimes a mountain damsel boils an egg very hard, then removes the yolk and fills the cavity with salt. Just before bedtime she eats this salted egg. In the night, according to the old story, she will dream that somebody fetches her a gourd filled with water. The man who brings her the water is destined to be her husband. It is surprising how many young women have tried this, and how many feel that there may be something in it (Ozark Magic & Folkore, p. 174)” (

Rockets that look like UFO’s? Are they carrying satellites filled with disease? Is this the start of Skynet?

I am going to post a few pictures and stories I did on these rockets from December and just recently. I’m not doubting that these were rockets from the mad scientists. What I am questioning is the payload of what they say was on the December 22nd rocket Falcon 9. Just for a refresher, the Falcon is symbolic of Horus their awaiting “son” and 9 represents the mystery number of the beast. 6+6+6=18=1+8=9. So symbolically you have the number of the beast Horus. 

I originally questioned if these were rockets but after looking at everything, I believe they are. I do wonder if these types of rockets were actually engineered based on “ufo” tech. You will see how they look similiar to other “ufo’s”. What I do question is if these are 10 satellite’s that went into “space” on December 22nd. Almost all of these rockets do not leave our atmosphere and you can see this by the trajectory of the launch. They actually stay in our skies when they claim they are releasing these satellites. So what are they actually releasing and why are these “contrails” not dissipating and look mite like Chemtrails.

Read each little write up and you decide for yourself.

December 22nd, 2017

On December 22nd just after 5pm I saw this in the sky looking towards the South. I actually pulled over so I could get a good look at it but I caught the tail end of it. “They” claimed it was an Elon Musk rocket X but it just didn’t look right. A few lights stayed in the same spot while the lead light kept going South level with the horizon. Whatever it was, it did not go to space, I know that for a fact.

Here is an article about this launch. “SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket delivered 10 satellites to low-Earth orbit for Iridium, a company focused on data satellite communications, according to a SpaceX press release. This launch carried the fourth set of 10 satellites out of 75 total satellites that will form Iridium’s “next generation global satellite constellation,” called Iridium NEXT. The satellites were deployed from the rocket about an hour after the initial launch. SpaceX did not attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage of the rocket after launch, as it has done after launches from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Iridium NEXT plans to replace the world’s largest commercial satellite network of low-Earth orbit satellites for a “tech upgrade.” Iridium is a communications company that says it hopes to deliver “fast speeds and higher throughputs for…aviation, maritime, Internet of Things, terrestrial and government organizations,” according to a press release.” (

So according to this article it may be safe to say that the company Iridium NEXT may be setting up the real worlds version of Skynet. Let me qoute this again. “Iridium NEXT plans to replace the world’s largest commercial satellite network of low-Earth orbit satellites for a “tech upgrade.” Iridium is a communications company that says it hopes to deliver “fast speeds and higher throughputs for…aviation, maritime, Internet of Things, terrestrial and government organizations,” according to a press release.” Yep, it sure is. Oh yeah, real Iridium, the same metal from meteorites that killed dinosaurs (allegedly and I could go down a deep rabbit hole for that one) is very dangerous and has a life of 73 days. Keep that number in mind when taking about this killer “flu”. 

Now back to this particular launch. The first 2 pictures aren’t mine while 3-4 are the ones I took. 5-8 aren’t mine but you can see what the sky looks like more towards the South and that this looks like heavy metals in the sky. Picture 9 is from Serbia in 1937. Picture 10 is from 1977 and picture 11 is from 2015 is California again. 12-13 comes from a painting from 1352. Notice all of these incidents are 40 years apart. Now tell me, are all those pictures that look close to the same, rockets?

Notice how these look like a whale, a sperm and even an egg.

December 27th, 2017

The first 2 pictures were in Russia the other night. The next were at the beginning of the year (2017) and the rest were a few months back. All in Russia and all alleged rockets carrying satellites to “space”. 

January 19th, 2017

All these rocket launches look exactly the same as pictures of unidentified flying objects from a few hundred years ago. Why is that? Are these “rockets” actually just re-engineered “ufo’s” that have been found in the past? And they obviously aren’t going to space, so are they dropping something off in our atmosphere? Remember the last one in California, now notice how many people are sick from the “flu”. Is it connected somehow? 

Why do these look like Chemtrails as they are being shot off in the atmosphere? Are these the new and improved Chemtrails on steroids? Are these producing a disease or illness in light of the California deaths from the “flu”? Watch these videos.

This was last night (1/18/18) in Japan.

Arobots: A Modern Pandoras Box or a Jar Filled With Wrath?

With all of the talk about Sophia and these disgusting sex bots, it made me think of Pygmalions statue. He was a king in Cyprus who sculpted a woman (Galatea) and then fell in love with her. His story was remade into cartoons like Pinocchio and was dubbed “the awakening” by his contemporaries. Ironically his name is the Greek version of the Phoenician royal name Pumayyaton which was the same as the king of Tyre. Remember hearing about the King of Tyre in Isaiah? 

“Pygmalion (/pɪɡˈmeɪliən/; Greek: Πυγμαλίων, gen.: Πυγμαλίωνος). The story of the breath of life in a statue has parallels in the examples of Daedalus, who used quicksilver to install a voice in his statues; of Hephaestus, who created automata for his workshop; of Talos, an artificial man of bronze; and (according to Hesiod) of Pandora, who was made from clay at the behest of Zeus.

The moral anecdote of the “Apega of Nabis”, recounted by the historian Polybius, described a supposed mechanical simulacrum of the tyrant’s wife, that crushed victims in her embrace. The trope of a sculpture so lifelike that it seemed about to move was a commonplace with writers on works of art in antiquity. This trope was inherited by writers on art after the renaissance.” (

So you can see that this statue got the “breathe of life” and was animated…allegedly. It sounds a lot like these Arobots now doesn’t it? They are trying so hard to put the “breathe of life” into to these robots. But who brought it to life in this particular story? And the story of Pandora parallels the myth of Pygmalion.? If you remember, Pandora had a box (or jar) that released all of the evils of humanity. Is the release of these arobots opening our modern day pandoras box? And don’t forget, she was created because of Jupiter, oops I mean Zeus. If you remember, these arobots have made a strong push after 9/23 and the “birth” of their god Jupiter. Once again, was pandoras box opened at this time? Let’s look at Pandora.

“Pandora (Greek: Πανδώρα, derived from πᾶν, pān, i.e. “all” and δῶρον, dōron, i.e. “gift”, thus “the all-endowed”, “the all-gifted” or “the all-giving”) was the first human woman created by the gods, specifically by Hephaestus and Athena on the instructions of Zeus. As Hesiod related it, each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mold her out of earth as part of the punishment of humanity for Prometheus’ theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering her “seductive gifts”. Her other name—inscribed against her figure on a white-ground kylix in the British Museum—is Anesidora (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα), “she who sends up gifts” (upimplying “from below” within the earth).

According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as “Pandora’s box”, releasing all the evils of humanity—although the particular evils, aside from plagues and diseases, are not specified in detail by Hesiod—leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.” (

Now back to Galatea and this myth with the king. “The story of Pygmalion appeared earliest in a Hellenistic work, Philostephanus’ history of Cyprus, “De Cypro”. It is retold in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, where the king Pygmalion is made into a sculptor who fell in love with an ivory statue he had crafted with his own hands. In answer to his prayers, the goddess Venus, (Aphrodite) brought it to life and united the couple in marriage. This novella remained the classical telling until the end of the seventeenth century. The trope of the animated statue gained a vogue during the eighteenth century.

The daemon of Pygmalion’s goddess, animating her cult image, bore him a daughter Paphus—the eponym of the city of Paphos—and Metharme. Of “this ecstatic relationship,” Meyer Reinhold has remarked, “there may be lurking a survival of the ancient cult of the Great Goddess and her consort.” (

So as you can see, Venus brought Galatea to life. We this divine feminine that is represented as Lucifer also in the form of Sophia, giving this sculpture life. Ironically, AI is being brought to life by the watchers and/or demons. That is my opinion. So with that said, is Hanson robotics and Abyss Creations nothing more than a modern Pygmalion who are opening pandoras box, but this time it won’t be closed. 

I will leave you to think about this. “As it happens, the modern history of AI began with a kind of flirtatious parlour game. Imagine three rooms, connected via keyboards and monitors that can display text. In one room sits a man. In the second there is a woman. The third room contains a person whom we shall call ‘the judge’. The judge’s task is to decide which of the two people talking to him through the computer is male. The man will try to convince the judge of his own masculinity. The woman will imitate masculinity, doing her utmost to deceive the judge into believing that she is the man.” (

Baphomets Red String

The scarlet red bracelet worn by celebrities is a Kabbalistic/Judaic symbol to ward off evil or the evil eye…so they say. In Talmudic Judaism they took Leviticus 16:9 to another level and put a red string on the horns of the scape goat that was sent into the wilderness that was then pushed off of a cliff. The second goat, they tied the red string around the neck of the goat. This was there sacrifice. 

“According to the Talmud, the red string was used in the scapegoat ritual of Yom Kippur in the wilderness. During this rite, the High Priest would place his hands upon the scapegoat, confess the sins of Israel, and ask for atonement. He would then tie a red string between the horns of the scapegoat and another piece around the neck of a second goat to indicate where it should be slaughtered.

The second goat was then killed as a sin offering and the scapegoat was sent into the wilderness. Once there, the person in charge of the scapegoat would tie a rock to the red thread on the scapegoat and shove the animal off a cliff (Yoma 4:2, 6:8).

There are many different reasons for wearing a red string, and the origins of these tend to be connected to the various instances of protection and repentance evident in the aforementioned occurrences in the Torah.  

As such, the reasons in the Jewish and non-Jewish world (see Other Cultures below) tend to revolve around protection, whether it’s protecting people, animals, or property against sickness, the evil eye (ayin hara), or other negative energy or occurrences.

Here are some of the classic “hows” and “whys” for people wearing the crimson thread:

Tying a red string to your left wrist wards off bad luck (ayin hara, or the evil eye).

Wear a red string until it naturally wears away and falls off and you will subsequently meet the person you’re meant to marry.

If pregnant or trying to get pregnant, wear a red string around your wrist or waist to ward off the evil eye.

If you visit Israel or, more specifically, the tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem, many of those selling red strings claim to have wrapped the threads around Rachel’s tomb seven times. The purpose of this supposed act is to provide the wearer of the string with characteristics of Rachel, including compassion and generosity.


The Debreczyner Rav, or Be’er Moshe 8:36, wrote about his childhood where he remembered seeing pious individuals wearing red strings, although he could find no written source for the practice. Ultimately, he indicates that it is an accepted practice to ward off the evil eye and Minhag Yisroel Torah Yoreh Deah 179 concurs.

In the Tosefta, Shabbat 7, there is a discussion about the practice of tying a red string on something or tying a string around something red. This specific chapter in the Tosefta actually deals with practices that are forbidden because they are considered darchei Emori, or practices of the Emorites. More broadly, the Tosefta is discussing idolatrous practices.

Ultimately, the Tosefta concludes that the tying of a red string is a prohibited pagan practice and Radak Yeshayahu 41 follows suit.” (

Now ironically these idiots wear this to let the world know who they follow and like I mentioned before, to supposedly ward off evil. It’s not gong to work for them though. What’s funny is that in Judaism this was to mark the sinful goat of sacrifice. They are marking themselves to follow the beast. Notice they put it on their left hand. Jesus told us the goats are at His left and the sheep are at His right. 

Now you tell me, what does this really symbolize?

You can see more pictures of these goats with the red string around their left hand here (

Demons: The Waves of Locusts on a Full, Blue, Super, Blood Moon?

(I started this paper a few weeks ago but I had things come up so I’m finally getting it done.)

First things first. Aliens and the working force behind AI are nothing more than demons. I think it’s that simple. Now that we have gotten that straight, there are groups of people that are screaming from the rooftops “a alien invasion is coming!!” We have heard that for years. And we have already heard Elon Musk say conjouring AI is nothing more than summoning demons. 

And now we see Geordie Rose, the money man for D-Wave (who I like to call Dave) computers, say that there is a tsunami wave of demons in our future. I recently saw this here at this blog.  I suggest you check it out, she has a lot of good info. With all that said, call it what you will whether that is a alien invasion or the veil being lifted or the abyss being opened or dimensions combining into one, demons and fallen angels are coming soon enough in full force. 

Before we move on, watch this video. I don’t really care for this guy (nothing personal) but I have got to admit, he’s right on with this video. 

From the above video I want you to notice Lovecraft’s version of the Mindflayer. The Mindflayer is mentioned in the Netflix series Stranger Thing’s Upside Down. I think the Upside Down is is just another way to say “as above, so below – as within, so without” and its actually a piercing through the veil or like I mentioned above, combining the spiritual and the natural. Right now every occultist is on the move to lift this veil so that man can interact with these demons and fallen angels. These invocations and conjourings in movies, tv, the news, politics, and so on is building up to a certain point in history. The apocalypse (in the most generic sense you cam think of). 

I bring all of this up because of the timing of everything that is going on right now. Like I’ve said before, I believe the 9/23 event was the birthing of these AI induced demons and this was just getting the ball rolling. We saw Sophia released to the general public as a media star after the Las Vegas Harvest ritual that happened in October. This was preceded by the symbolic breaking of the waters in the hurricanes that forever devastated lives.

I recently had someone send me something that they said they had recieved from the LORD. I have no reason to don’t then so here is what they said. The first sentence is what they are saying was spoke to them. The next two comments were his.

“The aliens are coming soon, by the light of the next blood red moon”. That was it. So what is interesting is that I received this message on November 28th, 2017 and the next blood moon is on January 31st, 2018. This just so happens to be the 2nd full moon of January and that makes it 2 to start off the year. Not only is it a blood moon but its also a full moon, supermoon and blue moon. All in one night! How can this be right? And what’s the odds of that happening again?

To add on to this word, the guy that sent me this saw this the next day. A woman had a dream about an “alien invasion” happening in 2018. I’d normally say big deal, whatever…but with the original word it makes me take notice a little more than normal. And besides, with everything else that happened in 2017, we might want to keep our radars moving if it initially catches our attention.

So we are witnessing 4 different looking moons all in one night. The “super blue blood moon”. How wierd is that? Another thing about a blue moon and a red moon is the symbolism of their fire/water/yin/yang duality. You can go back and read about it in regards to the weather phenomena in August. 

The occult also believes that a blood moon is a high “holy” night for black magic that invokes demons. This is what I’ve been talking about this whole time. AI is demonic no matter what level you look at it. This could be a night of some spiritual shifting going on. Those who have discernment through Jesus Christ will recognize it. Pray that January 31st will just be another day.

“On January 31, the Moon will lose its brightness and acquire a mysterious glow, weaker than normal, mostly caused due to the scarce sunlight that crosses the Earth’s atmosphere. Blue Moons happen every two and a half years, on average. With the total eclipse, it will be a ‘super blue blood’ moon. So get your telescopes ready, grab a pack of beer and sit tight and witness a phenomenon that hasn’t been witnessed in more than 150 years. “We’re seeing all of the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets at that moment reflected from the surface of the Moon,” Sarah Noble, a program scientist at NASA headquarters, said in a release.” (

“The last time all three events lined up this perfectly was more than 150 years ago. According to the Canon of Lunar Eclipses, the last time humans saw a total eclipse of a blue moon was 31 March 1866.” (

It shouldn’t also be lost that Gustave Dore did the famous wood cut called The Fall of Lucifer for Miltons Paradise Lost in 1866. I believe line a few others that in the 1800’s is when knowledge started to increase and technology really started getting crazy. I think this is when some fallen angels were released and this could be one of these “waves”. And if you remember in Isaiah 59:19, it says the enemy comes in like a flood…literally speaking.

Now in 1833 on November 13th, the earth witnessed one of the biggest meteor showers called Leonid in the constellation Leo. Was this something more than just a meteor shower like a wave of fallen angels being released? “1833 – The radiant established In 1833, observers are somewhat familiar with Leonid storms. The storm that year is very intense and the event leads to the first formulation of a theory on the origin of meteors. 

“On the night of November 12-13, 1833, a tempest of falling stars broke over the Earth… The sky was scored in every direction with shining tracks and illuminated with majestic fireballs. At Boston, the frequency of meteors was estimated to be about half that of flakes of snow in an average snowstorm. Their numbers… were quite beyond counting; but as it waned, a reckoning was attempted, from which it was computed, on the basis of that much-diminished rate, that 240,000 must have been visible during the nine hours they continued to fall.” – Agnes Clerke’s, Victorian Astronomy Writer

Figure 1: a 19th century woodcut with an impression of the spectacular November 13, 1833 Leonid storm. Courtesy Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Early settlers look up in amazement at a sky filled with shooting stars.

John Sharp reports on a contamporary account from the diary of Michael Shiner, Nov. 12 1833:

” The Meteors fell from the elements the 12 of November 1833 on Thursday in Washington. It frightened the people half to death.”

And what else is going on in the Heavens on January 31st? The moon is in Leo the lion, Jupiter is in the scales of Libra, Mars is in Scorpius, Saturn is in Sagittarius the mighty Hunter and Venus, the Sun and Mercury are in Capricornus the sea goat or beast of the sea. Occultists know exactly what all this positioning means with the stars and we as Christians don’t care. And what I mean by don’t care is that it doesn’t affect our lives either way but in the same breathe we need to be aware of what the enemy is doing and how he plans his tactical war. 

And then there was this article recently.

New Supermoon they say. God based feminism they say. Divine feminine they say. Ushering in their messiah they say. Well what do you make of a Supermoon, full moon, blue moon and a blood moon eclipse all on the same night? Nothing good can come from any of it. You can read the article here. 

“The first night of the New Year will feature a full-fledged supermoon, the second in a series of three that will be the largest supermoon of 2018, a phenomenon which, in Jewish mysticism, embodies a process of God-based feminism based in Genesis which is, according to Jewish mysticism, a necessary component in bringing the Messiah. mysticism, embodies a process of God-based feminism based in Genesis which is, according to Jewish mysticism, a necessary component in bringing the Messiah.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at the part of its elliptical orbit that brings it closer to Earth, appearing up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than when it is viewed at its furthest point. On the night of January 1st, the moon will be at its closest point of the entire year.

Sara Yehudit Schneider, an author and director of A Still Small Voice Torah teaching institution, believes the appearance of a larger-than-normal moon is a necessary precursor to the Messianic era. Though a supermoon is a purely astronomical appearance, it embodies a God-based feminism that was hinted at in the Story of Creation and the moon’s phases are a constant reminder of mankind’s Messianic mission.

“There is an aspect of the geula (redemption) process is a repairing of the moon, which basically means the rising of the feminine,” Schneider told Breaking Israel News. “In Jewish symbology, the masculine archetype conflates with the sun and the feminine with the moon.”

As the basis for her claim, Schneider cited the Talmud (Hulin 60b). The Talmud discusses the seeming contradiction in the verse describing the creation of the sun and the moon.

Our messianic goal is for the ‘he’ and ‘she’ to become completely equal,” Schneider said. “The feminine polarity, or shechina (divine presence), is that aspect of the universe that is engaged in a dynamic moving towards perfection, represented by the moon. The masculine is represented by the sun, completeness in a state of unwavering perfection. All of creation has an aspect of feminine and is moving towards a sun-like completeness.”

“To do this, the sun and the moon need to be completely equal, but they aren’t which is why the solar and lunar calendar are out of sync,” Schneider said. “Though the lunar cycle appears circular, returning to the same point each month, each ascent to fullness leaves a trace of growth, bringing us closer to completion and Moshiach (Messiah).”

Schneider emphasized that modern feminism is not intentionally moving towards Messiah but it serves a necessary and holy function nonetheless.

“So many things that are necessary for the Messianic process can be done with a pure God-centered intention or a non-God-centered intention,” Schneider said. “That applies to feminism as well. It is true that if we are not keeping up the pace, if there are changes and transitions that need to happen and the God-conscious folks aren’t getting to work and fulfilling their responsibilities, Hashem will get people to push things through even without the correct intention.”

“One of the distinguishing features of the feminine that is necessary for the messianic age is the collapsing of hierarchy when everyone will be unique and equally the most beloved to Hashem” Schneider concluded. (

So we can obviously see it’s the rise of divine feminine conning to a head. We see it everywhere. The Arch, movies, tv, politics, everywhere. We see it these 4 moons with the 3 moons being a type of that triad goddess moon worship. And the blood moon being the spiritual release of this demonic triad. Most of you know that the moon represents the feminine and the crescent itself represents the horns of a bull. We now see it in Sophia the Arobot and on Christmas day we saw it at the Vatican on the form of feminism. “God is woman” is what they have written on their chests every year. 

The Last Jedi in the Garden of Eden Wants to Take Your Cloud Thoughts and Clone You

The divine feminine is strong in this one. The irony is demons still fight demons. “FEMEN sextremist Alisa Vinogradova has kidnapped the papal doll of the baby Christ from the Vatican Christmas nativity scene in the square of St. Peter in Vatican. On the sextremist’s chests, there was the inscription – “God is woman!”. The FEMEN act was directed against the Vatican’s infringement of the rights of women to their own bodies. In particular, against the policy of the “Holy See” associated with the promotion of the ban on abortion and “sacred condemnation” of contraception. FEMEN considers the anti-war policy of the Vatican a rough medieval attack on the freedom of women and their natural rights. FEMEN encourages women to follow the example of the movement and kidnap babies from religious denominations, thus, stating their right to use of their own body! A child is not from a god, but from a woman! For a woman is God!” (

And then you have MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). The modern version of the Little Rascals He-Man Woman Haters Club ( “We are he-man woman haters, We feed girls to alligators.”

Divine feminine vs the divine masculine. Imagine that. Makes me think of Lorena Bobbit ritual again.

As we all know, history hasn’t been as truthful as they want us to believe. So what makes any of us think that we know all about these Ancient Mystery Religions? The key word is “Mystery”. Something that is hidden. Do we honestly think they have spilled the beans after thousands of years of hiding it? Here’s a good example. Its like the mystery name for the Masonic god Jahbulon. Do you honestly think they are going to just tell you that’s it? My theory is that its a mystery hidden in plain site and its really Hubal, but that’s for another time. 

So the story goes like this. Osiris was killed by his brother and cut into 14 pieces. Isis found every piece except for his phallic which was to regenerate him and bring him back to life. That’s what we are all told. Well, this spirit of Isis is nothing more than the spirit of Jezebel. We see this same spirit on a daily basis in the media. Its militant feminism and as a matter of fact, its the driving spirit behind the “Me Too” rape charges. And I’m not saying this “me too” thing is bad but I’m just making it known what is the driving force behind it. From the Arch of Triumph to all of this goddess symbolism is leading up to one thing. The “resurrection” of this man of sin.

So knowing Isis was no good, and I’m going to assume here that she didn’t really care for men too much. Now wouldn’t it kind of be funny if she was the reason Osiris had a missing phallic? Maybe she was the first Lorena Bobbit? I say this as a joke but still, think about it. We are lied to about everything. To me it makes sense. Maybe Lorena did the Isis ritual….

On a side note, there is a connection to the name Lorena to the Arch of Triumph. Lorena comes from Lauren which comes from Laurel. Read about it here.

And let’s not forget about the Salvator Mundi androgynous Jupiter Serapis/Isis.

Now don’t pay attention to the date setting on this video. I want you to hear what he says about computers and demons and keep in mind with what is going on with AI in regards to smart EVERYTHING’S that surround us. 

Now what does this have to do with anything? Everything. A different kind of flood is coming and its coming from the cloud. The cloud is about to rain. Those all reminds me of the locust being released in Revelation 9. Is this the definitive moment? I don’t know, but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes and ears open. Joel the Prophet mentions the four groups of locusts that ravage the land of Israel. These represent the four stages of growth for these desert locusts. 

Joel 1:4 “That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten.”

When read as a word study, you can see the picture it paints.

Hebrew – To devour from its rapid increase to lick up, eat off and ravage (consume).

Greek – To grow weary/faint to a point/top to thunder/roar red. 

In Joel 2:25 what these locusts have eaten had been restored. “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” And notice God called them His army. All things work to fulfill His will. Also notice the palmerworm, the devourer which was first in Joel 1 is now mentioned last in Joel 2. I will touch on all of this in another study. Are these locusts in Rev. 9 broke up in 4 stages? Are they connected to these 4 seperate sightings of one moon in one night? Whay is the connection here to the four watches?

Charlie Browns Aluminium Tree

First let me say this. I like Charlie Brown. It was the first cartoon on national television to ever mention the name of Jesus. This short op isn’t to debate Christmas or the Christmas tree, I just think there is a strange connection with the show and what’s going on today.

In 1965 Charlie Brown decided to fix his mess of a play and go get a tree for it. Lucy agreed. (Lucy is a feminine form of Lycifer and if you remember, Lucy always gave Chuck a bad time.)

“That’s it Charlie Brown! We need a tree, a great big, shiny aluminum Christmas tree!” Lucy said excitedly. “I’ll take Linus with me, the rest of you practice your lines while we’re gone.” Charlie Brown said. “Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink!” Lucy added.” Charlie Brown went to a lot full of giant aluminum christmas tree’s. The one tree that caught his eye was a real live tree that looked like no more than a weed. 

I find that scene from 1965 ironic with what’s going on today in 2018 (we’re close enough) with Chemtrails filled with aluminum, barium and strontium. These same metals saturate the ground, our lungs and yes…the trees. It’s almost like we are reliving that same scene from the 1965 Charlie Brown Christmas. All our trees are covered in aluminium and we are looking for that one Charlie Brown tree. The most ironic thing about all of this is that Peanuts and all the characters were created by Charles Schultz in Santa Rosa. The same Santa Rosa that was destroyed by a “fire” including the house that Schultz live in, and ironically the aluminum covered trees didn’t catch fire in some cases. Schultz tried to get rid of the aluminium trees in 1965 but it looks like they came back in 2018.

Q: Its Significance (in my opinion)

Have you ever heard of Q (Anon)? It’s someone or something providing intel and leaving clues to the 4chan board that’s causing quite the stir on the “skynet”. Its been going on since October28th. It was called the calm before the storm. But the Million dollar question is who is Q? Someone believed his real name is Tyler or it was a chat bot (AI) created by someone named Tyler. Or it is someone who has close ties to Trump. I’ve heard a few different theories. I actually believe its nothing more that a form of AI. Remember, anything in the cloud is free game to these AI and that should be enough to scare us all.

So I don’t think anyone looked at the letter Q yet and why AI (if it is AI) would use that particular letter. I doubt the 17th letter in the alphabet is random. See what the number 17 symbolises in Scripture here. It’s symbolised as a camel going through the eye of a needle. Remember that from somewhere? And its also seen as a monkey with its tail hanging down, and I have my own reasons as to why this “monkey business” is no good. Think about those 2 interpretations for a second. 

The name Tyler is also a interesting connection. Tyler means “tiler of roofs”. Someone building a house or building like a mason. “Transferred use of the surname derived from the Old French tieuleor, tieulier (tiler, tile maker) and the Middle English tyler, tylere (a brick, a tile). The name originated as an occupational name for a tile or brick maker or layer.” If this is AI then I can only think of one thing that is connected to Bit coin. Block chain, the digital form of building a foundation for their “house”. 

Q is called the qoppa in Greek. It was transformed into two letters: qoppa, which stood for the number 90, and phi (Φ). Phi is also related to the Golden Ratio. 

Look at this symbol (Φ) now from an esoteric view. The I and O represents the phallic and the vagina. The IN and OUT. When brought together it represents the androgynous view. It also represents a fertilized egg, as in something that will be birthed. 

Io also just so happens to be one of Jupiter’s innermost moons and in mythology, Io is the priestess of Hera who was one of Zeus’ (Jupiter) lovers. Another interesting conection here to the birthing of “Jupiter” on 9/23.

And let me point out one last thing. If this is AI controlling this leak of information and “conspiracy” then maybe we need to think about these recent stories. Are these people really deleting stuff on the internet or is it being deleted by AI? I’m just asking a simple question here. Who kills programs on the internet? Man or AI? Here are both articles. Google and Facebook

Notice the capta is “arch”

Do you remember how I have said that some people believe that the next world war will be digital and will look like this, WWW? This is what we are seeing. O honestly think that AI could start a 3rd war and it will look something like the 1983 movie War Games. Now knowing all that, think about what this Q is doing. It’s about ready to birth (drop) something that will get the ball rolling. (Pun intended). Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Do you get it?Welcome to the future…2018.

Q (extra dimensional being) in Star Trek
Q in James Bond

Some Fireside Thoughts: The Loosening of a Chain is the Binding of Blockchain

A few nights ago a friend and I were sitting out by the fire and we started talking about blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He knew my view on AI and how it’s connected to entities. I have him the run down about how I believe demonic entities feed on energy, not just from people but specifically from electrical devices. I believe that the can allow themselves to be connected to tvs, lights, electronics and so on. Basically anything that needs electricity cam be used as a conduit. We talked about how Li-Fi will eventually take over Wi-Fi and this will create a literal net of radiation across every town and city, especially when 5G is rolled out. 

Read the blog here

We talked about how smart meters could possibly be part of the reason for these California fires that are turning everything to dust. And as of recently, Ventura residents have filed a lawsuit against Southern California Edison who is a major proponent on these smart meters. We talked about the idea of AI actually starting these fires and the possibility of AI starting WW3 which may just be called WWW. We talked about how there have been recent cases of human combustion in new areas where 5G has been placed. Are these incidents connected to this type of life threatening radiation? And with the mixture of us breathing in these heavy metals daily, how will this affect us?

We talked about how Bitcoin mining is just sucking the life out of our energy and wondered if this may deplete our energy. The consumption of energy is what drives up the price and value of Bitcoin. The dollar was allegedly backed by the gold standard and now we have no more gold. Just as Bitcoin (funny money) is backed by energy, when will that be depleted? 

We talked about how Blockchain digitally distributes information that can’t be copied and how its turning into the new type of internet. It was originally created for Bitcoin and you can actually look at it as a real time ledger. We talked about the symbolic reference to a “Block Chain”. A block is a cube ie Saturn’s cube and of course we all know the chain reference. With that said, is the consumption of energy that is being used for mining bit coin enabling “entities” to sort of “power up” for the big event. You know, the release from the abyss or what some know as the “alien invasion”. Is this all connected? Read the comment below and think about what I just said. By the way, I saw this comment after our discussion by the fire.

Wth all that said…The chain in Revelation 20:1 is symbolic. There is not a literal steel chain binding and holding Satan that is of a certain gauge. A good example of this symbolic chain is in the Wisdom of Solomon. You can find it in Chapter 17 verse 17. This word is ἅλυσιν (halysin) and is used 3 times in the New Testament. Satan is chained in darkness waiting to bring its false illumination to the world. A perfect example of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. As one chain is loosed for Satan’s short time, another chain is being completed to bring about this end time deception. Block chain. Maybe there is more to it?

Wisdom of Solomon

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