Please Read. 3/11

Just a friendly reminder. March 11th 2020 (the 70th day of the year) was the day the CDC (343) declared Coronavirus (snake crown venom covenant) an official pandemic (all demons). Two days later on (March 13th) the U.S. declared an national emergency on Friday the 13th (Knights Templar ritual) a State of Emergency. Now look... Continue Reading →

Second Lockdown in Israel

So let's go back. In February, rabbis in Israel came out and said they were in talks with their "messiah". They said he would make himself known in 5781.In April Israel went on lockdown the night before Passover. This was an inverted enactment of the original Passover where they were to lock themselves in their... Continue Reading →

Trump Heights: Water

One year after Israel named a Northern Golan town Trump Heights or Ramat Trump, the signs letters got ripped off. The mem (water) and aleph (bull) were the only letters left. Ironically this spells ma'un and it means "water". Trump Heights was next to Qela or Kela Alon. This is at the base of Mount... Continue Reading →

AstraZeneca: bringing you a vaccine

AstraZeneca: to the stars/one with the stars. Stars in this context would be equivalent to the fallen angels. You have the "dragon" being birthed out of the leviathan egg (think Ogdoad). Leviathan means to twist or wind. To twine as in the scales are tightly wrapped together. This word leviathan comes from 'wreath'. A wreath... Continue Reading →

D20: Baphomet and Jupiter

The D20 logo. The obvious is there. The sideways baphomet in the D. When turned right side up, you can see it. D20. You also have 420 (the D is 3 and the 20)and DB is 2 and O is zero(0) that is deciphered. D is dalet meaning door. Dalet used alone is symbolic for... Continue Reading →

The Great Eclipse of 2024/5784

I have mentioned before that if this red heifer is burnt after the first or on the first of 1 Tishri 5781/9-18-20, the 1290 days of Daniel would come near the date og the great eclipse of the United States that goes South to North East. This will make an X across the country that... Continue Reading →

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