More on gevurah of the parah adumah

This comes from Alexander Poltarak from The Times of Israel blog. I had posted the list of these 5 judgements before so I’m not sure if they are his. But his entire blog is interesting in a quantum view kind of way. The article is The Paradox of the Red Heifer. (

“Parah adumah is a red heifer. Everything about it bespeaks gevurah – strict judgment. “Take for you a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke was laid.”

  1. The word parah (heifer) is etymologically related to the word pur – force. The word gevurah also means force. Thus parah-heifer – signifies gevurah-force (or judgment).
  2. The color red also represents judgment, i.e., gevurah.
  3. “Perfectly red” represent severe unmitigated judgment.
  4. “Unblemished” means perfect, which is also a manifestation of judgment – we judge it if it is perfect enough to qualify as a parah adumah.
  5. “Upon which no yoke was laid” – a further limitation connoting judgment-gevurah.

Reading this verse on Shabbos, I thought that these five qualifications of parah adumah must represent five states of gevurah. I was happy to find support for this proposition later in the Kitvey Arizal, where Rabbi Chaim Vital states:

Know that the five final forms of the letters signify the five states of gevurah. Their combined numerical value is 280, and when we add 5 for the five letters themselves, we have [285], the numerical value of] “heifer.”

We see that Parah Adumah is an embodiment of gevurah in its full measure. Burning it to ashes further contributes to the aspect of gevurah, because fire represents gevurah as well. So ashes of parah adumah represent gevura2– judgment squared. Then we mix the ashes of parah adumah with maim chayim – the living waters obtained from a live stream. Water, of course, represents chesed (kindness). Maim chayim represents chesed2 – kindness squared. Alternatively, we can say that using hyssop, which is green in color, which also signifies chesed, makes chesed2. Mixing these two diametrically opposite ingredients – ashes of parah adumah representing gevurah and maim chayim representing chesed – create a contradictory construct that represents the paradox of ratzo vashov (see my essay On the Nature of Time and the Age of the Universe). Sprinkling this mixture on a person who is in a state of tumah acts as spiritual defibrillation – it puts his body in touch with the supernal rhythm of ratzo vashov, which restarts the proper rhythm of the person’s body synchronizing it with the rhythm of the soul. This, it seems to me, is the secret of parah adumah.”

Red Heifer Laws…

Read this and let this sink for a minute.

I have mentioned before that the church suffers according to the red heifer. The commentary by Glenn Kreider on Jonathan Edwards say this. Here is why they need these ashes.

“Among the various types of tumah (ritual impurities) enumerated in the Torah, the kind acquired from direct contact with a human corpse is unique. One who acquires such tumah is considered a “tamei met,” and in addition to the standard ritual immersion required to remove tumah, the Torah mandates that he be sprinkled with ashes of a parah adumah (“parat chatat”) on the third and seventh day after such contact.[1] The cow used must be completely red, [2] older than three years (Parah 1:1), with no physical blemishes.[3] Furthermore, the cow must have been purchased by the beit din with Temple funds for the purpose of preparing the requisite ashes, and have never worked (Shekalim 4:2)….The parah adumah is necessary to remove only one kind of tumah—tumat met. The corpse is called avi avot hatumah (a post-Talmudic term), and anyone who becomes tamei from a corpse is an av hatumah.” (

The red heifer is needed for one thing. To remove ritual impurities (tumah) from someone who has been in contact with a dead body. Think about that…why would they need 660 billion sprinklings to remove an impurity caused by dead bodies? Because the church suffers according to the red heifer and persecution will ensue when this heifer is burnt.

I’ve been reading Maimonides “mishneh torah”. It is basically a in depth commentary on the five books of Moses. “The Mishneh Torah (Hebrew: מִשְׁנֵה תּוֹרָה‎, “Repetition of the Torah”), subtitled Sefer Yad ha-Hazaka (ספר יד החזקה “Book of the Strong Hand”), is a code of Jewish religious law (Halakha) authored by Maimonides (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon). The Mishneh Torah was compiled between 1170 and 1180 CE (4930 and 4940 AM), while Maimonides was living in Egypt, and is regarded as Maimonides’ magnum opus.”

I’ve been reading the 10th book on purity which has an in depth look into the red heifer sacrifice. I’ve found some interesting things. For one, the High Priest doesn’t have to be the one to sacrifice those red heifer. It can actually be a regular “Joe” priest. So who actually does it may have no bearing on what happens. The other things was that whoever actually does it has to be secluded by himself for 7 days prior. And he has to sprinkle ashes of the red heifer on himself for everyday but the 4th day or just on the 3rd and 7th day. There is a discrepancy there.

Here is what is really interesting about this. Being that the 4th day is excluded from sprinkling of the ashes on himself, they make sure that day is on a Sabbath. So they say he goes into hiding on a Wednesday. This puts the 7th day and the day that the heifer is burnt is on a Tuesday. I mentioned what Tuesday represents before and what is really interesting is that the practice heifer they did in June was on a Tuesday and if you remember, I talked about the seal of solomon ritual wth the new moon that just so happens to be on a Tuesday in April of 2020 that just so happens to be Passover week. It is a few months beforethe heifer turns 2 but at this point I think any “rule or law” pertaining to this particular heifer is being thrown out the window. In still leaning toward after September of 2020.

Something else to think about….

The laws pertaining to the Red Heifer according to Maimodenes are insane. Chapter 10 from Parah Adumah mention how the waters of “purification” are to be distributed. Who can do it? Basically anyone but a few. Read the excerpts I posted. The ashes and water can travel city to city and be sprinkled on you without you knowing it. I’m not saying “chemtrails” but, you know…water can be sprinkled on someone with or without their knowledge of it happening. Not a great thing.

I think it may be easier to get pulled uphill on a rocky road riding a skateboard playing operation and getting all 10 pieces out without touching the sides. Get my point?

So at this point the red heifer sacrifice is a sin. It is an abomination that will brick bring about judgement.


So the red heifer is burnt so that the ashes can be used for the ritual of purification. The High Priest that performs this ceremony, then becomes unclean (spiritually impure) while performing this ceremony. That is the paradox Solomon couldn’t solve. I even look at it like this, the red heifer needs to be without blemish to be the perfect abomination.

“Parah adumah is a red heifer. Everything about it bespeaks gevurah – strict judgment. “Take for you a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke was laid.”

1) The word parah (heifer) is etymologically related to the word pur – force. The word gevurah also means force. Thus parah-heifer – signifies gevurah-force (or judgment).
2) The color red also represents judgment, i.e., gevurah.
3) “Perfectly red” represent severe unmitigated judgment.
4) “Unblemished” means perfect, which is also a manifestation of judgment – we judge it if it is perfect enough to qualify as a parah adumah.
5) “Upon which no yoke was laid” – a further limitation connoting judgment-gevurah.

We see that Parah Adumah is an embodiment of gevurah in its full measure. Burning it to ashes further contributes to the aspect of gevurah, because fire represents gevurah as well. So ashes of parah adumah represent gevura2– judgment squared.” (

Doritos and the Red Heifer’s All Seeing Eye

Doritos has a new campaign where they want you to put your “logo” in the center of the triangle, I mean Dorito. This image of a red cow is 17 seconds in, and it is surrounded by esoteric images. Fire/water. Fire. Red cow. Hen house. All seeying eye.

Can you DIG it?

The Burning Cow

I published The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place in July of 2017. It took me over 2 years of researching and writing it to get to that point. In August of 2018 my theory of the red heifer sacrifice for the end of 2020 was pretty much dwindling away. This was because the red heifer was to be 3 years old and well you can do the math. There was no heifer born without blemish yet and even if there was at that point, it wouldn’t be until 2021 until it would be burnt. My theory wasn’t valid at that point.

Then at the end of August something happened. A red heifer candidate was born. But still, my theoretical date from my book just wasn’t going to happen. Until…..they (Temple Institute) started announcing that the red heifer was going to be burnt at 2 years old. Wait. What? Traditionally the last 9 of these red heifers came of age at 3. This was the rule but for some reason, 2 was the age to burn it now. I contacted rabbis, reporters in Israel and TI “scholars” and they all told me, “well I guess the rabbi misspoke” or “its a misprint”. Well it wasn’t a misprint and they never corrected it, and the red heifer will be burnt any time after September of 2020.

Suddenly my theory in my book was coming back to life. There were a lot of hours put into the research of my book along with a lot of prayer. I second guessed myself a lot and even rewrote entire chapters, but in the end I stuck to my research. I honestly believe the final 10th red heifer is THE 3rd and final culmination of the abomination of desolation that Daniel and Jesus spoke about. To understand what I’m saying, you will need to read the book.

But I will say this. To sacrifice a red heifer near the spot where Jesus was crucified on the Mount of Olives is blasphemy. Jesus fulfilled the red heifer sacrifice to a T. This sacrifice will be an ABOMINATION in the nostrils of GOD. And to get 66 kg. from this burning heifer test a few days ago that will allow them to sprinkle the water 660 billion times, isn’t a coincidence. 666. Blasphemy. Abomination.

And in the Old Testament, what exactly does ashes represent when coupled with sack clothe? DESOLATION. Can you see it? The abomination of desolation is coming folks and it’s in the form of a sacrifice. The holiest place on the planet is where Jesus atoned for our sins and redeemed us once and for all. And this is the same spot they will burn this red heifer.

‘êpher – ashes in Hebrew. heifer – a female cow. Word play….

I found the original article on the “experiment” on burning the heifer.

This is the article Breaking Israel News published. I translated using Google Translate and it’s all broken up and hard to understand. This comes from the Professor who did this experiment, Zohar Amar. His name in Hebrew means LIGHT TO SPEAK. Think about that for a second. Got it? Now I want you to look below at the highlighted qoute. It talks about how the fig tree was best used for burning out of all the trees used.

Why a fig tree? I have my own theories on that. I believe 100% that the tree of knowledge of good and evil was infact a fig tree. Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves for a reason. I believe this is one reason as to why Jesus cursed it and it was whithered dead the next day. Jesus saw that it had no fruit and said no man will eat from it again. In the beginning it had fruit, in the end it didn’t. I believe the fig tree was the start of the curse and Jesus was ending it once and for all. Also think about the fig tree in Revelation 6 being compared to the stars falling from heaven. In my opinion that is a reference to the fallen coming to earth. So it is no wonder as to why they will use fig trees to burn this red heifer. It is part of the curse and what better way to burn this abomination.

The fig tree was also prevalent near the area of the red heifer altar. I tend to think that Jesus being crucified on a living tree to fulfill and end this curse once and for all may have been on a fig tree. There are no coincidences with GOD.

I had just gotten an email back from Professor Zohar Amar, the man in charge of the burning of the heifer. Two interesting things he answered for me. The sick heifer they burnt was 3 years old, not 2. The 2nd thing was the date it was burnt. It was on June 20th, 2019. Summer solstice. And it just so happened that the Sun was at the foot of Castor (Gemini Twins) at the Silver Gate or the gate of man. Read this to see where this is going (

Now I’m not saying this is related to the 7.1 earthquake on July 5th but I’m not saying it isn’t. Nothing is coincidence and if these men are just doing this on random days, I’d say they are still being led to do it by this god of forces.

Remember. This type of research won’t be found anywhere else.

Smart dust. Reading minds.

Forget about the cloud, here comes the fog…or should I say mist.

I watched a French movie recently called “Just a Breath Away”. In the movie, there is an earthquake and this causes a mist or a fog to swarm on Paris. In order to get away from those deadly mist, you have to get on the rooftops. Not sure why it stays as low as it does. You can get a better visual from the movie posters. Anyways, this movie got me thinking of the smart dust/chemtrails/reading your thoughts scenarios we find ourselves in on a daily basis. It is an absolute fact that apps can read your thoughts without saying one word. It’s an absolute fact smart dust nanoparticles were made by DARPA to do this. It is my conjecture that smart dust nanotechnology is being sprayed on us on a daily basis.

The movie I mentioned made me think of utility fog and claytronics. Claytronics is a nanotech that makes me think of Golems. These nanos can literally change people for the worse. Do you think cancer is just cancer? Think about that in light of nano tech. Smart dust has been around since 93 from what I’ve read. It’s here in my opinion and we are breathing it in. A chemtrail is something more than barium, aluminum, and the other metals. I wish that was only it but the smart dust combined with these is worse than the heavy metals sprayed on us. This movie Just a Breath Away seems to be an analogy of smart dust reading our thoughts as was the movie A Quiet Place was for every device literally listening to our every word. This tech is literally trying to invade all of our senses and make us one with their god of forces, the IoT, Internet of Things.

Before you read the excerpt below, know that I’m not the only one around who sees it this way. There is a woman on YouTube that has noticed a strange mist showing up in Ventura and believes it comes from the chemtrails. It reminded me of Stephen Kings The Mist.

“Imagine a world in which the very air around you is filled with billions of nano-scale machines. Need a chair? Just think of one and the air around you assembles itself into a comfortable seat. Need to get across the city? An invisible wave scoops you up and rushes you across town. Want to fly? These microscopic machines lift you high into the air….“Swarms of smart dust might be packed into nose cones of planetary probes, and subsequently ejected into the atmosphere of a planet where they would be carried by the wind”.

Smart Dust: the next step forward
And as early as 1997, research was underway at Berkeley on a new approach to nanotech. Rather than the matter-shaping of Claytronics, the idea was to pack nano-scale particles with a power supply, sensors, and a means of communication. Called Smart Dust, the idea was the brainchild of the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Almost certainly envisioned as a high-tech tool for spying, these tiny, floating motes could invisibly collect data and send it back to their creators.

Dr J. Storrs Hall, the genius behind the idea of the utility fog, has been working on this concept for decades as the tech behind it has advanced. His idea is a hybrid of both Claytronics and Smart Dust, a ‘fog’ of nano-scale devices that sense and transmit data and change shape. Termed Polymorphic Smart Materials, these ‘foglets’ would be the consistency of falling snow, invisible (except when they weren’t), and transformable at our will.” (

2001 (


The day we had this “super black moon” anomaly named Lilith, a story came out about how Facebook can now read your mind and thoughts. Google it and see all of the articles on it. FB released the story the day of this esoteric moon ritual and it just so happens that the tech is actually called Moonshot. Coincidence right? No. If you read the articles they say its actually for those who don’t have motor skills to be able to write or type. It is a ECoG headset that allows you to actually communicate back to AI/algorithims by just your thoughts. So they say. I’ve been saying for over 3 years now that FB has had the tech to be able to “read minds/thoughts” without them ever being spoken of. And they admit it. Now they just want you to talk back to them. In my opinion, this can happen now through a phone, tablet, ect., via smart dust that we’ve ingested and breathed and this opens nuero paths to our brains. I’m no neurologist (obviously) but I believe the eyes to this tech are key also. Guard your minds people.

Imagining a new interface: Hands-free communication without saying a word

Facebook can literally read your mind and ‘decode’ your thoughts

I will beat this through your heads because the smart dust nanos has seemed to form into a steel plate in your head. Joking…but not really.

How can FB app and other social media sites read your mind and steal your thoughts? Smart Dust Nanotech that’s how. “The potential of smart dust to collect information about any environment in incredible detail could impact plenty of things in a variety of industries from safety to compliance to productivity. It’s like multiplying the internet of things technology millions or billions of times over.” ( This article is from 9/18/18.

How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain
Intelligent dust particles embedded in the brain could form an entirely new form of brain-machine interface, say engineers
by Emerging Technology from the arXiv July 16, 2013 (

“Consider other examples having hidden nefarious purposes, such as the health- and mind-threatening ubiquitous Wi-Fi towers with their applications including computers, cell phones and forced ‘smart’ technology. Then there are mind controlling techniques involving the use of modulated signals to electronically manipulate the brain, via the mainstream media and social media for brainwashing and extreme propaganda.” (

The Seal of Solomon…the spiritual key to the demonic (April 7th,2020)

The Seal of Solomon. The keyhole to loosing and binding demons in the vessel of brass. Now think about the brass sphere under the Western Wall with Hebrew written on it that the Edomite Jews are calling their Ark. The synagogue of Satan, quite literally.

What does 6G quantum computing have to do with any of this? Everything. The number, the name and the mark.

After reading about The Seal of Solomon in Alesteir Crowley’s The Lesser Key of Solomon, I was a little curious on when the full moon is in Virgo on either a Tuesday or Saturday. This is when this spell casting for these demons for chaos magick is to be done. I don’t doubt that these chaos magicians don’t still practice all of this witchcraft to a T. I haven’t yet looked at when this ritual has happened in the past but I do know it happened on March 20th of this year, but this time it wasn’t on a Saturday. It was a Friday. So that would disqualify it automatically. Remember, it has to be on a Tuesday or Saturday and this is to loose/bind the 72 demons in a Brass Vessel that Solomon allegedly had control over. Whether that is true or not we don’t know, but evidently some actually believe it to be true.

“It is to be made on the day of Mars or Saturn (Tuesday or Saturday) at night at 12 o’clock, and written upon virgin parchment with the blood of a black cock that never trode hen. Note that on this night the moon must be increasing in light (i.e., going from new to full) and in the Zodiacal Sign of Virgo.” ( “The seal is considered to be, by tradition, the symbol by means of which the 72 Djinn were imprisoned in the Brazen Vessel by the Mogus-King and sunk beneath the ocean.”

So I started looking into the coming year and wondered if this was going to happen. Well….the full moon is in Virgo on a Tuesday actually once in 2020 on April 7th, BUT on December 29th we see a full moon on a Tuesday but it’s in Gemini. I can tell you right off the bat that the December 29th date is a serious date. 8 days before that on the winter solstice, we see the great conjunction or habbiq ha gadol of Saturn and Jupiter that happens in Capricornus or the sea goat.

Remember, according to tradition these 72 demons are in the bottom of the ocean in this brass vessel. Then we have this Saturn-Jupiter great conjunction 8 days before in the beast of the sea, Capricornus. I have went over this in my book Their god is Jupiter and I have my own theory for all of this. Not a prediction but a theory. But it isn’t in Virgo then.

The day for this ritual is April 7th, 2020 when the full moon is in Virgo. I still need to look at April 7th and see what’s going on there but I do know this. This is the day before Passover begins and this would be a perfect time for all of this to take place for these Luciferians. Also keep on your that they may actually burn this heifer around this time or consecrate the building of their blasphemous temple. Jews believe Passover is the time this will happen. One other thing, why a Tuesday or Saturday? Other than it being their Mars and Saturns day, Saturday is the 7th day and a day of rest. Tuesday is the 3rd day and GOD blessed this day twice during Creation. 2 days that have significant meaning in Scripture. So twice this ritual can be accomplished in 2020 and they both fall on significant days. Mars day. I expect we may see some very important Mars nonsense in the news around these 2 days.

Temple of Bel Ceiling 3D Replica

More news you won’t hear about. 3 days ago on April 23rd the ceiling from the altar of Palmyra’s Temple of Bel was showcased in a special ceremony at the Damascus National Museum. It was placed in Damascus around the same time the Arch of Triumph from Palmyra was placed in Geneva. Before it went on public display it was actually a in Brussels and the UNESCO in Paris.

“It was displayed in the monumental Colosseum building and in the UN building in the Italian capital. The model was also exhibited in the European Parliament building in Brussels and headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris before being given to the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums. It will be exhibited to the public at the Damascus National Museum in a special ceremony on April 23.” (

The altar was on the Northern side of the Temple which housed not only Ba’al who is the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter but also housed his cohorts Aglibol and Yarhibol. They were worshipped as a triad or trinity. “The northern niche housed the statues (or perhaps a large relief) of the three gods; the niche was possibly separated from the rest of the cella by a curtain or a wood screen as the access to the immediate surroundings of the gods was forbidden (this is the meaning of the Greek word adyton). (

The actual ceiling featured Ba’al or Jupiter in the center being surrounded by the Zodiak. “The lintel of the niche shows a relief of an eagle holding a serpent or a caduceus; it symbolizes the movement of the sun (see a similar relief in a page on a sanctuary in western Syria where the identification of Baal/Bel with Zeus was more evident than in Palmyra). The ceiling of the niche is a single stone with an elaborate decoration portraying at its centre a series of deities: Bel is surrounded by six other deities; their corresponding Greek counterparts are (in Roman names): Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and the Moon. The seven deities were placed inside a vault so they were also a representation of the known planets (five known planets plus the moon and the sun).” ( “The figures in the centre circle represent the seven planetary divinities (Jupiter in the middle, surrounded by Helios, Selene, Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite and Cronos).” (

This ceiling from the Temple of Bel is only partially done but reflects who they worship. They worship the host of heaven and not the Creator who begot His only Son, Jesus Christ.

A Few Thoughts on the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Spire

The “spire” represents a phallus, particularly Osiris’ phallus. It is nothing more than an obelisk on a building. Notre Dame’s burnt and fell to the ground on April 15th. The 300 foot spire was made of oak and 250 tons of metal. Oak represents the divine masculine and if you follow my blog you will see the oak symbolism quite a bit. Macron “Mr. jupiter” gifted Trump an oak tree a few months back and Trump dug it up after their ritual planting at the White House and got rid of it. You have an interesting France connection to all of this.

If you remember, the Paradise fire started in the oak trees. Go read my papers on it because I explain why the oak was significant. There was also a covenant made by the Jews in the Book of Joshua at Shechem by the oak tree. This was their ba’alberith or covenant to the lord of the flies, Beelzebub. The oak tree is very significant in the occult and in Chaos Magick. So it should be no surprise that the spire of Notre Dame represents an oak phallus.

Did you know Catholics around the world burn an wooden effigy of Judas along with his wooden phallus. They do this on “Black Saturday”, the day before Easter. In the Catholic world, Notre Dame was their visual and symbolic representation of their “faith”. Burning that spire was a direct attack on Catholicism and you saw this by the reactions of Catholics around the world. You can look at this fire from different angles and they all may be valid. I don’t care who started the fire or how it happened, but I suggest this was a sign from GOD that this false worship is falling and burning to the ground. From the inside out.

This burning phallus spire is the symbolic effigy of Judas (Catholic Church) who has betrayed Jesus. This is what the end of their covenant under the oak looks like. Fires and embers. But maybe this was another invocation and ritual to bring about the Man of Sin. Ba’alberith.

Have you noticed the 3 rose windows on the Cathedral look like CERNs LHC?

Gargoyles and Chimera

By now everyone has seen the posts of the gargoyles that sit on Notre Dame. These gargoyles are representing demons and they are actually functioning architectural waterspouts. If you think spiritually you know water represents the nations or peoples and is a huge part symbolically of openly showing yourself to be a follower of Jesus. In the case of these demonic water spouts, it’s just the opposite. They spit out water and cover the sides of this demonic building.

The most popular demon that sits on Notre Dame that is called the protector of the building that overlooks Paris is called The Stryge. It means vampire but technically its not a vampire or a gargoyle. I’ll explain why in a minute. It is called a grotesque or a chimera and it is supposed to be the face of a woman who has the feet of a bird. It is one of the only statues that doesn’t spout water.

Ironically a Dutch 3D stone printing group called Concr3de has said they want to rebuild the spire (phallus) that burnt down with their printing capabilities. This all comes on the heals of the Arch of Triumph being presented in Geneva at a conference that focused on rebuilding landmarks that have been destroyed during war time. I knew someone would want to rebuild this spire. Concr3de is that someone.

The gargoyle they already printed is an accurate recreation of Le Stryge – a well known demon figure that sat on the cathedral’s roof. Using 3D scans which were already available on the Internet, they printed the figure from a mixture of limestone and ash – similar to the materials found after the fire. The team used a 30x30x30 centimetre Armadillo White printer. “It’s a custom inkjet 3D printer that is fine tuned to work with stone and stone-like materials. It prints with 0.1 millimetre precision and the cool thing about these printers is that any geometry is possible without the need for supports. It also allows for significant material customisation.” (

Now Concr3de has coincidentally already made a replica of the Stryge. Why? Because this demon in my opinion, who is the overseer of the Cathedral that is “the heart of the people”, is actually a “goddess”. Remember that this happened a few days before Easter which is nothing more than Ishtar or Inanna worship. Look at the images of Ishtar/Inanna and you can see this woman has wings and bird like feet. Who else just recently coming back in the news has bird like feet? Momo. If you haven’t read my article on momo then I suggest you go to me blog and do so.

“Chimeras and gargoyles
Chimeras only decorative. Unlike gargoyles, chimeras are only decorative. These fantastic, grotesque or devilish creatures were imagined by the architect Viollet-le-Duc at the time he restored the cathedral from 1843, to give the building its medieval atmosphere. These creatures seem to contemplate Paris and dissuade, by their ugliness, the evil to enter the holy place. The Stryge, inspired by the Roman chimera composed of a woman’s head and a bird’s body, is one of the most famous. Perhaps, in drawing it, did Viollet-le-Duc think of the character of Quasimodo, the hunchbacked hero of Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo?” (

The vampire connection comes from the word Strigoi. “Strigoi (English: striga, poltergeist) in Romanian mythology are troubled spirits that are said to have risen from the grave. They are attributed with the abilities to transform into an animal, become invisible, and to gain vitality from the blood of their victims. Bram Stoker’s Dracula has become the modern interpretation of the Strigoi through their historic links with vampirism. Strigoi originated from the Latin terms strix and striga,[citation needed] the root of which relates particularly to owls and commonly appears in related taxonomic terms for them as well as for blood parasites such as the Strigeidida. Cognates are found throughout the Romance languages, such as the Italian word strega or the Venetian word strìga which mean “witch”. In French, stryge means a bird-woman who sucks the blood of children.” (

The heart of Paris is wicked and it’s watcher is in the same spirit of Ishtar.

Menorrah and the Tree of Crucifixion

The 7 branched Menorrah that was in the temple was mandated by GOD. There are different views on what it symbolises (which are all great views) but Revelation tells us they represent the 7 churches which leads us to Zecharia which tells us it represents the two witnesses of Revelation. The Church or Ekklesia are the two witness. But why has the 7 branched lampstand turned into a 9 branched Menorrah?

The 9 branches comes from Judaism representing the oil burning for 9 days which they celebrate with Hanukkah. This is more of a Kabbalistic Mystical Rabbi thing…not a scriptural thing.

I am one to believe that Jesus was crucified on a literal live tree which represented the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This is the tree that brought sin into the world through Adam. In all my research, I have come to the conclusion that this tree that Adam and Eve partook from was literally on the Mount of Olives, while the tree of life was acrid the Kidron Valley near the city of David on Mount Moriah. Jesus had to be crucified on Olivet based on the original sin coming into creation from that spot. This is why the red heifer was burnt in the same spot, to purify the people.

I don’t hold to the standard image of Jesus and the 2 thieves on three Roman crosses. I even think it is possible that all three of them were on the same exact tree. That’s a possibility. But I do believe Jesus was on a live tree symbolically representing the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Whose to say that it may have been the actual tree? We can speculate because no one will ever know either way but Jesus did have to redeem creation and this would make sense. There are no coincidences with GOD.

Now look at the 7 branched Menorrah. Have you ever wondered why it looks the way it does? To me it looks like 6 hands being raised on a tree. Jesus and the 2 thieves.

Here is something else for you to chew on. Tell me what do you see here? “the bodies should not remain upon the cross”? Look at the Greek text and tell me what you see with that same phrase. Either there are NOT 3 crosses as we are led to believe or the writer of the Gospel (who was not John) was not inspired by the Holy Spirit on that particular word.

John 19: 31 The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies (σώματα, bodies, N-Nominative Neuter PLURAL) should not remain upon the cross (σταυροῦ, cross, N-Genative Masculine SINGULAR) on the sabbath day, (for that sabbath day was an high day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.

Either we have gotten it wrong or the Holy Spirit did. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Don’t take my word for it.

And do you remember the Trappist-1 system that was find a few years ago? What do you notice here?

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