The Arch of their goddess

Just a reminder. This is for those who insist on calling the Arch of TRIUMPH the wrong name. Three arches that look different and only one was replicated with a 3d printer. If you can’t figure that out and still want to argue about it than I suggest you not even be on this page. You obviously aren’t here for the facts.

And no, its not the Arch of Trump. Nice try though. Smh

Arch of Triumph (Palmyra, Syria)

Arch of Ba’al (Palmyra, Syria)

The premise of my book Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph: Pathway to the Bride of the Desert that is based on the Arch of Triumph research, is that this Arch is a beacon. A beacon sends signals and the replica of this Arch just happens to send a spiritual signal to demonic entities and those that support this Arch, well, you know whose side they are on. Not only is it sending a beacon by the Institute of Digital Archeology’s own admission, it is invoking their divine feminine or goddess.

Let me explain, the reasoning we have been seeing the rise of goddess divine feminism symbolism the last few years in the media, in Hollywood, in pop culture, the rise of witches and feminism is because true Luciferians will invoke the divine feminine in the celestial to only to have this spirit break through the veil and enter the terrestrial as their god. And who is their god you might ask? Their god is Jupiter. This was why 9/9/18 or 9/23/18 was such a big deal to them and so called Christians helped quite a bit in this ritual.

Lucifer to true Luciferians is feminine in the heavenly bodies or celestial in the guise of Sophia or the goddess of Wisdom. Lucifer in the feminine is also described as Venus in astrology. They invoke this wisdom or Sophia through all kinds of rituals like the Arch of Triumph to Trumps inauguration and through music, tv and film so that this Antichrist spirit will to come into our world in this earthly realm. When she does then she becomes a he. Here is another reason why you see this duality everywhere that really started ramping up on 9/11 when 2 would become 1.

It’s a hard thing to believe but trust me, this is only a little tiny part of their story. Anyways I say that and post random images because of this. Now look at the Sharon Tate, who was sacrificed by the Manson family. She was in a promo in 1966 (966 inversion) for a movie called Eye of the Devil. She was under a Arch in DiVinci’s famous stance that represented the spiritual man. She was invoking the divine feminine and we see where this took her.

It’s the Vetruvian Man in the form of the divine feminine. The image is a projection of an esoteric understanding of the spirit body relayed on the Vitruvian Man. And DiVinci wrote everything on this Vetruvian Man backwards. A tell tale sign of witchcraft.

Now look at the “virgin mary” images. We know good and well that wasn’t Mary the mother of Jesus. It obviously represents the goddess worship. Most of the images have her under an arch or in a clam shell (Venus) representing the yoni or vagina. More of the same..divine feminine goddess worship. Look at the 1st image below. Tell me that this doesn’t not only look like the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra but also looks like the Masonic arch that has Cancer 69 in the keystone.

The Arch of Triumph is more than a 3D replica, it’s a straight up ritual invoking their divine feminine to become the Man of Sin.

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More images of Sharon Tate in the Eye of the Devil movie. Notice the eye over her heart.

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I wrote this 3 year’s ago today, before my book was finished.

What is “The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place”?

If you were to ask the same question to people who watches, studies or is interested in Bible Prophecy in these last days, you will find out real fast how much the majority of them all agree. The majority will tell you that the Jews will rebuild a 3rd temple, the antichrist will set himself up in this temple and claim that he is God, and he will then set up some sort of abomination in the holy place that causes Jerusalem to become desolate. I have read this a thousand times in books that say the same thing but have different covers and titles. I have watched video after video that claims the exact same thing as the video before it. And every last one of them will claim that this is the gospel truth.

But, the real question is this? Is it all true? What if one thing concerning these events wasn’t true? Would this allow their whole house of cards to crumble to the ground? What would these so called prophecy experts do if the very bedrock of their teachings ended up like the house that was built on sand? Can we be sure to trust what someone else tells us without testing it with what the Bible says?

This entire teaching of what I mentioned above is loosely based off of Daniel 9:27. I believe this one verse is crucial for knowing how you are going to look at and understand Bible prophecy in this day and age. They take the “he” mentioned in this particular verse and say that it is the antichrist and this is where they get the 7 year tribulation. But….what if the “he” mentioned isn’t the antichrist (and I’m using the term antichrist in place of man of sin or son of perdition because this is the term that has been used in this teaching. Even though the name antichrist isn’t actually ever mentioned in the Bible referring to a particular man, it is used in 1st and 2nd John when representing the spirit that denies that Jesus came in the flesh, denies that He is the Messiah and denies the Father and the Son). What if the “he” referenced back to the One who Chapter 9 was talking about the whole time? The Messiah or the Anointed One to come. No where in this verse alone or the entire Chapter for that matter, does it ever once refer to the antichrist. It would be more obvious to refer the “he” to “the people of the prince”. This would be Titus according to what the Preterist says. But that just isn’t true. So if this “he” is Jesus, then this verse alone changes everything according to modern Bible prophecy.

Then what happens? You no longer have a 7 year tribulation where everyone argues about the timing of the “rapture”. Instead of trying to figure out the foundation to something prophetic, everyone wants to instead fight about something that has no real basis to it. To understand not only the prophetic aspect of scripture for the future, you need to know the historical background to rightly divide it all. What if the disciples knew what Jesus was speaking about when He said what He said in Matthew 24:15? What did it mean when the writers of the Gospel said “whoso readeth, let him understand:”, when Jesus mentioned Daniels abomination? Was He referring to all three abominations mentioned or referencing to one particular abomination? How would it change your outlook on the end times?

Can we be for sure that this 3rd temple will be built? I’m 99% sure this Jewish temple will be rebuilt but that’s not according to scripture. This will only happen because mans heart is continuously wicked. Wasn’t Jesus as our perfect sacrifice good enough or do we still need the blood of bulls and goats? Does Paul refer to an actual temple of God in Thessalonians or did he and in fact Jesus, mention something else about this temple? Was the glory of God ever in the temple in the time of Jesus and what does the historical record say about the inside of the Holy of Holies? If God was going to actually have a temple again (which He never would), wouldn’t it have to be in the exact same location as the first two and not a centimeter off? These are questions that need to be asked.

And if there is no temple that God would ever recognize in this day and age, where is this Holy Place actually at? It cant possibly be in the Holy of Holies can it? Wouldn’t the Ark of the Covenant need to be in its exact same spot to even make it Holy again? Does the Bible ever speak about another Holy location that God recognized as HOLY? And what about this abomination. There is so much speculation on what it may or may not be, does the Bible give us any hints? I am not going to claim that I have all of the answers, but I do believe the Word of God will show us things if we allow to get our own understanding out of the way.

If you are going to read my book “The Temple, Abomination and The Holy Place”, you need to drop every preconceived idea you had about Bible prophecy concerning these topics and look into these matters yourself. I’m not expecting anyone to take my word for it with what I’m saying. I do expect you to research it for yourselves, search the scriptures diligently and come to your own conclusion on what the Scriptures are saying. What do I personally expect from someone reading this book? I personally expect to be called names and be told that I’m in error by the profit prophets of today. As someone once told me recently, I’m sure the piranhas will love having their way with me. If that’s the worst to happen to me, I’m ok with that. I won’t be the one back peddling and having to recall hundreds of books, videos and teachings.

So with that said….

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I haven’t sold many books due to the fact that “I’m a nobody” and the self publishing (Creatspace) I have used puts the price on my books. This is due to size and printing materials. My first book which is over 800 pages long took me 2 years to write and because of its size, Amazon makes me charge $24. After all costs for publishing are done I barely make $5. The second book is different because its smaller and I get about $3 per book. The 3rd book is the same size as the first. Trust me, I couldn’t make a living off of book sales but with that said, I am very thankful for those who have supported my writing and bought the books. I know times are hard for people but at this point I just want people to read my research and glean what they can from it.

I guess I am saying all of this because I want people to know that I do what I do because I love writing, and researching with the gift of discernment is my calling. I am very appreciative when someone thanks me for something I was researching. And believe it or not, I’m thankful when someone disagrees with me because they actually took the time out of their schedule to read what I wrote. So I am letting whoever wants to, download my books for free.

The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place

The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place

Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph: Pathway to the Bride of the Desert (End Time Deception Series Volume 1)

Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph: Pathway to the Bride of the Desert (End Times Deception Series) (Volume 1)

False Signs in the Heavens: Their god is Jupiter (End Time Deception Series Volume 2)

False Signs in the Heavens:: Their god is Jupiter (End Times Deception Series) (Volume 2)

Like I said, funds for all of us are tight so take the pdfs for free if you like. No worries and give away freely. God bless you guys.

Etymology of Arch

In English we can have one word spelled different ways and sound the same but have different meanings. Cell, sale, sail, sell. The same is with the word like Arch. It can mean a shelf cloud, a hunting bow or a arch for building purposes. All these symbolise something that is a upside down U shape. It also can mean a ruler or leader or like in Greek, the beginning of something.

“From Middle English arch-, arche-, from Old English arċe-, ærċe-, erċe- (“arch-”), from Latin archi- (reborrowed directly as Modern English archi-), from Ancient Greek ἀρχι- (arkhi-), from ἄρχω (árkhō, “to begin, to lead, to rule, to govern”) (whence also English -arch), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂ergʰ- (“to begin, rule, command”).” In New Testament Greek ἄρχω (archò) means to reign, rule in the sense of being first. So in a Biblical sense, the Arch of Triumph replica can not only mean a Arch as we know it but the beginning of something. That’s why this Arch is such a big deal to everyone, we can all sense its the beginning of the end.

From the section The Arches and the Bridge in my book. Remember Nimrod was a mighty hunter and Artemis the sister of Apollo (Nimrod type) was a archer. The Arch replica was to invoke the divine feminine goddess to bring about their man of sin to the earth.

“The arrow concept that mirrors the quality of the creature in the garden can be extended to the centaur, the mythological bowman whose skill makes the investigation of the etymology behind the word “archer”significant. In Greek, the archi or arch means “the chief or principal leader, the first in rank.” The Nachash was known as the most beautiful of the cherubim. The Latin arche from the Greek “archi” also means “to begin, to lead, rule or govern.” In architecture, the structure known as the “arch” used extensively in stonemasonry actually comes from the Proto-Indo-European word for the bow and arrow. “Archery,” from the Latin arcus, is “the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow.” Anyone
known in mythology as a skilled archer was also an effective hunter or warrior…The “illuminated” stonemasons who utilize the structure of the arch symbolically honor and represent their god continually in the form and names of the structures they skillfully
produce.” (Mark Flynn. Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth: The Awakened Ones, the Hidden Destiny of America, and the Day after Tomorrow, Page 24)

The Arch of the Nun

Just a few quick thoughts on the movie The Nun.

Duality once again. This time a white/black witch scenario. In reality both are evil, but Hollywood tends to distort reality. In this movie The Nun, Valak posseses a Nun. In mythology Valak is a demon boy with wings who rides a two headed dragon, similar to what we see in pop culture as a cherbium. In the Book the Lesser Key of Solomon Valak is called the Grand President of Hell, gives answers to hidden secrets and is associated with serpents/snakes. This demon was never associated with a nun per say but goes well with Hollywood’s lies. Valak the nun is represented as a Satan type character.

The “sister” is named Irene. She is the other side of this false Hollywood coin of “good versus evil”. Now here is what is interesting. While researching for my book on the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra there was an association there with the letter Nun. Nun represents the snake and whale. If you have been reading all my research the last few years then you can see where this is going. Nun is also a variation of the name Nimrod and there was a group called the Sisters of Nun. This is where you get the nuns of the Catholic church. Everything always comes full circle.

So Irene who is the hero of the story also has a connection to the Arch. Her name comes from Eirene who was the goddess of peace and just another form of the goddess Isis. In the movie The Nun, Valak is realeased from its prison which is actually full of water. Go back and read what I wrote about yesterday and the parallel dimensions/portal water connection. So yeah, the demon Valak comes from the water and gets put back in the water in the end but not before it possesses Maurice (whose name means soldier) through a snake coming out of its mouth and overtaking him.

Anyways, Irene or Isis for arguments sake, defeats Valak with some alleged blood of “Jesus” that was in a glass egg (think Ogdoad story). Upon defeating Valak, Irene is seen as a hero while laying under a Arch with a light shining through it. In my book I claim the replica of the Arch of Triumph was conjouring and invoking their demonic divine feminine and The Nun proved my point. You can read all about this symbolism in the book for free here. It ends with the one eyed symbolism with the Priest. His left eye had something (a crucifix) go into it and they had to bandage it up. It ended with the all seeing eye symbolism.

Side note: now you know why Marilyn Manson looks the way he does and wth is in control of him. The great President of Hell.

Arch of Triumph in Washington D.C. and then on to the Hague.

Well imagine that. The Arch is going to be in Washington D.C. on the last 3 days of Sukkot starting on September 26th. Its probably just a “coincidence” that the red heifer was born amd now they are rolling out the red carpet for it on its one month birthday. This announcement came from the IDA website.

The Triumphal Arch of Palmyra in Washington D.C.
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
2:30 PM 3:30 PM
Washington, D.C. USA (map)
Google Calendar ICS
The IDA’s flagship exhibit, the replica Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, will be displayed in Washington D.C. from September 26 – 30 2018. (

If you hit the map link it takes you to a spot in the middle of that goats head. And notice it is directly in front of the White House. Let’s see if Trump goes for a visit.

Sukkot is the Feast of Tabernacles or Ingathering. It represents spending time with God and the harvest. Remember when Jonah went to Ninevah and sat East of the city do he could watch it destroyed? He built a Sukkot that he sat under. This was that time of year. Jews believe Sukkot is a time when the patriarchs come visit them. “The group of supernal guests—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David—who grace our sukkahs throughout the holiday (known as ushpizin).” During these last days of Sukkot they see Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David lead the entourage. Strange right? Another interesting thing about Sukkot is what is called the restoration of David’s Tabernacle. What does that mean? In Hebrew it is David’s Sukkot. “David” tabernacles with them on the last day of the Arch being in Washington D.C.

Are we witnessing their “cloud of witness” ingathering on a spiritual level? Things might get crazy folks. Know who you belong to. And remember this, these arches originally were set up because it was a memorial for conquering something or someone. Today it is no difference except it all has spiritual connontations.

Update 9/7/18:

It seems that after the Arch of Triumph replica leaves Washington D.C. it will be headed to the Hague, Netherlands in October. Who can say judgement is coming? First to the government of the “free world” and then to the international court…pay attendion, the placement of these arches tells a story.

Arch4peace reported on this story.

“We are very excited to share with all of you that, the 3D reconstruction of the iconic Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, will be hosted in October in the Hague, the city of Peace and Justice!
On this special occasion, a great cultural program has been carefully designed to embrace the Syrian heritage!

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development and The Institute for Digital Archaeology organize an event called Heritage for Future. The core of this event is the majestic triumphal arch of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, an iconic piece of reconstructed cultural heritage symbolizing cultural resilience. The arch has been carefully reconstructed at The Institute for Digital Archaeology through a process of exact carving. Following earlier, highly successful events in London, Florence, Dubai, New York and Arona, the arch will now come to the Netherlands! #arch4peace”

This comes from Wikipedia. “The Hague was first mentioned as Die Haghein 1242. In the 15th century, the name des Graven hage came into use, literally “The Count’s Wood”, with connotations like “The Count’s Hedge, Private Enclosure or Hunting Grounds”. The city is also home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court.

It seems the Triumphal Arch is making its debut under the pretense of an international court. I can’t wait to see what happens with this one.

Here are a few new articles on the Arch being in the Netherlands.

A few new articles on the Arch. Now they want everyone to rock the Arch, including Syrian refugees.

“The IDA‘s internet announcement of the exhibit describes the reproduction of the arch as their “flagship exhibit,” the replica of the Roman Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, will be displayed in Washington D.C. from September 26-30.

The replica arch will then be reassembled in the Hague, the site of the Dutch Parliament and the UN’s International Criminal Court. The Hague is described as the City of Peace and Justice.” Hosted by the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, the arch will be displayed adjacent to the ICC for one month beginning October 17. The Internet announcement of the exhibit describes the arch, a replica of the victory of Roman paganism, as “a symbol of cultural resilience” that will stand as an inspiration to the Netherland’s approximately 100,000 Syrian immigrants.

“The Centre for Global Heritage and Development together with the Institute for Digital Archaeology organize an event called Heritage for the Future. The core of this event is the majestic triumphal arch of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, an iconic piece of reconstructed cultural heritage symbolizing cultural resilience, according to the statement.”

“Once, in the first centuries of our era, nearby Forum Hadriani (now in municipality Leidschendam-Voorburg) was part of the same empire as Palmyra: the Roman empire. While in some countries in Europe’s gates are closing for migrants, the Palmyra arch is an open gate, offering the opportunity to pass through and look to the future. The arch will now function as a meeting point for Syrian migrants and expats and the Dutch community. Matchmaking events in a tent next to the arch will stimulate encounters between the Syrian workforce and employers, while a range of cultural events will offer the opportunity for anyone to experience the rich cultural heritage of Syria and the Middle East.” (

Palmyra Arch in the City of Peace and Justice
Start date Wednesday 17 October 2018 – 19:00
End date Wednesday 7 November 2018 – 09:00
Location The Hague, Peace Palace

Symbol of Resilience
The Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA, Oxford University) and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development present to you the 3D reconstructed Palmyra Arch in the Hague, City of Peace and Justice.

From seven years until now Syrian heritage has been under attack. Large parts of the Syrian community fled around the world and now live as refugees. As a contribution to ongoing international efforts, the Centre for Global Heritage and Development together with the Institute for Digital Archaeology organize an event called Heritage for Future. The core of this event is the majestic triumphal arch of the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, an iconic piece of reconstructed cultural heritage symbolizing cultural resilience. The arch has been carefully reconstructed at the Institute of Digital Archaeology through a process of exact carving. Following earlier, highly successful events in London, Florence, Dubai, New York and Arona, the arch will now come to the Netherlands. The arch will be put on display in a high-visibility public setting to draw maximum media attention and to allow ordinary people – both Dutch citizens and Syrian refugees now living in the Netherlands to literally touch it and engage with it.

Khaled Hiatlih:

As humans we have the power to stop the attack on cultural heritage through dialogue and by creating networks around the world. We can unite with Syrian migrants and help to preserve and revitalize their cultural resources.

The opening ceremony will be organized on October 17th in the Hague (date/ exact location still with reservation) from 7 PM onwards. Updates and final program will be published later on this webpage.

The project is organized by the Institute for Digital Archaeology, the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, The Room of Listening, DB Aktiviteiten and Humanity House with support from the Municipality The Hague, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNESCO Netherlands.” (

Who really wanted the Arch of Triumph built? Or was it even about the Arch in the first place?

When I recently watched the documentary (at the end of this article) on the Arch of Triumph in Arona, Italy, something stood out to me that I didn’t seem to catch before. Roger Michels from the IDA said something that caught my attention. He basically said that they (IDA) weren’t the ones who originally wanted the Arch built, it was actually a few people from TORART and D-Shape. Michels said that they were just able to help supply some of the photos that were provided by Khaled al-Asaad, the archeologist and site custodian in Palmyra. I always assumed that the IDA and UNESCO were the ones behind this Arch being built but that doesn’t seem like the case.

(The videos I posted were taken down for some reason)

According to press releases, they actually got a blessing from Dubai in order to make the Arch. And the Arch that we are seeing is a small scale model that was originally intended to just go around the world. If you actually read the the wording they use they have a full scale model of the Arch of Triumph that will in fact go back to Palmyra. What we are seeing set up is a smaller model of it and not the full scale reproduction. The original production of it is 49 feet (15 meters) tall and weighs 11 tons or 22 thousand pounds. The Arch that they have for the traveling circus is only 25 feet (7.62 meters) tall and weighs in at 3,000 pounds or 1.5 tons. There is quite the difference in size from the real one that will be placed back in Palmyra and the traveling one. 

So where is the real one now? Is it in Dubai? Are they waiting for Palmyra to be secured before they move it back and are they going to construct the temple of Bel? What if I told you they more than likely have the temple already built. I mentioned in one of my first papers on the Arch that this was their intention from the very beginning, to rebuild the entire ancient complex. And this is way they are doing. “Italians experts have already submitted to the Government of the United Arab the reduced-scale reproduction of the Palmyra temple.” I am showing you here that they have already made a smaller scale of the Temple of Bel by their own admission. I will post the full article and link below. 

They will rebuild the ancient city and its ironic that this happens at the same time the Jews are pushing for their 3rd temple. I have said from day one that this ancient city of Palmyra will be the main hub (militarily and religiously) for the man of sin before he enters the glorious land and enters Jerusalem. We can already see it as a military complex as Russia has been there from day one trying to lay claim on it. And by the looks of it from the link below, TORART is preparing to give us a show on 3D printing.


Milan , March 30, 2016 – 08:52

Palmira rises again in 3D thanks to Italy 

The triumphal arch designed by robots of Nicola Di Turi

Palmira “rebuilt” in 3D thanks to an Italian company. The ancient Syrian city devastated by ISIS could rise thanks to technology developed by our country. Two Tuscan companies are working on making the arc of triumph of Palmyra, built nearly 2000 years ago, but pulverized by jihadists last October. TorArt, Carrara company specializing in sculpture and founded by Giacomo Filippo Massari with Tincolini, will build the arch in the archaeological site in Syria destroyed in partnership with D-Shape, a company founded by Enrico Dini lets (Pisa).

Presented in London on April 19

Italians experts have already submitted to the Government of the United Arab the reduced-scale reproduction of the Palmyra temple. Next stop, the reconstruction of the arc-scale triumph of Palmyra, which will be presented in London in Trafalgar Square on April 19. The goal, of course, remains that sooner or later to install the monument in Syria, where today remains a pile of rubble. The technique used to reconstruct the arch of Palmyra is 3D printing, exploited by D-Shape for sand and rock binding, printing blocks of raw marble and sandstone.

Material from Carrara or from the Alps»

“The 70% of the material that we will use will come from Carrara or the Alps. The day that we will move to Syria, we will use local materials,” says the BBC Enrico Dini, engineer and founder of the company. For the demonstration in London, in fact, it will produce an arc by the small size, compared to the original to be installed in Syria. TorArt intervene at a later time, when it will be necessary to work and define the printed sand, in order to obtain the monument. “Our technique is subtractive, let’s take off to shape. The robots work together with our sculptors. There is no limit to what you can do and these days we are sculpting a life-size David, “says Giacomo Massari, founder of TorArt, who established his laboratory in the famous marble quarries of Carrara.

The triumphal arch of Palmyra made by the two Italian companies, will be 15 meters high and weighs 11 tons. To rebuild it will take approximately 70 cubic meters of sand, for a higher production equivalent to 100 thousand euro, to which must be added the cost of finishing, assembly and shipping. Each robot used by TorArt for finishing has a cost of about 300 thousand euro. “The will is to rebuild Palmira, but also the archaeological sites affected by natural disasters,” argues Giacomo Massari. From Pompeii at Sybaris, in Italy there would be spoiled for choice. Yet witness the process of defining the arc grooves, it means also return to themselves a bit ‘of that sense of beauty sorely tested by the reckless pickaxe terrorists. An essential contribution to the reconstruction of Palmyra arch arrived by the Institute for Digital Archeology at Oxford, a partner with the Government of the United Arab Emirates. The institute has distributed over 5000 cameras civilians and volunteers in the Middle East, to photograph monuments and sites at risk, rimpinguando the Million Image Database with thousands of photos. Useful to reproduce the works in 3D, but essential to give us back the hope, against iconoclastic wave with which ISIS wants to destroy the memory of our past. (

The new Palmyra’s Arch, 15 meters tall and 11 tons heavy

“The Palmyra’s Arch developed by the two italian companies will be 15 meters tall and 11 tons heavy. To rebuild the Arch70 cubic meters of sand will be necessary, with an equivalent value of 100 thousand Euros. Each robot used by TorArt in this project has a 300 thousand Euros worth.

“Our will is to rebuild Palmyra but also the many archaeological sites destroyed by natural disaster” argued Giacomo Massari. A fundamental contribution in this project comes from the Institute for Digital Archaeology in Oxford, with the distribution, to civilian and volunteers in the Middle East, of more than 5 thousand photo cameras to take pictures to the monuments and sites in danger.

Maybe this project and the work of the two italian companies, is not just to rebuild Palmyra’s Arch, but to rebuild our feelings for beauty and art too, that were tested by the brutality of the terrorists.” (

So essentially the Arch was going back home. Or should we say it’s its home away grim home. I suggest you go take a look at website to see what they are actually up to. It seems that they are more of a key player in this whole Arch agenda. 

You can see below in TORART’S post that they also recently recreated the decapitated head of Allat, the Sun goddess for the Italian Consulate in New York. They just aren’t in the business of making Arches and other statues but obviously have some sort of agenda that has Palmyra in mind. I mentioned this here.

Matter of fact, they have had intentions from day one to rebuild the ancient city of Palmyra in its entirety like I already mentione. And I’m not just talking about the Arch. My question now is what is Dubai’s role in all of this. We know they are probably funding this whole thing. But why do they want the Temple of Bel built and the Arch of Triumph. From the looks of it it looks like they were presented with the Temple of Bel first and then the Arch came shortly after. Does it have to do with that god they worship in Mecca? And I’m not talking about their “new” god Allah. I’m talking about that ancient god Hubal and Allat. Is this why they want the Temple of Bel built along with Palmyra in its entirety? Does it have anything to do with the Quaryish tribe and the Hashemites?

Videos from TORART.

And I’m going to keep going over the differences between these three arches until people get it in their heads. 

Arch of Triumph

Temple of Baalshamin

Temple of Bel

Somewhere over the “rain”bow

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