December 18th: a big day

“Vice President Mike Pence announces that uniformed members of the U.S. Space Force will be called Guardians. There you have it: Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Guardians”

On 12/18/20, Pence and his wife had gotten their chronosvirus “inoculation” shots. I’m positive that none of these officials are actually getting anything but a placebo.

Later that day he announced that the Space Force uniformed members would be called “The Guardian’s”.

According to Macrobius, the Saturnalia festival was 14 days prior to January 1st. This would fall on December 18th, the day Pence got his chronosvirus shot.

“In a single day, that our ancestors had their boundaries the Saturnalia, which was of. d. the fourteenth day before the Kalends of January, but two months after he had connected himself with Gaius Caesar to this day, in the sixth year of his first attempts to be celebrated. That matter came to pass, that, when the common people did not know the day of his Saturnalia is certain, and some by Caesar, inserted in an ancient custom of the day and the others, that the days of the Saturnalia was counted: seven days it shall be permitted to be carried out in the opinion of the Saturnalia among the ancients, and, if the opinion is to be called is that which is established by the authors of suitable.” (

So we see that Pence got his fake vaccination and announced the Guardians on the historical day of Saturnalia. 4 days after the waters ceased on the historical 40 days after the flood started.

Now the term the Guardians is a nod to the Watchers or Fallen Angels. In Hebrew Meltser is guardian or overseer. It is also used for Ir or waking/wakeful one ie watcher. These both are used for guardian. You still like being “woke”? Be careful on what you call yourself. When calling yourself “woke”, you are referring to the Watchers of old.

Another thing. People have seemed to overlook the Space Force coin from July of 2019 that has Saturn-Jupiter on it.

It coincides with the Abraham Accord coin with pointing to December 21st Great Conjunction (Cleaving). 3 days before this event, Pence announced the “guardians”.

Biden gets his
fake inoculation on December 21st.

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