A Few Thoughts on the Past and December 21st

I can’t believe how the big talk now is the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction (HaDibbuq HaGadol) on YouTube and social media sites. When I published my books a few years ago, no one was mentioning any of it…but I guess that’s the new bandwagon. I can honestly say, only a few of us knew about it and were actually writing about it during the 9/23/17 false sign of Jupiter. This event released the spirit of Antichrist agenda ie AI and transhumanism. There wasn’t some big even that you physically saw in the sky but September 23rd opened the door to AI becoming a household name. And here we are.

I predicted that on November 18th, 2017, Saturn leaving Ophiuchus or the serpent bearer was symbolic of Satan being released from the abyss. I believe that was right on. This led to the September 27th, 2019 sacrifice of a blemished lamb on Mount of Corruption for the judgement on the Goyim through the 70 principalities over the nations. Then came the corona “crown venom” virus that has more evil, demonic and diabolical symbology alll over it than anything else I’ve researched. If you can’t see that Satan’s time is short and this is why things have been sped up, you are lost more than you know.

Those who follow my blog knows that 2020 was the year to see perfectly. Perfect vision. And you didn’t need me to tell to that. The Hebrew year 5780 was the year of the mouth (pey) and we saw clearly to see that the mouths were being shut. Not only physically with masks and muzzles, but the principalities were shutting the voices of Truth on the World Wide Web. AI is now running this show.

Now we are in the Hebrew year 5781 which is the year of the teeth. And when I say teeth, I mean to devour and tear apart. What about 2021? It is the beginning to fulfill their Agenda 21 through depopulation. But it may not only be physically killing people off, it will be an assassination of sorts spiritually. They are killing your free will to be human through gene editing mRNA vaccinations. They are spiritually depopulating those made in the image of God through transhumanism, through a crown snake venom inoculation. Have you ever wondered why those that wear masks almost look like snakes? There is a reason for that. They are the earth dwellers building themselves as the image of the beast. Are you getting it yet?

This brings us back to this conjunction on December 21st, the Winter Solstice or the shortest day of the year for the Sun. Will something magnificent or breathtaking happen in the sky when this happens? Well for those of us on the West Coast, it will be seen at sunrise. We may see these 2 planets cleaving into one bright star, kinda like Venus in the mornings. But I don’t think we will physically see something apocalyptic. I could be wrong though.

I do think what is happening instantaneously will be spiritual. My belief on this false blasphemous conjunction is that Saturn and Jupiter are coming together as one. Saturn has always been recognized as Satan and Jupiter at one point represented Jesus. That all changed though. Jesus can’t and won’t be represented as the Biblical Jesus because Jesus came in the flesh, died on the cross and then rose on the 3rd day to only be at the right hand of God. Jesus will no longer be represented as a planet because He is God come in the flesh. Jupiter now in this age represents the Antichrist or false messiah.

So this is what I see happening on 12/21 (33). They first want this vaccine rolled out prior to this for part of their ritual. This vaccine abomination is invoking the spirits behind these planets. The second thing is that this conjunction is playing out the Nimrod/Tammuz, Osiris/Horus and Zeus/Apollo mythos that they all have waited for. This is the builders moment that they have spoke and written about for 6k years. This is the 2 becoming 1 and the son taking the crown from the father. Just like the mythos story we’ve all read. The Sun asking up and rising on that long Winter Solstice to take the throne. I believe we will soon see the man of Sin come into power from this point on. We will see him ascend a world throne very quickly. This is the point of 12/21/20.

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