Utopia: a blueprint

I may go through this series again and break it down. I do believe it is coded as the series is also coded.

By far the best show I’ve seen that has predictive programming on this “virus/pandemic” and what has gone on. Mind blowing really. This scene was the last 15 minutes of the series and then shortly after its release in July of 2014, it was cancelled in August 2015

Utopia (British Version)

This show was a storyboard for what we are seeing now. Just like the 1947 comic “Is This Tomorrow” is their manual for what is happening in America. Both technically coffee from comic books. Imagine that.

Utopia, a British tv series invoked this sterilization vaccine back in 2013. Bill Gates 2.0 has been doing this sterilizing vaccination of Africa since 2012. The American version of the series Utopia was released last month. In the series, Mr. Rabbit is the one behind it all and why they hunt a man with Chinese writing on his stomach, Mr. Rabbit is actually a woman. Rabbits represent the goddess of fertility, Ishtar. This is why you see rabbit symbolism in the movie US. But in that movie, fertilization of the tethered is actually the sterilization of humans. Make sense? Probably not.

This coming cv vaccine not only has lipid nanoparticles but will use CRISPR gene editing of the DNA by their own admission. And if they do use Luciferease as a bio-luminescent (which they do claim is in it), this means that they are trying to recognize something in your body. This is why some believe (rightfully so) that this vac will also feature a digital ID, and this is why there is the conditioning of “no mask, no entry) propaganda. It all does make too much sense in there demented thinking.

Then there is the sterilization side of it. Just like a silly “conspiracy” tv show, this vaccination is in fact identical to this show. 7-10 years and there will be no pro-creating but just casual sex between strangers with no consequences. Their abortions now happen at the time of conception. This is the population reduction Agenda 2030 scenario in real life. They don’t technically need to murder billions in a month, They think they have the time to gradually do this. They don’t. There time is running short and their hubris and narcissistic lifestyle doesn’t allow them to see this.

Art imitating Life. Life imitating Art.

Notice they cover their mouths (mask) and not the one eye symbolism in ads.

Wilson or Wilson Wilson in the updated series Utopia ends up being the one eyed devil.

Wilson means Son of William. He became Mr. Rabbit at the end of the 2nd series. As I’ve mentioned, a rabbit represents fertility and going down the rabbit hole means you are delving into the “conspiratorial” abyss.

My first thought is the famous Prince William but he doesn’t fit Mr. Rabbit of Utopia. But there is a famous William who goes by Bill and he is the “Son of William”. Bill Gates, mr depopulation himself.

I’ll also point out the rabbit. 2023 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. It goes with a lot of timelines that people are throwing out right now for the “end”. There is no definitive etymology for rabbit so it is hard to say what it means. Most believe it comes from a “seal”.

In the “Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology”, professor and philologist Anatoly Liberman easily dispatches with many of the early ones, including: the Hebrew for “copulate,” the same Latin root that yields rabies, the Greek for “creeper,” and even the name Robert.

The rabies connection is an interesting one. Casey from Enter the Stars touches on this.

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