World of the Damned

I watched Village of the Damned last night on a whim. Woke up this morning and saw the new Busta Rhymes promo for his new album Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God that comes out October 30th. It has a VotD feel too it. I think that's obvious. Kids in a Catholic church... Continue Reading →

Dark Winter: the simulated game

It is interesting that the Tom Clancy game The Division is called Dark Winter that mimics the Dark Winter government simulation in June 2001 that goes by the same name. This event took place during the summer solstice. The games trailer came out 12 years later in June and then a year later it was... Continue Reading →

The PCR King: Molech

Why and what PCR testing actually does/is? PCR Test is the best way to extract "a good quality DNA in sufficient quantity". DNA grab. Said it from the beginning. This is either for the simulation or for real life. A real clone($) of yourself or your artificial self into some sort of bot. They want... Continue Reading →

Biden’s E for Eye

When converting the text to WordPress it changed the original font text. The Xi looks like 3 lines, like Biden's E in his ads. Biden's E is Ξ in his ads. What is he saying here? Xi /ˈzaɪ (uppercase Ξ, lowercase ξ; Greek: ξι) is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is pronounced... Continue Reading →

Utopia: a blueprint

I may go through this series again and break it down. I do believe it is coded as the series is also coded. By far the best show I've seen that has predictive programming on this "virus/pandemic" and what has gone on. Mind blowing really. This scene was the last 15 minutes of the series... Continue Reading →

Operation Chinese Takeover

I don't think people realize this Chinese/American struggle that is going on right now. The CCP is behind a lot of the discord that we are seeing now. Is it coincidence that Trump calls this the "Chinese Virus" every chance he gets? Is it a coincidence that Trumps 300 million doses of a Warp Speed... Continue Reading →

The “Eleventh” Red Heifer

I have written in the past about what I'm going to say here again. Yes, I will beat this dead horse or in this case, cow. mention this in my book and I also mention it here in a more recent article. Jews believe Daniel 12:10 is strictly about the burning of the red heifer.... Continue Reading →

The Capstone (Head) of the Pyramid (Body)

This all relates to them harvesting fear and confusion from people for these demonic entities. Trump said they have a few "final steps" left to do. The capstone of a pyramid is the pyramidion. "The small pyramid which CROWNS or completes an obelisk or pyramid." It comes from the Latin pyramis. Pyramis comes from Ancient... Continue Reading →

Trump, Plege and the Magician

This is part of the October Trump post but I couldn't add it there for some reason. Right on schedule. His twitter handler called it a PLAGUE. This will get Leeland Jones Christians all excited that Trump is the Revelation 13 first beast of the sea. Anyone who uses correct exegesis can figure out what... Continue Reading →

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