AstraZeneca: bringing you a vaccine

AstraZeneca: to the stars/one with the stars. Stars in this context would be equivalent to the fallen angels.

You have the “dragon” being birthed out of the leviathan egg (think Ogdoad). Leviathan means to twist or wind. To twine as in the scales are tightly wrapped together.

This word leviathan comes from ‘wreath’. A wreath is twined and twisted and is connected to a laurel or a crown wreath. Corona. In Serbo-Croatian Zeneca means “pupil (the hole in the middle of the iris of the eye)”. Corona Ciliaris. Aerosphere means the air around the Earth.

“The corona ciliaris (ciliary crown) is a circular zone located on the ciliary body at his anterior inner surface, from which radiate the ciliary processes.”

You can see an eye in the logo and also a half dome earth. BREZTRI is a triple therapy indicated for the maintenance treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).” This is a “triple” threat medication for respiratory issues ie breathing. COPD. Terra forming our earth. “Brez derives from *bren + suffix -ëz, from Proto-Albanian *breuna, from Proto-Indo-European *breun-.

Its other name, fyell shoke derives from a similar sense. Both names developed from the idea that shepherds kept their flutes strapped into their waistbands in order to carry the flute around.” The false shepherd Pan and his flute. In this case, Tri is an abbreviation for triple.

Remember Pandemic? Pan means ALL and demic comes from demos meaning demons. All demons.

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