The Fruit and Catching Away Connection

I was doing a word study last night in Genesiss 3 and came across this. Very cool.

Eve PLUCKED the fruit (perı̂y in Hebrew and karpos in Greek) and ate the fruit. Perı̂y in paleo photograph means “to open the head” and is associated to a bull/heifer treading the seeds for harvest.


When Adam ate the fruit they had not only changed their minds but physically brought death into creation. This would cause them to physically die now and they were spiritually not going to walk with GOD. This was the point of Jesus shedding His blood at the cross, dying and then resurrecting. Redemption. At that moment they were still in His image but not likeness. Jesus gives us both the likeness and image back, through His free gift of salvation. Now the Hebrew word here is periy (PR), like PeaR 🍐. Now the Greek of the word for fruit here is karpos.


Karpos means that it is a fruit that is PLUCKED. Karpos comes from the base of Harpazo. You may recognize a variant of that word in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 of the bodily resurrection where we meet the LORD in the air with those who are asleep. The Greek to English uses ‘seized’ but it means to PLUCK. Can you see the beautiful picture of redemption here?


Eve PLUCKED or seized the forbidden fruit off of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and Adam ate. For sin came into this world through Adam the first man. The second man, Jesus, redeemed creation at the cross and will put sin and death under His feet at His second coming when He PLUCKS us out of the fire just in time. We who bare good fruit will be saved through Jesus. Those who do not bare good fruit will be thrown into the fire. What a beautiful thing to see. Can you see it?


Something else I wrote a few years ago.

The irony of words. When reading Genesis 2:17 you can catch something. “But of the tree of the knowledge (da’ath) of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” This word for knowledge is “da’ath” and is close to our English word death. Isn’t it strange that the tree that brought death is closely pronounced “death” in Hebrew. Not only that, but knowledge brings intelligence. It seems the serpent was pushing a form of artificial intelligence in the garden and at this time of spiritial death was the birth of Intelligent Design. Remember the surge of the phrase Intelligent Design that was to balance out those Darwinist Evolutionist with those pesky Christian Creationist? There is nothing new under the Sun just as Scripture has said. And another bit of irony is that da’ath is used in Daniel 12:4 when to referring to “knowledge” will increase in the last days. The “birth” of AI on 9/23/17 just might signify that. Something to think about…

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