The “virus” explained for incompetent dummies

First off. Stop calling it a 5G virus. This makes you look stupid and bulks you into every other “truther”. This is from a frequency and at this point, if you call it anything, it is on the verge of becoming the 6th Generation.

It is simple: 60GHz activated frequency->absorbs oxygen in air->depleted oxygen can’t get to you blood stream->hemoglobin (red protein) carries no oxygen to cells->no oxygen causes hypoxia (altitude sickness) decreasing Protein S->this causes thrombosis or blood clots->you die->you get diagnosed with COVID19/CORONAVIRUS. Simple.

Sidenote: Testing for this “virus” is creating false positives. This has already been established and admitted to by not only the msm that feeds you this nonsense, but the organization’s behind it all. Numbers are made from thin air, just like your money. Tests are irrelevant to the virus other than to correct DNA to see if there are changes or “mutations” to your body. Think CRISPR9.

Update (7/12/20): I came across this new paper from Alexander Calapini-Solberg. He believes that the vibration/pulse from the radiation signal clumps the blood together and causes the clots. This may be true and happening in part with the absorption of oxygen because of the 60GHz frequency. Another piece of this puzzle.

CNN reports that during autopsies performed on Covid-19 patients in New York the pathologist found blood clots in almost every organ. Viruses can not form any kind of blood clots inside a human body. Because they do not have enough electromagnetic radio and microwave power to make the blood cloth together as the article describes. The article therefor verifies that my research report on the matters of 5G killing people and not the coronavirus aka Covid-19 was 100 percent spot on.

How does blood clots form inside a human body? When electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation hits the human body they vibrate the blood cells and damage them. The blood cells clumps together because of the vibration caused by the electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation and this is known as rouleaux blood. Rouleaux are stacks or aggregations of red blood cells (RBCs) that form because of the unique discoed shape of the cells in vertebrates. They occur when the plasma protein concentration is high and because of them the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is also increased. That is why the pathologist found blood clots because of the high electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation from antennas causing that to happen. The CNN article thereby proves that the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 is big huge hoax, scam and setup. To let the United Nations take over the whole world and implement their New World Order system.”

Alexander wrote in May what I have also been saying.

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  1. Thank you for telling the truth. Fortunately or unfortunately I have heart palpitations and other symptoms when exposed to these frequencies, so I’m able to tell if an area has been “updated” to 5G. Not everyone feels the effects, though, apparently…or maybe they think they have COVID.


      1. A recent ECG I had actually showed abnormalities, though EMF triggers the palpitations. Staying away from EMF helps, but my life is very limited now since I have to stay out of public places. People around the country have noticed 5G installations going on during the lockdown as well.


      2. I believe we are past 5G. 60Ghz is the thing of the past. In order to run facial recognition and things like autonomous cars, you need over 100Ghz. I believe we are there. I’ve talked about it in others blogs.


    1. The towers sending out frequencies, especially at 60Ghz are creating this virus. Now I do think the deterioration of our immune systems through food, drink, geo-engineering, medicines hasn’t helped the situation. These are an attack on the biology of our body. I believe the virus is essentially digital. Read the article on Bio-Fields that I posted a few weeks ago.

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      1. I read it. I admire your research and unique perspective. I sympathize with a lot of your findings and theories. I suspect 5G radiation and environmental toxins are very dangerous. We are vulnerable to phone addiction, propaganda, and hive mind cyber programming of sorts…. And it all seems connected. And we are experiencing a mental health epidemic.

        But the exact way you are suggesting it to be connected to the COVID-19 virus is very hard for me to believe, much less your avg. christian / American.

        They may be testing for the DNA (Exosomes, or whatever) and not the virus, and that may be creating false positives. But A virus by definition is not digital. It is biological. And it spreads biologically / physically. Not digitally. How do you explain outbreaks at say, the nursing facility in Montana. Or the meat plants Where hundreds of people contracted it, living / working in very close proximity to one another? Does this not suggest that the virus is transmitted biologically and not digitally?

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      2. I understand what you are saying. Most assume 5G just started. That is not true. 6G has been rolled out. A sixth generation frequency is needed to run facial recognition and anything autonomous like cars. I think everyone assumes 5G is just being rolled out because that’s what they tell us. But they “tell us” a lot of things and most believe it without researching (And I’m not talking about watching some YouTube video).

        Do you remember the 2018 winter Olympics and what happened? They rolled out 5G to drive away “wild boars” and over 200 Olympians got deathly sick. I imagine you could day coincidence I guess.

        Now you mention nursing facilities. Bad immune systems. Old people. They aren’t immune to a frequency I’m sure. Meat plants. Are we assuming they have no sort of digital technology run off of frequencies? Numbers are numbers at this point. The cdc who and other health agencies have gotten caught lying about numbers. It is just something one needs to discern on there own.

        I won’t try to sway you to believe one way or another. I’m just showing people what I see through years of research. This didn’t happen over night.


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