Demon Virus: Mo Wuhuang

The virus is digital and the pandemic is mental illness.

For those with really short memories. Chinese President called coronavirus a “demon virus”.

A demon in Chinese is a mo. Remember momo? Just a hoax right? Invocation.

Then there is Nüwa. The feminine deity goddess that created creation. She repaired a pillar back to heaven and is revered as Wuhuang (Wuhan). She is an aquatic deity that associated with a frog. The three frogs of Revelation? Nüwa is a snake that has a face like momo.

This is why President Xi (Roman numeral 11 is chaos) called is a demon virus. He knew exactly what it was and is.

5G was rolled out in Wuhan on October 31st, 2019 Halloween night. The night of the living dead. AI is connected to demonic entities and electrical frequencies. Please search through my blog to see why I say this.

Is it starting to make sense yet?

The king snake plague. A battle for your mind through “technology”. The technological war.

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