Kobe: The New Age Mamba

Let me start this blog by saying this. There are two types of conspiracies. The first is a conspiracy of man. This is when 2 or more get together to conspire against another. Most events are blamed on a conspiracy of man conspiracy. Then there is the conspiracy of demonic entities. These entities are the driving force behind a mans drive to conspire against another man. These demonic entities are why we have conspiracies. Now some events aren’t affiliated with man but most are influenced by both parties. In the case of Kobe, I honestly believe it is the second type of conspiracy.I believe Kobe had a very demonic influence behind him and his death was based on poor choices in life. Kobe was part of a conspiracy of demonic entities that wanted him dead. It was time to pay so to speak. You may ask, how could demonic entities conspire against someone? Well what was the first conspiracy? Remember when Lucifer rebelled against GOD and wanted His dominion? So he revolted and took a 1/3 of the angels with him and was banished to our realm, the second heaven. That was the first conspiracy to conspire against a Holy GOD.So yes, demonic entities will in fact conspire with each other to kill a man. When you sell your soul, eventually these demonic entities will want their recompense. This is why some numbers and things line up the way they do and aren’t happenstance. Men aren’t as smart as that.Let me start with a workout routine he had. It was called Kobe 666. No one in their right mind would call a workout routine this.

“The Kobe Bryant workout routine…His off-season workout has been called the 666 program because he spends 2 hours running, 2 hours on basketball, and 2 hours weightlifting (for a total of 6 hours a day, six times a week, for six months).”

This is why you see Kobe in suspicious promo photos with his shoes as horns.

Or his logo is reminiscent as an AI transformer face or maybe even baphomet?

You can even see his other logos with the 8 or hour glass triangles representing time and space (infinity) like we see with his Mamba ourabouras logo.

His Mamba logo is the ourabouras. The serpent eating itself. Life. Death. Rebirth. Only an occultist would have this sort of logo, people continue to keep defending the dead. Kobe Bryant was not only an athlete but an initiate. That is a fact. He was not only an athlete and initiate to the public, he was an actor.

Kobe had the Mamba Sports Academy for athletes. The MambaOnThree Fund was created by his wife from the Mamba Mantra “Mamba on Three”. Kobe “reinvented” himself in 2005 after he was accused for rape. He called himself the black mamba which is a venomous tree snake that can chase people for over a mile. This was now his persona. I can’t but help be reminded of the movie Split. Read the excerpt below to see how he transformed into the Mamba.

mamba identy1.png

mamba identy2.png

He literally transformed himself into a villain who posed as the good guy and his moniker was a snake. not just any snake but a venomous black mamba. W,ith all of the things happening in January with the snake symbolism, it was’t surprising to see them take one of there own.

It was almost like he physically and spiritually changed after the rape charge, which he eventually settled out of court for. Kobe seemed to be easily opened up to things in the spiritual world and we see this happening with his coach Phil Jackson. We see this in 2010 by the “zen master” himself transforming Kobe into a sort of meditating yogi on and off the court.

jackson zen.jpg

But this led him down a path to different avenues.



But he isn’t the only basketball player, let alone athlete, to grab hold of pagan and esoteric beliefs.



He even had done talks for different events where the “divine feminine” yoni was present on stage. This is feminine energy is a driving force in meditation and yoga and you cab presently see it being manifested and opened up in Gwen Paltrow’s The Goop Lab. In Episode 5 of Paltrow’s series, you can see both men and women activating their sacrum and being possessed by the Kundalini serpent spirit. Here we have another strong serpent snake connection to what is happening in the world spiritually. Please read this where I talk about this show.



Ironically the helicopter crash happened in the foothills of Calabassas. I do not think it was a coincidence that with all this mention of the divine feminine imagery, that the crash took place near Las Virgenes or the Virgins. You will see why this makes more sense when I bring up his Catholic faith that he was allegedly so into to.


These images below come from the site The Phoenix Enigma and I suggest you check out this write up. He gets into a few things I don’t need to mention here for obvious reasons. But he explains why this helicopter may not have been Kobe’s helicopter and a few other interesting connections. I will touch on them below. But first look at the over head image of Calabassas and the crash site. You can see the city is shaped similar to a pyramid. The yellow dot is the crash site and it is similar to the eye on the capstone of a esoteric pyramid.



Another strange connection with Calabassas is this is where the Kardashians live. If you didn’t know by now that they are a coven of witches with their transgender father at the helm, well you have been living under a rock or in denial. I will just mention that with all of the Kanye is a Christian hoopla (which he isn’t: read this and this) and the Kardashians living right over the hill from the crash site, the 6 minute movie Kanye and Kobe did is rather interesting.



Strange how life seems to work itself out, especially when you worship that “divine feminine”…it will never end good.


Was Kobi A Catholic?


Evidently Kobe was some devout Catholic. Not many people knew he was a devout Catholic though. I guess just those who were in his circle or those who attended mass with the guy knew. I think he was as much a Catholic as Muhammad was Christian. Which is actually a funny joke if you understood Muhammad was actually married to a Catholic nun. That’s neither here nor there though. I proved Kobe was practicing meditation and Eastern mysticism according to his zen master Phil Jackson and just by the way he spoke about things.

Kobe evidently went to mass early Sunday morning with his daughter. It is said Kobe attended Our Lady Queen of the Angels Catholic church in Newport at 7 am mass on the day he died. He died near Las Virgenes road. Mary worship unto death. The Virgin connection is everywhere with this guy.



That’s strange that Kobe’s priest just now happens to be in Rome (after his death) meeting with the Pope. Coincidence I’m sure…


Here is the Catholic church Kobe was affiliated to on any given day.



And this is the Diocese that is connected with buying Robert Schuller’s Crystal Palace. The place after Billy Graham was on video saying we all have our own paths to God. Muslims, Jews, Hindu, ect. They bought it for 57 million and now call it Christ Cathedral. They worship Mary. Whether it is a Priest or Bishop, it makes no difference to me. But pay attention to this…Kobe wanted to receive the sacrament of confirmation. This is receiving the Holy Spirit in a RCC Latin kind of way. Funny, I don’t remember Scripture mentioning that this is how you are filled with the Spirit of GOD.



“Confirmation is the sacrament by which Catholics receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Through Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives them the increased ability to practice their Catholic faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation.”


He was a Catholic and I was wondering if he was a Roman Catholic being that he grew up in Italy most of his life. Well he was. “The one thing that really helped me during that process—I’m Catholic, I grew up Catholic, my kids are Catholic—was talking to a priest.” And just as I suspected. He was a Latin based Roman Catholic. These are the worst Catholics ever. Trust me. Spiritually incoherent.



“Mary” won’t do anything for you. Jesus will.

They will portray how as some good guy saint and this will never stop until they bring him into sainthood. The public already trying.




By now everyone has seen the cartoon of Kobe’s helicopter going down by now. You’ve seen what looks like a square and compass stool on the back panel but, what’s up with the bald white guy in a diaper who looks to be shooting down the helicopter?





The cartoon is strange but not because Kobe crashed in a helicopter. All of Kobe’s opponents who were trash talking fans wanted this to happen, joking or not. The strange thing for me is the little white guy shooting a gun at the helicopter and making the copter crash. Kinda reminded me of the Pope?

Now I mentioned the Phoenix Enigma website and he brings up how this helicopter that crashed was not Kobe’s wrapped Mamba. He called it the “Mamba Chopper”. The flying snake comes to mind when Jim Morrison sang “ride the snake, to the lake.”


heli blue.jpg

Below is the crash site where you can see the blue and white wreckage, not the black wrapped Mamba Chopper.


A Tweet was found of someone saying Kobe would die in a helicopter crash. Coincidence or Photoshop? It doesn’t matter in my opinion. Like I said, people make all kinds of unrelated threats when their team is playing someone like Kobe Bryant in a championship game.


For the record, twitter nerds concluded the tweet was fake because of the Carbon program that was used.



Now here is something interesting in my opinion. I mentioned the crash was by Kardashian’s house. Khloe to be exact. Kobe died in the Sirkosky 76B nicknamed the “mamba chopper”. Obviously the record happened the night before against the 76ers. The hill slope was behind the area where the Kardashians witch coven lived. Kim is married to Kanye. Kanye was the the boss who wanted those shoes.








Now Kobe died in a Sikorsky 76 helicopter. Ironically the night before, when Lebron James passed Kobe’s 33k points (Masonic red flag) they were playing in Philadelphia where Kobe was born. Seven plus six is thirteen. His daughter just happened to be thirteen. The night they played in Philadelphia when James became “king”, the sixers happened to change the floor symbols. Prior to that game the sixers had the 13 confederate stars in a circle. The night before Kobe died, the night the record was broken, the sixers changed the floor and put on Ben Franklin’s Join or Die cartoon. This was a symbol of colonial freedom during the American Revolutionary War.



Now the sixers actually have had the snake on center court before during the 2018 playoffs.

Playoff Court Mockup.jpg

But on the night of the record breaking game, they had the stars in center court and the Franklin 8 pieced snake on the court corners.



Now what is the big deal about this change? It is a snake in 8 pieces, chopped up with the words Join, or Die. Kobe was the Mamba, the venomous tree snake. His number was 8. The snake was chopped up in 8 pieces, JOIN OR DIE. Just a major coincidence for those un-initiated in the mystery schools I guess.


His Children’s Books

Kobi wrote a book for kids. What is “grana”? Read the full title of the book that Google Books offers. “The Island of the Gods”. Tell me again he wasn’t into esoteric things. https://t.co/LOEGNkH4SF

I tried to post a thread on Twitter but they denied me. I couldn’t even copy what I wrote, so instead of re-writing it, I will post the screenshots of it below.

Here is Kobe’s cover.

Here is the Essene Tree of Life.

Notice the similarities of these 2 trees. We know his tree represents the Kabbalistic Sephiroth, but this may be a stronger connection to the Essene tradition.

I don’t cry very often, and I didn’t cry today. Look at the handshake. Placement is crucial. Masonic handshake. Shake hands like a man.



Masonic handshakes all around us

mason shake1.png

mamba identy2.png

MambonThree Fund



Some Discrepancies and Tears





Now I wrote the above blog on January 30th, before the virus nonsense came to us in America. On June 7th, 2020 I just realized I never published it, so here I am. Hindsight is 20/20 (2020) and I’m almost postive I left some important things out by accident. I will go through my notes and double check and add them as I go.

A few things I want to add is that I do believe everything going on is connected. From the 9/27/19 ritual on the Mount of Olives to kick off this world wide judgement to the snake with Kobe, the virus and now George Floyd incident bringing out all of the snakes in the grass from all sides. All connected. By the way, there are Kobe connections to GF (76) with his I cant breathe shirts and the so called king James breaking the record against the 76’ers.


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