The Baptism at Bethesda

Either you are for Christ or against Him. Please pray about this and don’t get my words twisted. Pray for everyone.

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In Bethesda, Maryland white people sat down on the ground, put their hands in the air and repeated what they were told. They were told to admit their “white guilt” and racist ways. No one should ever bev held accountable for others sins or iniquities. If that were the case, we would all be guilty in the eyes of man, who in this case, has become like gods. As a Christian, their is no Jew or Greek, white or black, slave or free. We bow to one King and His name if Jesus Christ. Their is so much wrong here with black people wanting white people to kneel to them and atone for the sins of other white people.

There is so much symbolism here that it wreaks. This happens after Pentecost, The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh. All meaning it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, but if you accept Christ then you are all His and one in the same. What is going on here is exactly the opposite. There is a difference in washing ones feet as Jesus and the disciples did, compared to bowing and kneeling to someone that has expected you to be a bigot and racist because those that have your same skin color are. This isn’t about humility but more about bondage and slavery to man.

I have been telling you that the earth dwellers are rising up and this whole incident starting in Minneapolis is crucial for the fall of America. They have made it into race and it is not. Minneapolis means the NEW water city actually. Water is symbolised with being baptized with the Holy Spirit. You are literally outwardly showing the world who you follow. Ironically, Bethesda has a dual meaning. It means house of mercy/grace OR a place of flowing WATER and “love, one with water”. Maryland is self explanatory. Mary’s Land. This Jewish mikveh was where Jesus healed the crippled man with this water. It was near the SHEEP Gate which is now called the LION’s Gate or St. Stephen’s Gate and the Church of St. Anne. Can you see the inversions connected to what went on in Bethesda, Maryland? Sheep to Lion. Stephen was the first Christian martyr after Pentecost and Anne was allegedly the mother of Mary. Symbolism is key to understanding what is going on.

If we are seeing the rise of the first beast which comes from the water, we have may seen this outward baptism through this George Floyd ritual. Which by the way, his name means grey hair and earth tiller. Who is symbolic of a old man with grey hair and a earth tiller? Cronos ie Saturn. The old man with the sickle ready to harvest. Some have even said this represents Cain, the murderer of Abel. Another interesting point to make is about 95% of scholars have claimed that Nimrod was in fact black. This being because his father Cush was black. If this is true, we are in fact seeing the rise of this ancient Antichrist spirit in people today. This is why you see this false admission of white guilt and privilege being done with no thought to it to their black peers. And this is why some black people give this no second thought to this inverted racism.

Not all black, white, brown, yellow and so on should ever be held accountable for the sins of others. Ever. Each of us are held accountable for our own sins and will be judged accordingly. Repent of your own sins according to Jesus Christ, not the sins of others. This is a burden you do not want to carry. The Prophets carried the burdens of Israel as a whole but what is gong on here is completely different. “They know not what they do”. You can ask God to forgive them for what they do. In the story of Cain, these people black and white alike, are playing God. They are now posing the question, aren’t you your brothers keeper. This whole thing is a very sad thing with how the world has flipped spiritually. The earth dwellers are rising up and this ancient Antichrist spirit will make you pledge your assistance to it one way or another. It doesn’t matter what color you are. Be found in Christ.

Let me add this also. These baths like the one in Bethesda has seen strange activity in them since the whole coronavirus crown snake plague started. Read this. People in Jerusalem have seen spirits leaving these baths during the 70+ days of lockdown in Jerusalem. Do you remember the claim of Dybbuks in Northern Israel at the HERMAN Prison that I wrote about? Then the plagues of locusts devouring the Middle East? These are signs of what’s coming. This spirit is coming over these earth dwellers. Pray that you are the green grass that won’t be devoured.

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  1. George floyd – tiller, the preparator of the way of antichrist, reverse of John the Baptist.
    John 5:43

    Great insight Craig, as always.

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