The Coming Red Heifer

The Temple Institute recently went and inspected the 2 red heifers that will be 2 years old by September. They say everything is looking good at this point and that they will continue to inspect them as they get closer to being 2 years old.

I wrote about the red heifer sacrifice happening by December of 2020 in order to fulfill the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Winter solstice among other things. I said this 3 years ago in my book The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place. It will be burnt by then. Mark my words

When it is burnt, start counting per Daniel 12. Ironically it will take you to around the great American eclipse in 2024. I’m finishing up a paper now about all of that.

George Floyd Tattoo

I went over this in another blog but will do it again.

George Floyd did NOT have a double eagled Masonic tattoo on his chest representing order out of chaos. Ironically that is what it brought us all, chaos. This eagle is holding a AK 47 with its head going towards Floyds left shoulder with the head pointing down. One head. Not two.In a msm video, the tattoo is scrubbed out. You can obviously see that from other videos. Why? Disinfo. Look towards his left arm pit past the tank top. They missed that part when erasing the image. You can still see the wing. It is there but in other video footage someone obviously “edited” it. It was Photoshopped out for more questions to be raised and disinfo. Sowing confusion.Besides, the Masonic double headed eagle always holds the sword not a gun. Floyd’s tattoo is more along the lines of a military or patriotic tattoo. This makes it all even stranger.

United Allied States

Well this is weird. United Allied States. A new corporate entity for the people. When trying to check out the site, it goes back and forth of being offline. It is run by Apollo block chain evidently. And they will elect a “president” on the 9th of Av. I’m getting a Handsmaid Tale vibe on this one.

9th of Av is when the Temple was destroyed both times. They have a Twitter page. Weird creepy vibe on the comments.

Check out United Allied States (@UASgov):

I tried to look up who owns this site and nothing. All I know is it comes from Arizona.

What the Tornado Hale is going on in China?

On June 24th and 25th, China suffered a crazy storm. A tornado ripped through Mongolia and destroyed crops.

“At around 14:30 on June 24, a #tornado appeared in Xilinhot, #InnerMongolia, #China, with clouds and wind gusts, twisting and turning.” – Jennifer Zeng

Communist China can’t blame God with these events when you’re an atheistic civilization. They will blame the dragon and they did. The residents actually called this a dragon sucking water out of the ground.

Then “Large size hail dropped from Beijing’s sky yesterday, on #China’s traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

People are scared, because they say the hail looks like Coronavirus.” – Shirley Yu

Let’s not forget that the president of China called the coronavirus demons. Are you starting to see a trend here? And don’t forget about my Noah post on the other blog.

The Mentally Ill of Lincoln County

This is how ridiculous everything has gotten and flipped upside down. Nothing is even close to sane or “normal”. Nothing. Lincoln County in Oregon has made a directive that says people “of color” do not have to wear a mask for their mandatory mask order. Why? So they aren’t harassed or racially profiled. So let’s put this into perspective.

In Lincoln County, Oregon, O.9% out of the 50k people are “of color”. 90% are white. Lets do a comparison. Taft has 25k people including the surrounding area (Ford City, Taft Heights and South Taft), half of what Lincoln County has. According to the Census website, Taft has 0.7% blacks out of 10k people. Add the surrounding areas, we may hit 1.0%. It is a very very very small minority of black people in this Oregon county that don’t have to wear a mask because of this detective. 90% white, just like Taft. What’s really going on here? A slap in the face to a county similar to Taft or the county health officials are a real piece of work. Which they are. (Reference images above for stats)Go to the PDF and read the “directive” order. ( website:,lincolncountyoregon/RHI225219Who signed this ridiculous law into existence?

Rebbeca Austen:

David Long:

“Meet Clair Hall, formally known as Bill Hall. This is the commissioner in Lincoln county, Oregon who mandated that face masks are required, but only if you’re white.”

Mentally ill. Was I right or was I right?

A few more GF connections

Someone did their due diligence here. I suggest you watch it than download it….just in case the black eyes want to get rid of it.

After watching the doc on the George Floyd death/Islamic connection, there is some things that make sense now. But now that I’m looking….Did you realize that for the first time ever in a U.S. city, a daily call to prayer was played in Minneapolis? It stopped on May 24th.


Who were one of the first to cry out for George Floyd’s martyrdom?

So. Once again. For the first time in a U.S. city, the 5 time daily Islamic call to prayer took place. It started at Ramadan in April and ended May 24th. It took place at South Fifth and Cedar in Minneapolis in a predominately Somali Muslim area. First time ever..

The doc I posted on the GF/Islamic connection is the only other source I’ve seen mention this. But no one has yet mentioned that Ramadan and the Minneapolis call to prayer ended the night before this incident. May 24th.

And directly across the street from the arrest and 30 feet around the corner is this mosque. Underneath Cup Foods.

And across Chicago next to Speedway? No one wants to mention the coffee shop next to Speedway Gas
across the street from where Floyd died? Black Eye Roasting. What’s a black eye? The relevance here is symbolism and the powers that be that are behind this whole thing.

Read this:

Evidently it closes its doors on March 1st due to “covid”. Now it just happens to be a “art” stand. The BLM poster didn’t save this business.

And just like the Dragon Woks predecessor, Funky Grits, we see a BLM poster in the window.

The back of Black Eye has a strange bee hive hexagon pattern located on the back of the building. The same art style as the trash cans out in front of it and the 666 trash can in front of Cup Foods.

So now this intersection has transformed into this monument as they tear down monuments across the country. Why does East 38th and Chicago Avenue look like a Soviet Era intersection?

Do we wonder what that hidden hand has been doing all these years? Let me take a guess. The fist of Communism?

Well documented in photos

And on June 20th BLM marched in St. Louise from “mosque to mosque”.

It starts at Bilal mosque. Bilal was a slave set free by Mohammad who later the key holder to the idols in Mecca. He was the first to do the call to prayer 5 times a day. Remember that call to prayer for the first time during Ramadan? It ends at Al-Mu’minūn (Arabic: المؤمنون‎, “The Believers”), which is “the 23rd chapter (sūrah) of the Qur’an with 118 verses (āyāt). This surah deals with the fundamentals of faith (Aqidah), Tawheed (Islamic monotheism), Risalah (Messengership), Resurrection and the supreme Judgement of God. The surah drives these themes home by drawing attention to God’s creation of man through different stages in the mother’s womb, His creation of the heavens and the earth, His sending down rains and growing plants, trees and fruits, and His providing of domestic animals with various benefits for man, all together with an emphasis on the fact that man shall die and shall be raised up on the Day of Resurrection.” It starts with a slave and ends with the belief system of Islam. Do you see where this Movement is heading?

Now one final piece of info. Very little mention that George Floyd was moved from East 38th and Chicago to East 36th [33] and Park. I wonder why? Obvious reasons were to move him from an “unruly crowd”. E 36th is also known as 33. 3+6=9. It is 600 meters or 666 yards from the original intersection.

Second Wave Concert

A new concerto for Mr. Glo Ba’al. They want “Covid-19 treatment for everyone. Eveywhere”. Notice now how the sphere is yellow and not red like the last concert they had.
In the occult, Yellow is the air element and rules the solar plexus chakra (3°). This is where they “channel” their demonic energy from. The gut.

Their motto is “Unite for our Future”. Now notice how the 4 fingered hands form a upside house. A house is a home for a family. There is life in a house. What are they channeling for this house? The 4 fingered hands are the giveaway. They don’t want you to be left behind.

Read this about these four fingered demons.

Rev 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

So the house that represents the family is now upside down. Why? They want to get rid of and destroy the family. It started with women’s rights through feminism, then gay marriage and now through the blasphemous transgender couples where the man is a woman and vice verse. Now evidently you have family privilege because you chose to model your family after what God says.

And then there is the abolish the family because of corona. In order to write something like this you have to be mentally unstable, demonically oppressed and/or a “queer communist”.

“A quarantine is, in effect, an abuser’s dream – a situation that hands near-infinite power to those with the upper hand over a home.”

Sophie is manifesting that divine feminine entity (Sophia), who she claims by her own admission that she is a “water-based entity“. And you wonder how she can say the things she says in this article? There’s your reason.

And of course, this guy is involved.

Trump’s Water Sign

I find it interesting that Trump poured out water with his right hand at the Tulsa Campaign. You can see it on the video below at the 34 minute mark.

Is there any significance to this? The day before in District of Columbia, protesters took down the Albert Pike statue and then set it on fire. For this who don’t know, Pike was the one to bring Scottish Rite Freemasonry to the United States and was himself a 33° Mason and a member of not only the Democrat party but of the Ku Klux Klan.

This happened on the evening of the 19th and Trump fired back with this tweet.

So out of all the statues that have been taken down, Trump finally breaks his silence when Pikes is ripped down. He says nothing about any others but this one. I haven’t written that Trump is affiliated with Freemasonry in the past and not only Freemasonry but the Jesuits and Zionism. These are all interconnected regardless of the faces.

So he was disturbed that a Freemasonic leaders statue was taken down and the next day (20th) in Tulsa he did this.

He talked about his water incidents of the past, took a stab at Biden and then poured out some water on the ground.

The crowd loved it and then chanted Trump. So this is all interesting based on all of the water symbolism we have seen. From the Mem 5g millimeter symbol to the Minneapolis event to all of the water events we have seen. I’ve documented most of them on this blog and on Twitter. But did you realize, that just like the Freemasonic Degree with the kneeling incident that pays tribute to Hiram Abiff, there is a ritual involving water being poured out after the Hiram ritual?

This is the sign before the initiate passes to the fourth veil. Water is ported on the floor symbolising the water Moses poured out on the dry ground to only turn into blood. Let me also mention that in the second veil ritual, the sign is the hidden hand.

So was Trump alluding to passing through the third veil or was he just trying to be funny and throw water on the ground? I say the former but that’s just my opinion based on everything that has been happening in the last 10 years.

I want you to also notice the headlines of this Tulsa event and the wording. Mars.

It just so happens that Mars was in Aquarius. Remember that Aquarius has this sign ♒ which is the same identical sign for mem and 5G millimeter waves. Coincidence? No.

And don’t forget that Trump wants to get to Mars with his space force along with Elon Musk.

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