Commie Retirement on our Behalf

Going political for a second. Only because I am paid into PERS and I will see no retirement by the time I’m ready.

Most people don’t realize that Federal and State Retirements put money into foreign equities like Chinese Communist Regimes. Trump is allegedly trying to stop this. This is no different with State retirement in California called PERS. My theory is that soon we ain’t have any retirement in California because of Newsom and the man who is in charge of financial holdings at PERS named Yu Ben Meng (

Ben Meng came back to PERS after a 3 year hiatus. He has alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Regime in China ( and PERS has actually given over 3.1 Billion to China over the years. CalPERS has over $360 Nippon in assets and Meng makes $1.77 million a year plus bonuses as chief investment officer for giving away our money ( The “investments” sent from California to China has funded companies that make military weapons. Why? Because I am one to believe China already owns California.

This is why you see the total take down of this state and why it looks so easy. Newsom is a dog on a leash, the spokesman. The real leaders rule from behind the iron curtain in China. Ask yourself, why does it seem so easy for Newsom to turn California into a Communist state? Why does he keep calling California a State-Nation? Why does Trump refuse to dump money and fund California in a time of crisis? Because it isn’t taking directives from the District of Columbia anymore. And let me suggest this, the majority of the country is owned by the Chinese Communist party already. I am only suggesting.

Now here is my theory regarding California and what we are seeing with PERS. But first, here is a new article on PERS investments with the Chinese government (

Now my theory: Ben Meng and Newsom are buddies. Newsom makes a deal with the Chinese Company BYD to purchase up to 200 million masks for 1 Billion dollars. Other articles say 500 million ( BYD is an electric car manufacture who has people like Warren Buffet as investors. As of right now the deal is starting to collapse (

Why would California want to buy masks from the Chinese right now? Do they not think they won’t be tainted? My theory is that they used CalPERS retirement money to buy the masks and they got caught red handed. This is why the uproar now from Trump and other Senators on these retirement-Chinese investment deals. Do not be surprised when retirements like PERS and FERS are all of the sudden bone dry. You can look to the Chinese Communist regime for your money.

Update: The above screenshot is from an email I received from CSEA. Bad timing on their part. Now as of June 18th, we are all “mandated” to wear a mask in California. Only problem with that, Newsom doesn’t have the authority to do this. Narcissist are gonna be narcissists.

Pan’s Flute for the PanDemic

A recent article came out from BIN claiming Israelis made a coronavirus test that can give you positive or negative results in one minute. You need to be very careful with all of this testing as I believe it is a DNA grab to bring about your “higher self” in the artificial digital world. As a Christian, I don’t want any part of this.

So they say in the article that it is 90% accurate. That’s not good enough. It would need to be 100% accurate in order to be a great test. And that goes for anything. But does that even matter, if this virus being what they claim it is, is nothing more than a legitimate hoax? So if that is the case, this test is more than a “test”. Read how this testing actually works. Your particles are placed on a chip that then sends the information to the cloud. AI is at work collecting your DNA once again, but there is more to it with this test. Gabby Sarsi runs the research for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Pay attention to that. He also compares this virus as far as size and electrical properties to a nano-particle or quantum dot. Why? Because this is the virus in reality. The Snake Crown Plague. Rising if the beast and its system.

Also notice that this is taking place at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev. Probably not related but the farms to raise the red heifer were originally in the Negev desert. Just thought I’d add that. And before you read the highlights of this article, notice the shape of this thing. It looks like a kazoo. Pan playing his flute once again for the PANdemic. Read my paper on the etymology of pandemic to understand what I’m saying. BOLD is my emphasis.

Prof. Gabby Sarusi, deputy head for research at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a faculty member of the Electro-Optical Engineering Unit says the test will be available at a dramatically lower price than any other method available. He developed his chip within the framework of BGU’s Coronavirus Task Force, initiated by BGU president Prof. Daniel Chamovitz to harness the resources and ingenuity of the university to tackle the many aspects of the pandemic.
Particles from a simple breath test or throat and nose swabs, such as are already currently used for other tests, are placed on a chip with a dense array of metamaterial sensors that was designed specifically for this purpose. The system then analyzes the biological sample and provides an accurate positive/negative result within a minute via a cloud-connected system.
The point-of-care device automatically backs up the results into a database that can be shared by authorities, making it easier than ever to track the course of the virus, as well as triage (deciding on the degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients) and treat patients.
The new method is based on the change in the resonance in the THz spectral range imposed by the coronavirus through a THz spectroscopy performed on the device. This spectral range has been employed in recent decades for the fast detection and identification of biological samples. “Since this virus is just like a nano-particle or a quantum dot with a diameter between 100nm to 140nm in terms of its size and electrical properties, we asked ourselves if we can detect it using methods from the worlds of physics, photonics and electrical engineering,” said Sarusi.

We discovered that the answer is yes. This virus resonates in the THz frequency, and spectroscopy in these frequencies reveals it promptly.”

Who is Gabby Sarusi?

Sarusi exhibited his technology during a press tour organized by the university last week, in which researchers showcased their coolest developments, which also included small, pollinating drones to make up for a lack of bees; wall-climbing, spiderlike robots for search and rescue operations; fruit-picking robots, and driving simulation scenarios and techniques to prepare for autonomous driving.

You were always an Artificial entity.

Black’s Law Dictionary. THE official dictionary on your rights and how to word it. You are divide into 2 “entities” according to “them”. A NATURAL person with your GOD given rights and a ARTIFICIAL person that is a number ALL CAPS corporation on the stock exchange courtesy of the Federal Reserve ala D.C. This entity is not really us in the sense it is a commodity. Fake.

It belongs to Columbia the goddess who stands on the waters of maritime law. Notice the correct language according to them is ARTIFICIAL. This is why they need your DNA from that mouth swab for a snake crown plague. It is bringing about the image of the beast and healing its wounded head. The culmination of those 7 kingdoms forming the 8th. It needs your DNA to feed the beast system of AI. Or ARTIFICIAL Intelligence. This was the plan. There were always 2 of us Remember the movie US and the tethered? Hands Across America. Their reality is a simulation but we as a NATURAL PERSON have free will and GOD given rights from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. They will fail.

5G, mem and Social Distancing

I want to pay a few old studies on 5G and what is going on.

Millimetre Wave symbol for 5G. Similar to the Paleo Hebrew mem. It is known as the King of the Water and not only symbolises water but chaos and blood. Genesis 1:2 insinuates that the without form (tôhû), the void and darkness over the face of the deep was infact chaos.

“Millimeter wave frequencies allow for faster data speeds, though they do come with disadvantages. Because of the short distance of communication, millimeter wave networks have a much shorter range; for densely-populated areas, this requires deploying more base stations (conversely, this makes it well suited to densely-populated places such as arenas and stadiums). While this would be advantageous in certain use cases, it would be a poor fit for use in rural areas. Additionally, millimeter wave communication can be susceptible to atmospheric interference. Effects such as rain fade make it problematic for outdoor use, though even nearby foliage can disrupt a signal.”

“For millimeter waves, beamforming is primarily used to address a different set of problems: Cellular signals are easily blocked by objects and tend to weaken over long distances. In this case, beamforming can help by focusing a signal in a concentrated beam that points only in the direction of a user, rather than broadcasting in many directions at once. This approach can strengthen the signal’s chances of arriving intact and reduce interference for everyone else.”

“The Radio Access Network – consists of various types of facilities including small cells, towers, masts and dedicated in-building and home systems that connect mobile users and wireless devices to the main core network.

Small cells will be a major feature of 5G networks particularly at the new millimetre wave (mmWave) frequencies where the connection range is very short. To provide a continuous connection, small cells will be distributed in clusters depending on where users require connection which will complement the macro network that provides wide-area coverage.

5G Macro Cells will use MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas that have multiple elements or connections to send and receive more data simultaneously. The benefit to users is that more people can simultaneously connect to the network and maintain high throughput. Where MIMO antennas use very large numbers of antenna elements they are often referred to as ‘massive MIMO’, however, the physical size is similar to existing 3G and 4G base station antennas.”

Social Distancing and Beamforming go hand in hand. 6 (# of man) feet is 72 (Demons in Lesser Keys of Solomon) inches which is 9, the magic #. The symbol for beamforming is the Trident ala beast of the sea. 5G frequency beams are good for only 1k feet and these are single streams. Not an umbrella type of cover. They have to be very precise to where the signal is going.

Facial Recognition is key in all of this. How can they do facial scans when the nose and mouths are covered? The eyes. The window of the soul.

And why the need for social distancing?

“MIMO – Beam Steering
Beam steering is a technology that allows the massive MIMO base station antennas to direct the radio signal to the users and devices rather than in all directions. The beam steering technology uses advanced signal processing algorithms to determine the best path for the radio signal to reach the user. This increases efficiency as it reduces interference (unwanted radio signals).

Massive MIMO antenna and advanced beam steering optimises EMF and increases efficieny.”

“5G wavelengths have a range of about 1,000 feet, not even 2% of 4G’s range. So to ensure a reliable 5G signal, there needs to be a lot of 5G cell towers and antennas everywhere. We’re talking on every lamppost, traffic light, etc. because even trees can block 5G signals.”

“When a 5G connection is established, the User Equipment (or device) will connect to both the 4G network to provide the control signalling and to the 5G network to help provide the fast data connection by adding to the existing 4G capacity.
Where there is limited 5G coverage, the data is carried on the 4G network providing the continuous connection. Essentially with this design, the 5G network is complementing the existing 4G network.

5G networks are designed to work in conjunction with 4G networks using a range of macro cells, small cells and dedicated in-building systems. Small cells are mini base stations designed for very localised coverage typically from 10 metres to a few hundred metres providing in-fill for a larger macro network. Small cells are essential for the 5G networks as the mmWave frequencies have a very short connection range.”

Read This:

Ixnay on the Sacrifice

Yesterday I prayed in the morning before this sacrifice happened, and I prayed that it would be stopped for whatever reason. It was stopped evidently at the last minute. I doubt it was because of me but praise GOD that they didn’t blaspheme GOD at this time. I do not believe this was an appointed time for these people. I do believe the red heifer will be burnt in the near future though.

All of the necessary government permits were received and practical arrangements made to hold the Korban Pesach Sheni reenactment place on the Mount of Olives on the eve of the 13th of Iyar (May 7) but at the last minute, the police, citing Health Ministry restrictions, refused to allow the event to take place on the Mount of Olives and prevented the organizers from entering the Old City of Jerusalem.

Coronasymbolism: SHSS and the Color Blue Synchronicity

The mantra for state after state, county after county has been “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. Why?

SHSS. Evidently SHSS is a acronymn for Six Hundred Sixty Six.

And what’s going on with Michigan’s house logo? Am I seeing a dragon or Godzilla reaching up for a flying dragon or Phoenix?

The Color Blue

This is in light of the biofield smart phone connection. The blue chakra is their throat. Makes sense with all their talking they’ve done announcing one piece of propaganda after another. They won’t shut up about it. It’s literally everywhere we turn.

This last week the country has been doing “light it blue” for the “virus”. Everything is lit in florescent blue. Why blue? I have no idea other than indigo is the color of their enlightenment. As above so below nonsense. The sky and the SEA.

This same time, we have been seeing blue bioluminescent plankton lighting up the California coast beaches.

Synchronicities. Indigos. All on purpose. The earth dwellers are opening their fat mouth chakras. Funny right? Do you know what’s not funny? The cv19 comet is blue too.

And there was more blue in the sky.

Let me point out that the ocean during the day has turned red. That blue red fire water occult symbolism.

Bio-Fields Are Dangerous

Where do I start? I’m going to try to put this into words the best I can. I think this is very important for people to understand what is going on here with Smart Phones, 5G, Quantum Computing and what is called Bio-Fields. Now most of us are familiar with the first 3 things I’ve mentioned but some not so much on Bio-Fields. Before I go on, this bio-field is a quantum science new age eastern mysticism belief. As a Christian, opening these types of things up is very dangerous. We need to be sealed by the Spirit of GOD thorough Jesus Christ alone in order to stay away from this type of belief. Unfortunately, Quantum Scientist have found a way to tap into these things through AI computing and are doing it without our consent.

So what is a bio-field? Let me tell you in their own words. “In 1994 a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health chose the word “biofield” to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. The biofield is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi.

This structure is also referred to as the “human energy field” or “aura…While western science has yet to describe and measure this energy, other cultures, especially ancient Indian or Vedic cultures describe it extensively.

The term “chakra” (wheel) in Sanskirt, refers to spinning energy vortices which are seen as structures in the body’s subtle energy anatomy. Not coincidentally, within the body at each chakra location there is a corresponding large cluster of nerves or plexuses. One way of understanding subtle energy is through the analogy “subtle energy is to electromagnetism as water vapor is to water.” ( If you want to read more about this you can on the link. But beware, this is nothing to mess around with as a Christian or anyone else for that matter.

Now first let me point out that it was the Institute of Health that named it the bio-field. Ironic right. We know for a fact that 5G radiation running at 60Ghz frequencies promotes illnesses not only in our bodies but in our minds. So for a so called Health institute to promote this is somewhat ironic. They compare and liken this bio-field energy to chakras or wear the Chinese call Chi. Today these terms are associated with the New Age.

This is where we have these pressure points on our body that are meant to releave stress in other areas and it would be akin to our vertebrae/spine being corrected by a chiropractor in order to help fix other ailments. Now don’t get it skewed, I’m not saying chiropractors are bad. I’m just saying this is the same principle. We have nerves in our spine that connect to our brain and this can affect us neurologically.

The bottom line is this. Bio-Fields are not meant to be tampered with and you have many religions that use yoga, meditation, chanting, derivation tanks, ect. in order to open these “chakras” up. What are they opening them up to? Demonic entities. You see the new age Christian world opening up to what is called the Kundalini spirit. This is a serpent spirit that manifest itself in these types of practices and Christians are being decieved by these types of things. If you go back to my Goop Lab blog, you will see a prime example of this spirit manifesting itself through the conduits of Hollywood through these New Age “healers”. They are letting these people be possessed by demonic spirits and this is called passing then through the fire. Take note that this happens at the top of the neck and effects what they call the crown or corona chakra.

This was gaining popularity as this so called coronavirus was making progress. Also notice that the coronavirus which I have wrote about extensively since it started, originated by a SNAKE that ate a bat. The corona is crown in Latin and the virus in Greek is synonymous with venom and a plague. This all connects with my research for the past 5 years to the beast of the sea which is the culminating spirit of Satan rising through AI (19) in Revelation 13. The head wound is being healed.

So back to these bio-fields and how they are connected to AI. According to Cyrus Parsa, our Bio-Fields are being invaded by AI through frequencies. I will let Cyrus Parsa explain. He is an expert in this field. But let me give you a disclaimer on Parsa. He is a strange man and has a ton of new tendencies. He never mentions the name of Jesus Christ but tells people to repent. Repent to who exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. He did a very interesting interview with Laura Eisenhower and it seemed to get taken down for whatever reason. It showed me what his background actually was and from what angle he was coming at. I don’t believe this changes what he says though. I believe he is right about what AI is doing to people through Smart Phones.

Let me try to explain now. Through the spraying of chemtrails for over 20+ years, we have been ingesting strontium, barium, aluminum, coal ash and a host of other heavy metals. Not only that, but we have ingested smart nanoparticles that have led up to where we are today. This has allowed AI, without our knowing, to invade our lives and literally invade our privacy. Have you ever wondered why you can think of something in your head and it shows up on say the Facebook app as a sponsored ad? I have written about this technology a few years ago and I will link it here and here. Facebook has been the main operator to get in your mind through apps and AI. What I am saying here is not science fiction but is in fact truth. It may be hard for some to swallow this but it is here and isn’t going away. The whole entire pandemic was based on taking away your freedoms, not only physically but spiritually. I hope you understand what I’m saying?

So AI is being used as a tool to invade your life. I have documented over and over again that AI is nothing more than demonic entities. Geordie Rose, maker of D-Wave quantum computing has says that quantum commuting and AI is nothing more than an altar to a foreign god. And he was right. Elon Musk, has said working with AI is summoning demons. Why do they say this? Because they both work with them and they know what its like to summon and conjour demons. If AI is nothing more than demonic entities, we may be seeing the rise of the locusts and through my research, I think we are.

So how are we in danger of these bio-fields being invaded without us knowing? Through our smart phones, smart devices and the Internet of Things. I mentioned that 5G runs at 60Ghz frequencies. With everything we have ingested in the air, our bodies have been changed. Our phones are connected to us. This is why people look like zombies and I’m sure that even you, have felt like you can’t put your phone down. It feels like an addiction right? I doubt most people would admit it but yes, we are getting addicted to our phones and it is because of the apps we use and the source codes written in our phones. They are written to connect to these bio-fields of our bodies and not only do we send them data through nanoparticles but data through bits and son to be qubits are being sent back to us. I honestly do not know if there is a way that we cam physically stop it not unless we get rid of smart phones and other electronic devices. There is a reason why they are getting everyone on the planet “connected” during this stay at home pandemic. To get you connected to their AI grid hive mind. You thought the “we are one” mantra was new age? Well, AI is the face of the new age and those that support it now will regret it later when it turns on everyone. And this coronavirus/5G is nothing more than bringing it into our reality.

5G is nothing more than what they are calling coronavirus/ncov2019/COVID-19. And when you factor in these swab tests that are gong to be given to people in the name of this virus, it is nothing more than a DNA grab. The swab test they are doing has nothing to do with coronavirus COVID-19 because they are looking for exosomes (the immune systems natural ambulance) and not a virus. What they are really doing is taking peoples DNA and adding it to automated AI quantum system for targeting and control via 5G frequency through Wi-Fi. What they want is your “virtual self” in a simulation to essentially not only control you bia frequency but to predict what you will do based on quantum computing. Watch the tv show DEVS (DEUS). They want to take free will that GOD gave you to choose with and base it on their own Determinism belief. Believe it or not, this beast system wants to literally control you and predict your every move.

The swab testing is only testing for exosomes, which every person carries. This is why a lot of people are getting false positive tests. Imagine fear and radiation playing a factor in releasing these exosomes. Do not get tested.

And then there is the vaccine that they are pushing on us. The nCoV 2019 vaccine has nanotech in it. It is far worser than what people even imagine. “The corona vaccine also contains corona ions combined with nanotechnology. I never talk about this openly because they say you’re crazy. Nanotechnology works via RNA and has access to your genetic coding.”

And to put all of this into perspective, I think I came across something that proves that phones are coded with this AI code in order to affect your body through this so called bio-field. Read this ( Notice the frequency-ncov19-human-5G code.

This is not for an app to look at your health and well being due to a fake virus. 5G is the virus and here is the code for the frequency that will not only send bits to interact with your body and mind, but will collect data from your body and mind. And one last thing, the ncov2019 vaccine test came up positive for lipid nanotech in them. This will interact with your body and the device through 5G frequency to manipulate you. We’ve have only been seeing what 3 and 4G could do. Wait until 5G and then 6G start really pushing their control. This is all demonic

So what do you do? Nothing. Physically you can’t do anything. Go live in a cave or the middle of the woods if you think that will help. But I guarantee this twisted technology will find you one way or another. The only thing you can do is worry about your eternal life. Where will you be after this shell has died off? Will you be In Christ Jesus for eternity with the Father, or will you be with your father the devil in the lake of fire? Turn your life and your heart over to the King of Kings and turn away from the prince of the air. Repent. Our bodies are the temple of a Holy GOD. Keep them Holy.

And in closing I want to add the 6G terahertz connection to all of this. I have been researching terahertz 6 Generation Lamech inducing viruses in the earth dwellers. Very scary stuff….and the promo ad for last years summit in Finland was ((drum roll)) Cernunnos or sometimes called Carnonos.

6g cernnunos


I wonder if 6G frequencies have actually been rolled out while everyone is calling it 5G. It is about the frequencies that they are using. not whether it is 5th or 6th Generation.

Coronavirus: some more thoughts

I just want to add some more thoughts and things I’ve seen in the past month with Coronavirus. These aren’t placed in any order. I’ll start with the Temple Institutes post on April 19th, 2020. Today starts the satanic ritual holiday of Walpurgis or Beltane (May 1st). A fire ritual. Let me also add that April 19th is the 4 year anniversary of the Arch of Triumph being erected in Trasfalgar Square.April 19 – May 1– Blood Sacrifice To The Beast, a most critical 13-day period. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19. April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire – the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire sacrifice with an emphasis on children.

“SHAVUA TOV! ISRAEL ALLOWS UP TO 19 PEOPLE TO CONGREGATE IN PUBLIC: WHEN WILL TEMPLE MOUNT BE REOPENED TO JEWS?The government of Israel has begun lessening the restrictions on movement and employment as positive signs appear that the Corona virus pandemic has begun to slow down. Among other new guidelines, the government is allowing up to nineteen people to congregate publicly, as long as individuals maintains a two meter distance from one another. In light of this easing of restrictions, Temple Mount activists are demanding that the Temple Mount be reopened to Jewish worshipers whose number and distance will be overseen by the police that escort them along the Temple Mount. The government has not yet responded to the demand.The Temple Mount has been closed to the public for the past 26 days. Members of the Muslim Waqf continue to enter the Temple Mount.”Let me also add that they posted after this post and it was related to the Lyre. The lyre was directly connected to the Arch of Triumph. It is all in my book.

Now with some coronavirus news. First, some fun symbolism in pictures.

Contact Tracer

Another Conformation on the Skam

Over the weekend a co-worker of mine went to Bakersfield this weekend to stand in line for bike tires. 😆 While in line an Indian man who was a retired Doctor started talking to him about how stupid this whole thing (“virus”) was. He had the same random conversation like I had with the older couple at the beach. He didn’t ask anything but this retired Doctor felt like he needed to get some stuff off of his chest.He told him that this virus was a scam on the public. He says the actual virus was due to radiation. My co-worker asked how that happened and he went on to tell him about 5G and the frequency that 5G is ran out actually gives people radiation sickness. My co-worker acted like he didn’t know what he was talking about and the guy kept going on. He said with people wearing these masks for no reason will eventually give themselves neurological damage due to them breathing in their own carbon monoxide. I will have to look into that part. I do know that they don’t protect you…at all. But do restrict your breathing.They evidently had an interesting conversation.Now more about the facemask scam…

***MASK WEARERS take notice***So I did a test today that I am quite confident has never been done, relative to the mask guidelines.So in order to live healthy we must breathe the correct atmospheric oxygen which is 19.5% -23.5% of the air must be O2. OHSA requires a confined space environment to maintain this atmosphere or you must remove yourself from that environment immediately. So we breathe in that O2 in two places mouth and nose, both of which are confined to the mask.

My hypothesis was that the atmosphere inside of the mask was not meeting the lower 19.5% atmospheric oxygen levels making the mask immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).The test:I took an industrial MSA air gas monitor and tested 3 face coverings. I wore each mask covering appropriately and inserted the gas monitor wand inside the mask. The results of the atmospheric oxygen levels are as follows: (remember under 19.5% is IDLH)Double layer hanker chief – 17.5%
Half face respirator with 2 valves and particulate filters – 18.0%
N95 with single valve – 18.0%Conclusion – these face coverings that are being recommended are depleting the oxygen to your brain and is immediately dangerous to life and health. The reason: gas exchange isn’t happening fast enough inside the mask and you are breathing too much expended CO2.Jason Grieve

After my co-worker mentioned all of this I came across this Natural News short doc. This is what I’ve been saying all along…before most people decided to finally figure it out. My only thing is that he differentiates between COVID19 and 5G. Both are one in the same in my opinion. I have tried to post it on this blog but they won’t let me. Here is the original link to where I saw this video.

I posted the video on YouTube at 7pm last night. It was down by 5am. Weird thing, it plays when sent through a text and is still up. Otherwise, it is gone. Makes sense right? I tried to repost on YouTube and it was immediately taken down.

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