Pan’s Flute for the PanDemic

A recent article came out from BIN claiming Israelis made a coronavirus test that can give you positive or negative results in one minute. You need to be very careful with all of this testing as I believe it is a DNA grab to bring about your “higher self” in the artificial digital world. As a Christian, I don’t want any part of this.

So they say in the article that it is 90% accurate. That’s not good enough. It would need to be 100% accurate in order to be a great test. And that goes for anything. But does that even matter, if this virus being what they claim it is, is nothing more than a legitimate hoax? So if that is the case, this test is more than a “test”. Read how this testing actually works. Your particles are placed on a chip that then sends the information to the cloud. AI is at work collecting your DNA once again, but there is more to it with this test. Gabby Sarsi runs the research for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Pay attention to that. He also compares this virus as far as size and electrical properties to a nano-particle or quantum dot. Why? Because this is the virus in reality. The Snake Crown Plague. Rising if the beast and its system.

Also notice that this is taking place at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev. Probably not related but the farms to raise the red heifer were originally in the Negev desert. Just thought I’d add that. And before you read the highlights of this article, notice the shape of this thing. It looks like a kazoo. Pan playing his flute once again for the PANdemic. Read my paper on the etymology of pandemic to understand what I’m saying. BOLD is my emphasis.

Prof. Gabby Sarusi, deputy head for research at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a faculty member of the Electro-Optical Engineering Unit says the test will be available at a dramatically lower price than any other method available. He developed his chip within the framework of BGU’s Coronavirus Task Force, initiated by BGU president Prof. Daniel Chamovitz to harness the resources and ingenuity of the university to tackle the many aspects of the pandemic.
Particles from a simple breath test or throat and nose swabs, such as are already currently used for other tests, are placed on a chip with a dense array of metamaterial sensors that was designed specifically for this purpose. The system then analyzes the biological sample and provides an accurate positive/negative result within a minute via a cloud-connected system.
The point-of-care device automatically backs up the results into a database that can be shared by authorities, making it easier than ever to track the course of the virus, as well as triage (deciding on the degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients) and treat patients.
The new method is based on the change in the resonance in the THz spectral range imposed by the coronavirus through a THz spectroscopy performed on the device. This spectral range has been employed in recent decades for the fast detection and identification of biological samples. “Since this virus is just like a nano-particle or a quantum dot with a diameter between 100nm to 140nm in terms of its size and electrical properties, we asked ourselves if we can detect it using methods from the worlds of physics, photonics and electrical engineering,” said Sarusi.

We discovered that the answer is yes. This virus resonates in the THz frequency, and spectroscopy in these frequencies reveals it promptly.”

Who is Gabby Sarusi?

Sarusi exhibited his technology during a press tour organized by the university last week, in which researchers showcased their coolest developments, which also included small, pollinating drones to make up for a lack of bees; wall-climbing, spiderlike robots for search and rescue operations; fruit-picking robots, and driving simulation scenarios and techniques to prepare for autonomous driving.

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