Coronasymbolism: SHSS and the Color Blue Synchronicity

The mantra for state after state, county after county has been “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. Why?

SHSS. Evidently SHSS is a acronymn for Six Hundred Sixty Six.

And what’s going on with Michigan’s house logo? Am I seeing a dragon or Godzilla reaching up for a flying dragon or Phoenix?

The Color Blue

This is in light of the biofield smart phone connection. The blue chakra is their throat. Makes sense with all their talking they’ve done announcing one piece of propaganda after another. They won’t shut up about it. It’s literally everywhere we turn.

This last week the country has been doing “light it blue” for the “virus”. Everything is lit in florescent blue. Why blue? I have no idea other than indigo is the color of their enlightenment. As above so below nonsense. The sky and the SEA.

This same time, we have been seeing blue bioluminescent plankton lighting up the California coast beaches.

Synchronicities. Indigos. All on purpose. The earth dwellers are opening their fat mouth chakras. Funny right? Do you know what’s not funny? The cv19 comet is blue too.

And there was more blue in the sky.

Let me point out that the ocean during the day has turned red. That blue red fire water occult symbolism.

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