The “Priestly Blessing” in Jerusalem

They did the priestly blessing at the Wailing Wall and instead of normally having 100k Jews there, there were only 10 kohen present this year. One of them just happened to be David Friedman, the Ambassador of the U.S. He is the mouthpiece. If you don’t think for a second that the U.S. won’t fall under jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin Courts Law then you are crazy. This is, just in part, the Noahide Laws that everyone knows of. I’ve written about this and why Ambassadors of countries are so important. They are the mouthpieces for countries. Priest Friedman is here to lead you on the “right” path.Article:

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  1. I noticed in the news that they are using an experimental new drug called Gilead in the fight against coronavirus. I thought this was an interesting choice of name for this considering the biblical implications of this. Have you done any research on this? I would like your insight on any connections to prophecy if you have any? You are able to connect the dots so well.

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    1. I haven’t written anything on here. Let me post something. But yes, implications for all of this. Remember the incense that they are going to use for their temple? It is from trees from Gilead.


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