Mount of Corruption: part 2

I want you to pay special attention to what I’m about to say. On September 27th, 2019 the Edomite Jews offered a Noahide sacrifice to their god at the Southern point of Mount of Olives. This particular area is known as Mount Corruption based on Solomon letting his pagan wives offer sacrifices to Chemosh and Milcom (Moloch sacrifice). Today this area is owned by the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom and there was a 5 star hotel built right above the lookout called Mitzpeh Rehavam. Last year these Jews of the Sanhedrin (the ancient judges of Israel who condemned Jesus to death), made a sacrificial offering representing the 70 Nations that the Sanhedrin has appointed themselves over. The 70 Nations are a misnomer, they in fact represent the 70 principalities that are over the nations. The watchers or fallen angels.

In order for them to do their first public sacrifice of a blemished lamb, they used a Gentile Greek man named Malki Drossos. Malki claims he is the Elijah to come. Now this may just seem like nonsense to you but it isn’t. These people are for real and GOD is using them for his judgement. Malki wasn’t even supposed to kill this lamb but did when the Rhode Island man backed out at the last second. Matter of fact, Malki had been doing the Passover sacrifice for a few years up to that point and you will never guess what the name of the lamb was for the 2019 sacrifice. His kids named it CORONA. This is no joke.

So on 9/27/19, they offered a blasphemous sacrifice to their god and were planning to do another on Passover. Obviously they couldn’t because the CORONAVIRUS had hit. And yes, I believe the first blemished lamb sacrifice got the ball rolling for the deception we are seeing today. Judgement from GOD. Well they are now getting permission to do the sacrifice and this time it is on May 7th, 2020. This is the day before Pesach Sheni or the Second Passover. The Second Passover from Numbers 9 was for those who were traveling and couldn’t make it to Jerusalem for the regular Passover. Obviously, since Jesus crucifixion and resurrection, there is NO NEED for any lamb to be sacrificed. Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world. Our last Passover.

So let me also add that this second Passover is for those who have been defiled by a dead body and actually at this time, you are allowed to have leaven in your house. During the regular Passover there was absolutely no leaven which represents sin in anyone’s house. That’s why this is called the Feast of Unleavened Bread. But let me back up a second. They originally wanted to slaughter this lamb on Tuesday the 7th of April, the day before their Passover. It just so happened that this day was also another ritual day of Chaos Magick. The ritual of the Seal of Solomon. I’ve written about it exclusively on my blog. You can read about it there. This is a real demonic conjuring of loosing and binding demons. Luckily they didn’t do it on that day but I have a funny feeling something happened that day in Jerusalem.

So on May 7th they will ritually slaughter another lamb at the same site that they did the first one at Mitzpeh Rehavam. Some believe this is where the Red Heifer will be burnt (which actually may happen this September or next Passover). I wrote in my book 4 years ago about this being a potential site for this abomination and it likes like this may be it. Especially since they will have 2 sacrifices under their belt at this place.

Here is what they have to say about this site: “A lookout opposite the Seven Arches Hotel on the crest of the Mount of Olives is named Tatzpit Rehavam or Mitzpe Rehavam in memory of the assassinated Israeli government minister Rehavam Ze’evi. It is believed that this area is the approximate location where the red heifer (parah adumah) was sacrificed during the period of the Temple. The lookout is just above the ancient necropolis (cemetery) on the Mount of Olives. This is probably the best lookout in Jerusalem to see the highlights of the Old City.” ( One other thing about these Arches. I wrote a book about the Arch of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph replica a few years ago. This was also leading up to what we are seeing today. Do you remember how test kits from Geneva were tainted with the coronavirus? The Arch was there at the time of this.

So in my opinion and after years of research, this future red heifer sacrifice is the final abomination of desolation. These 2 sacrifices that are abominations and are a stench to the nostrils of GOD are leading up to this. These are demonic rituals. Period. I am one to believe that this area was also where Jesus was crucified. They are Blaspheming the site of His crucifixion where Jesus redeemed mankind through the shedding of His blood. Things are moving quickly and will continue to move at “warp speed”. Pay attention. Open your eyes and ears and DO NOT BE DECIEVED.

This is what there flyer says:

The ‘Pesach Sheni’ Rally!

52 years of preventing the Passover sacrifice must come to an end!

On the day before Pesach Sheni we will stand before the Temple Mount

Demanding the renewal of the Temple Service on the Temple Mount

With a Kosher Altar. Cohanim in their priestly garments. A presentation on the Pesach Sheni sacrifice.

Thursday, 13 Iyar 5780 (5.7.2020), 17:30
Mitzpeh Rehavam, underneath the “Seven Arches” on the Mount of Olives.

Participation with masks, gloves and distancing.

For details and updates:
Numbers on flyer.

Ok. Let me take a go at it now. In Hebrew, this reads: “On May 7th, 2020 or 14 Iyar, the Sanhedrin and the Edomite Jews are going to sacrifice a lamb through ritual according to the second Passover, according to Numbers 9:9-11. We figured we didn’t piss GOD off enough with the sacrifice of a blemished lamb on September 27th, 2019, where we had a Gentile slit the throat of a lamb and then burn it, that we would do a second one on the Mount of Olives. This is building up to us doing the ultimate blasphemy and abomination at the end of the year with burning a red heifer. So join us for the end of the world and watch Jerusalem be destroyed once and for all”

I think I translated that right. 👍

Cerberus: The Son Of Albert

The City of Taft recently has had to dump the project of putting in a Grocery Outlet because of a lawyer by the name of Tal Finney (Finney Arnold LLP), who is said to support a fictitious group of local Taft citizens called “Keep Taft Great”. Originally the only physical person who has showed up to a city council meeting in opposition to this project (besides the attorney Finney) is a Bakersfield resident named Jim Kell. According to David Aguirre, Jim Kell is actually a rep for the Albertsons Union. David Aguirre is one of the Capital Rivers developer who is in charge of this project and was also recently the developer for the newly built Dollar General, which was built literally 50 yards from this proposed site for Grocery Outlet. Here is an excerpt of what Aguirre has said about this.

“As you may or may not know Grocery Outlet wants to open a new independently owned and operated store here in Taft providing an alternative to Albertsons. Unfortunately, an attorney, Tal C. Finney, appealed the project on behalf of an unknown group called “Keep Taft Great” that is apparently concerned about environmental impacts. It was later discovered that the person who spoke in opposition (Jim Kell) is a union representative for the Albertsons union (UFCW). Also, a couple of the folks at the hearing are actually employees at Albertsons in Taft.” (

So who is Tal Finney? He served as the State Controller under Democrat Gray Davis as well as many other things and “prior to his California state experience, Mr. Finney worked in Washington, D.C. for presidential campaigns and members of the United States Congress.” ( I would be curious to see who Finney campaigned for in D.C. “Mr. Finney provides his clients corporate transactional, government regulatory enforcement and compliance, land use, CEQA and business litigation, energy, international trade and finance, nonprofit corporate transactional, intellectual property, and private equity transactional services.” So as you can see, Finney deals with CEQA cases and private equity cases. More on what CEQA and private equity has to do with this story.

Now let’s take a look at the company that owns Albertsons.

Cerberus Capital Management who also owns Dyncorp (sex trafficking) and a host of other company’s that have shady backgrounds. The CEO of Cerberus is Steve Feinberg and he is the head of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. He is not only in the business of private contractor’s (military and intelligence) but is in the business of private equity. “Green mail”.

To put it simple, Cerberus (the mythological 3 headed hell hound of Serapis) blackmails the competition in buying shares and in the end buys out the company or forces it into bankruptcy.

Look at how they did Haggen in the Pacific Northwest. And presently, they are managing to extort 40 million from the government in Pennsylvania. Private-equity investors including Cerberus poured around $200 billion into U.S. health-care buyouts in the last decade. You can see who prospers from a “virus”?

I’m not surprised that a company like this has hired lawyers for their conglomerates under the moniker Keep Taft Great (a Trumpism).

And as Greg Aguirre has mentioned prior, this will be the fourth time in a few months that Finney has filed appeals in accordance to these fictitious groups to stop not only Taft from building a grocery store, but the city of Hidden Valley Lake/Middletown in building a Grocery Outlet (an unincorporated association of local Middletown and Hidden Valley residents that are concerned about the Valley Oaks Grocery Outlet as the project was approved by the planning commission), the city of Orcutt (Orcutt Sensible Growth) in building a grocery store and Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita Safe and Strong) from converting an old Sears into a Costco, gym and movie theatre. In everyone of these situations, they are met with resistance in the name of the environment. CEQA (seequa) to be exact. Read this:

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is California’s broadest environmental law. Ironically, CEQA has been dubbed Greenmail (which I brought up earlier) and “Greenmail or greenmailing is the action of purchasing enough shares in a firm to challenge a firm’s leadership with the threat of a hostile takeover to force the target company to buy the purchased shares back at a premium in order to prevent the potential takeover.” Do you now understand where this could all be headed if the City Council of Taft moves forward with this project despite the “non-verbal threats” of a lawsuit. This is where this could be headed if you look at the history of who Finney may or may not represent. As a resident of Taft we would hate to see Taft go bankrupt because of these environmental elitists that these lawyers represent.

I think the question that should be asked is why Taft? Is it the Union hiring these lawyers? It looks like Cerberus was at one point threatening the retirements of Albertsons employees. Or why is Albertsons/Cerberus hiring lawyers to keep other grocery stores out of towns? Is it based on greed? Or maybe there is a personal vendetta against someone in the community who stood against a “green organization” and they didn’t much care for that. Or maybe they just want to take small towns like ours out of the equation? Newsom already wants to make Taft a ghost town because of oil. I guess you can look at it from any direction. I just wonder why certain areas can get business’s and others can’t?


Patios Connection: Officials, nearby residents unaware of ‘Santa Clarita Safe and Strong’ members


Now who is DynCorp? Jeffery Epstien was associated to this company that Cerberus (Albertsons parent company owns). “According to documents filed in the U.S. Federal Court in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2008, Epstein shared the tail number of his Bell Long Ranger 206L3 helicopter (tail number N474AW) with a U.S. State Department OV-10D Bronco. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration database, Epstein’s Bell helicopter & the Bronco owned by the ****U.S. State Department**** & contracted to the private military company ****DYNCORP INTERNATIONAL**** both used the same identification number. *due note that the FAA ID number has been reassigned to a Cessna training plane now.


It means that Epstein was using an FAA ID (think aircraft license plate) at the same time that a US military aircraft was registered with one. US Bronco registered with tail number N474AW from October 21, 1997 to May 14, 2010. Epstein’s Bell helicopter using same tail number on August 6, 2002 flying from Zorro Ranch.” – Rick ******

DynCorp is owned by the CIA front Delta Tucker Holdings; CEO of both companies is Lewis Von Thaer. DynAviation, DynLogistics, DynPort, DynPort Vaccine, DynMarine and Phoenix Consulting represent a one stop shop for creating disasters to facilitate human sex and organ trafficking. DynCorp was sex trafficking in Bosnia in 1999 (, their employees were caught raping children in Colombia in 2004 (, in 2008 a prostitution ring (, and 2009 DynCorp officials were caught hiring child strippers to perform at corporate parties as well as video taping abuse (

The Stimulus of What?

Don’t let the “stimulus” money fool you. It is to condition you for a Universal Basic Income. A socialist state is a work in progress that will soon turn Communist, but please don’t think it’s new here. Social Security is a Socialist device. Welfare is. Drivers license are. The list goes on but many have been blinded by the “red, white and blue” colors of “freedom”. Essentially you were never free like you thought. You are still a slave to their program.

They want to give you at least 3 more of these stimulus checks and possibly one a month for 12 months. Conditioning. All by design. There are many layers to this here onion.

Now let’s look at the spiritual and etymological side of this word STIMULUS. Stimulus is originally a Medical term. In a roundabout way, it is something that “wakes up the male organ ie phallic”. This is the “pointed stick” or prick of the word steig. In a general sense, it is something that excites or arouses the spirit or mind. This is why STIMULUS is used for money. The god of MAMMON. Freemasonry’s Mystery Religion is the obvious connection here.

You can see it comes from steig but steig gives us another word, stigma. A MARK.

Steigo is a cognate of STIZO which is I Mark or I TATTOO.

The beast system is offering you a stimulus. I don’t want any of it.

And here is something referring to the header picture of this blog. I used it on purpose, the connection of this stimulus basic income to Jerusalem, the whore who makes everyone drink of her wine. There is always trickery going on.

Turning Point USA has an interesting logo when inverted. Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon and the USA is her daughter.

vsn. usa. Vav (6 – nail/hook) Samekh (60 – staff in hand) Nun (50 – seed). 116. 911. In Kabbalah when the vav starts a word it transforms the past into future or future to past. Time travel.

For some reason, Google takes the letters vsn when translated to Hebrew and gives you the word חכל for “to be dark”. Chaklı̂yl means to be dark in the sense of drunk with wine. It is used for the tribe of Judah in Genesis 49:12 (His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk) in the sense of the wrath in the eyes of the Messiah. Funny how Google interprets some things.

Gill Commentary referring to the wine “as the joy and pleasure that sparkled in his eyes when he shed his blood on the cross, enduring that, and despising the shame of it, for the joy of the salvation of his people; or the clearness of his sight in beholding the actions of his enemies, and especially of the fierceness and fury of his wrath against them, whose eyes are said to be an flames of fire, Re 1:14”

Revelation 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

Stay At Home? No

There is a reason they want you to stay in your home. It is not to protect you from anything but to make you more susceptible to these frequencies that are put forth. (And that’s not the only reason, it is a psychological war at this point.) These frequencies are strong in your house. It just isn’t about social distancing and keeping you 6 feet away from someone, that’s the psychological part of it also. And wearing a mask in public doesn’t detour facial recognition. It is beyond that. The eyes are the window of the soul and as long as you have that smart phone remote control with you, everything works fine. Stay inside and get transformed by that 60Ghz frequency. Man, it’s only going to get worse. Can I please have a cabin in the woods with nothing digital?“The real reason why they are saying “social distancing” is because the Artificial Intelligence Human Tracking system they have for the 5G rollout requires some distance between people to be able to fully track everybody. This is a KNOWN issue in the tech world with the Human Tracking systems that Crowd Density causes the AI to lose track and has problems identifying people in large groups. They are using the Virus scare tactic in order to push people into this behavior so they can get the AI system tracking everybody without failure. (And I do mean EVERYBODY… google SpaceX
Starlink).” “Elena Freeland”
March 18, 2020Ask yourself why they want everyone to have an internet connection as of right now? They are giving it away for free for goodness sakes. They are even letting ppl pass on their bill if they can’t afford it. No one is that nice, especially government. They want everyone on the grid. The internet will NEVER shut down. You will be part of their simulation.

Their Second Passover Ritual

The Sanhedrin wasn’t able to do their “required” Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount due to the “virus” shutting everything down. They have now turned to the second Passover which falls on May 7th in order to get this slaying of a lamb done. The interesting thing about this ritual is that it will be done on the Mount of Olives and from the wording of this article, they may have Gentiles present.

If you remember, the Noahide seventy Nations sacrifice done in September of 2019 was done by a Gentile. And it was also done on the South end of the Mount of Olives called the Mount of Judgement. So we will see 2 sacrifices done by them within 8 months and the blasphemy seems to be ramping up. And we could see a third one done on the Mount of Olives again in the form of burning the Red Heifer. My question for the May 7th, 2020 sacrifice will be, what the exact location of it on the Mount of Olives?

The practical arrangements for the sacrifice are all set to take place on the Mount of Olives on the eve of the 13th of Iyar (May 7). Rabbi Weiss emphasized that when the Jews returned from Babylonia, the Temple service was started immediately even before construction on the Second Temple began.” (

According to “According to Numbers 9:9-13, a Jew may participate in Pesach Sheni if (s)he is ritually impure due to contact with a dead body or were on a distant journey. Over the years, the definition of “distant journey” has been interpreted very liberally by the rabbinic tradition. Anyone who had any type of ritual impurity would also be included in the ceremony.

The particulars of the sacrifice and meal would be the same as Passover. The differences would include the shifting from a seven day festival to a one day event. Another difference would be the acceptance of leaven in the household, though it still would be absent from the bread that day. The overriding theme of the day is that God allows second chances for His people.”

Numbers 9:9-12 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, saying, ‘Whatever man shall be unclean by reason of a dead body, or on a journey far off, among you, or among your posterity; he shall then keep the Passover to the Lord, in the second month, on the fourteenth day; in the evening they shall offer it, with unleavened bread and bitter herbs shall they eat it. They shall leave none of it until morning, and they shall not break a bone of it; they shall sacrifice it according to the ordinance of the Passover.

I just want to point out that I had some research theorizing on the four horseman. I didn’t think much of it until I had lost my notebook. I looked at Stellarium and noticed that the planets representing the four horseman of Revelation 6 started going through Aquarius around May 7th. Interesting but I’m not sure if I was into something or not. It was more of just a thought.

I’ll also point out that the C19 comet is in earth’s atmosphere on April 29th for a few weeks. We will also see an asteroid on this same day. This comes from Antot Masuka.

On April 29th, 2020, 9:56 UTC, 4:56 EST, Earth will cross the Asteroid’s trajectory, makes a big arcing loop over it and crosses it again within an 8 to 10 day period, leading up to April 7-15, 2020: THE DANGER PERIOD! This part of the story is not explained by any source out there, but if you look at the two trajectories, this become very clear. Hence, it is okay to say that on April 29th when the Earth comes into direct alignment with “Asteroid 52768 1998 OR2” that it will be 3,908,791 miles away from Earth or as you say, about 16LD. This changes after that moment in time, increasing and decreasing along the way, and the rest of the story we don’t know about and goes dead silent. We’re off radar now, local and mainstream media reports that “OR2” has missed the Earth and has gone its way, everybody rejoices and celebrates, then BANG! How did that happen? Everyone is surprised! Simple! Over the course of the 8 days following April 29, 2020, OR2 is traveling parallel to the Earth in a drag and can easily get pulled into the Earth’s far more powerful gravitational field before the Earth crosses OR2’s trajectory one more time as shown on NASA space maps of the encounter. This part of the story is missing from media reports, they are silent about it and provide no additional information. The question is this, will this happen or not? Answer! We don’t know, but suspect it very well could happen. We’ll have to watch and see. Remember just last month NASA boldly proclaimed that “Asteroid 2012 XA133”, of a much smaller size and significance, WILL MISS THE EARTH – DON’T WORRY, and guess what happened? It crashed in Akure, Nigeria on March 28, 2020, which the Nigerian government tried very hard to suppress and cover up. We are not into persuading others to think like us or arguing about right or wrong, just providing crucial and critical information for others to use and decide as best suit their needs and points of view. On these matters and issues, there are no right and wrong answers because the matter HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED, especially at this very late date. Given the projected paths and trajectories, which you need to look at, of the crossing of these two celestial objects, it’s not in NASA’s hands anymore, so they shouldn’t even say at this point! It’s not a “fly by” as in many cases, its a cross, loop and cross again, over a specific period of time measured in days. It’s just a matter of seeing what will actually play out, transpire and manifest. Good or evil? Let’s not talk too early, we’ll ALL learn something from this encounter over the next 10 days to two weeks. He that has an ear, or want to hear, let them hear!

Gog of Magog: letting off some steam

The Edomite Jews push the world into chaos at the hands of the Goyim. They are pushing for their illusive war of Gog and Magog. Problem. Gog of Magog is more like it. Gog is a chief Prince, a principality, and Magog is where he comes from. He brings the NATION’S with him. Satan is bound in the bottomless pit from DECEIVING THE NATIONS.

Do you see the correlation here? When he is released at the end of the thousand years, the NATIONS are game again. I believe this has happened and this is why we are seeing things happen at break neck speed. The Beast System rises out of the sea (people/NATIONS). We know all of this happens according to Ezekiel 38:16. “In the latter days”. Latter or last is ἔσχατος (eschatos) in the Greek. It is the very last thing or time. Eschatos is where we get eschatology from and it comes from ἔχω (echō). Echo. Hmm. Sounds familiar right?

The same verse says Gog ASCENDS against his people Israel as a CLOUD. Literal or figurative, I don’t know. But we have a lot of symbolic speech referencing this AI terrorism. GOD does distinguish between the people and the land I did believe that the literal land of Israel has been given over to the Gentiles since at least 70AD. There seems to be a connection to GOD to this land even today. When you read on you will see this. I believe this is where the Garden of Eden was located at.

There is also wording we see in Revelation to the bowls being poured out. Ezekiel 38:22 And I will judge him with pestilence, and blood, and sweeping rain, and hailstones; and I will rain upon him fire and brimstone, and upon all that are with him, and upon many nations with him. Gog of Magog is Satan gathering the nation’s through deception to war against GOD. Is Gog Satan as an entity? Or does Gog come as Satan in the flesh of the Antichrist? I’m not sure. I do know that it is Satan though. And I do know the literal land of Israel comes into play.

And one last thing about Ezekiel 39:3 “And I will destroy the bow out of thy left hand, and thine arrows out of thy right hand, and I will cast thee down on the mountains of Israel;” This reminds me of the deity HuBaL. I do believe this is the mysterious god of Freemasonry. One other thing. The majority of Christians believes this “Gog and Magog war” comes after a “1,000 year reign” of Jesus. Jews believe is is before their anti-messiah comes to save them. I reject both. It happens before the return (2nd coming) of Jesus, the real Messiah.

Confirmation on the Death Numbers of COVID-19.

Sunbathing strange happened today while I am on vacation. I met a couple today from Tulare that have a beach house in Pismo. There daughter is a nurse and she has been a nurse for over 20 years. Matter of fact they said she was a ER nurse. She told me that her daughter told them that people aren’t drying from a virus in their hospital. They are dying from pre-existing health conditions and are only putting death by COVID-19 down, after the fact. All natural cause deaths, heart attacks, influenzas, ect. are being called “death by COVID-19 on death certificates. She said the government is giving their hospital kickbacks for putting COVID-19 as the means of death.

It was a very strange 10 minute conversation and that they even told me all of this. I was standing with my 6 year old daughter in a long line to get her donuts this morning and they just started chatting with me. I hadn’t even said anything to them about any of this and they felt like they needed to open up to me for whatever reason. They just started spilling the beans to me after saying hello. I try not to say much to other people and especially strangers about my opinion on all of this for obvious reasons. But here was a first hand account of everything I have been saying and have researched as factual evidence and this older couple confirmed all of it to me in a ten minute conversation.

It was also interesting that the woman told me her daughter had said at least 50 patients in this hospital she works at had to be pushed back for major life threatening problems. Remember, their daughter is a ER nurse. They even questioned how many people had died because they couldn’t get the surgeries they needed because of this virus. They didn’t deny or confirm that this curbside was real or not. They were just stating what their daughter had told them.

On a side note: the Tulare woman said that the workers in their Tulare Walmart (who made sure the people went down the aisles the right way) were actually called “Walmart Police”. She thought “that was cute”. No joke.

P.S. While we were at the Walmart in Arroyo Grande, the Walmart police chased a lady down for going the wrong way down the chip aisle. Idiot minimum wage workers who think they have the authority to verbally attack costumers.

Parallels: Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Our Reality of What is Going On

Look familiar? “Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In this scene the Government needs control of the people to get them to do something. They use fear by creating a made up story about a toxin they can’t see or smell. They are told it will kill them sending everyone into panic mode. Even sheep are seen running through the scene. As people panic in hysteria, the Government directs them where to go for their safety.” – BTuff

Herd immunity. Fake virus. AI. The list goes on. Now read this.

The whole encounter with “aliens” starts with the power going out. Does that sound familiar? Remember the entire countries power going out and getting shut off due to “high winds” and “fire dangers”? Remember the end of September/October of last year when the power was getting shut off? But let me go back before the power outages. We were seeing arch fires happening across the country at the end of 2018. These explosions were so insane that one literally left an outage for Queens, New York ( The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind starts with a state wide power outage.

At the time I came out and said that these were due to AI and the quantum grid coming in. Demons are electric and so is AI. There was a good chance I was right. Then we saw the ritual and invocation of the “Storm Area 51” over the Summer of 2019. They wanted disclosure from the government about “aliens”. Remember, aliens are demonic entities that have a new name, AI. Elon Musk and Geordie Rose have both admitted that AI is demonic. The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind was based on DISCLOSURE from the government about aliens.

Now fast forward to 2020. We have a virus that is allegedly going to destroy everything and kill 65 million people in the world, according to AI simulations brought to us by John Hopkins, Bill Gates and Event 201. This virus has been shortened to CV-19. It just so happens that there was a comet discovered around mid-December 2019 (same time coronavirus came out in Wuhan) that they named Atlas C19/ Y. C19 and CV-19. Coincidence right?

The government’s around the world have literally shut down states and countries based on “keeping people safe”. The movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind the government makes up a fake toxin (virus) in the air to hide what is gong on and herds people to “safety”.
Let me also add that comets have been associated with entities conning to Earth in ancient civilizations andin the Bible, asteroids, stars and planets are interchangeable with “angels”. When we read falling starts, we see symbolically fallen angels. AI are fallen entities.

In the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind you cam catch a lot of strange connections to what is going on now. When they get a giant globe and try to put it on their stage, you see a man put it on his shoulders to lift it up. This is the symbolism of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. Atlas C19 comet reference? We also see that this Encounter of the Third Kind happens at Devils Mountain in Wyoming. This is where the government is stationed awaiting these aliens and their spaceship. In our scenario, the leaders of the United States have now been set up at Iron Mountain in Colorado. What are they waiting for being locked underground for a month?

I just know that there are some strange parallels to what we have seen in the last few years to this movie. I believe the rise of AI is being represented as the beast of the sea. The culmination of the Antichrist spirits that have ruled over the nations. One last thing, if you see the ending shot of the movie, notice the pointy things sticking out from the center of the ufo craft. It looks similar to the coronavirus model at one point. Very strange.

And someone in the comments mentioned that the Roswell New Mexico incident in 1947 didn’t actually happen in Roswell. It happened near a small town called CORONA. “The Roswell UFO incident was named after the town, though the crash site of the alleged UFO was some 75 miles (121 km) from Roswell and closer to Corona….Corona is the closest populated community to a purported UFO crash in 1947 about 30 miles (48 km) to the southeast. The rancher who found the crash first came to Corona to report it to a few residents before going to Roswell to tell officials there.” Strange coincidence right?

Facebook and Twitter: Socialism Media

Around February Facebook decided to lock me out of my profile. This was the page that had I don’t care if anyone reads this, IDCIART and Hidden in the Crag pages on it. I never posted anything on my profile that was associated with my 3 pages. They said I violated their “standard” but wouldn’t actually tell me what I did or what particular post they had an issue with. The only way I could resolve this with them is that they wanted me to take a photo copy of my CA ID and send it to an address. Or I could also take a picture of me holding my ID. Or they send me a code to get back in and when I tried that, they wouldn’t ever actually send it to me. Nope. Not going to happen, so all my research was gone.

So my FB career was over as far as my paged were concerned. So fast forward to 2 days ago (April 21st, 2020). Twitter said I violated their standards by posting the movie trailer from a new movie called Greenland. I wrote about this the other day and posted the screenshots. Fortunately I was able to get back on and I then backed up and downloaded my page. I had a funny feeling something else was going to happen. Well…it did.

I violated their standards again evidently and for the second time in 2 days I have been locked out of Twitter. This time they aren’t letting me back on because I just keep getting these 2 pages. Lock. Unlock. Lock. Unlock. So whatever. Socialism Media is rearing its ugly head.

By the way… I forgot I had another FB page from like 12 years ago. I’m sure this one won’t last long.

PIXEL: The Great DNA Grab

Why is Gavin Newsome pushing testing and needing the “specimen” in order to lift the “stay at home” orders? It is a DNA grab. This is why you are to wear a mask in public so the AI algorithms can get the retinal scan it needs to surveil you. DNA and AI. New best friends. 19&Me. The new 23 and Me kit.This brand new home test kit is exclusively for testing to see if you have or have had coronavirus. But you can also get DNA from this sort of nose swab. This seems to be done at a perfect time, since the Census is doing their ground work right now too. A physical and biological census is taking place right now. They are getting everyone ready for their digital id and certificate.And for only $119. 911 inverted.

It is a fact that nasal swabs collect DNA. This is how this testing is done. company to have the home testing is called PIXEL for good reason. This is an interesting word in itself. In our modern era a pixel is known as, “a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed.” If you get enough PIXELS you can make an image out of it. Think of DNA. Think image of the beast. More on this in a minute.The etymology of the word pixel is a portmanteau of pix (from “pictures”, shortened to “pics”) and el (for “element”). Picture element.An archaic British word meaning “possession by spirits (pixies)”, the term has been used to describe the animation process since the early 1950s; In modern times they are usually depicted with pointed ears, and often wearing a green outfit and pointed hat although traditional stories describe them wearing dirty ragged bundles of rags which they happily discard for gifts of new clothes. Sometimes their eyes are described as being pointed upwards at the temple ends.Little green men. Does that ring a bell? Pixies are demons are AI.This word pix etymologically is also interesting. From Proto-Indo-European *pik- (“resin”), from Proto-Indo-European *peyH- (“fat”). Cognate with Ancient Greek πίσσα (píssa, “pitch, tar”), Lithuanian pikis (“pitch”), Latin pīnus (“pine”), fat. The suffix el is then added to make the word pixEL. El is a generic word for deity of god. So pixel is a small image making one illuminated image as a whole. PIXEL is the home testing kit that steals your DNA.The image of this beast is made by the people for the 1st beast of the sea. This is Tower of Babel so to speak. The building blocks of DNA making the image to the beast is essentially the earth dwellers that worship the beast. Pixel a minute image that illuminates the full image of a god. SELF. Pix is also pik which is pitch or tar. Go back to the tower of Babel and see how they made the building blocks of this tower stick together….pitch. DNA is called building blocks. What is the icarus/blood of those giant “gods”? Pitch. Fossil fuels.Read this. Chapter 1 of my unreleased book explaining this theory on giant nephilim.

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