My Dream: The Cube

I had a dream on the morning of March 30th. I was in a room with 2 other people. A man and a woman were sitting in what looked like kids school desks. I was standing facing both and the woman was on my left and the man to the right of me. I didn’t realize the man was there into the woman looked over towards him. They both had nice clothes on like business people do. I was shown (I’m guessing it was a vision in my dream) of people walking around with giant cement cubes shackled to one of there legs. It reminded me of the ball and chain from cartoons but it was a concrete cube.

It was so heavy that people were having a hard time moving around just to do normal daily life. I kinda laughed in a sarcastic way when I saw it and looked at her and said, “how long is this going to last or when is this going to happen”? The woman looked at me and pickled up her phone. She started talking to someone and then looked to her left towards the man. This is when I realized the man was there. He then picked up his phone, talked for a few seconds and then looked at me and said, “4 years”. Then I woke up.

I’m not sure what it was that I was seeing but was pressed in my dream that it had to do with what is going on now. With the laws being passed and our liberties being taken away. And for some reason I can’t get this short dream out of my head. When I see a cube I am always reminded of the Cult of Saturn and being that it was chained to everyone’s leg is unsettling. It was a binding of sorts. If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to chime in.

So this morning I woke up (March 31st, 2020) and saw this article.

The Jews want to do an actual Passover sacrifice this year because they can’t do their practice runs because of this flu. “the Sanhedrin is preparing for an actual sacrifice fully consistent with Biblical requirements, brought on the Temple Mount, as a means of ending the pandemic. The Sanhedrin has issued a formal request from the leaders of Israel and the U.S. to allow this to happen. In the wake of the coronavirus, Rabbi Baruch Kahane who acts as the Kohen Gadol in most of the reenactments and is active in training the priests, requested that stones for a new altar be prepared in a manner that adheres to the more stringent requirements of a permanent altar.
“We are preparing for the possibility that the actual Korban Pesach will take place on the Temple Mount on the eve of Pesach,” Rabbi Weiss said. “If the government decides to allow it, we must be ready to go up and begin the service.”
A lamb has already been acquired for the sacrifice and stands ready.” Link

So what caught my attention is that these stones for this altar and about the same size I saw in my dream. And the first image I see in this story is the image above. The rubble of the Herodian wall of these stones. I can’t help but thinking that the concrete cube stones I saw binding the people was connected to this altar of blaspheming. Notice they want to do it on the Eve of Pesach. This is Wednesday April the 8th or Nissan 14 5780. This is the day after Solomons ritual of binding and loosing demons on April 7th. Things are going to get crazy if this blasphemy passover lamb is sacrificed. Trust me.

UPDATE: So after I wrote this I had been studying Romans 13 and specifically verse 3. I’m explaining how these verses were not meant for Christians to “obey” or “submit” to a government that was contrary to what Paul was saying. I’m saying that Paul was saying this is how you spot a tyrannical government. Obedience is to GOD alone in such cases.

I was researching & studying Romans 13:3 and the word for fear in the Greek. Phobos is where we get our English word phobia. Phobos translates to an interesting word in Hebrew.

The word is Eymah. Notice it says fright, CONCRETE, an idol (as a bugbear). CONCRETE. Just like my dream. And eymah terror or fear is associated with the sea or water where it is a place of chaos. What beast comes out of the sea? And you who know my research well enough to know that I believe this first beast of the sea is the spirit of Satan representing the spirit of Antichrist.

So then what about this bugbear tray is an idol similar to Chronos/Saturn? A bugbear is a goblin creature that eats children. Chronos which is Saturn eats children. Saturn is the cube.

A bugbear is a legendary creature or type of hobgoblin comparable to the bogeyman (or bugaboo or babau or cucuy), and other creatures of folklore, all of which were historically used in some cultures to frighten disobedient children.

Its name is derived from the Middle English word “bugge” (a frightening thing), or perhaps the old Welsh word bwg (evil spirit or goblin), or old Scots bogill (goblin), and has cognates in German bögge or böggel-mann (goblin), and most probably also English “bogeyman” and American English “bugaboo”.

In medieval England, the Bugbear was depicted as a creepy bear that lurked in the woods to scare children.

And ironically, bugbear is also a computer virus. It is a virus that can control a computer by a remote user.

CV-19 = C(3)V(22)-1(A)9(I)

The man eats the snake that eats the bat. This is all symbolism. Otherwise we would all just call it what it is, the influenza and pnuemonia.

Coronavirus – Snake King Plague
COVID-19 =CV-19
CV – 322 – Skull and Bones
19 – AI – Artificial Intelligence

You wanted your connection to 5G through symbolism, well here it is. AI is nothing more than demonic entities posing as digital technology. This virus is nothing more than a plague on the human psyche. The deaths are nothing more than the flu/pnuemonia doing what it does and it being called the snake kings plague. 5G is enhancing these deaths based on 5G being ran at 50-60Ghtz which depletes oxygen in the air it travels through. Chemtrails have gotten people sick over the years it has been sprayed on the public causing flu like symptoms along with breaking down immune systems. One link can make the chain without the other. Get it?

Just before the turn of the year, BlueDot, an artificial intelligence platform that tracks infectious diseases around the world, flagged a cluster of “unusual pneumonia” cases happening around a market in Wuhan, China. Nine days later, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement declaring the discovery of a “novel coronavirus” in a hospitalized person with pneumonia in Wuhan.

You’re welcome. Go make your own meme for that one now. Remember though, you heard it here first.

I mentioned in my paper about these coronvirus connections with the numbers being 3(c) and 22(v) representing covid or how they have shortened it to cv-19, and how 322 represents the secret society, skull and bones. We know that this is a Masonic born virus just by the symbolism presented. They are invoking and conjouring their king, the god of this world, the Nachash or illuminated don’t cunning crafty serpent from the garden.

Some don’t realize that the S&B honors this number 322 and it comes from the death of the Greek orator Demosthenos in 322. This comes from wikipedia. “The number “322” appears in Skull and Bones’ insignia and is widely reported to be significant as the year of Greek orator Demosthenes‘ death. A letter between early society members in Yale’s archives suggests that 322 is a reference to the year 322 BC and that members measure dates from this year instead of from the common era. In 322 BC, the Lamian War ended with the death of Demosthenes and Athenians were made to dissolve their government and establish a plutocratic system in its stead, whereby only those possessing 2,000 drachmas or more could remain citizens. Documents in the Tomb have purportedly been found dated to “Anno-Demostheni”. Members measure time of day according to a clock 5 minutes out of sync with normal time, the latter is called “barbarian time”.

Now a few things I want to point out. Demosthenos killed himself in 322 because Alexander the Great sent Antipas to kill him. This is why Demosthenos is revered as the 322. The Skull and Bones society changed time and the calender. Notice that they keep time with a 5 minute difference? Why? And notice that 322 was when their calender started. This puts their (the Skull and Bones) calender at year 1698.

Now I looked at the gematria of this year of 1698. Look what I found. God puts his elect into the furnace of affliction. Who is Apollyon. All the colors of the rainbow. Agenda twenty one. Worship the blacbox. Leave the kids alone today Q. Society of Jesus.

You can see a Jesuit, Noahide, Saturns Cube, Apollyon, Q, Agenda 21 connection here in wanting to throw the elect into the furnace. And it all coincides with 1698, the modern year of skull and bones. 2020 is their 1698.



Now Demosthenos name might also ring a bell with something I wrote a week ago. It cones from 2 words and “means “vigour of the people” from Greek δημος (demos) meaning “the people” and σθενος (sthenos) meaning “vigour, strength”.” Now let me refresh your memory on the connection of Demos to PANDEMIC and DEMONS.

Pandemic is from the greek word Pandemos. Pan & Demos. Pan in Greek means ALL while demos means PEOPLE. ALL PEOPLE. This is why something labeled a pandemic means it is because ALL PEOPLE are affected by this. Hence, PANDEMIC. Not only does pan mean ALL, but also represents the mythological shepherd entity who is a half goat/half man who plays a flute while leading his flock. He hangs with the nymphs/demons and is akin to Levi’s Baphomet who represents Lucifer. The word PANIC comes from PAN.
Now the other part of PANDEMIC comes from demos. This means people. In Koinia Greek we see that this word not only means people but refers to the binding of people or when people are assembled to think and do as ONE. Think of a ONE WORLD ORDER where the thought is cohesive. This word demos is related to the word demon.
When demon is plural it actually becomes demos. Now this word for a people or group that shares the same convictions made me think of the earth dwellers of Revelation. They are of one accord and become this way due to following the beast So we see that PANDEMIC is not only about ALL PEOPLE coming together to fight a virus. But it is the goat man who leads his flocks to the demons. There was an old Greek pun, ALL DEMONS PERISH. In the end, all demons will perish, but not before they make all people perish.

This can be found here and here.

So the man that is revered by S&B society is connected by name to everything that is going on here. Demosthenos the 322 pandemic of demons creating fear through the snake. And his name could read #demonstrong. You like that one? I’m still waiting for the #covidstrong hashtags.

Now you know why we keep seeing images of a thermometer gun at 33° aiming right at their foreheads. They are spiritually checking these earth dwellers.

The Birthing

Dream on Korah and Uzziah

I had a dream last night. I was camping and I was watching a sermon by a man I didn’t recognize. It was called “The Rebellion of Korah”. In the dream I kept sensing it was vaguely about “Corona”. He also kept saying 4 names and Uzziah is the only one I can remember.I woke up and read Numbers 16 and 2nd Chronicles 26. Both Korah and Uzziah were a lesson in humility. There is more to take away from this but I believe humility in this time is key. The fall of pride is bringing those to their knees, including me. Humility before GOD is now.1st Peter 5:5-6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares about you.I will share more from this later but remember Korah and the 14,700 deaths and a plague. Uzziah the leper. These 2 stories are specifically about Korah and Uzziah both burning a strange fire. One at the altar of incense and the other at the door of the tabernacle. Both men rebelled against GOD in their hearts as Lucifer did. Pride goeth before the fall. Korah got swallowed by the earth while Uzziah was stricken with leprosy on his forehead. He was “quarantined” unto death. Korahs story on the other hand doesn’t end with him. 250 of his men died then another 14,7000 died AND THEN a plague came and Moses and Aaron had to stop it.

I have said from day one during this stressful time for us, prayer is the answer. The burning of the altar of incense was symbolic of the prayers to GOD. Rev 8 is the final seal being opened and you see this incense for the last time. Prayer in the Name Jesus is crucial. Not a generic god or allah or buhdda. But JESUS, the only name to protect you….ever. So Pray in His Holy Name.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

This goes with the post below on not being able to differentiate between cv19 and the flu as far as this testing goes. Tests are out there and no one is able to get the testing done when needed. They are being refused for a reason. The reason being, they aren’t testing for cv19. It is that simple. They are more than likely testing for influenza and pneumonia and this is why you see that the numbers sky rocketing. As you read on, I would not be surprised if this strain of flu has Adenovirus in it also.

Some of you may want to read something I just stumbled upon. Have you ever heard of Adenovirus. Adeno comes from the greek aden “acorn” which they get gland from. Did you know that Doctors across the country don’t actually test for av (adenovirus) and civilians are not to be vaccinated for it. Why? Only military personnel are to be vaccinated and they actually give them 2 vaccines for it just to be safe. It can be that dangerous.

The article on adenovirus below and is from 2018. Below you can see that av and cv (coronavirus) are closely related and a few weeks a ago a study was published in the American Journal of Roentgeneology that claimed people who were initially diagnosed in Wuhan for covid19 actually had adenovirus and/or pneumonia. They couldn’t differentiate between the 2 viruses. There was a few in this case study that had full blown adenovirus that were originally told that they have covid 19. Initially almost every patient had a preexisting issue and most of the time it was pneumonia. So are we seeing bad cases of pneumonia with a mix of Adenovirus mixed in this? Probably so. This is why numbers climb so fast. Or they are making the numbers up altogether.

Read both of these.

From Simon Kleef:

Cases in Santa Clara County, California (part of the Bay Area) went from 4 to 20 to 60 in very short order. Dr. Tim O’Shea, who writes “The DoctorWithin” newsletter, decided to follow that evidence to its source.

He started by calling the Santa Clara Health Department, telling them he wanted to be able to distinguish influenza cases from Coronavirus for his own patients. Could the Health Department help him? No, he was told. They have no testing facility.

Dr. O’Shea then began a search, calling fifty pulmonary doctors and clinics in the bay area, probably not scientific from a statistical standpoint, but maybe overkill anyway. He asked all of them if they could help him distinguish influenza cases from Coronavirus. None could.

None had the necessary testing ability, and further, were not even interested in acquiring it.

They referred him back to Santa Clara County, completing the circle.

My conclusion: The landscape is being deliberately seeded with “persons” who have tested positive with Coronavirus. None have. It is all the work of people behind the scenes manipulating real people with real jobs, as the Santa Clara Health Department.

His conclusion: look at the screenshot.

18 Month Social Distancing

I’ve been seeing that everyone is now hiring mass amounts of ppl to “keep up with the virus”. Well it came to me…why? They are preparing for a 18 month social distancing shut down which will give a month on month off type of work schedule. This us to slow down the “virus”.

This will make it easier to bring in a basic income wage for this “brave new world” some are promoting. As they shut down small business’s and lay offs in oilfield jobs because of this “pandemic”, you see seeing a rise in the beast system hiring. Laugh if you like but here it is.

Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time—roughly two months on and one month off—until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it works at all).

They note that the results are “qualitatively similar for the US.”

There will be no flattening the curve for 18 months and ironically, you will just have to ride the “wave” out. Remember hearing that?

Are you ready to ride that red wave out?

To get a better grasp on what is happening here pleas watch this.

The Social Contract: Earth Dwellers Rising

This will be an ongoing article.

After listening to Newsoms speech again, he said it will be enforced by “social contract”. That means your fellow man will now police you.

Listen @ 2:50 mark.

Case in point, man gets arrested for having a wedding in his own backyard with over 50 ppl. The earth dwellers are now policing the world beast system. Can you imagine coughing in public and now everyone stopping and staring at you yelling and pointing “COVID CARRIER!!!!” Laugh now, won’t be funny when it happens. Btw, they have 17 calls already in this town that were made by citizens.

“Dane County, Wisconsin now has an online form for citizens to report other citizens who hold religious gatherings of more than ten people, punishable by fines or imprisonment.”

The Skull and Bones Virus

C(3)V(22) 19 = 44

The number ‘322’ appears on the society’s insignia, and is said to refer to 322 B.C., when Athens lost the Lamian War and had to dissolve its democracy. A new, plutocratic government allowed only wealthy Athenians to remain citizens.

C is gimel(3rd letter) (foot)
V is vav(6th letter) (hook)
Hook the Foot. Snare. 3+6=9. 3,6,9

19 is the number of surrender in the esoteric world.

When used in the occult the number 44 is most often used as similitude number for Christ. It is often invoked and perverted in order to harness the Christ energies and turn them upside down.

The final part of Jesus’ earthly ministry is 44 days long. This period began on the day he was crucified, which was Wednesday, April 5 in 30 A.D. It ended on the day he gave his final instructions to his disciples and ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives, Thursday, May 18.

I mention “hook the foot” from Paleo Hebrew’s symbolism. There is a character named Hook Foot in Rapunzels Tangled Adventure show. So what right? Well there is a Tangled Corona connection to all of this.

In the fairy tale and movie Tangled, Rapunzel was “self-quarantined” I guess you could say. She was in a tower. The Kingdom she was from was Corona. Essentially she was the Queen of Corona. Can any of this get any stranger?

And someone stole my research and made a meme. You’re welcome…

What in the Westworld is Going On?

What in the Westworld is going on? Season 3 started last night and it opened in China, 13 hours South of Wuhan. The opening credits then show a corona of what looks to be an eclipse with a hawk, a dandelion being blown away into an eye corona and ending with the corona.

A dandelion in the form of coronvirus has been used in a interesting image with Winnie the pooh blowing it in the wind.

Dandelion derived from the French “dent-de-lion”, meaning ‘lion’s tooth’ (because of the jagged shape of the leaves).

You will notice the Coronavirus with their triangle shaped shark tooth shape.

Dolores (meaning sorrow) the main AI antagonist of the show says that “the gods are coming and they are angry”. Very interesting first episode.

Promo was also is in red. Mars the red planet represents March while the series opened on March 15th.

The TOXIC CORONA? Rev. 6:2 revisited.

I was re-reading this and well…
Revelation 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow (toxon); and a crown (stephanos) was given unto him: and he went forth conquering (nikaō), and to conquer (nikaō).

He had a bow. Toxon in Greek gives us toxic in English. This word according to Strong’s is from to ‘tiktō’ which means “to bring forth, bear, produce (fruit from the seed) or of a woman giving birth”…From toxon came the Greek toxikon, meaning “a poison in which arrows are dipped.” Toxikon was borrowed into Latin as toxicum, which gave rise to the Latin verb intoxicare, “to poison.” If you remember, when this was declared a pandemic by our helpful owl Mr. WHO, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars were in Sagittarius (the archer).

Corona is Latin for Crown and it is stephanos in Greek. It looks as if this white horse rider has brought us a 🎁 with a bow and crown in the name of 3 – Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Or let’s say a toxic poisonous corona. Read my blog below to get a little more in depth.

Cortana, Quarantine and Pandemic: coronamadness

I believe AI controls, monitors and manipulates the internet 🕸. Bill Gates chose Cortana to do his bidding for Windows. She was an AI character on Halo modeled after Nefertiti. Her name means ‘shortened” and is a name for a ceremonial sword. Looks like Cortana may not have went away so easily as the article advice described. There is a play on the words Cortana and Corona. The ceremonial sword Cortana was actually a sword of mercy. The corona is an aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and stars. Look at Cortana’s black Sun aka Saturn’s cult.

Now let’s go back to December 31st when they officially have said this virus officially started. Below was the Google Doodle of FROGGY (the spirits of demons are symbolised as frogs) with a needle coming from his left side and a sword coming from his right. Corona vs Cortana. Notice how the hypodermic needle coming from his left side is going towards his head and there is a boat inside of it. The first Google doodle of 2020 was telling you to choose between the sword or the vaccine. Death will be inevitable at the hands of the spirits symbolizing frogs. Did the AI Cortana drive this spirit of fear on social media?

Then it brings us to this word QUARANTINE.

The word quarantine comes from Italian “quaranta giorni” meaning “space of forty days”. 40 days in scripture was a time of testing. Jesus was in the wilderness being tested by Satan in the span of the 40 days. Lent ironically started on Feb 26th and is related to these 40 days. On Ash Wednesday they read Genesis 3:19, GOD’s curse to man.

The word “Lent” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term “lencten” (relating to the lengthening of days), which actually translates to “spring.” March 8th time “sprung” forward just a week after leap day took place. We added a extra day to this year’s Catholic Lent season where ashes are wiped on the middle of the forehead. This is where the thermometers are aimed when checking temps for this coronavirus, on the forehead.

Lent goes till April 9th on Passover and this Passover they hope to sacrifice a lamb on the Temple Mount as they still await the ashes of the red heifer. On March 11th in the 2008 movie Quarantine, a building goes on lockdown. Here comes the toilet paper buying zombies once the word PANDEMIC is spoken.

This “virus” is a time of psychological testing from Satan who is represented as this symbolic coronavirus that allegedly comes from a snake. They follow their king, the nachash of the garden. Expect this “quarantine” to last into Passover as they end it with the Seal of Solomons loosing/binding ritual of the 72 fallen watchers. This is a time to put on your sackclothe and ash and repent of our wickedness.

“Forty” shows up in the Bible with the 40 years in the wilderness for the Jews; 40 years from the crucifixion of Jesus to the destruction of Jerusalem; 40 days of Moses on the mount receiving the Law; 40 days given to Nineveh to repent. This is a time of testing. Repent.

March 11th, 2020

March 11th or 311 is when this movie Quarantine took place. March 11th, 2020 is when Trump declared a pandemic in the U.S. March 11th, 2020 coronavirus was officially declared a global pandemic.

3/11. 3 represents the triune GOD. 11 represents chaos. Her are a few interesting pieces of info on #311. 3×11=33. Ides of March represents Mars/War. March 11 is the 70th day of the year (71st in leap years).

The 70/72 are representing the fallen watchers that are invoked. This invocation started with Malki in September of 2019 sacrificing that lamb on Mount Scopus (Judgement) for the seventy nations. ‘3 months and 11 days’ later on 2/22/2005 the CDC starts scaring the American people with more avian flu mutation propaganda, mentioning possible military enforced ‘quarantines’ coming for the American people. March 11th, 2020. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are seen in Sagittarius (The centaur rider with the bow). The Archer. The mighty hunter. Nimrod. Jupiter rules Sagittarius according to occult belief.

The kings plague: coronavirus/Covid-19. Call it what you want but don’t call it a genuine threat. Psyop. Brainwashing. This spirit of fear is mentally and psychologically affecting people and this is just in time for April 7th, 2020. The ritual of rituals


The “virus” has now become a PAN DEMIC. This usually happens when something can’t be controlled anyone. This incident is further from the truth of actually being a pandemic. But what does PANDEMIC really mean?

Pandemic is from the greek word Pandemos. Pan & Demos. Pan in Greek means ALL while demos means PEOPLE. ALL PEOPLE. This is why something labeled a pandemic means it is because ALL PEOPLE are affected by this. Hence, PANDEMIC. Not only does pan mean ALL, but also represents the mythological shepherd entity who is a half goat/half man who plays a flute while leading his flock. He hangs with the nymphs/demons and is akin to Levi’s Baphomet who represents Lucifer. The word PANIC comes from PAN.

Now the other part of PANDEMIC comes from demos. This means people. In Koinia Greek we see that this word not only means people but refers to the binding of people or when people are assembled to think and do as ONE. Think of a ONE WORLD ORDER where the thought is cohesive. This word demos is related to the word demon.

When demon is plural it actually becomes demos. Now this word for a people or group that shares the same convictions made me think of the earth dwellers of Revelation. They are of one accord and become this way due to following the beast So we see that PANDEMIC is not only about ALL PEOPLE coming together to fight a virus. But it is the goat man who leads his flocks to the demons. There was an old Greek pun, ALL DEMONS PERISH. In the end, all demons will perish, but not before they make all people perish.

Repentance or the spirit of fear?

I want you to look at the image below and than ask yourself this, are people under the circumstances we are in, under this spirit of fear? We have all seen the toilet paper and water crisis at these stores. Fear is the virus.

Read what scripture says.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) This is what the spirit of fear looks like. Fear – δειλίας (of cowardice). deilós refers to an excessive fear (dread) of “losing,” causing someone to be fainthearted. – hence, to fall short in following Christ as Lord. These people have genuinely fallen short.

Power (δυνάμεως) “ability to perform” (L-N); for the believer, power to achieve by applying the Lord’s inherent abilities. “Power through God’s ability”.

Love (ἀγάπης) – love which centers in moral preference

Sound mind (σωφρονισμοῦ) – self control. Issuing in prudent (“sensible”) behavior that “fits” a situation. Comes from sōphronízō (“living in divine moderation”) is moving in the “bigger picture” transforming someone to be “radically-balanced” according to the Lord’s will.

Ironically, you have a better chance of dying at the hands of OJ than you do with the psyop called coronavirus.

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