Pangolin Virus 2019

Pay attention. The Economist World in 2019. What are the odds? Let’s flip it. Remember, when it’s backwards like it was, it is being used for witchcraft.

The 4 horseman face towards the panda (China?) and there just happens to be a pangolin in the bottom right corner. The new carrier of the coronavirus.

Notice also the scales of people being weighed by the Vitruvian Man. The “spirit body” of occultists. Notice the right hand holding the scales of people representing the ✡ star of Remphan in the Cabbalah Tarot Chakra version. Moloch.

Vitruvian Man

Pangolin scales (Libra scales) are sought after in Asia for medicinal use. Pangolin means the rolled up one. Pangolins are called Manis. The etymologies of the three generic names Manis (Linnaeus, 1758), Phataginus (Rafinesque, 1821), and Smutsia (Gray, 1865) are sometimes misunderstood.

Carl Linnaeus (1758) invented the Neo-Latin generic name Manis apparently as a feminine singular form of the Latin masculine plural Manes, the Ancient Roman name for a type of spirit, after the animal’s strange appearance.

Pangolin was a Manis which is a subterranean diety. A spirit from the underworld. Ourabouras?

Different reports say that the virus started sometime after December 1st and up to the 31st.

My best guess it was official ywas sometime in mid-December. Winter Solstice to be exact.

Why does the date matter? The Year in 2019 that’s why. The crescent moon on the cover in the top left corner. Opposite of the pangolin. The scales represent Libra constellation. December 21st is when the Moon was in Libra. Surprise surprise. Along with Mars. War.

We also have the Chinese government being the first to use facial recognition in a tyrannical way.

You can see the best thing that Communist China has done is lied. Oops. It just happens to be right under the facial recognition image.

But what goes flying towards the West to meet the four horseman? A stork carrying a bar code baby. AI. Nanotech. Nanoparticles. 5G. Demonic entities. That’s enough for now.

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