Pangolin Virus 2019

Pay attention. The Economist World in 2019. What are the odds? Let’s flip it. Remember, when it’s backwards like it was, it is being used for witchcraft.

The 4 horseman face towards the panda (China?) and there just happens to be a pangolin in the bottom right corner. The new carrier of the coronavirus.

I want you to notice the 2nd rider from the right. It looks like the Statue of Liberty with a N95 mask on. Interesting right. We will see New York hit hardest by this fear pandemic.

Notice also the scales of people being weighed by the Vitruvian Man. The “spirit body” of occultists. Notice the right hand holding the scales of people representing the ✡ star of Remphan in the Cabbalah Tarot Chakra version. Moloch. In his top right hand he holds a phone with a QR code. It reminds me of the social credit system in China that gives you a red, yellow or green score of approval through a QR code. This goes along with the hand below of people being weighed in the scales of judgement.

Vitruvian Man

Pangolin scales (Libra scales) are sought after in Asia for medicinal use. Pangolin means the rolled up one. Pangolins are called Manis. The etymologies of the three generic names Manis (Linnaeus, 1758), Phataginus (Rafinesque, 1821), and Smutsia (Gray, 1865) are sometimes misunderstood.

Carl Linnaeus (1758) invented the Neo-Latin generic name Manis apparently as a feminine singular form of the Latin masculine plural Manes, the Ancient Roman name for a type of spirit, after the animal’s strange appearance.

Pangolin was a Manis which is a subterranean diety. A spirit from the underworld. Ourabouras?

Different reports say that the virus started sometime after December 1st and up to the 31st.

My best guess it was official was sometime in mid-December. Winter Solstice to be exact.

Why does the date matter? The Year in 2019 that’s why. The crescent moon on the cover in the top left corner. Opposite of the pangolin. The scales represent Libra constellation. December 21st is when the Moon was in Libra. Surprise surprise. Along with Mars. War. We also see the satellite representing Elon Musks new constellation in our sky.

We also have the Chinese government being the first to use facial recognition in a tyrannical way.

You can see the best thing that Communist China has done is lied. Oops. It just happens to be right under the facial recognition image.

But what goes flying towards the West to meet the four horseman? A stork carrying a bar code baby. AI. Nanotech. Nanoparticles. 5G. Demonic entities. That’s enough for now.

Revisiting: Flag Idolatry

I am going to revisit a paper I wrote a couple of years ago. The idolatry of saluting a flag. Read it here. You don’t need to be labeled a Jehovah’s Witness (who for once got something right) or anti-American or unpatriotic, but unfortunately you will get that label. That’s ok though. Jesus Christ is our King, not the goddess of Columbia or HuBaL, the Masonic god.

Let’s start with this. The Supreme Court ruled in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943) that under the free speech provisions of the First Amendment, public school students cannot be compelled to participate in patriotic rituals such as the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem Do you understand this “patriots”? It doesn’t make any child that doesn’t participate less American. It means they have rights to not have to subject themselves under an authority that is not of GOD.

The Bellamy salute was established in 1892 celebrating the 400 years that Columbus set sail. Francis Bellamy was chosen to write a flag salute that originally had no mention of God or a god. It mentioned “my flag” not “the flag”, which was changed 50 years later so immigrants could not insert their home flag in this form of idolatry. Bellamy was a Baptist Socialist pastor.I wonder how many “patriotic” Christians who celebrate the flag, know that this man was a breathe away from Communism? The original salute consisted of raising the right arm palm down and slowly putting the right hand over the heart. This was reminiscent of the military salute to the furher Adolf Hitler. It changed for obvious reasons in 1942 when the flag code was amended to just placing the right hand over the heart. This was the new flag code law.

So we see the historical significance of saluting a flag. 1892 it was instituted as a Socialist construct imitating in the 20’s and 30’s German Socialist Parties salute to their king. In 1942 it was amended in the Flag Code to abandon the military salute and just use the hand over the heart. Now it was illegal according to the 1942 ammened flag code to do the official Bellamy salute.

Now this brings us to 2020. My daughter started Kindergarten and it never occurred to me that she was doing the flag salute. Not until sure mentioned it. I asked her how she did it. She put her hands to her side, slowly raised her right arm palm down eye level and then slowly put her hand over her heart. I about fell over. They have taught her the Bellamy salute. Something that is completely illegal in 2020 according to the flag code. So who brought this back for the Trump Youth?

The Christian on the Left

“Francis Julius Bellamy (1855–1931) was an American Christian socialist minister and author, best known for writing the original version of the US Pledge of Allegiance in 1892...In 1891, Daniel Sharp Ford, the owner of the Youth’s Companion, hired Bellamy to work with Ford’s nephew James B. Upham in the magazine’s premium department. In 1888, the Youth’s Companion had begun a campaign to sell US flags to public schools as a premium to solicit subscriptions...Four years later, by 1892, the magazine had sold US flags to approximately 26,000 schools.

“In 1892, Upham had the idea of using the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus reaching the Americas / Western Hemisphere in 1492 to further bolster the schoolhouse flag movement. The magazine called for a national Columbian Public School Celebration to coincide with the World’s Columbian Exposition, then scheduled to be held in Chicago, Illinois, during 1893. A flag salute was to be part of the official program for the Columbus Day celebration on October 12 to be held in schools all over the US.

The pledge was published in the September 8, 1892, issue of the magazine, and immediately put to use in the campaign. Bellamy went to speak to a national meeting of school superintendents to promote the celebration; the convention liked the idea and selected a committee of leading educators to implement the program, including the immediate past president of the National Education Association.

Bellamy was a Christian socialist who “championed ‘the rights of working people and the equal distribution of economic resources, which he believed was inherent in the teachings of Jesus.'” In 1891, Bellamy was “forced from his Boston pulpit for preaching against the evils of capitalism”, and eventually stopped attending church altogether after moving to Florida, reportedly because of the racism he witnessed there. Francis’s career as a preacher ended because of his tendency to describe Jesus as a socialist. In the 21st century, Bellamy is considered an early American democratic socialist.” Link

Imagine a Socialist who hated capitalism, but in the end fought the good fight for capitalism. Bellamy made no sense.

The effort was spearheaded by Daniel Sharp Ford, owner of Youth’s Companion magazine, who asked Francis J. Bellamy to compose a Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge was a widespread hit, but Ford still felt something was missing. So, Youth’s Companion instructed pledge reciters to perform a salute, which CNN describes:

The Bellamy Salute consisted of each person—man, woman or child—extending his or her right arm straight forward, angling slightly upward, fingers pointing directly ahead.With their right arms aiming stiffly toward the flag, they recited: “I pledge allegiance…” Link

I guess you have a right to believe what you like or choose whom you will serve. I’ll just cross my arms and be that guy.

It makes sense if the one armed salute originated as a mockery of GOD when saints lifted their arms in praise. The right hand lifted to their “gods” on this earth. It is said to represent fascism and it was the Bellamy salute for your pledge. Your pledge to Columbia the goddess. Or would you rather serve Moloch? Do as the Romans do.

The Nanocrown Virus?

I have written in the past about how I believe we ingest nanotechnology from the spraying of chemtrails. Now that the coronavirus is here, people are presuming that it may be based on 5G activation of this nanotech that is in all of us. It wouldn’t be hard to believe. Wuhan seems to be the first Chinese Providence that actually got 5G enacted in 2018. In the article below you can see that by 2020, 5G in Wuhan will be on every street corner. I wonder if we are seeing the activation of 2 years doing it’s job? Or is the nanobots activated in some people? If this is true it is very scary. We know coronavirus was dormant in bats and that this “virus” was activate because of snakes (so they say). I’m very weary to believe their story. The Chinese Pres. came out and called it a “demon virus”. Interesting choice of words.

How can a virus that is killed by a cam of Lysol in 30 seconds drop people like flys? Well maybe it isn’t a virus like they say or comes from a bio lab. Maybe it is from nanobots being activated via 5G. Crazy? Yeah but believable. A snake is a serpent. A serpent was in the garden. The nachash was the light bearer. Electricity produces light. AI is traveling through light and electricity. AI is more than a man made algorithm. AI is a conduit for demonic entities. If these are all connected, we see nanotech being activated by AI & communicating to each other.

Now here is the kicker. They have made a vaccine to combat the coronavirus. Great right? No not so much. It is a nanoparticle based vaccine.

They are going to infect people with more nanotechnology in the guise of a vaccine. Please listen. Repent of your sins. Accept the free gift of eternal life from Jesus. This life is but a vapor but we need that eternal security. The only chance you have to survive a physical and spiritual attack like this is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Do not conform to this world.

“Corona anagram of Racoon. Resident Evil references; Redfields & Racoon.” – Jason

“In the famous Zombie series, “Resident Evil” – “The Umbrella Corporation” located in “Racoon City” created a Zombie Virus. Notice the logo for China’s corporation where the virus originated from looks exactly the same? Also, the word ‘Racoon’ is an anagram of ‘Corona’.”

“The English word raccoon derives from an Algonquin word arachun, meaning “the one who scratches himself,” but other words for “raccoon” in other Native American languages emphasize associations with witches and magic. In the Cheyenne language, the word for raccoon is macho-on, “the one who makes magic.” The word for raccoon in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, is cioatlamacasque, literally “she who talks with spirits.” The Yakima word tsa-ga-gla-tal may be translated as witch, spirit, or raccoon.”

“The English word raccoon derives from an Algonquin word arachun, meaning “the one who scratches himself,” but other words for “raccoon” in other Native American languages emphasize associations with witches and magic. In the Cheyenne language, the word for raccoon is macho-on, “the one who makes magic.” The word for raccoon in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, is cioatlamacasque, literally “she who talks with spirits.” The Yakima word tsa-ga-gla-tal may be translated as witch, spirit, or raccoon.”

Read the WH briefing for the virus. “And we are seeing — in the cases that are in the hospital, we’ve seen people who had detectable virus, then they didn’t have detectable virus, and then three days later they had detectable virus.” This is a “smart virus”. I’m telling you. It is nanotech that has been activated in the guise of a coronavirus brought on by a snake. It was from a snake alright, but not like how some think. Watch for the breakout of this plague from around the world. It is active then dormant than active for a reason. “Demon virus”.

This sounds like nanotbots coming and going as they please. Dormant/Active. What is controlling this virus? It almost seems like a computer virus now doesn’t it ? I’m wondering if this is brought on by smart dust?

If you think I’m way off base about smart dust/nanoparticles killing people like a virus, think again.

““This is a key development in what we hope will one day make possible the development of robots the size of a grain of sand,” said Sailor. And how can people be tracked with such ease? The ingestion of smart dust nano particulars. You can’t get the info you need without your civilians being microchipped. Ever wonder how China did it so fast? Ever wonder what all that “smog” in their air was?

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