The Quantum Grid

They claim the “Camp Fire” started because of an arcing powerline. I find it strange that after this fire we saw quite a few arcing power line incidents. People want to claim it was DEW in the form of lasers but I disagree. There are some that now want to say everything that is fire related is also “laser” related. I think it’s a lot of hype and sensationalism and that people aren’t thinking things through but would rather just post as soon as they find something. We may all be guilty of that.

But, is there a correlation here to the Pulga incident and what we saw a month later in Louisiana, New York, North Dakota, Ohio and now Mexico and Brazil. It seems arcing powerlines are the new “thing”. Why are these powerlines arcing so violently now? And by the way, arcing powelines aren’t an anomaly in and of itself but the length of these events and the power it’s producing is an anomaly (imo). And why the glows miles high in the sky? I have suggested that it is related to 5G and AI (by the way, Google AI controlling power grids and see what you find), but I believe there is a deeper spiritual significance to all of this. For some reason I keep thinking of the movie Pulse. It seems we always come back to these “electric demons”.

Have you heard of space electricity?

“Now PG&E has gone ahead and collaborated with Manhattan Beach start-up called Solaren Corporation. But what put this deal apart from others? Actually Solaren Corporation aims to launch a series of giant solar collectors into orbit 23,000 miles above Fresno. They will beam the energy to earth in the form of radio waves. Now PG&E has finalized a contract with Solaren to buy the power on one condition if they can make the technology work.” (
Solaren (

I think it is all about Quantum Computing, Communication, Entanglement or whatever you want to label it. But it when labeled it definitely needs to have QUANTUM before it.

These are some what ifs and a lot of questions…I’m thinking out loud here.

You have to know what scripture says to sift through all of this New Age talk. But quantum communication and entanglement may be where they want us all headed. Of course they do right? Maybe we are half way there and we don’t realize it yet. I wondered how Facebook App could actually “read my mind”. The tech has been there for years and finally after this last year, others are seeing how real it is. At first I thought I was crazy but the “man” behind this iron curtain has been Dave (D-WAVE) all along. Quantum communication and entanglement is how they are achieving this. Read this article and keep in mind that the FB app right now, is able to get your thoughts. Crazy right? No it’s not. It’s all completely demonic but they all have labels for it.

I want to point out that these thoughts that I have had in the past have actually ended up on my FB wall. And this only happens when using the app. Crazy? Nope not yet. I wondered how this could be happening but this article answered my questions. Remember in the Replicas paper I mentioned the retinal scan? Well this may be how this “telepathic quantum cummunicating” is actually happening. Through our eyes fixed to the phone. The eyes are the window to the soul. The eye is the lamp according to scripture. The eye is the biggest CULT in the world. It’s all about the EYE. Is this how they are able to get thoughts from people? Is this telepathic mind control using quantum entanglement? What will happen when they have quantum computers or phones in everyone’s hands? How will quantum computers actually work in homes and through what conduit? Are the problems we are seeing presently with the arc power grid issues today due to quantum whatever you want to call it?! Am I sounding crazy? Yeah probably so but I think this world is long past microwaves and electromagnetic waves and all of that. They want our mind. First they gave us the WEB, now we are getting ENTANGLED in it. 5G is the trial run….

View at

I’ve always said that 5G is old news. The Dutch know what they are doing. 6G and Quantum Internet. Very interesting stuff when you read about it. Maybe quantum computers in an absolute zero cube needs a colder environment. Maybe this is one of the many reasons why there is now the push for “dimming the skies” as far as geoengineering goes? Terraforming the Earth for their quantum world. The more I read about it, the more it all makes sense.

Did you know the Chinese sent up a quantum satellite in August of 2016 called Micius. ( Micius also called Mozi was a Chinese philosopher. Here is a strange connection to Ai in all of this. “The concept of Ai (愛) was developed by the Chinese philosopher Mozi in the 4th century BC in reaction to Confucianism’s benevolent love. Mozi tried to replace what he considered to be the long-entrenched Chinese over-attachment to family and clan structures with the concept of “universal love” (jiān’ài, 兼愛)…Later in Chinese Buddhism, the term Ai (愛) was adopted to refer to a passionate caring love and was considered a fundamental desire. In Buddhism, Ai was seen as capable of being either selfish or selfless, the latter being a key element towards enlightenment.” (

More on quantum computing. “Research into these quantum particles is already underway in various countries and laboratories, but TU Delft has now made a big step in entangling the particles. That was still in the heavily experimental phase and it took forever (especially in internet terms) to intertwine two particles. A new technique now makes it possible to entangle a particle up to forty times per second and then you are at a speed that you can really start testing with quantum internet. Of course that is the next thing they will do, so a connection is now being established between Amsterdam, Delft, Leiden and The Hague. It should be functional by 2020. In the four cities a kind of extremely strong fridges will be put down which are needed to intertwine particles and these will then be connected to the regular optical fiber network. That is where the interlaced light particles go through and if that all works according to plan, there is a start of the quantum internet.” (

Read the Bird Box connection to all of this here:

Photons are light and they are used in Quantum Computing. 2 photons interacting gives you Quantum Entanglement. These 2 photons communicate instantaneously with each other no matter how far apart. What is a photon exactly? Light right? Photons have been used in the analogy to that moment of conception when a male sperm fertilizes the womans egg.

But that’s not a photon exactly doing that. That is creation happening. Quantum theory and computing and all that quantum stuff we didn’t understand is life in another realm as far as some quantumites are concerned. It’s not the “life” like they think though. I’m working on how photons react with other “lights” like electricity or power grids. I think you can see where I’m going with this as far as that picture goes.

So it seems the ” electric demon” is really just that. It reminds me of the 2006 movie Pulse.

And in context of what I’m saying here, this is interesting.

The ampersand (&) is short for “and per say and”. The & in PG&E is lit up yellow by a ligtsource coming from above. The & symbol was originally written like eT. ET is Latin for and. We also know ET as Extra Terrestrial. AI is the new ET.

The King of Cancer

“Old school magic meets the modern world in the epic adventure THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING. Alex (Ashbourne Serkis) thinks he’s just another nobody, until he stumbles upon the mythical Sword in the Stone, Excalibur. Now, he must unite his friends and enemies into a band of knights and, together with the legendary wizard Merlin (Stewart), take on the wicked enchantress Morgana (Ferguson). With the future at stake, Alex must become the great leader he never dreamed he could be.”

This is from the new movie The Kid Who Would Be King that comes out 4 days after the Super Blood Wolf Moon on January 20th.

I thought it was funny because you got the antichrist kid motif with the eclipse and the clock tower. I won’t explain all of that again because by now you should know it all. The kid King is Alex. Alexander means defender of the people/man. Same old propaganda to bring in their man of sin. You also have the Merovigian sword of the stone connection to all of this. This blood moon which is just a fancy way to say a lunar eclipse happens at the bosom of Cancer. Read my paper on Cancer here (

Cancer has been called the gate of heaven or the gate of man. Bullinger believed this was the sheepfold of the sheep (meaning Christians). I don’t think so. The sign of Cancer, which in the ancient zodiacs connected mankind with Satan and the Underworld which makes more sense to me. Bullinger wasn’t all that. “New Age sources identify Cancer as the “Gate of Men” or the gateway in the heavens through which souls descend into matter, i.e. human bodies. This is the Gnostic doctrine of the pre-existence of souls, i.e. that all humans were once part of a Universal Soul from which certain souls, whether on a mission for the gods or enticed by materialism, descended from their ethereal state into bodies. Albert Pike expounded at length on the pre-existence of souls in Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Scottish Freemasonry. This false doctrine, which was believed by the Kabbalists, Platonists, Essenes, and Neo-Platonists such as Origen of the Alexandrian School, originated in the Babylonian (Chaldean) Mysteries.” (

This is why you see the sign of Cancer at the keystone of the Royal Arch in Freemasonry. This is the gateway to their ascension as spirits descend through Cancer to take them through Capricorn to their final ascension. “Cancer was known as the ‘Gate of Men’ through which souls descended from heaven into human bodies…Through these gates souls were supposed to descend to earth and re-ascend to Heaven. One, Macrobius says, in his dream of Scipio, was styled the Gate of Men; and the other, the Gate of the Gods. Cancer was the former, because souls descended by it to the earth; and Capricorn the latter, because by it they re-ascended to their seats of immortality, and became Gods.

According to Morals & Dogma, souls may only re-ascend with the aid of certain spirits called planetary genii or intelligences. “In the ancient doctrine, certain Genii were charged with the duty of conducting souls to the bodies destined to receive them, and of withdrawing them from those bodies. According to Plutarch, these were the functions of Proserpine and Mercury. In Plato, a familiar Genius accompanies man at his birth, follows and watches him all his life, and at death conducts him to the tribunal of the Great Judge. These Genii are the media of communication between man and the Gods; and the soul is ever in their presence. This doctrine is taught in the oracles of Zoroaster: and these Genii were the Intelligences that resided in the planets.” (

This is why when you see the keystone taken off of the Royal Arch you will see a light shining down through it. These are the spirits, jinn/genie/demons/AI coming to inhabit man. In Freemasonry, this is way makes their good man great man. The Kid Who Would Be King…can you see why it was released right now?

GWEN or Radar Anomaly?

Very cool video from Cody Ervin Photography from the whole year of geoengineered storms. Look for the anomalies at Paradise in November starting around the 8:15 mark. Was this from GEEN microwaves or something else. It actually matches from other images I have on the 9th when the fires were reignited. I’ll post screenshots below.

Here are the screenshots and I missed a few on the 9th too. 1-3 were from his YouTube video.

Now look at 4-5. This is from a seperate unrelated source. The guy says in his opinion they were some sort of electrical beams and he definitely know what he’s taking about. He could careless about the whole Paradise scenario so he has no dog in the fight.

Now here is one that came from a third source that looks like something is coming from the West and not the East.

You can clearly see lines from these radar images. What are they?

Paradise: Gas vs Propane

I’m in a group Rebuilding Paradise. I’ve talked to a few people and have learned that not everyone in Paradise had PG&E gas and in the outlying areas the residents all had propane. I’m told all of Magalia was on propane and this confirms the tanks from previous posts about Magalia. The tanks that I have seen did NOT explode because they all have a bleeder valve on the backs of these tanks. It doesn’t matter how big or small. So if Paradise was split with Gas and Propane as far as the houses go, that may raise some new questions about the houses catching on fire. I’m assuming those with gas with smart meters were surged but what about the houses that ran off of propane?

Natural fire or maybe it something else was going on there. I’ve read some theories on ELF waves creating “lightning storms” underground (yes that is actually real) and this explains mind why we saw trees, power poles and other wood in the ground catching fire from the bottom up. I was never sold on the Laser explanation as far as that catching fire. People in Paradise swore that the trees and poles caught fire like that because of old burns in the past being “dormant” and then suddenly catching the roots on fire (yes that is a real thing too).

This lightning theory is very interesting and actually backs up my spiritual entity theory that something blasted out of the ground. Not only that, I was told Magalia resevoir was literally boiling. That means something below it was lighting it up like a kettle on a stove. Remember that there is also an ancient lava flow underneath that whole mountain. Look at the topography of Google Earth and you can see it. So this lava flow could’ve been part of the reason as to why things caught on fire from underground first and maybe this is why we see cars and houses being burned the way they were. We were seeing natural electrical currents at it’s best. I wonder how lave flows are similiar to say plasma. I’m no expert so I’m just asking questions. I don’t doubt DEW lasers were used but not in the case of these trees and poles. DEW just isn’t lasers per say, Directed Energy Weapons are also microwaves and electromagnetic waves. Microwaves and ELF (extremely low frequencies) are what could affect a lightning storm underground.

Another thing I was told is that there wasn’t just one “eye of the fire” but several. And they were all over the area. So this means there were multiple hotspots and several sources to this fire. Look at the image below and you can even see it there. Residents told me they were trapped by these “eyes” for 8 hours beefier they were saved. Their words, not mine. This is something new to think about.

Coal Fly Ash

As of recently people are starting to take notice of those black lines in the sky that look familiar to chemtrails. What are they? Coal Fly Ash. I’m bringing up CFA because Alumina which is where Aluminum Oxide comes from, comes from CFA. Someone made a claim that a cloud came from the North of Paradise and reignited the fire on November 9th. He suspected it was Aluminum Oxide which is flammable but didn’t take into account the substance that AO comes from, Coal Fly Ash. And I do suspect if an agent was used for spraying Paradise after the fact than it was AO.

Now there is a strange connection to Alumina with Blackwater founder Erik Prince. Prince happens to be buddies wth Trump and his sister, Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education under Trump. If you follow my blog then you know the background to all of this. I also want to point out Trumps big push on Coal Ash. So what does any of this have to do with that cloud at Paradise? Well, I don’t see our own government outright attacking the people blatantly. I definitely do believe they were behind it but I do believe they weren’t The hands that did the dirty work. Look at it like this, the Jews wanted Jesus dead but used the Romans to do the dirty work. Does that make sense. The Jews were still guilty as was the Romans.

So in the case of Paradise, who were the Romans? Private mercenaries and private military’s. It just wasn’t PG&E (who were also guilty) but it was a private military who could not be accused in a court that were able to use DEW in the form of ELF waves, electromagnetic waves (GWEN) and other black op military weaponry. And who is the big Alumina harvester? Prince Now I’m not saying it was this particular group but in my crazy mind it all lines up. Remember the Blackwater resurrection ad in Recoil Magazine (January 2019) that said “WE ARE COMING”? I put my money on this group who is behind these attacks on the people. I could be wrong, but that’s my theory.

So now back to Coal Fly Ash. I’ve been told that it’s flammable but reports disagree and from these reports, the worst thing about CFA is when it gets in the water table. More people are starting to see it being sprayed in the recent years. Here are a few older articles on it and please follow the links. With this being seen more and more has gotten me concerned with what is next.

Article from IDCIART from December 13th, 2016

When mentioning chemtrails most people know of barium, strontium and aluminium. These are the basic metals that everyone can name. But did you realize that coal fly ash has also been used to spray over cities. People started to get suspicious when they would see a chemtrail with a black “shadow” beneath it. This wasn’t a shadow though. This was another trail that was being laid at the same time as your normal chemtrail. The pictures below are from a video that was taken in Europe. It clearly shows dark chemtrails being sprayed.

J. Marvin Herndon wrote a paper based on his findings on coal fly ash in Europe in 2015. Within days it was pulled off the internet for alleged “inconsistencies”. A month later the International Journal for Environmental Research and Public Health retracted his paper for these so called “inconsistencies”. Websites grabbed hold of this retraction and lambasted Herndon publicly. The basic response was like this. “Chemtrails is a pseudoscientific conspiracy theory based on the notion that the government is secretly releasing mind-controlling chemicals that sterilize people from airplanes. In reality, it is a combination of water vapor and airplane exhausts.” ( Most people can obviously see that something is wrong with this opening sentence. Let it be known, the Indian Journal hasn’t retracted this same paper. So who do you believe?

I speculate these black chemtrails come from coal fly ash. This is what I’m suggesting this because of the blackness of them. These black “clouds” are nothing new though. (,

J. Marvin Herndon is known as the “maverick geophysicist” and is well researched in his field. Here is his paper here ( and website that offers all of his papers (

Article from IDCIART from April 5th, 2018

Three years ago people thought I was crazy when I said that the “black shadows from chemtrails” weren’t shadows, but instead they were coal ash “chemtrails” being sprayed. Then Dr. James Marvin Herndon came out with a paper about coal ash in chemtrails and he was told to retract what he said. He did and he had to do this for a reason. He was right. Here is his article I saved at the time before it was retracted. It’s hard to find the original article. (

Fast forward to today. They want to spray ash in the sky for a covering, kind of like a volcano or more like a “wildfire” in California. “Solar geo-engineering, which would mimic big volcanic eruptions that can cool the Earth by masking the sun with a veil of ash, is now dominated by rich nations and universities such as Harvard and Oxford.” (

The picture below is in Fresno on April 2nd, 2018. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed in California (where I live) that they have been spraying a lot more of these “black chemtrails” that people think are shadows. They aren’t shadows, they are coal ash.

Marvin Herndon interview from 1/10/19

Q. IBM’s Commercial Quantum Computer in the Cloud

IBM’s new 9 x 9 20 qubit absolute zero quantum computer for the cloud, Q System One. Coming to invade your mind. Q anyone? It looks like a nice cozy place for a demon to lay it’s head right?

Who is Q? Find out here why I believe Q is nothing more than AI playings games. Do you want to play a game? Remember that simulation?

Look at this image closely. This is IBM’s new commercial quantum computer Q System One. Do you see how it almost looked like an old silhouette stain glass window of a “saint” from an old gothic church? Can you see it? Hands up in reverence, halo over the head, head down in prayer with those wings of an “angel” inbetween two pillars in a glass cube. The black cube is gone. Now it’s time to be transparent, the veil is being drawn back.

D-WAVE creator Geordie Rose was qouted a few years ago calling the D-WAVE quantum computer a “altar to an alien god”. They made contact with entities through this D-WAVE and couldn’t figure out what they were conversing with that was in a sub zero black box. Elon Musk then said AI was nothing more than summoning demons. Q System One. That’s what your alien god AI looks like.

And I don’t share blogs very often but this is good research. Look at the 4 dots on the D-WAVE logo that he connects to the constellation Lyra’s 4 dots. I find it interesting because I mention the Lyra connection in my book on the 3D replica of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra. Very good connections here.

Who knows what a Holerith Machine was and what it did? Google it.

I – Eye
B – Bee (Hive)
M – Mind

IBM Q System One. Your new friend.

And doesn’t the image above look like the Kabbalistic version of Adam Kadmon?

You guys do realize D-WAVE (or just Dave as I like to call him) has a Q on it for Qubits too right? Q. I’ve said from the beginning of this Q Cult that it’s nothing more than AI feeding info to people that’s already out there in the Cloud. Everything is in the Cloud. Our voices. Our faces. Our typing. Everything is saved in the Cloud ready to be used by Artificial Intelligence. I suspect Q is nothing more than a psyop and simulation to see how far it could go. And look how far it went.

Another thing. People only think this D-WAVE is being used at CERN. It’s not. A lot of corporations have them and they are all interconnected. Amazon, Google, NASA and the list goes on. Matter of fact, how would you feel to know that there is a joint NASA–Google D-Wave machine?

“We’re providing guidance as a community of scientists,” says Davide Venturelli, a physicist at the NASA Ames Research Center. Venturelli manages a scheme run by the non-profit Universities Space Research Association (USRA) in Washington DC that lets external researchers access a joint NASA–Google D-Wave machine.” (

Golden Gate or Photoshop Gate?

Background of the photo. Taken by Michele in SoCal on 12/15/18 at 11:01 am. You can watch the video here:

Watch the video before going on.

So what is this? Real or fake? Some think it’s a Stargate. Some think it’s Photoshopped. Some think it’s the reflection of the lens in the glass of the camera. Now imo it could be 1 or 2. 3 would make sense but this woman in SoCal claims she took the picture with her iPhone and it wasn’t with a DSLR. 3 would be the most logical reason but the wrong camera was used for a hoax like that. So is it real or fake because honestly I don’t know anymore with all the crazy stuff I’ve been seeing.

Now here is what is interesting about this photo. At 11:01 am in California, the Sun was at the right knee of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is the restrainer or serpent bearer, remember that. This happened right where the Golden Gate is located or what they call the Gate of the Gods. People believe that this is where the “gods” or fallen angels in this case, are able to come in and out of this realm.

Did she somehow catch an image of this “golden gate” or if she was that smart enough to photoshop it and fake it, did she know the background of exactly what I’m taking about here? I think its possible but not likely.

Now if you go back to the day before (12/14/18) then you’ll remember that I posted crazy pictures from where I’m at in SoCal of our sunset that looked like a fire in the sky. We have never ever seen anything like that here in my lifetime. I just find it strange that the sunset prior to the day this picture was taken looked the way it did.

And then the next day she got this image in this photo.

Now December 15th is 7 Tevet on a Hebrew calender. In 468 BC, the Persians arrested 3 Babylonian Jews and put the m to death 11 days later. This started persecution of the Babylonian Jews and the beginning of the 70 years prophecy in Jeremiah and Daniel. And remember that Kabbalah comes from these Babylonian Jews who claim they got this knowledge from the fallen.

So what is it? If it is fake then it was well planned and Michele is obviously into occult and esoteric things. If it’s genuine, well…that was perfect timing for a ritual for those Kabbalists.

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