The Asterion Bull Star

The Minotaur named Asterion who is the guardian of the Temple is in Toulhouse, France for a few days. Asterion (meaning starry), is an attendant of the starry-god Astraeus. Astraeus is an astrological god who is known as the god of the dusk and the winds. Just one of the many Ba’als. Astraeus is the father of the 4 winds and the 5 planet’s. I mention (throughout the whole book) in my book the significance of bull worship and how it has been known since the very beginning. And this bull worship will rise in these last days.

Watch the videos.

They say “he will be reborn by the waters of the river in favor of the new blue moon”. Think back to January with the blue moon, super moon and blood moon happening all in one night. These people continue to do these rituals but don’t have a clue spiritually. Jesus is our strength. The Aleph is who we stand behind. The real and original bull of strength.

“Asterion the articulated Minotaur 14 meters high is in Toulouse . This new “character” of the company La Machine is the protagonist of a show that will last 4 days in the pink city. It is 14 meters high and weighs 47 tons. To handle it and give it life, it takes 16 people.

The Machine is a street theater company founded in 1999 and directed by François Delaroziere . It is born from the collaboration of artists, technicians and decorators of shows around the construction of atypical objects of spectacle. The work we are developing in the public space concerns primarily theater, urbanism and architecture.

“Toulouse marked by gold, fire, blood and water, will see his temple disappear. His guardian buried underground will remain. When the sun rises on the temple finally discovered, fifty equinoxes will be necessary for him to come back to life. Protector of the city, he will be reborn by the waters of the river in favor of the new blue moon. Wandering in search of the temple, lost in the heart of the labyrinth, only Ariane metamorphosed will guide him to his new home. ”

I noticed that symbol is very close to the Mesopotamian symbol of Anu. He was the sky god and called the god of the fathers. His children were the Anunnaki.

The only difference here with the symbol on the bull is that it is 6 points and this one is 8. The 8 pointed star always represented Venus or what you said Ishtar.

I want to bring up what someone mentioned on my Facebook page. Bryan Davidson says this. “For those unaware, vav vav vav (in Hebrew) = 3 nails = 666. This is why Monster energy uses the 3 vavs…Interesting. Yes, with 6 it becomes a hexagon = cube = core of a hexagram = 666. The 3 apparent nails (if meant to be) would add redundancy to that, amplifying the power of the ritual theurgy. The 3 nails are used a lot, as in the Jesuit’s logo (and they are likely behind that 2-beast spectacle).”

The Ancient Invocations Are Coming…

Revelation 18:2

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

“As for the rest of the people, those still alive … I myself now laid flat those people there as a funerary-offering… I fed their dismembered flesh to dogs, pigs, vultures, eagles, birds of the heavens, and fish of the apsû [waters].” – Ashurbanipal

Starting today (November 8th) at the British Museum until February 24th, 2019, Assyrian King Ashurbanipal is being featured. He was known as the King of the World and the “psychopathic bookworm”. He was a very bad dude and now you know why Jonah would’ve rather just watched Ninevah get destroyed. “Warrior. Scholar. Empire builder. King slayer. Lion hunter. Librarian.

King Ashurbanipal of Assyria (r. 669–c. 631 BC) was the most powerful man on earth. He described himself in inscriptions as ‘king of the world’, and his reign from the city of Nineveh (now in northern Iraq) marked the high point of the Assyrian empire, which stretched from the shores of the eastern Mediterranean to the mountains of western Iran.” (

Here is what they are saying about the exhibition. “In one scene, tongues are being ripped from the mouths of prisoners. That will mute their screams when, in the next stage of their torture, they are flayed alive. In another relief a surrendering general is about to be beheaded and in a third prisoners have to grind their fathers’ bones before being executed in the streets of Nineveh.” (

This goes with the one I just posted above of Ashurbanipal. He was strongly connected to these “Babylonian devils”. I told you he was a psychotic bookworm and here is proof. Evidently there were so many demons and devils in Babylon that they had to use incantations from Ninevah to spiritially battle against these demonic spirits. We know how it worked out for them. It didn’t end well. The Israelites were later taken captive by the Babylonians and this is what they saw, I’m sure of it. This may be why they turned to the Mystery Religion and why they were influenced to write the Babylonian Talmud. And this could also be the influence on were Kabbalah comes from. It’s just a guess but it makes a lot sense.

“Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth, or a phantom of night that hath no couch… or one that lieth dead in the desert… or a ghost unburied… or a hag-demon, or a ghoul, or a robber-sprite, or a weeping woman that hath died with a babe at the breast… Whatever thou be until thou art removed, until thou departest from the body of the man, thou shalt have no water to drink. Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand… Into the house enter thou not. Through the fence break thou not…”

So begins an incantation that started life on the lips of a Sumerian sorcerer six or seven millennia ago, before being penned into a clay tablet in the seventh century BC by an Assyrian scholar and then placed in the great library of his king, Ashurbanipal, at Nineveh. When the Babylonians sacked Nineveh in 612 BC, they consigned the library and its 30,000 tablets to the dust. In the 1840s it was excavated and the tablet was taken to the British Museum, where the scholar Reginald Campbell Thompson translated it, and forty-three similar incantations, into the first volume of The Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia: Being Babylonian and Assyrian Incantations Against the Demons, Ghouls, Vampires, Hobgoblins, Ghosts, and Kindred Evil Spirits, Which Attack Mankind (1903).

To live in ancient Mesopotamia, the book suggests, was to contend with a frightening variety of supernatural adversaries. From the heavens, godlike devils descended to “ride on noxious winds, spreading storms and pestilence”. From the underworld, ravenous Ekimmu rose up, desperately dissatisfied with their diet of dust, mud, and insufficient libations from family members. They would approach a hapless traveller in a haunted place, fasten upon them and torment them until an exorcising priest intervened. The Utukku, also risen from the underworld, would lie in wait in the desert, mountains or graveyards, inflicting evil with a mere glance. The half demon, half human Alu were equally terrifying. Usually lacking mouth, limbs, or ears they hid away in dark corners, haunting ruins and deserted buildings and “slinking through the streets at night like pariah dogs”, before at any moment emerging to envelop you like a cloak. The Alu were also said, in a rather frightening embodiment of insomnia, to stand over the bed of a victim and threaten to pounce if they dared close their eyes, stealing away all hope of sleep.” (

I find it strange that there has been these kinds of finds that are being pushed to the public. Timing is everything, I believe that is the key for them. I posted yesterday about a book that came out that involves incantations and spells called Babylonian Demons. This morning The Times of Israel wrote a story on these Kabbalistic amulets of spells that came from Russia that has made its way to Israel. So why now are these ancient demonic spells being released? Like I said…timing.

“The Times of Israel viewed the most curious collection in a holding vault a few weeks ago, prior to its treatment in an airtight, oxygen-free chamber to kill any possible creepy crawlers, a process performed ahead of its cataloging and digital imaging.

Inside the case, the library’s researchers discovered a total of 85 items, 76 of them magical amulets. There is also a “recipe book” nestled among dozens of small, rolled Hebrew scrolls — a sort of witch-doctor’s handbook. The unusual, hand-written small notebook is so apparently well-used, it is almost falling apart and must be handled with care.

One of its choicer entries reads, “If an enemy defecates in front of your house or store, burn his feces while reciting: ‘The anus of the one who did so will be burned.’ The aforementioned enemy will get blisters on his anus — this has been tested.”

A book of spells included in the mysterious magic-filled black suitcase given to Dr. Max Brodny in Moscow in 1959. (Amanda Borschel-Dan/Times of Israel)

The book, written in a variety of hands and containing words in several languages, contains a myriad of material, from an invisibility spell to be used when robbing friends, to a cure against scorpion stings — located just above a section of special “angel writing.”

Where these scrolls and magical spells originated is still unclear, but there are several hints within the texts, curator Finkelman told The Times of Israel. “There is no obvious answer,” he said, “but we have several hypotheses.”

Based on writing style and personal names found in the texts, the library researchers believe almost all of the scrolls originated in North Africa at the end of the 19th-century or the early 20th-century, with a few of them written in the Land of Israel or elsewhere. On a couple of amulets, there is little room for doubt as it is written on the page, “Here in the Land of Israel.”

The language is overwhelmingly Hebrew, but with terms and phrases sprinkled through that were taken from Arabic, Greek and even Italian…Finkelman quickly said there is nothing “earth shattering” among the individual items of the collection. Probably not to a scholar in the field, but as he unrolled a few more detailed scrolls, some with illustrations of the Sephirotic tree – the map of the divine structure according to the Kabbalah – this reporter couldn’t help but be impressed at the scribe’s intricate craftsmanship.” (

NFL Gone Alchemical

So I’m watching the Sunday night football game between the Packers and Patriots and before it even starts there is a woman analyst who brought up numerology. She was using numerology of the number 12 for both quarterbacks. Doing #1 first then #2 then went onto the combination of the two with 12. It was like a sports Tarot reading.

Video courtesy of Ashley Conard via Twitter

Check out the symbolism behind the numbers. Notice the null symbol? I’ll get to that in a second.

Welcome to the Alchemical NFL ritual. Then Chris Collinsworth said as I was writing this, “It’s going to be a game of possessions“, right then the Green Bay kicker came to kick a field goal. His name is MASON. Lol.

Preparing for the Super Bowl is like studying the Talmud” – Kraft (Owner of the Patriots)

So keep in mind. The Packers wete paying the New England Patriots. This is the same owner who said the above and kissed Tom Brady on the lips like they are father and son.

“What do preparing for the Super Bowl and rabbinic literature have in common? More than you would think, according to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

As Tom Brady and company get ready to face the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5, Kraft spoke with the Forward about his religious upbringing, his relationship with Israel, and what it takes to prepare for the biggest stage in one of the most complicated, strategic sports.

Super Bowl-Bound Arthur Blank on Why Jews Score as NFL Owners
Gerald EskenaziFebruary 1, 2017
“We try to prepare very hard, study very hard,” said Kraft, who grew up in a strictly observant Jewish home and studied Pirkei Avot — Ethics of our Fathers — every Saturday afternoon with his father. “You know, it’s like studying Talmud or Torah — it’s not just simplistic, it’s deep. We prepare as a team very well, we practice hard.”

Read more:

Now back to the pre-game. Here is a screenshot of the number 12 numerology segment.

This symbol that the 12 is inside is an advanced alchemical symbol for transmutation. This is something that is about to change into something else. Before we get into that notice it’s the number 12. 11 comes before 12, obviously. I did a op on the 11:11 ritual in Ipswich. 11:11 or 11/11 in the opinions of new agers and witches represents a “reset” of sorts. Keep that in mind.

Now the 12 is inside a pentagram that’s inside a pentagon inside a circle inside a triangle inside a outer circle. The outer circle signifies that it is representing a alchemical transmutation of the 5 elements. This is definetly either a advanced alchemical ritual or just getting football fans amalgamated to occult rituals. I say probably both.

Now notice that there is a null symbol to the right of the screen. It looks like this ∅. It’s similar to the Greek phi. I did a complete write up on this symbol in context of the 1/9/88 Econimist cover with the Phoenix and the new monetary system. You can find it on my blog here. I suggest you check it out. It is strange they have this symbol representing something empty on a NFL pre-game show about quarterbacks.

Remember, 12 comes after 11 and they think 11:11 is a reset. Does this have anything to do with November 12th reset? I don’t know but it is all strange if you ask me.

The symbol below is supposed to represent “human transmutation” in alchemy. It is really close to what the NFL used on Sunday night football.

Here is the Ipswich 11:11 ritual so you can get what they think about these 1’s.

There has been a ritual going on in Ipswich. They claim it’s celebrating WW1 and they do this weird demonic sound “Clarion Call” over 488 loudspeakers. Those who are in charge of this event have actually called it an incantation and on their FB you can see that their main picture is an upside cross.

Christian Paul Dawson has been accused of disrupting the event because of his reading scripture over a loudspeaker. He’s not having it and he’s making the organisers and people who are having it mad. The BBC has even written about him. “The protester is calling it a “pagan” event and has been making his views known during the performances. Artistic director Robert Pacitti said it was “enraging and disrespectful”.” (

“Ipswich Spill Festival’s Clarion Call uses 100 female voices. (Keep in mind the sirens that sing from the sea in context of the 100 female voices. That was my first thought. I’ve written about it here.)

A musical “sonic artwork” commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the World War One is being heard across a town’s historic waterfront via 488 loudspeakers.

Singers whose voices have been recorded include Beth Gibbons of Portishead, Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins, local schoolchildren and the Wattisham and RAF Honington military wives choirs.” (

Clarion Call

The music is based on Shirley Collins’ version of the folksong Our Captain Cried, All Hands

Spill describes it as a commemorative piece to mark the centenary of the end of World War One

It has been produced in conjunction with 14-18 NOW, the WW1 centenary art commissioning body which was behind the 900,000 ceramic poppies at the Tower of London (

The music changes with each performance, using independent sounds from eight banks of speakers

A three-minute version has been played every day since 25 October at 11:00 and an 11-minute version, complete with speakers mounted on a helicopter, is broadcast at sunset.

This is from Paul Dawson, the “disrupter”. Go to the link below and watch his video.
“Brothers and Sisters, please pray for me in this battle taking place outside my home. I thank God for giving me this opportunity and I know it is His will. I have had the police knocking on my door but have chosen not to answer as I know my rights and this is still a free country, for now.

A pagan ritual is happening outside my flat for 11 minutes of 11 days. They have set up speakers all over the tops of the buildings and every night at sundown they play these voices which are, by their own description, public ritual and incantations.

This event was sponsored by these people –

The “artwork” is described as: “The voices of women and girls call to the setting sun in daily incantations, broadcast with audio technology employed for emergency and control, repurposed as a mechanism for public ritual.”

“Incantation” – a series of words said as a magic spell or charm.


Some have called this an 11:11 ritual. 11 minutes for 11 days. 11 represents chaos but witches it is duality in the spiritual plain, and a kind of “reset” if you will. In relation to the sirens (water demons) the number 11 or eleven comes from elve (elf). “11 is known as a “master number” in numerology and represents growth, awakening, and connection to the spiritual. As spiritual adviser Kesaine Walker shares with Bustle, “11 is a master number and a number of spirituality and duality. … Seeing this number is the universe’s way of telling you to leave this material reality alone and dive deep into your spirituality.” (

“Eleven is a bridge or connection between our conscious and unconscious realms or the spiritual and physical realms. When one observes the number 11, one will notice the space in between the ones, which is considered a portal. To those individuals on a spiritual path, observing the number 11, in patterns or sequences, can be the sign or confirmation of spiritual awakening.” (

So what does this all mean? I think it’s just a ritual to them. I kind of see it like this is how they pray. They want to change the atmosphere and ritual and invocation is their way of doing it. Kinda like peeling one little strand of onion layer at a time until there isn’t anything left. Then its game on spiritually speaking. The spiritual being manifested in the physical.

That’s how I see it but hey, I could be way off.

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