The Arch is NOT going to The Hague

Disclaimer: I am not saying that because of someone's name that they are inherently evil. I'm just pointing out the name in the particular situation. I was informed this morning by a reader (Sabine Vlaming) of my blog that the Arch was canceled going to The Hague. So it looks like it may not be... Continue Reading →

The Mist on the Mount

This is a lengthy read. Fair warning. And I have had a lot of problems with this app and my phone when trying to write this. On the 6th day of Sukkot, that fell on September 29th, a strange mist coming out of the ground was seen upon the Temple Mount area in a grove... Continue Reading →

Atoning Jewish Roosters

Late post from September 16th. The evening before Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement the religious Jews take out a chicken and swing it over there heads or children's and believe this chicken will atone for their sins for that previous year. This happens tonight or like 10 hours ago in Israel. It's funny really.... Continue Reading →

The Arch of Triumph at The Hague

I was looking for some new information on the Arch of Triumph at the Hague and apparently it's posted already...kind of. Today is October 5th, 2018 and I found 2 articles dated October 17th, 2018? That's 12 days away. They must be time travelers. Not sure what's up with that but when I hit the... Continue Reading →

Jupiter’s Olympics 2024

The new Paris 2024 Olympic logo and it just so happens to be the astronomical symbol for Jupiter. Imagine that. Notice the other logo for Paris is a ROOSTER. If you don't know the significance of that then search my blog. Here's a hint...Phoenix rising from the ashes. And I guess the Olympic committee went... Continue Reading →

The real Arch of Bel (Baal)

What most people don't actually realize is that the IDA had full intentions in replicating the square Arch of Bel or Baal. They chose not to for whatever reason and went with the more rounded Arch of Triumph. This Arch of Triumph was the actual entrance into quite a few temples and sites and its... Continue Reading →

Truth is like ice

5 days before the Arch of Triumph went up at the National Mall, a group of poets and activists set up an ice sculpture in front of the US Capitol building that said TRUTH. I'm not really too concerned on why they did it, but I thought the symbolism and timing of the whole thing... Continue Reading →

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