So you want to be a watchman?

So you want to be a watchman? Let me ask you a question? Is it better to feed that homeless man physical bread or the spiritual bread of life? Have we become more concerned with our outward physical lives than our spiritual lives? Are we too busy craving attention from man so that we aren't... Continue Reading →

Etymology of Arch

In English we can have one word spelled different ways and sound the same but have different meanings. Cell, sale, sail, sell. The same is with the word like Arch. It can mean a shelf cloud, a hunting bow or a arch for building purposes. All these symbolise something that is a upside down U... Continue Reading →

Vilna Gaon: 9 more years

Here is some Vilna Gaon eschatology for you. They are claiming 9-13 years for their "messiah". I like how the article says the "light of coming redemption is blinding". Oh yeah, they are blinded alright, especially by guys like Vilna Gaon. I also thought the light coming through the Arch was a nice touch too.... Continue Reading →

The Arch of the Nun

Just a few quick thoughts on the movie The Nun. Duality once again. This time a white/black witch scenario. In reality both are evil, but Hollywood tends to distort reality. In this movie The Nun, Valak posseses a Nun. In mythology Valak is a demon boy with wings who rides a two headed dragon, similar... Continue Reading →

The Red Heifer Was Born

Tuesday August 28th (17th of Elul) a red heifer was born in Israel. If this heifer doesn't have any blemish after 3 years they will use it for the ashes to rebuild a Temple. This is the first step of my theory coming to fruition. If you want to know what this all means then... Continue Reading →

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