Sophia: October 2017

These screenshots come from my blog and Twiggies. The Mummy movie with Tom Cruise flashes “10/17” on a guys left arm. It was like a tattoo. I wrote about it below. Sophia was given citizenship by Daudi Arabia on October 25th, ironically 1 week aftet a Venus/Mercury conjunction. How is all this connected? Read below.

Elon Musk means Strong Delusion to a Sane Person

So I pretty much refused to write about the Space X roadster “launch” because it was so ridiculous. Fake. That’s all I’m really going to say. But I did see a few things that are competely more ridiculous that I did mention on my FB page. So here it is…

“It’s the best selling show”

When I was watching this live car “floating in space” I thought I had seen a reflection of a man in the windshield. Here is a screenshot of what someone got of this same image and sure enough, it looks like a guy is standing in front of the car. Tell me if I’m wrong. Then this “glitch” happened live. Does this not look like some sort of studio? This is all deception and they obviously think people are stupid. The last 4 photos are in sequence by the way, from Space X YouTube page (

And then there’s this…

And WVB knew the earth was NOT a sphere. Read Psalm 19:1

So after looking at this SpaceX launch, knowing that NASA is full of liars and that we don’t live on a ball…I think its safe to say that this launch was fake and deceptive (like it took that long to figure out). We have seen the images from their “live” shots and can discern that its all laughable. But what was the symbology about with this whole thing if it never actually happened? And by never happened, I mean the car in space flying to Mars.

Well let’s look at SpaceX. Maybe we should call it what it is. SpaCex or Space Sex. This was a ritual in itself. You can see the symbolism of not only the phallic symbol with the rocket itself but the Freemasonic three pillars. And notice the middle rocket or pillar was the longest. If you want to understand this symbolism than go to my blog and read the Vegas 3 pillars paper.

So you see the phallic being blasted off into space which is represented as the Egyptian god Geb and goddess Nut. The phallic which is represented as Gebs (earth) phallic, pentrates the atmosphere or sky (Nut). The Falcon (Horus) then sends its payload into the stars of the sky.

It is powered by 27 Merlin rockets. Merlin as you well know was a wizard or scorcerer. And well 27 is nothing more than 9, the Luciferians magic number.

This payload is a cherry red Tesla roadster which supposedly belongs to Elon Musk personally. Ironically this cherry roadster has been called the Dragon in some articles and at its helm is a “starman” or what is known as an ancient astronaut. Lets just say fallen angel for fun. Now Musk says that this car is red because of the red planet Mars and that the goal is to have this on a collison course with Mars. It’s not going to happen…obviously. But “scientifically” speaking, according to some, this would happen in October of 2018. As long as this fake car doesn’t burn up in this fake scenario.

And where is Mars in October of 2018 you might ask? Well according to this red roadster Mars alignment in October, this would take place in the constellation Capricornus or what is know as the sea goat. A beast of the sea. And on the 18th of October (9 again), the Moon will be right there to fulfill there symbolism. Now how’s that for some occult symbolism?

Now their conjunction date isn’t exactly right either. It doesn’t really matter because if this was real, life in real life in the real world, then this stupid car else burnt up long ago. Watch this video of this guys estimation…and its not 10/18.

Now on October 7th 2020 this man claims that the roadster will be nearest Mars. Now this is completely ridiculous but for symbology sake lets look at it. I wrote this before, “In her book Jung and Astrology Maggie Hyde explains: The eastern Fish suggesting an upward ascent or a heavenly/spiritual disposition and is associated with Christ; the western Fish, a mundane/earthly alignment and is associated with the AntichristSo you can see that Pisces, the fish going northward represented Jesus and the fish swimming on the westward path is represented as the antichrist or anything that represents this antichrist spirit. And here we see that this particular fish represents Venus and her son Cupid and there is a strong connection to Syria, where this Arch is from. Also take note that the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction has happened in Pisces and this Great Conjunction that happens in Dec. 21 of 2020 actually takes place at the nose of Capricornus, the sea goat.

So this fictitious car will be aligned with the Antichrist spirit…symbolically speaking.

And notice where their god Saturn is on this conjunction. It is being followed by its “son” Jupiter and they are both going through the Golden gate. The gate of man. Its all symbolic here and not going to happen…the car that is.

On a side note. Let’s not forget that Freemasonry comes from the French and on the same day this launch happened, February 6th, 2018, 240 years earlier in 1778, France recognised America’s independence. 240 in the Bible according to some actually represents God Holy things lost. And in Gematria which I’m not a big fan of, “and the tree of life” comes to 240. And as far as the 27 Merlins goes, there were 27 Masters who pursued the murderers of Hiram Abiff, who is the Masonic messiah. 27 33rd degree Masons pursued Hirams killers. “Masonic ritual teaches that imitation of Hiram Abiff is the way to reconciliation with the Great Architect of the Universe, and at the conclusion of the baptism into the Third Degree, the new Master Mason is told that he should imitate Hiram Abiff, so that he may gain entry into the “Celestial Lodge above”, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides.” (

Can you see the symbolism there?

And remember that Musk says that this car is red because of the red planet Mars?

I mean that’s really weird right? According to Stellarium Mars isn’t exactly red, maybe a little more YELLOW!

And get a load of this, the roadster going through the Dragon. People are eating this up. They are all insane and mentally ill.

The Two Horebs: good water/bad water

During the Winter Olympics workers, staff and security had attracted the norovirus. The norovirus is basically the stomach flu and there has been over 275 cases of it in or near the Olympic site of Pyeongchang. 111, the most cases of the virus, have been at Horeb Youth Center with 53 people being quarantined.

What caught my attention about this story is the place that it happened and what it means. It happened at Horeb and this virus is caused by contaminated water that has fecal matter in it. Yep, poop water and is nasty. Now there is another Horeb mentioned in the Bible called Mount Horeb. This is where Moses spoke with God at the burning bush and you guessed it, gave the famished Hebrews water to drink from the rock that was cracked. Paul says this rock represented the living waters of Jesus.

So I find it interesting that this has happened, especially after the opening ceremonies proving that this Olympics is in fact nothing more than a ritual for something bigger than a game or sport. We have the true living waters that is symbolic of Horeb and then we have the false disgusting waters of Horeb that produce sickness -not life, at the Winter Olympics.

The skier that was to win gold in the slalom even got this virus prior to her event. Mikaela Shiffrin ended up getting 4th and got knocked out of being the GOAT. Greatest Of All Time. Looks like Lindsey Von is…

Circus Maximus Overdrive

Remember the 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive? With its self driving trucks and appliances that went rogue. I never really looked at the posters for this movie until today. And funny enough, it goes right along with everything happening today. The red/blue symbolism of duality (fire and water), the jester or clown face (symbolic of a Ancient Nephilim spirit) on the front of a diesel (think about Elon Musks new self driving AI diesel) and the person being morphed (in this case being eaten) into the machine/diesel. Also notice the man (Stephen King himself) tearing through the viel of red and blue duality symbolism and he is controlling the AI machines like a puppet master. Kinda funny how a 1986 movie predicted something like this for 2018. Now read this.

MIT Team’s Neural Network Chip Could Put A.I. into Everything
Bringing A.I. to the people.
By Danny Paez on February 15, 2018

Soon enough, most of your home electronics could be implanted with the artificial intelligence needed to know, say, when to turn on the air-conditioning, or even how chunky you enjoy your morning smoothie. All it would take is a special piece of hardware to let devices run neural networks — or artificial replicas of the human brain — locally.

“Neural networks are often implemented in a digital fashion,” Avishek Biswas, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tells Inverse. “But in the end we want to implement this in actual hardware, instead of just always running simulation on CPUs or GPUs, for broader applications.” Biswas and his colleagues at MIT have done just that by developing a chip that can undertake machine-learning algorithms without the need to feed data to supercomputers in the cloud.’ (

This was Stephen Kings directorial debut which should be noted with the success of the Ancient Nephilim spirit IT this past year. Also the lead song for the opening credits was by ACDC (who we used to call Anti Christ Devils Children) And it was called Who Made Who. Pretty fitting 22 years later. Here is a version of the song to the movie (

And doesn’t Elon Musk look a little like Emilio Estevez? Lol. Remember that one time he made AI them said we had to kill it?

Some Florida Shooting Symbology

There is so much disinfo about this shooting in Florida and it seems like everyone is covering it. So, I found a few interesting things that no-one is mentioning. Why that school? It was named after a woman. MSD or Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a staunch feminist who lived to be 108 years old. She was called the Mother of the Everglades who defended the DRAINING of the swamp, oops I meant Everglades. She didn’t want the swamp drained. I find it interesting that this happens at a time when militant feminism is in full swing and this whole divine feminism goddess nonsense is trying to bring in this man of sin. And then there’s the swamp…when swamps actually drain it brings in the frogs. Think about that for a second…unclean spirits are represented as frogs in Revelation 16:13.

And they plant a “Make America Great Again” hat on a kid (Nikolas de Jesus Cruz) with a Russian and Mexican name that means “Victory (conquest) of the people of Jesus’ cross”. Now the word Nikolas comes from two words. The greek word “nike” means conquest or victory as a means of success and you find a form of this word (nikao) in Revelation 6:2 talking about the rider on the white horse. Its a victory in the sense of conquering and subdueing. This word was used in a letter from Emperor Claudius with reference to the arrival of a slave announcing a victory over the Jews and the Gnostic charm for victory and safety in the race course.

Then you have the second half of the word “Laos” in Greek, it originates from the word root “-las”, as found in the word “λα-τομεῑο” meaning “stone” or “rock” (as in Greek Mythology, Deucalion and Pyrrha recreated the people after they had vanished in a catastrophic deluge, by throwing stones behind their shoulders while they kept marching on) and the name can be understood to mean victory of the people. This re-creating people from rocks is an interesting thing. Remember the blasphemous movie Noah? Remember the rock people were originally fallen angels? This is a Gnostic belief. There is even research coming out now where some believe the rocks and mountains we see were actually Nephilim after the deluge or flood.

Now back to the “MAGA” hat that the media is promoting and now calling some kid, who may just be another patsy set up, a “white nationalist”. Did you see the last season on American Horror Story: Cult that promoted the rise of this same thing (white nationalism in the form of Trump worship), that was being led by an ancient Nephilim spirit (symbolically in the form of clowns) and was out to destroy feminism or the “Mother of the Everglades”. Is this the symbology being promoted here?

And notice the locust above the article? What do locusts represent? Oh that’s right…demonic spirits. It doesn’t matter who did what at this point in the game. What matters is that there is a spiritual battle being fought that none of us can see.

First it was Paddock and now Parkland. Did you realize there was a name connection? The Valentine’s day event happened at Parkland, Florida. I posted yesterday about who the school was named after and the etymology of the “shooters” name. Now I find something interesting about the name Parkland. Land is just ground or soil representing a particular area or no particular area. Now the word park is interesting.

park (n.)
mid-13c., “enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase,” from Old French parc “enclosed wood or heath land used as a game preserve” (12c.), probably ultimately from West Germanic *parruk “enclosed tract of land” (source also of Old English pearruc, root of paddock (n.2), Old High German pfarrih “fencing about, enclosure,” German pferch “fold for sheep,” Dutch park).

So the noun park is a “enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase”. It’s like a enclosed area for a fox that hunters are getting ready to hunt. The Old English pearruc is the root of paddock. Remember a certain Paddock which meant enclosure? And a German pferch is a “fold for sheep”. Do you see the pattern here or do I need to spell it out for you?

Here is a fun fact about this school. Its 40% Jewish. That’s just a fact, that’s all. “Together with Rabbi Shuey Biston, I rushed to the school to give support to anyone we could. The school is at least 40 percent Jewish, so we know many of the students and their parents,” he continued. “We went from parent to parent and tried to offer as much comfort as possible, and helped them recite Psalms, praying for the students and faculty in the school.” Gutnick said he is coordinating with fellow Chabad rabbis from nearby Coral Springs, home of many of the students, to hold an evening of prayer, consolation and a memorial later this week.” (

The earth in the belly of the whale

Wait…….what? NASA’s OSIRIS-REx snapped this image on its asteroid mission on Jan. 17. It’s supposed to be Earth in “conjunction” with the Moon. Not really but that’s their claim. OSIRIS-REx was moving 19k miles away from earth according to NASA. Anyways…notice its “in” (actually just the back drop) Cetus the sea monster or what we know as the whale. And the constellation lines of this sea monster/whale is shaped like a pentagon. Funny, being that we just saw a really esoteric opening ceremony for the Olympics also take place in a pentagon shaped stadium. Anyways I thought it was a weird story. Oh yeah, Check out the wording of the storm named Osiris in California. Even storms are sacrificing themselves.

Coins and trees = their temple

The Jews want you to buy a silver shekel with Cyrus and Trump on it to support the building of their blasphemes Temple. Don’t do it Christians…you’ll regret it.




This goes hand in hand with the be coin that is being made. So they are awaiting the birth of the Red Heifer from their Negev farm and now they are growing trees in their own “forrest” for their temple and temple sacrifices. Don’t support any of it if your a Christian who loves Jesus.

“The Sanhedrin’s new Temple forests are dispersed around Israel to provide the specific conditions suitable for each plant. In the Hebron Hills, they planted 30 Cedars of Lebanon and several pomegranate trees. In Kochav Hashachar overlooking the Jordan Valley, they planted half an acre of grapevines surrounded by Cedars. In Shaarei Tikvah in Samaria, cinnamon trees, one of the 11 ingredients in the Temple incense, are ready to be planted. In Itamar, a vineyard of 200 vines has been dedicated to Temple use. Seven date palms were planted in the Western Negev for use in the Shavuot offering. The Sanhedrin is also making efforts to plant in the site of the recently destroyed community of Amona as an expression of connection to the land.” (

“THE DEAD SEA, Israel – The Bible speaks of the Balm of Gilead. It was a real plant in the ancient Holy Land, used in medicine and cosmetics and even for worship in the Jewish Temple. Now a modern-day Israeli farmer is reviving that biblical agriculture, along with Frankincense and Myrrh, but he’s also getting some resistance. Meet Guy Erlich – visionary, farmer and possible provider of plants needed for incense for a future Third Temple. “This is the balm of Gilead Farm,” Erlich told CBN News. “This is the nursery. The vision was to make agriculture of the Balm of Gilead and then to make an industry out of it.” (

Screenshots come from here:

Winter Olympics OPENING Ceremony

Let’s not forget how this year’s Winter Olympics started. It began on October 24th when the High Priestess got the strange fire from Ancient Olympia. This fire looked like a dragon…Literally. You could even say a Phoenix was rising out of the fire on this one. 7 days later at the lighting ceremony on October 31st the fire became the Olympic flame. No wonder the ceremony was so esoteric, it was a ritual. Looks like they are trying to open a door to let something in now doesn’t it?

Abe remember the Phoenix/Dragon aurora in Iceland a few weeks prior?

So from the very beginning of the torch to the cauldron, it was a blatant ritual. They call the Olympic fire a cauldron for a reason. These are used in witchcraft specifically for innovations and conjourings. Some even called the metal pole that raised the flame to light the all seeing eyeball a phallic symbol or a “robot fire penis”.

So thats all interesting right? In the 2 1/2 hour opening ceremony we saw all of these things being promoted: AI, portals, stargates, domed earth with the constellations, flying fish, a lotus, mk ultra “brain surgery” mind control, augmented reality, 5G, 1,000 points of light, sacred geomtry, the one eye/all seeing eye and 2 doves of peace turning into a Phoenix that is rising from the ashes? There was a lot going on here for the opening ceremonies. It would take me forever to break all of this down but I’ll try to just touch on a few things.

When initially watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics I couldn’t help but notice the five kids in the ceremony were representing the five elements and a pentagram. (Let me also point out that the stadium is shaped as a pentagram by the Olympic committees own admission.) And the actual park that houses the games, is called Phoenix Park.

We know that South Korea was the first real rollout of 5G nit that’s not going to meaning everything will actually work. News reporters were complaining how bad cell phone receptionion was and the internet connection was. At times they have nothing. Augmented reality was also a big part of this show. What was seen live was not what was being seen in most cases. You saw a lot of CGI with the drones turning into a man and the constellations representing the as above so below nonsense.

And believe it or not, engineers say and believe really stupid things. The drones were actually canceled due to high winds. So this headline below is fake news.

Let me also point out a few other things really quick. They not only threw out pentagrams (while the stadium was shaped like a pentagram like our own pentagon) during the show, but they sported a huge 8 pointed star on the floor. This 8 pointed star represents the star of Ishtar or Venus. More goddess worship.

And where was the star Venus during the opening ceremony? Where else but Aquarius and it’s going in his side.

I first want to say if you missed my research on the invoking and conjuring by these Luciferians using the elements, a broken pentagram and the yin and yang duality, you may want to go read it to better understand all of this. And I initially watched a 10 minute segment of the ceremony on YouTube that was in Korean. So here’s a good question. How come there is not one full version of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony on Youtube and why hasn’t NBC showed a re-run of it yet. Why is that? I wasn’t able to watch it live on Friday night but I found a 10 minute version of it from Korean tv. YouTube only has 4-5 minute highlights of it via NBC. Well don’t worry, I found the full 2 1/2 hour event and its a trip. There was show much more there than I originally thought and the NBC commentary is priceless. They did a “debunking” of it without even knowing what they were saying. I’m editing and cutting out the nonsense with the countries walking in and I’m converting it all now. You can find the edited videos I did here and screenshots of the ceremony here. Download them asap if you want them because I won’t keep the link live for very long.

So back to the ceremony. Now just as I suspected, my suspicions were confirmed as to what I was seeing. This “five kid” symbolism popped up a few weeks ago in Justin Timberlakes video called Supplies. Go read my paper on the blog. Now back to the five kids. Here is a article that confirmed everything I watched during this ceremony. “The first segment of the opening ceremonies was given the name “The Countdown.” As the five children followed Soohorang, they traveled through time, seeking peace. The organizers of the event said they chose to use five children to correspond with the five Olympic rings, and each of the character the children represented were given names that encompass the “Five Elements — fire, water, wood, metal, and earth — which are believed to make up the universe.”

Notice the cave they are entering. Think back to the Netflix series DARK.

And then they find an orb or a crystal ball. They put it into a machine that opens another dimension/portal. This is representing 5G tech. It also took me back to the male female Salvatore Mundi that the Arab prince bought.

The theme of the opening ceremony was peace and harmony, a message that extended throughout the festivities in PyeongChang. Following the first “Countdown” installment came the second segment, entitled “The Land of Peace.” Full of symbolism, “The Land of Peace” incorporated the use of light movement on the stage floor to create a yin and yang, also known in Korean as the “taegeuk.” The symbol is found in the center of South Korea’s flag, with the top read comma shape representing the “forces of yang,” and the bottom blue the “forces of yin.”” (

So once again we see a ritual and invocation to bring about a spiritual force. We see the void blackness symbolism as people walk into Olympic “camp”, the five entrances into the stadium that is a pentagram, the five elements of a broken pentagram time traveling over a sea in search for peace, then releasing that peace on the form of a dove (which to me looks more like a Phoenix). Its never ending….

Stargates, portals and now we have cubed black holes….and its all at the Winter Olympics. Is this what the 5G roll out really looks like? Are we so worried about whay kind of radiation the 5G is going to put out that we forgot about the spiritual element of it. MaybMe its letting something in? By the looks of the ceremony, it was more ritual than olympic ceremony. So here is the first thing Olympians will see when they enter Olympic park. Enter the void. A cloud of blackness. Saturns cube. Welcome 5G.

“A building in PyeongChang, South Korea is now the blackest building in history. The Hyundai Pavilion, designed by architect Asif Khan for the 2018 Winter Olympics, has been sprayed with one of the blackest pigments ever invented. When in shadow, the three-dimensionality of the walls of the pavilion seems to disappear. It’s bristling with rods, the ends of which are lit to appear like stars against the extreme blackness. “From a distance the structure has the appearance of a window looking into the depths of outer space,” Khan said in a statement. “As you approach it, this impression grows to fill your entire field of view. So on entering the building, it feels as though you are being absorbed into a cloud of blackness.” (

“‘it will be like you’re looking into the depths of space itself… as you approach the building that star field will grow to fill your entire field of view, and then you’ll enter as though you’re being absorbed into a cloud of blackness.’ khan told CNN. the building will be a ‘schism in space‘, khan added, explaining that visitors will see it as soon as they enter the olympic park.” (

And don’t forget Mr. Mars Pence was there too.

Ascending to the heavens?

These 2 images come from Enterthe5t4rz. He showed the connection with the stadium and Pentagon.

The dragon symbolism was everywhere too.

As well as the fire (red) water (blue) duality.

I want to bring up a few other article’s that are connected. The first is what is called “Penis Park”. Its about an hour away from the Olympic site and of course it’s promoting the phallic. “The port city of Sinnam is home to Haesindang Park, better known as ‘Penis Park’ – a monument to fertility born from a legend about a virgin and a fish. Even the town’s quaint red lighthouse is crafted to look phallic. A normally obscure attraction, the park is drawing curious crowds of visitors from the nearby Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang just an hour away.” (

The next story is about the wild boars around the Olympic games that are being warded off using 5G technology.

(Bloomberg) — The first to experience the future of wireless technology, well before most humans, will be South Korea’s wild boars. That’s because 5G, the fifth-generation wireless network, is making its worldwide debut at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The technology will be used to ward off the porcine pests who roam the mountainous region around the Games with fast-acting systems that shoot rays, spew gases and emit tiger roars.

That’s just the start of 5G — South Korea’s attempt to showcase the first-in-the-world commercial use of the technology that’s not scheduled to roll out globally until 2020″ (

The wild boars caught my attention for obvious reasons. The boar is what killed Tammuz and is the reason as to why the women wheeped for 40 days. This is the same myth as Adonis and the reason why ham is eaten during Easter.

There’s a serpent in the garden at the White House

(I don’t believe Barry is the AC like some do. He is far from it. So this isn’t an article saying or insinuating anything like that. But I do think he is a devil and this is the cherry on top after 8 years of nonsense.)

First off let me say I’ve already heard the “liberal” sided media and its followers say “it’s fake!” or “it’s art!”. No and no is the easiest way to answer this typical comment. Ryan in the comment below goes on to say that the portraits in question were from a Biblical story. This is coming from someone who doesn’t have a clue about Scripture, because if he did, he wouldn’t say what he’s saying. I think Shery Jesperson summed it up nicely.

I also want to point out that Whiley, Barry’s portrait artist is gay. I was wondering why all the portraits he did of black men were portrayed in a feminine way. Should we be surprised? Not at all, since Barry himself is gay himself. This isn’t an assumption, this is fact. Read Jerome Corsi’s books on this subject along with a few others who make substantial claims about this.

Now lets get to the portraits. I watched the live “unveiling” of the Obama’s portraits on C-Span that just so happened to fall on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and I thought I heard Obama say (jokingly of, “which one is me?” Who would’ve thought B.O. was getting a portrait of him sitting in poison ivy or maybe its just the ivy of Wrigley field. The event featured “A-Lisr” celebrities like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who helped in the fundraising of the portraits.

Today the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, unveiled the official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama, which were painted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald—the first black artists ever commissioned to paint a presidential couple for the museum. Notice how his portrait doesn’t look anything like any other Presidential portrait. At least he’s staying “classy”.

You can see “Officer of the Hussars,” a masterpiece by Kehinde Wiley, pictured below. By the way, this is a self portrait of himself.

Look at the painting called “Officer of the Hussars”. Is that supposed to be Mohammadian Nimrod on his white horse? Notice the leopard print he sits on. And this is the guy that painted Obama’s portrait.

So what exactly is Barry’s White House painting depicting? This is his legacy being remembered here right? Is it ok if I take a guess? I say it’s either his depiction of how much of a snake he is, so he’s a symbol of the serpent in the Garden. Or maybe it’s just a reminder that Barry is another manchurian slave to his Father’s. He’s representing the slave garden of control ( Or maybe its just a reminder of his homosexuality with the cute flowers in his garden or maybe the flowers represent something a little more sicker. Or maybe its just a painting…but we know it’s never just a painting.

In his portrait, the former president is without a tie and seated on an ornate wooden chair in front of a lush botanical backdrop featuring flowers: chrysanthemums referencing the official flower of Chicago, jasmine evoking his native Hawaii and African blue lilies in memory of his late father.” (

Matthew Harback sent me this regarding Chrysanthemum: “The name is derived from the feminine form of Greek (Chrysanthos), meaning ‘golden flower.’ Chrysanthemums are associated with death in Italy. Colour meanings (white) truth, hope, rest and friendship, (red) love, (yellow) slighted love. The Japanese put a single chrysanthemum petal on the bottom of a wine glass to sustain a long and healthy life, and Japanese emperors sat on their Chrysanthemum throne.” The throne part fits with Obama seated within a chair.”

The African Blue lilly is also known as the Lilly of the Nile. Its native to South Africa and these showy perennials hold a strange beauty that is considered to be a sign of culture and wealth. The Agapanthus derives its name from the Greek words agape, meaning love, and anthos, meaning flower, translating as the flower of love. And Jasmine is a Persian word that represents a flower that makes perfume. Notice there are 13 clumps of flowers.

He’s got the diamond triangle pose down packed.

Barry hand picked his portrait artist. Let’s get that straight. Kahinde Wiley is what you could call a racist portrait artist. I mean, can you think of another name for someone who paints black women beheading white women? Barry knew this prior to him hiring Whiley the Coyote to do his serpent in the Garden portrait. This is Barry’s legacy summed up in a portrait and the man who painted it. Brant Diver is right, we are seeing the seal of approval from the demonic spirit that controls these two devils.

Thanks to Francesca D. Buck for the “heads” up on the two beheading paintings.

Notice the all seeing eye watching over this mans “gift”?

And here is the seal of approval and signature from the spirit behind these 2 devils.

Also notice how the hands are crossed and opposite of each other and how the right hand looks as if it has another finger below the pinky tickled underneath the palm.

And then there is the case of the sperm on his left temple. This is an ongoing motif in this guys paintings. And why does his hair look fine and not coarse? Did they take GHW’S hair and Photoshop it on. He also has a Marina Abramovic spirit coming connection with film make Jeff Dupre.

Amy Sherald was Mooch’s artist. Notice how she actually made “her” look more feminine than what “she” actually is. Notice the elongated fingers, just like Barry’s fingers in his pictures. They both have E.T. looking fingers.

And I don’t want to leave out AI’s rendering of these two White House portraits.

Is that a Egyptian woman on her chest?

January 31st, 2018: Super blue blood moon

(1/28/18) This came out yesterday. These New Age ate ups think this is all a good thing. Faeries – faires, whatever you want to call them, I call them demonic entities and its not a good thing. At all. This comes a few days before the super blue blood full moon on Wednesday the 31st. Go to my blog and read my paper on it (Waves of Locusts). Are we going to see waves of demons/faeries flying around? I don’t think so because this war is spiritual. But that doesn’t mean something isn’t happening. Open yourself up to these things and you’ll definetly see them in the natural though.

And remember the green aurora of the Phoenix/dragon that I posted that was in Iceland? Probably just coincidence right? 👍

Here is their commentary on the screenshot below.

“If we are to take the entirety of the statements in contexts, it seems as though benevolent beings which are likened to fairies, who at one time may have left the Earth plane, are now returning. If this is the case, it may be that the darkness which has been in control for thousands of years up to this point, is lifting.

Though the concept of fairies holds both a positive and a negative connotation throughout history, it would seem that this update offers a more positive take on their return to the planet. If these beings are returning and they have the role of caretakers and peace-bringers (or “placids”) and soothers of the planet, this might indicate their positive polarity.

The green healing energy also indicates a connection to the heart-space or heart chakra. This heart connection is also said to be the energy of the 4th density, or the dimension of space into which the Earth is currently progressing. From this update, it seems that we as a planet are coming out of a long-endured space of darkness and despair and are moving more into a place of peace, tranquility, healing and rejuvenation.” (

This comes from a comment on the original post. “About that Wormwood/Artemesia spirit we were discussing, another outpouring perhaps as Divine Feminine joins the Divine Masculine & begins manifestation in the Physical…….

Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour but may also be colourless. It is commonly referred to in historical literature as “la fée verte” (the green fairy). Although it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a liqueur, absinthe is not traditionally bottled with added sugar; it is therefore classified as a spirit.[6] Absinthe is traditionally bottled at a high level of alcohol by volume, but it is normally diluted with water prior to being consumed.

Absinthe originated in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland in the late 18th century. It rose to great popularity as an alcoholic drink in late 19th- and early 20th-century France, particularly among Parisian artists and writers. Owing in part to its association with bohemian culture, the consumption of absinthe was opposed by social conservatives and prohibitionists. Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Aleister Crowley, Erik Satie, Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron and Alfred Jarry were all known absinthe drinkers.[7]

Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen.[8] The chemical compound thujone, although present in the spirit in only trace amounts, was blamed for its alleged harmful effects. By 1915, absinthe had been banned in the United States and in much of Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria-Hungary.

(1/31/18) This morning was the full blue blood moon that hasn’t happened in 152 years. The significance of that number is interesting in light of the 153 fish that Peter caught in the symbolic harvest, the 150 days of Noahs tribulation and the symbolic 5 months (153 days) of the locusts in Revelation 9. The transition from a BLUE moon to a BLOOD RED moon is also significant. You see the symbolic yin yang duality with the fire and water.

Its all here on my blog. This was a very symbolic event and I pray that some can discern the times we are in. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, not out of fear but because He died for your sins. He loves you regardless of what anyone tells you.

Let me add this too. January 31, 2018 is Tu B’Shevat or New Year for trees. This New Year for Trees is also specifically associated with Almond trees and the word for “Almond Tree” is the same in Hebrew as the word for “watch”.

The bowls on the Menorah are made from almond trees. These bowls hold the oil from the olive trees.

Exo 25:31-34 And thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold: of beaten work shall the candlestick be made: his shaft, and his branches, his bowls, his knops, and his flowers, shall be of the same. And six branches shall come out of the sides of it; three branches of the candlestick out of the one side, and three branches of the candlestick out of the other side: Three bowls made like unto ALMONDS, with a knop and a flower in one branch; and three bowls made like ALMONDS in the other branch, with a knop and a flower: so in the six branches that come out of the candlestick. And in the candlestick shall be four bowls made like unto ALMONDS, with their knops and their flowers.

There are some who also believe that Jesus was crucified on an almond tree. They get this connection from Aaron (High Priest) and his stick that blossomed.

The blood moon in Jordan.

The New Age occultists saw this as a good thing. As Christians, we know the are wrong.

I came across this on Facebook thought I also thought was interesting.

Here is another interesting story in connection with the event.

“A unique and rare convergence of a blue blood supermoon eclipse with the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat this Wednesday evening is described in several prophecies from Jewish sources as heralding the end of the era of Ishmael’s dominance over the Temple Mount.

This upcoming super blue blood moon will be the third and final one in a series that began on December 2. Rabbi Berger, the Rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, noted that the confluence of Tu B’Shvat and a lunar eclipse was explicitly described in the Yalkut Moshe, a book of kabbalistic insights written in 1894 by Rabbi Moshe ben Yisrael Benyamin in Munkacs, Poland.

“A lunar eclipse in the Hebrew month of Shvat is an especially bad omen that will bring harsh natural phenomena,” Rabbi Berger said to Breaking Israel News, quoting the 124-year-old source. “The eclipse will usher in a period of intensified earthquakes around the world.”

This dire prediction also has its source in the Talmud, in which it is written that a lunar eclipse is a bad omen for Jews as the Hebrew calendar is partially set in accordance with the lunar cycle. But Rabbi Berger explained that this lunar eclipse is exceptional and although it is indeed an omen of harsh judgments, Israel will not be affected. Rabbi Berger noted that since the eclipse will not be visible in Israel but will be seen in surrounding Arab countries because the celestial event portends something negative for them and not Israel.”

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