The Pence Meister

A few days after the Vegas shooting there were rumors that Pence was the reason why there was so much “security” detail with Academi (Blackwater) being there. Almost one week later guess who shows up in Vegas saying this.  “We are united as one nation, as one people, with one voice — united in our grief, united in our support for those who have suffered, and united in our resolve to end such evil in our time.” Pence does, that’s who. Why not Trump instead? Is Pence doing his Jesuit confession to the world to clear his conscience? What you need to know is that Pence is a dominionist which means he is a militant Joels Army Christian who believes that the world needs to be conquered by their kind prior to the return of Jesus. This is a un-Biblical theology and this is just another tentacle of the Jesuit run Catholic Universal church. 

So is it just a rumor that he was in Vegas on 10/1? It may be but know this. The same private group of mercanaries that were “allegedly” in Vegas during this event are run by Erik Prince who is the brother of Betsey DeVoes. She is Trumps Secretary of Education or should I say re-education, who was brought in by none other then Mike Pence. Prince’s Academi is also a tentacle of the Jesuits and Prince has no problem hiding this fact from anyone. So this theory makes sense, especially if you understand that Prince is pushing Trump to have not only a private military in Afghanistan but to have his (Trump) own private military in the states. 

And speaking of private militaries, American Horror Story has been telegraphing what has been happening recently and it happened again this last Tuesday. According to the show, we saw that this is now Trumps America with shootings and all. This last Tuesday we saw that this cult leader in this show has his own private military protecting him ala Trump/Blackwater/Academi. Art imitates life. 

The Poopmeister talking with NASA

So back to today. Pence was featured on the NASA FB page visiting Lockheed Martin while looking at the Mars InSight Lander. Huh? So you got a patsy shooter who worked for Lockheed and his crazy brother who said off the wall comments like, “it was like Mars fell to the earth”. I guess we live in Bizaroo world and in the land of coincidences.

Then we have something else intetesting about Mike Pence. This happened in August. Look at his eyes. It’s probably just contacts or the lighting right? All coincidences. Smh. 

And since I’m on the subject of “shapeshifting reptilians”, look at Jay Z’s latest comment and how people said he v allegedly shapeshifted on a flight.

My recent paper on the “body snatchers

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  1. You definitely speak about info that needs to be brought to the forefront. I share your blog posts all the time. It seems God has chosen you -and for that I’m glad. We need all the soldiers we can get. God bless!


  2. 444 Gematria Jay-Z event. The rapper got himself into some serious Kabbalah rituals to induce the power of numbers to enchant his listeners and utilized the number of 444 to showcase his power as a “true prince”. The average viewer or listener of his music wont get any of the numerology, but its really backfired with all the occult dabbling of Jay-Z opening himself to negative forces. “Jay-Z opened his set with his song “Kill Jay Z,” the rapper’s concert at Anaheim’s Honda Center began with images of flames slowly burning his eyes into nothingness. Screens displayed eerie scenes from which Jay-Z had been digitally excised, including a home movie in which his young daughter, held aloft by an invisible parent, appeared to float in midair.” – LA Times His third stop in Fresno was canceled. He plans to have 31-33 stops.


  3. Reptile story on Jay-Z is a disinfo effort to take away attention from the ‘demonic’ aspects of the occult that the celebs dabble with. YourNewsWire is a site that as a routine will mix truth with fabricated stories to provide readers with disinformation to discredit truth seekers. Singer Justin Bieber was also called a reptile on the site, however this is just ‘hidden language’ to illustrate that certain figures in the news are related to the blue bloods tracing all the way back to King Nimrod. In reality Bieber is Hillary Clintons cousin. While Donald Trump shares no “known” family relations to Bieber nor Obama, he is ALSO Hillary Clintons cousin.


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