Where do you stand on this day?

Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Where do you stand on this day? Today was the day of the so called “rapture”. It didn’t happen. As I write this, it’s 5:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon on September 23rd. Its already 3:00 am in Jerusalem on the 24th. This “rapture” (if you don’t have a clue) was based off of a false interpretation and reading of Revelation 12. You see, if you can’t understand that this book is to be read symbolically and to be taken literal when need be, you will get yourself in all sorts of trouble. You will be predicting verses happening right alongside your newspaper and t.v. news. You can’t do this. 

This book is signified by signs and John is told to write down the things he sees that are past, present and future. It’s all in the first Chapter. This by all means does not make this book chronoligical. John is seeing this book layed out in segments of historical events. It is being recapitulated and there are reference after references that can be found in the Old Testament. This book is as relevant to the first Christians as it is for us. On that note you cannot have a preterist view and say this entire book is irrelevant and Jesus came back at 70AD. That is ridiculous.

If you can’t understand that then you will get yourself in all sorts of trouble as we are seeing today. There was no “rapture” because its not scriptural first off. There is a resurrection on the last day. Jesus doesn’t come back multiple times. I don’t want to get in the views of these people who made this claim for today but you can reference my past articles and see their views. And when you view a pre or mid “rapture” and start placing it here or there, than all you are doing its butchering scripture and going down a path of falsehood.

People seem to forget that Scripture is the WORD OF GOD. This is not to be taken lightly. You are not to add to it or take away from any of it. And this means you saying something is going to happen (like today) and saying “thus saith the Lord”. By doing this, you are directly disobeying what Jesus told us not to do. I am so frustrated that people playing with God’s word like this.

After today my wife told me I just need to let it go. But I can’t and I won’t. God’s word is Holy and pure and breathed from the mouth of God Himself to holy men that would have a reverant fear for Him. His words are made for reproof and made to cut to the heart. Is this really something that needs to be played with and tossed around with our tounges? Are prophecies, whether they be in the past or in the future, supposed to be treated lightly? Do we take a prophecy like the birth of Jesus and then claim a double fulfillment or say it never happened? Do we read the stars like diviners and predict the “rapture” of the Church to happen on a certain day? Look what Paul and Peter have to say.

Hebrews 4: 12  For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

1 Peter 1:20-21 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. 

These people that have been making this claim about today for the last few years are to be marked if they do not repent and return back to the Father. But the problem is, is that you already have these “9/23 rapture” proponents back peddling and making excuses. They will only repent if the Holy Spirit convicts them too. Scottie Clarke, the guy who allegedly came up with this whole theory 6 years ago, is now saying the 24th of September looks more feasible for “something” to happen. Really? 

So this guy dedicated thousands of hours in 6 years time to concoct and convince hundreds of thousands of people that their is a rapture coming on 9/23, and can change his view and stance within 24 hours. And don’t say he never predicted a raptute for 9/23 because he did. He made tons of videos pointing to a rapture of the Church and even went so far as to change how certain scriptures should be read. Fur example, the man-child is the church and being born again means you are raptured. He’s a fraud and whether he or any of his followers like it, he’s a false prophet. He is using God’s word that can pierce the heart to say “thus saith the 23rd according to this Rev 12 scripture”. That’s what he did folks.

Titus 3:10-11 A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

They are reprobates and heretics for a few reasons. They have been outright warned and corrected with God’s word and they have decieved thousands. Matter of fact, Unsealed.org has almost 120k followers on Facebook. Do the math. This never came to pass so they should be marked. I understand my wifes point about letting it go but I asked her this. If someone was verbally attacking and making claims that our daughter said this or that, wouldn’t we come to her defense? Why sure we would. Why? Because we love her and those are false accusations that are being somehow falsely connected to her. We should think this same way about scripture. 

I will not stand by any longer and let men and women cheapen God’s word to something that’s on a magazine stand or a newspaper next to the toilet. And I’m not talking kjv onlyism here. Don’t get it twisted. I’m talking about the God breathed Hebrew/Greek text of scripture. Where has the love of God’s word gone? Where has the defense of scripture gone? Where has the love of the Truth gone? If you love your sons or daughters enough to come to there defense then why wouldn’t you defend God’s Holy Word? Where has the reverant fear of God gone?

I for one won’t sit around and let this happen anymore. Jesus died for me when I didn’t deserve it. He loved me when no one else did. And He will NEVER forsake me no matter how bad it gets, spiritually or physically. The least I can do is come to the defense of a Holy God when others want to cheapen Him to their errand boy. You can call me dogmatic, you can call me names but you will never ever say that I don’t love my Saviour and Messiah Jesus and that I won’t die for Him. His words are Truth and He is the way, the truth and the life. I will leave you with this…where do you stand on this day?

“We also have the awesome responsibility of opposing every false way. The Bible instructs Christians to defend the gospel (Phil. 1:16), to contend earnestly for the faith (Jude 3), to reprove, rebuke and exhort (2 Tim. 4:2), and to give answer to those who inquire about our hope (1 Pet. 3:15). Elders of Christ’s church must convict the gainsayers and stop the mouths of deceivers (Tit. 1:9-11).

It is a fundamental fact that one can preach the truth, and nothing but the truth, the entirety of his life, and not be right with God — if he does not also stand against error. It is not enough just to be positive.

In our defense of the faith, however, we must maintain the highest level of integrity. Our argumentation must be honest and it must be sound. Any person who knowingly employs a fallacious argument in defense of some biblical truth is unworthy of the name of Christ. Truth does not need the support of misapplied scripture and invalid reasoning. It can stand on its own.” (https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/712-defending-the-faith-with-a-broken-sword-part-1)

A false interpretation will always lead to a false sign…the Sign of a cult.

Titus 3:10-11

A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

With the first day of Fall upon us I think this whole thing seems fitting. Today this “astronomical biblical alignment” happened, that a strong majority believed is the fulfillment of Revelation 12:1. They were wrong and they didn’t need it to happen for them to realize that they were wrong. I have beat this dead horse for the last year. A false interpretation will always lead to a false sign. There is no doubt about it. 

At 7:55 pm Jerusalem time (9:55 Pacific standard) this guy Jaco posted Jupiter live on YouTube waiting for Jupiter to be hit by the “Dragon”. I’m not even joking. These people are spiritually dead and are dragging thousands of others down with them. This is what makes them a cult and this is why I call them a cult. 

Below is a video and screenshots at the moment this false alignment happened. And there was nothing…atleast not physically. Spiritually we can see the deception slowly creeping in.

Now look at this screenshot from the same time. I think its fitting for those who want to continue to use numerology to lay their foundations. 166 watching with 66 likes. The irony.

These people like Stephen Fletcher, Scottie Clarke, Daniel Matson, Scott Bleur, “Jaco” and a host of others are still holding out that they will be “raptured”. Look below at Fletchers post on Facebook today. This guy is a reprobate and should have been labeled a heretic according to Scripture long ago. He is saying Jesus is that “pheonix” rising from the “flames”. He worships Jupiter Serapis not the Holy God named Jesus. 

These people have been confronted many times and refuse correction. On September 24th if they have not repented and publicly admitted that they were wrong they will be marked and labeled heretics. There was something that did happen with one of them though. Steven Sewell do publicly say he was wrong Judy like he said he would do months ago. I have more respect for this man admitting that he was wrong than for these other jokers who will make excuses. Most of them will say “well its a sign like a road sign”. That’s a cop out. When we see a road sign in real life then that road is upon us, the destination for this road sign doesnt have a hesitation. Iys here as now. Quit listening to these people if you are. These will lead you down the wrong path.

“Either the fruit tree is thirsty, or the oil pours on the raging fire.”

“There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, orthat useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12)

The Crown Prince addresses the United Nations General Assembly

22 September 2017

HH the Crown Prince, Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II, delivered a speech on Thursday at the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly, on behalf of His Majesty King Abdullah II. 
The text reads as follows:

“In the name of God the Merciful, 
Mr. President, 
Mr. Secretary-General, 
Ladies and Gentlemen, Heads of Delegation, 

I have the honor today to speak to you, the representatives of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Jordanian people. 
Mr. Lachack, allow me to convey to you Jordan’s congratulations on your election and to express to you our keenness to work with the General Assembly. 
Mr. Secretary-General Guterich, I convey to you the deep appreciation of Jordan for the partnership you have established with our people. 
Ladies and Gentlemen Members of the General Assembly 
Two years ago, I had the opportunity to express the aspirations of the sons and daughters of my generation when I presided over a meeting of the UN Security Council to adopt the first UN resolution on youth. Our joint efforts culminated in the unanimous adoption by the Security Council of historic resolution 2250 on “Youth, peace and security“, which aims to enable young people to participate in peace-building and conflict resolution. 
Today, I stand before you as the representative of my beloved country Jordan, and also as a young man belonging to the largest generation of young people in history.
We are as young as the generations before us, bearing the legacy of wisdom and common values ​​left by our forefathers. Like our predecessors, we must strive to reconcile what we have inherited with the reality we are living today, an unprecedented reality. 

Our world today is at a crossroads, as a result of the convergence of deep-rooted globalization with technological innovations that are making a profound difference. The world is also on the threshold of a fourth industrial revolution that redefines how our societies operate and how we interact with one another as human beings. In a world that is highly interconnected by technology, people are coming closer to each other, and the division between them is increasing. 

In the midst of all this, the young men and women of my generation wonder: What values ​​are global citizenship today? And in what direction does our ethical connection indicate? Will it guide us to justice, prosperity and peace for everyone?

The sons and daughters of my generation are often described as dreamers, but we all know that every great work begins as a dream. 
The importance of our efforts is often underestimated and described as idealism, but striving for idealism is not naive; it is courageous and courageous; it sharpens our hopes for our own ideals, so that we do not compromise or retreat from our principles in adversity. 
Let me here, on behalf of my generation, try to catch some clarity in the blur of the scene and ask a number of fundamental questions away from the politic politeness I know I will acquire over time. I will take from my country Jordan a model for discussing these ideas and questions. I believe that the situation of Jordan embodies everything that is happening in our world today, both right and wrong.
Jordan has historically faced external shocks one by one, but the last two decades have been extremely difficult. Many conflicts now surround us from many sides. Over the past years, we have witnessed wars in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, as well as the stalemate in achieving Peace in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Jordan was also forced to bear the consequences of the global financial crisis and energy crises. 
All these events have left a deep and tangible impact. I have blocked the way to Iraq, which is our biggest export market, and trade with Syria has been cut off, leaving our main commercial ports to Turkey and Europe. The tourism and investment sectors were also affected by the instability in the region despite the efforts we made to prevent it.
I do not know if there has been another country in modern history that has been subjected to such a great number of successive crises and found itself surrounded by a large number of conflicts to which it had no hand. 
Jordan’s resource-poor country, amidst a crisis-ridden region, hosts 1.3 million Syrian refugees, millions of Palestinian refugees and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and others from Libya and Yemen. Jordan today is one of the world’s most hosting countries for refugees. 
The direct cost of the Syrian crisis drains more than a quarter of our budget, and its impact extends to our communities, where 90 percent of Syrian refugees live. Consequently, there are increasing pressures on the housing, food, energy, health care, education and employment sectors.
Despite these great challenges, we have not retreated from our principles and values, and we have never turned our back on those in need. Despite our enormous debt, we stand proudly and confidently with what we have done; our soldiers are facing bullets and they are helping refugees to safely cross into our land, not to repel them.
We have not hesitated in our reform efforts, despite the difficult impact some of them have on our people. Conversely, the heavier the pregnancy, the more determined we are to make progress. We do not claim the idealism, and we are fully aware that in order to reduce unemployment and provide jobs for young people and future generations, we must radically improve the investment environment, promote integrity and accountability, develop the education system and support young entrepreneurs. In normal circumstances, it is normal to link aid to our progress, but we are in exceptional circumstances where aid is an important platform so that we can continue our political and economic reforms. 
The difficult circumstances have not prevented Jordan from continuing to contribute positively to the good of the world. 
We are committed to a just and peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state solution, despite the lack of optimism. 
We also continue resolutely to uphold the duty of the Hashemite guardianship over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. Preservation of the historical and legal situation in Al-Aqsa Mosque / Haram al-Sharif is the basis for achieving peace in our region and in the world, based on the city’s status in the divine religions. 
Our resolve has not been condoned in the international war against terrorism and in our concern to spread the true values ​​of true Islam. Jordanian peacekeepers have contributed to the protection of innocent civilians in Haiti, Darfur and East Timor. The voice of Jordan also stands out in the call for moderation and openness to all social components and their integration in an area where the ruckus of extremism and extremism prevail. 
Jordan has always done the right thing, time after time, because this is the essence of integrity, honesty and trust, but how was the world reacting to this?
Jordan is always appreciated and praised for its humanitarian and moral positions. We are proud of our country’s reputation, but good speech does not support the budget, does not build schools, and does not provide jobs. 
Therefore, important questions remain for Jordanians, especially young people. 
How can a small country such as Jordan, struggling in the face of such overwhelming difficulties, continue to suffer under the pretext that its friends suffer from the financial strain of providing support? Financial institutions often remind us that we are one of the most recipients of aid at the individual level, but by the same token, a country that has a large number of external shocks or contributes to global peace and security, such as Jordan, is rarely found. 
How can a country such as Jordan provide shelter to millions of desperate and needy people, while the debate is going on in much richer countries about accepting a few thousand of them?
What does it mean to our common humanity that the world spent nearly $ 1.7 trillion on weapons last year alone, but failed to provide less than $ 1.7 billion in response to the United Nations Relief Appeal to support Syrian refugees and their host communities in countries like Jordan? 
What does it mean to spend trillions on wars in our region, while little is spent to reach them to safety? 
These questions have no satisfactory answers. 
The painful reality is that the economies of war are flourishing for the benefit of the few, while real economies continue to suffer, causing harm to all. 
Thus, the message to the youth of Jordan and our region is clear: there is no shortage of funds to fight evil, but the desire to reward Virtue is almost absent. Thus, the voices of those who defend and build are drowned in the noise of those who attack and destroy. 
This logic is not equal.
So what do we say to the people of Jordan? What does the international community say to our young people? 
Do we tell them that the values ​​that govern our way of life are worthless? 
Do we tell them that pragmatism overwhelms the principles? Or is indifference stronger than empathy? 
Or do we tell them that we must avoid risk, and turn our backs on the needy, because no one will support our backs? 

The United Nations represents our universal conscience. But for many in my country and others around the world who try to do the right thing, the world conscience seems to be in a “silent state.” 

It is time to break the silence and begin to look for answers to these questions, so that we can launch an international effort that will bring our common humanity to safety. 
Our commitment to the values ​​of peace, moderation and international cooperation is unshakeable. The world must choose between two ways: Either the fruit tree is thirsty, or the oil pours on the raging fire.

OSIRIS-REx Flyby over Antartica

“No worries. I’m just checking up on things. I got something about ready to be birthed.” -Osiris-REx. 

Osiris-REx is doing a fly by on September 22nd. Go figure right. So we all know who and what Osiris represents and Rex, that is Latin for reigning king. The title always goes after the name. Osiris the reigning king. Maybe in their mind but we have a King and His name is Jesus. Oh yeah, look at where its flying over. Is that the Antarctic? Figures…

And this satellite Osiris-REx is chasing down an asteroid name Bennu (the Pheonix of the Sun, creation and rebirth) in order to pull some samples off of it. They have talked about mining asteroids for plutonium for years. In light of Cassini just crashing down full of plutonium into Saturn on September 15th there seems to be some symbolic tip of the hat here. 

 “The New York Times ran a story this past week that “a company called Planetary Resources Inc. will unveil its plans to mine asteroids that zip close by Earth, both to provide supplies for future interplanetary travelers and to bring back precious metals such as platinum. The venture may sound far-fetched, but it has already attracted some big-name investors, including Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Google, as well as profitable technology development contracts.” (http://space4peace.blogspot.com/2012/04/bad-seed-is-being-planted-in-space.html?m=1)

The Winepress of Wrath

Now before I say anything I first want to say that I don’t think anything is definite. I’m just letting it be known about the symbolism that is being used right now. I’m just saying everything is falling into place. Is this the beginning of Sorrows? That’s for you to discern.

The September 20th earthquake in Mexico City was measured at 7.1. Some believe for the damage it has done, that it actually hit harder than that. A week prior a earthquake hit Mexico City at 8.0 and didn’t do the damage that this one did. Who knows, maybe the first quake loosened everything up for this one. Either way, we should expect the death toll to rise.

The epicenter of this earthquake was in the municipality of Izucar de Matamoros which is located in the Mexico state of Puebla (peoples). They have determined the exact spot to be at Raboso. Raboso is a red wine grape and thd name raboxo in the native Venetian language means angry. So you have a earthquake that seems to be connected to a red wine grape that means angry and peoples. Now my first thought in this context with these words was that Puebla referred to the “earth dwellers” in the book of Revelation. These are those who curse and hate God. But if this is only symbolism, why this particular town in Puebla?

Well its a known fact that Mexico is known for Mary worship and by that I mean the worship of the false goddess Isis that the Catholic church hid in the mother of Jesus. Mary is not to be worshipped not unless your a pagan and then your just worshipping Isis of Egypt. You can deny this all you like but these are the facts. Pueblo is no different here. They have shrines set up for this false worship everywhere. 

Izucar de Matamoros is also known for their Mexican Tree of Life. I didn’t know much about this but I do know it was introduced to the peoples by the Catholic friars. That should tell you something right there. This tree of life business has been introduced into the day of the dead in our present day. One thing that caught my attention was how they reminded me of a Kabbalistic Tree of Life or a Seiphorit.

Now if your paying attention, you would have remembered the hurricane Katia that hit the eastern part of Mexico. Katia means virgin. Now who is the perpetual virgin that Catholics in Mexico pray to and venerate? And if you think its just practicing Catholics in Mexico that do this than your wrong. Heathens in Mexico also venerate “mary” and you can see it done during the day of the dead. 

Matter of fact, Katia hit landfall in Tecolutla, Mexico just 24 hours after the 8.1 earthquake hit Pijijiapan near Mexico City killing 65+. Pijijiapan has what is called the Pijijiapan stone seen below. Now ironically the meaning for Tecolutla is “the place of the owls”. If you know what owls represent than you will get this reference. Some believe the owl is a representation of Molech the bull god. So Kaita the virgin ripped through the place of the owls.

This brings is to the second earthquake in less than a week near Mexico City. Life I mentioned, this was centered in Raboso which represents red wine grapes and anger (lets just say wrath in this context). Now we have another hurricane named Maria (Mary) ripping through the Atlantic making its way to the United States. People want to only see how Jose and Maria represent or are symbolic of Joseph and Mary but that’s just not the case. We are talking Isis here. The word hurricane literally means god of evil. Below you can see what Maria really looks like in another light.

Hurricane is Hurry Cane is the god of evil. “There are two possible origins of the word “hurricane.” According to one source, the word “Hurricane” is derived from the Spanish word “huracn.” The origin of which is the Carib term for “God of Evil”. Other sources, however, postulate that the word is derived from the name of the Mayan storm god, “Hurakan.” According to the Popol Vuh, which recounts the Mayan Creation Myth, Huracan (from Mayan Jun Raqan) is the ancient Mayan weather god of wind, storm, and fire. Hurakan is “the one-legged”, and one of three creator deities, collectively called “the Heart of Heaven,” that participates in three attempts at creating humanity first from mud, and then wood. The final and successful creation resulted in the creation of mankind from maize.

Notice the clown type face on the male god Juracán

The Creation Myth also reveals that Hurakan caused the Great Flood after the first humans angered the gods. According to the myth, he lived in the windy mists above the floodwaters and repeatedly called forth the earth until land came up from beneath the seas. His “one legged” appearance refers to one of his legs having been transformed into a snake. His appearance features a snout-like nose, resembles that of the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. Hurakan can also be spelled Hurrican, Huracan, & Harakan.” (http://diannedelascasas.com/2008/08/the-origin-of-hurricane/)(http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/tcfaq/B4.html)

Not not everyone believes this god of evil was represented by the masculine, some believed it was a goddess. “The word “hurricane” can be traced to the Taíno. It’s unclear to me exactly how the Taíno used the word. Some say “Huracán” was the “evil god of storms.” Others say it was the Taíno word for “storm” and that true god of storms wasn’t a god at all, but a goddess named “Guabancex,” according to NationMaster.” (https://alongthemalecon.blogspot.com/2008/09/evil-god-of-storms.html?m=1)

“The image in the above illustration depicts the Taíno version of the huraca’n superimposed over hurricane Katrina as she left the Caribbean and approached New Orleans, Louisiana. The ancient indigenous people of the Caribbean, the Taíno, had a perfect understanding of the weather phenomenon that annually plagued their Paradise-like territory. The huraca’n was definitely an angry woman goddess, “Rider of the Winds”. Female ceramists depicted her on pottery as a head whose “S” shaped arms protruded from her shoulders or temples, much like the view of a flailing person seen from overhead. Uncannily, the Taíno’s version of the huraca’n had the same configuration as satellite photographs of hurricanes taken 500 years later in the 20th century. The main difference in interpretation between the original Taíno image and that of contemporary meteorologists was that the Taíno saw the “eye” of the hurricane as the face of a woman.

Her name was not Wilma, Katrina, Ivan, Camille, Diane, Rupert, or Ann. Before the birth of Christ, she had been Guabancex (gwa-ban-seh) the angry woman spirit of the huraca’n. She was a violently angry goddess accompanied by twin male accomplices (this is reminescent of Apollo/Artemis symbolism with the Gemini Twins – my comment). Together they wreaked havoc on the Caribbean, Central America and the North American continent.

An early Spanish chronicler in the Caribbean wrote: “They say that when Guabancex becomes angry, she makes the winds and waters move and casts houses to the ground and uproots the trees.”The huraca’n is the composition of the angry wind goddess Guabancex, and her two enablers the gods Guatauba (gwa-ta-ooh-BA), and Coatrisque (ko-ah-tris-keh). Combined, they were the Wind, Thunder and Flood spirits of the huraca’n. Guatauba, as the god of thunder, was the herald who announced Guabancex’s pending arrival. Coatrisque followed the wind and thunder and brought the devastating power of the flood from the mountains. The Taíno understood that three entities of the hurricane (wind, flood and tide surge) caused the most damage. The Spanish continue to use the word “huracan” and it is from this source that the English coined the word “hurricane”. The early chroniclers also reported that the Taíno curtailed long sea voyages during the hurricane season of June to October. 

Boriken (Puerto Rico) Taíno spoke about the mountain battles between the Supreme Being, Yucahú and the negative spirit of the huraca’n. Today, many descendants of Boriken, Kiskeya (Dominican Republic) and Cubanacan (Cuba) Taíno live in New York City. Before hurricane Katrina, some meteorologists predicted that “The Big One” will be a huge hurricane that may do incalculable damage to New York City in the future. The subway tunnels may act as gushing conduits for the storm surge.” (http://www.powhatanmuseum.com/Hurricane.html)

So what’s going on here? A false goddess or false god doing this destruction? Does it really matter? Its all based on Paganisn and there are good reasons to believe these places hit are meant to be hit. And I don’t think Mexico is immune with their false god heathenism. The symbolism is hard to run from here and this storm Maria, don’t think its symbolic in anyway shape or form of Mary the mother of Jesus. This is that divine feminine coming back with vengeance and God will allow it to happen. When countries are steeped in goddess worship and paganism, this is what they get. And America isn’t immune either.

One last thing. Jupiter is Baal the storm god. Now does this birth water breaking make sense now? Its time to repent and turn away from Babylon. 

Clowns Redux: Poltergeist and IT Connections

After recently realising that clowns did in fact represent this ancient spirit of these Nephilim, I started paying attention to clowns a little bit more. I’m going to be honest. I never liked clowns and for someone to say they love clowns, well they need to be a little off. There is nothing cool about clowns in my opinion. With that said, let’s look at a few clowns.

The remake of Poltergeist has a lot of the same tendencies that we are seeing in movies like IT and t.v. shows like Stranger Things. The common denominators are clowns (although the demagorgon is not a clown but his silhouette site looks like one), demonic possession, a veil being lifted and sacrificial killings. I think these occultist Hollywood producers get the same manual when making a movie or they are just led by this same ancient spirits. Probably the latter.

In the movie Poltergeist you see the same type of atmosphere when they go into the closet behind the veil as you see in Stranger Things in the Upside Down. They represent the world we live in but in another dimension. Imagine if GOD could pull the veil open in your own house, what would you see? This is the same idea. IT kind of goes there but not as deep into it as these other shows and movies. IT is very reminiscent of the Upside Down where they all float right side up.

Poltergeist 2015
Stranger Things

In Poltergeist you also see the “release” of these demonic spirits in the symbolism of the clowns in the boy Griffins room. Griffin means ‘strong in faith’ and related to the Greek word γρυπός (grypos), meaning ‘curved’, or ‘hooked’. If you remember in the IT symbolism paper I looked at the Hebrew of the letters. The T is Vav and is a nail or hook. Interesting connection indirectly. A griffin is also a mythological beast that is the head and wings of a eagle and body of a lion. Some believe this is a cherub type creature. So the demonic spirits attack Griffin who is strong in faith and symbolises an angelic cherub. Remember, Satan was the covering cherub.

The original Poltergeist

In Poltergeist we also see the sheep and goat symbolism. Its a psuedo good seed vs bad seed because in the end there is no mention of Jesus Christ, so essentially both sides are bad. In this scene below you can see a goat leading the sheep that is followed by a mouse (an abomination in Isaiah) and a dinosaur. They are actually walking up the closet door as seen in the last picture. Some of the same symbolism in IT.

There is also the yin and yang, red and blue symbolism in Poltergeist and Stranger Things. This is that Luciferian oneness that these demons want humanity to be at. Purely Luciferian. The illuminated ones at work in Hollywood.

Lastly let me mention the slime that was in both Poltergeist and IT. There seems to be a connection to demonic entities and slime. The easiest movie to prove this is Ghostbusters and ironically these “ghosts” look clown like. They slime people with green ectoplasm.

But does this type of gooey slime have a nefarious beginning? We read in Chapter 14 of Genesis of a battle of giants that was called The War of Nine Kings. This took place in the Vale or Valley of Siddim. Now Siddim was where there were tar or bitumen pits and this word can mean demon. This was located in Jordan near the Dead Sea. Why do I mention this in relation to this goo in these movies? Because this valley of goo was related to demons. And like I have already said, demons are the common denominator for these movies. But the question is this. Are Nephilim associated to this Valley of Siddim (Demons)? I’ll save that for another time.

I didn’t even mention Piggycorn (Teddytank) the Unicorn Pig.

Will King Abdullah be dethroned like Saturn?

Saturn was dethroned by Jupiter according to NASA. I had been saying this would happen. The Sept 15th Cassini/Saturn event was more symbolic than anything and with the false sign happening 9 days later with Jupiter, lets see how many people get it. This is something that is happening in the heavens. Its not Biblical or in Scripture but it is still happening according to these Luciferians. Now physically in the natural I wonder if something is happening? 

I also want to make mention that Abdullah II and his son will be in the United States for a week or so. “Pay attention. King Abdullah II has been meeting with EVERYONE in the last month from Canada to Japan. He’s in the United States where he met with the United Nations and today he meets with Trump. And look who is now with him on all these trips. His son the Prince.” (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1307232039386345&id=519754571467433)

And his son speaks at the United Nations General council on September 21st. The first day of the “Jewish year”. The theme of the general debate of the 72nd session is “Focusing on People – Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet.”

This is an opinion piece and if you don’t understand my view on the Hashemites then you won’t get it. Those who do, you’ll get what I’m saying. And this takes place on October 17th. Go back to my Mummy paper and the Terminator:Genysis paper for that reference. If this happens and I doubt it will, you could probably see an assassination attempt on the king. And if they succeed either way, then his son takes the throne. This is something to watch. By the way – Trump won’t do anything to further this, he follows the ruled he has laid out before him.

“A conference in Jerusalem next month proposing a plan (“Plan”) involving the dethronement of Jordan’s King Abdullah threatens any attempt by Jordan and Israel to peacefully apportion – between their respective States – sovereignty in Judea and Samaria – aka the ‘West Bank’ since 1950 – and Gaza (“Disputed Territories”).” “The beauty of the plan is that it doesn’t require the consent of the PA (Palestinian Authority) or of Jordan. It just requires the embrace of President Trump. He must engineer a way to remove the king from power and to install Zahran and his coalition as the interim government.” The conference organizers are totally upfront and make no bones as to how the Plan is to be achieved: “The beauty of the plan is that it doesn’t require the consent of the PA (Palestinian Authority) or of Jordan. It just requires the embrace of President Trump. He must engineer a way to remove the king from power and to install Zahran and his coalition as the interim government.”

Zahran – Secretary-General of the self-declared Jordanian Opposition Coalition – has formulated the Plan as follows: “This plan seeks to execute a feasible two-state solution where Jordan is the natural homeland for all Palestinians, and Israel becomes sovereign over all soil west to the River Jordan. This could only happen if the corrupt, terror-supporting and double-speaking Hashemite royal family leaves Jordan. The Palestinians often revolt against the regime but the king’s police force puts them down. The American media ignore this solution to the unrest in Jordan.

“What is needed is for the U.S. to influence the Jordanian army and security agency to stand with the revolution the next time it breaks out.  The security agencies and army are already securing the country without any influence from the king who is mostly abroad.  Under these conditions, the king would not return.  Once that happens an interim government of secular Palestinians who want peace with Israel could be appointed.” However, dethroning King Abdullah to end Hashemite-rule in Jordan for the last 95 years will only exacerbate the 100-years old conflict between Jews and Arabs. (http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/21026)



I told you they were handing over the torch

Look what showed up today on my news feed. And of all days, on my birthday (9/17) If that isn’t confirmation for me personally than I don’t know what is. I’ve been saying this all along, the torch is being handed from Saturn to Jupiter. I spotted this happening since last year and it seems to be true. You can go through all my research on this blog and see it for yourself. Remember people, symbolism is the key to these occultists and everything is about ritual.

And yesterday (9/16/17) NASA released the pictures of “Jupiter”. They say stunning but I say fake. That’s not the point though. Their god they worship is far from being fake.

And since we are talking about the dying false god Saturn I have to mention what they are doing with Osiris.

“No worries. I’m just checking up on things. I got something about ready to be birthed.” -Osiris-REx.

Osiris-REx is doing a fly by on September 22nd. Go figure right. So we all know who and what Osiris represents and Rex, that is Latin for reigning king. The title always goes after the name. Osiris the reigning king. Maybe in their mind but we have a King and His name is Jesus. Oh yeah, look at where its flying over. Is that the Antarctic? Figures…

And this satellite Osiris-REx is chasing down an asteroid name Bennu (the Pheonix of the Sun, creation and rebirth) in order to pull some samples off of it. They have talked about mining asteroids for plutonium for years. In light of Cassini just crashing down full of plutonium into Saturn on September 15th there seems to be some symbolic tip of the hat here.

“The New York Times ran a story this past week that “a company called Planetary Resources Inc. will unveil its plans to mine asteroids that zip close by Earth, both to provide supplies for future interplanetary travelers and to bring back precious metals such as platinum. The venture may sound far-fetched, but it has already attracted some big-name investors, including Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Google, as well as profitable technology development contracts.” (http://space4peace.blogspot.com/2012/04/bad-seed-is-being-planted-in-space.html?m=1)

Joseph, Mary and Lee the Dying Lion. The new NORMal

First off, watch this interesting video: https://youtu.be/d-rzzmycHLM

I’m not sure what happened to hurricane Lee but now we have Maria coming up to South Carolina. So you have Jose going towards NY and Maria going to where the eclipse exited at in South Carolina. In English that would be Joseph and Mary, the earthly parents of Jesus. Pretty strange. Its just more of that American eschatology to cover the eyes of these sheep. It may be a sign of some sorts but not necessarily a good one. And I was told that Lee is a variation of Leo which means lion. According to meterologists, Lee will die out before it really gets started And will stay a tropical depression. Here is what Lee means. And now there is this…

There seems to be a strange phenomenon that’s going to happen called the Fijiwara Effect. Its starting on the 23rd to the 26th of September. It seems Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) are going to do a little dance. This happened already once this year when Hurricanes Hillary and Irwin did this Fujiwara dance. And “while not a typical run-of-the-mill scenario, there have been several notable hurricanes subjected to the Fujiwara Effect, including a fleeting relationship between typhoons Doug and Ellie in August of 1994 in the northeast Pacific”. 

You can see they are quite a distance from each other to dance

“The Fujiwara Effect is most commonly visible across the Pacific, and occurs when two or more tropical systems draw sufficiently near to interrupt each other’s traditional outflow/inflow pattern. Eventually, the upper-level outflow bands of one storm descend, are compressed, and warm up in temperature — soon acting as the inflow of the other. When this occurs, they become “pinwheel cyclones,” and begin rotating around each other.

Hurricane scientist David Longshore ascertained that this takes place when two storms of similar strength (within 20 millibars of central barometric pressure) find themselves “between 600 and 900 miles apart.” Prior to interaction, their respective motions must be alike as well. Generally speaking, the two cannot dance together for more than three days, according to Longshore. Eventually they will merge into one, large convective mass and establish a new center of rotation — or, what is more likely, one storm dies and spirals inward to fuel the dominant cyclone.” (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2017/07/31/the-science-behind-this-strange-dance-between-hurricanes-hilary-and-irwin/?utm_term=.52bbbc8944c4)

This is what a real Fujiwara dance looks like

“Saturday’s European model showed the potential for what are currently Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria to perform a rather rare dance off the U.S. East Coast called the Fujiwara Effect (sometimes spelled “Fujiwhara” with an ‘h’). As the dance unfolds a little more than a week from today, according to the model, Maria essentially “pinwheels” Jose right into the Mid-Atlantic coast. (Again, there’s no reason to panic about a model forecast more than a week away.)

You can watch Jose and Maria engage in the Fujiwara in the European model forecast below for Saturday morning Sept. 23 through Tuesday morning Sept. 26. Jose starts out due east of New Jersey with Maria due east of South Florida. As the two get closer together, they begin to pinwheel around each other, with Jose slamming into the Delaware-New Jersey coast.” (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2017/09/16/hurricane-jose-and-tropical-storm-maria-could-dance-the-fujiwara/?utm_term=.4a36e6c8c5ac)

Based on the models they are showing, they seem to be to far away from each other in the future models to do this dance but it could change. Look at Hillary and Irwin and this is the true Fujiwara Effect. So what is exactly this Fujiwara mean?

Fujiwara is a clan in Japan and means 藤原 lit. “Wisteria field”. A wisteria is a vine that flowers purple, violet, pink and white and can grow as tall as 66 ft. while it can spread on the ground to 33 ft. Notice the numbers there. They are poisoness when ingested and can cause dizziness, confusion, speech problems, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea and collapse. New agers symbolise wisteria plants as representing immortality and illumination. But this particular phrase “Fujiwara Effect” actually comes from this man Sakuhei Fujiwhara (http://wp.me/pVaKJ-3Vt). 

So evidently witches use wisteria in magick too. “Wisteria is associated with Mercury and the element of Air. Its most common magical associations include psychic development, wisdom and meditation.” (https://hazelplanchette.tumblr.com/post/123370816511/localizing-magic-wisteria) A word thing I noticed was the Mercury connection. Read my review on The Mummy to see why this is strange. Something else is that these witches think wisteria gives you is wisdom. Like Pennywise? Penny means flower so this is a flower of wisdom (Sophia). Not the kind of wisdom we need or to associated with.

After looking at the oldest Wisteria tree in Japan, it reminded me of the image of the “Pillar of Lights” that are being seem around the world. I suggest you read this https://hiddeninthecrag.wordpress.com/2017/03/02/the-zohar-trappist/ to understand the context of what I’m saying. I’m just saying that these reminded me of this tree. And being that huge hurricanes look like portals opening, I don’t know anymore. A Fujiwara becomes a hurricane on steroids.

Now I had already mentioned the connection with Mary and Joseph and alot of Christians are losing it right now because they think that this is some sort of sign. Sign for what? I guess because they think that they will be raptured on September 23rd and this hurricane Fujiwara dance is the dance of jubilation. I don’t think think so. First off Joseph was Jesus’ EARTHLY father and we no matter what anyone tells you, we are not to venerate Mary as this perpetual virgin. I don’t think this dance is a coincidence but I do believe we are witnessing false signs and wonders in the form of weather and the heavens. 

It only seems to be centered on the United States for good reason. This 9/23 sign is essentially an American thing, just ask Scottie Clarke. This is centered on the American false rapture eschatology that whorships this Jupiter Serapis. The same way he was worshipped with the Gnostic Christians that led to the universal church, Catholicism. So I think these “signs” are all just part of the game that’s being played. And its called Deception.

Oops..How could I forget Norma?! There’s a new storm brewin’ off of the coast of Mexico in the Pacific. Storma Norma. They are saying it could become a Category 3 in no time. Norma means rule or precept. I guess there is a constellation with the same name. Its name means “normal” in Latin (referring to a right angle) and it represents a level, a set square, a rule, or a carpenter’s square.

And let me mention this weather we are having in the United States too. Below is NOAA’s weather predicted for the country for each week. I wrote a paper based on these models as being a type of symbolic ritual for the yin/yang fire/water symbology. They are trying to bring that satanic occult spirit of “oneness” to America. This is that Antichrist spirit.

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