Joseph, Mary and Lee the Dying Lion. The new NORMal

First off, watch this interesting video:

I’m not sure what happened to hurricane Lee but now we have Maria coming up to South Carolina. So you have Jose going towards NY and Maria going to where the eclipse exited at in South Carolina. In English that would be Joseph and Mary, the earthly parents of Jesus. Pretty strange. Its just more of that American eschatology to cover the eyes of these sheep. It may be a sign of some sorts but not necessarily a good one. And I was told that Lee is a variation of Leo which means lion. According to meterologists, Lee will die out before it really gets started And will stay a tropical depression. Here is what Lee means. And now there is this…

There seems to be a strange phenomenon that’s going to happen called the Fijiwara Effect. Its starting on the 23rd to the 26th of September. It seems Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) are going to do a little dance. This happened already once this year when Hurricanes Hillary and Irwin did this Fujiwara dance. And “while not a typical run-of-the-mill scenario, there have been several notable hurricanes subjected to the Fujiwara Effect, including a fleeting relationship between typhoons Doug and Ellie in August of 1994 in the northeast Pacific”. 

You can see they are quite a distance from each other to dance

“The Fujiwara Effect is most commonly visible across the Pacific, and occurs when two or more tropical systems draw sufficiently near to interrupt each other’s traditional outflow/inflow pattern. Eventually, the upper-level outflow bands of one storm descend, are compressed, and warm up in temperature — soon acting as the inflow of the other. When this occurs, they become “pinwheel cyclones,” and begin rotating around each other.

Hurricane scientist David Longshore ascertained that this takes place when two storms of similar strength (within 20 millibars of central barometric pressure) find themselves “between 600 and 900 miles apart.” Prior to interaction, their respective motions must be alike as well. Generally speaking, the two cannot dance together for more than three days, according to Longshore. Eventually they will merge into one, large convective mass and establish a new center of rotation — or, what is more likely, one storm dies and spirals inward to fuel the dominant cyclone.” (

This is what a real Fujiwara dance looks like

“Saturday’s European model showed the potential for what are currently Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria to perform a rather rare dance off the U.S. East Coast called the Fujiwara Effect (sometimes spelled “Fujiwhara” with an ‘h’). As the dance unfolds a little more than a week from today, according to the model, Maria essentially “pinwheels” Jose right into the Mid-Atlantic coast. (Again, there’s no reason to panic about a model forecast more than a week away.)

You can watch Jose and Maria engage in the Fujiwara in the European model forecast below for Saturday morning Sept. 23 through Tuesday morning Sept. 26. Jose starts out due east of New Jersey with Maria due east of South Florida. As the two get closer together, they begin to pinwheel around each other, with Jose slamming into the Delaware-New Jersey coast.” (

Based on the models they are showing, they seem to be to far away from each other in the future models to do this dance but it could change. Look at Hillary and Irwin and this is the true Fujiwara Effect. So what is exactly this Fujiwara mean?

Fujiwara is a clan in Japan and means 藤原 lit. “Wisteria field”. A wisteria is a vine that flowers purple, violet, pink and white and can grow as tall as 66 ft. while it can spread on the ground to 33 ft. Notice the numbers there. They are poisoness when ingested and can cause dizziness, confusion, speech problems, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea and collapse. New agers symbolise wisteria plants as representing immortality and illumination. But this particular phrase “Fujiwara Effect” actually comes from this man Sakuhei Fujiwhara ( 

So evidently witches use wisteria in magick too. “Wisteria is associated with Mercury and the element of Air. Its most common magical associations include psychic development, wisdom and meditation.” ( A word thing I noticed was the Mercury connection. Read my review on The Mummy to see why this is strange. Something else is that these witches think wisteria gives you is wisdom. Like Pennywise? Penny means flower so this is a flower of wisdom (Sophia). Not the kind of wisdom we need or to associated with.

After looking at the oldest Wisteria tree in Japan, it reminded me of the image of the “Pillar of Lights” that are being seem around the world. I suggest you read this to understand the context of what I’m saying. I’m just saying that these reminded me of this tree. And being that huge hurricanes look like portals opening, I don’t know anymore. A Fujiwara becomes a hurricane on steroids.

Now I had already mentioned the connection with Mary and Joseph and alot of Christians are losing it right now because they think that this is some sort of sign. Sign for what? I guess because they think that they will be raptured on September 23rd and this hurricane Fujiwara dance is the dance of jubilation. I don’t think think so. First off Joseph was Jesus’ EARTHLY father and we no matter what anyone tells you, we are not to venerate Mary as this perpetual virgin. I don’t think this dance is a coincidence but I do believe we are witnessing false signs and wonders in the form of weather and the heavens. 

It only seems to be centered on the United States for good reason. This 9/23 sign is essentially an American thing, just ask Scottie Clarke. This is centered on the American false rapture eschatology that whorships this Jupiter Serapis. The same way he was worshipped with the Gnostic Christians that led to the universal church, Catholicism. So I think these “signs” are all just part of the game that’s being played. And its called Deception.

Oops..How could I forget Norma?! There’s a new storm brewin’ off of the coast of Mexico in the Pacific. Storma Norma. They are saying it could become a Category 3 in no time. Norma means rule or precept. I guess there is a constellation with the same name. Its name means “normal” in Latin (referring to a right angle) and it represents a level, a set square, a rule, or a carpenter’s square.

And let me mention this weather we are having in the United States too. Below is NOAA’s weather predicted for the country for each week. I wrote a paper based on these models as being a type of symbolic ritual for the yin/yang fire/water symbology. They are trying to bring that satanic occult spirit of “oneness” to America. This is that Antichrist spirit.

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