The Bisons Eclipse

I suggest if you haven’t yet, please read my paper on the August 21st eclipse. Then you can get an idea of where I stand on this event. You can read it here.

I came across an advertisement from the US Department of Interior for the eclipse on August 21st. Their logo is a bison so I wasn’t too shocked but being that its for the eclipse, it was a little surprising. 

The bison in some American Indian traditions is equivalent to the bull of Egypt and Mesopotamia. The bison is revered as a type of Nimrod not only in the Middle East but also in the Americas. 

I will briefly mention this because I will mention this more in another blog but Amun of Egypt was Jupiter and he was seen as having horns. Below is Alexander with his Amun-Jupiter horns. In my opinion there seems to be a connection with this Eclipse to a symbolic/spiritual harvesting going on that is also connected to Jupiters big debut. This is my opinion though. 

It just seems fitting that we are seeing America’s bull of Nimrod in the form of a bison coming from a government agency. Oh and let’s not forget the Flintstones…look at the numbers on these last two pictures. 32 and 33.

And don’t forget about the American Gods t.v. show. Look who’s on that advertisements. Mr. Buffalo. Notice the lettering in the poster that is lit up. AM I A GOD. Read my paper on the eclipse and you will see why I bring this up.

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