August 21st Sowing for Saturn

On August 21st there is a eclipse that happens to cut across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. I wrote about it here ( But there is something interesting that also happens on this date that has to do with Saturn and pagan holidays. The gestival Consualia was in honor of Consus. Consus was the god of “secret” deliberations and during this festival they uncovered a secret hidden altar to this god Consus. During the first festival, the men carried off the Sabine women and raped them. Ironically you could use the Latin word “rapture” and say that the Sabine women were raptured.

In my opinion the August 21st ecplise looks to be symbolically a seperating or dividing of the United States. I wrote about all of this in the above article. And ironically I have seen some “Christians” even point to this date to be “raptured”. Can you see the irony here? I suggest you read my article above and read historically what this festival actually represents. They just both happen to fall on the same day this year.

Now I don’t think that this festival (symbolically for this particular year) is in the sense of harvesting something that’s already grown. It’s not like how we think of a normal harvest. I believe its more along the lines of something being planted and the initial part of starting something to grow. Now with that said, it could also be representing a harvest as in the seperation of the wheat and tares as mentioned in Scripture. And as far as Scripture goes, Jesus says to never do anything in secret and Consus, well he’s the god of secret deliberations. So you get my point. Maybe Saturn is planting its seeds for the big December harvest? 

Tracy Twyman wrote some interesting research on this festival and its connection to Saturn’s summer harvest. “The first Opiconsivia took place right after the August 21 planting festival for Saturn, called “Consualia,” which was named after the god’s alternate title of “Consus.” I noted mentally that August 21 had been the date of the solar eclipse the previous year, and wondered what role that had played in the symbolism of Rosenberg’s Mithras cult. They probably had a very special orgy in the mithraeum that day, I thought.

The name “Ops” means “plenty” and consivia, as I stated before, means “to sow.” Mythology experts claim that she was first associated with planting and harvesting. This connected her to the earth in the minds of the ancients, and everything that was thought to be under it. This is how she became a symbol of the underworld and mineral wealth also, they say, just like Saturn, whose name is connected to satur (“full, rich”) and saturitas (“abundance, satiety”). Thus, Saturn and Ops have a lot in common with the king and queen of Hell, Pluto (the Roman Hades) and Proserpina (the Roman Persephone). Interestingly, a minor character in the Roman Catholic canon is St. Satur, who I think is quite possibly an iconotropic cover for Saturn, and whose feast day is on March 26.

After learning about Opiconsivia, I understood that I was right about the goddess who had given birth to each new king of the gods in each aeon, and protected him from the wrath of his father. Is he always the ‘sun god,’ I wondered, or is that just the language we use for the concept now, because the Sun is the king of the gods now?

I still don’t know the answer. But meditating upon the meaning of the lyrics to “Dear Prudence” once again, I realized that it’s a song about Metis emerging from the body of Zeus for the first time in at least an aeon, possibly two, at the dawning of a new one. It’s about the old world order being subsumed by the birth of the next. I believe that’s what I witnessed taking place, both in the rituals at Bucklersbury, and in the sky’s firmament.

I also thought again about the words in the Sator Square. “Sator,” as I stated before, is Saturn, “the sewer,” “the begetter,” “the father.” “Arepo,” it occurs to me now, might well stand for “Harpo,” another name for Eros, a.k.a. Cupid, the child of Aphrodite. “Tenet, we know, means “to hold.” “Rotas,” like I said, means “wheels,” and has always been combined with “Opera” (“work”) when interpreting the formula. So it is commonly rendered “Saturn and Arepo hold and work the wheels,” although my “Eros” interpretation for “Arepo” could render it “the Sewer of Love works the wheels,” or some combination of the various conjugations of those words.

But “opera” could also refer specifically to Saturn’s partner, Ops, “the planter,” and some kind of “work” that she did with him involving these wheels.” I think there may be some connection with what William Blake referred to as the “Starry Wheels, Which revolve heavily in the mighty Void above the Furnaces” in his poem Jerusalem. This poem was obviously very important to Rosenberg when composing the rituals, for reasons that I will explain shortly. It was quoted repeatedly at the end of the New Court ritual, and I recall being inspired by the voice of Chronos in my head to mention “Starry Wheels” in regards to the carriage ride in the New Court ceremonies. I figure the “wheels” are the invisible controls that move the celestial bodies above us.” (

“CONSUALIA [was] a festival, with games, celebrated by the Romans…in honour of Consus, the god of secret deliberations, or…of Neptunus Equestris. Plutarch…say[s] that Neptunus Equestris and Consus were only different names for one and the same deity. It was solemnized every year in the circus, by the symbolical ceremony of uncovering an altar dedicated to the god, which was buried in the earth. For Romulus, who was considered as the founder of the festival, was said to have discovered an altar in the earth on that spot. The solemnity took place on the 21st of August with horse and chariot races, and libations were poured into the flames which consumed the sacrifices. During these festive games, horses and mules were not allowed to do any work, and were adorned with garlands of flowers. It was at their first celebration that, according to the ancient legend, the Sabine maidens were carried off. Virgil, in speaking of the rape of the Sabines, describes it as having occurred during the celebration of the Circensian games, which can only be accounted for by supposing that the great Circensian games, in subsequent times, superseded the ancient Consualia…” SOURCE:A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities

“Livy describes the abduction of the Sabine women as follows: And now the Roman state was become so powerful, that it was a match for any of the neighboring nations in war, but, from the paucity of women, its greatness could only last for one age of man; for they had no hope of issue at home, nor had they any intermarriages with their neighbors. Therefore, by the advice of the Fathers, Romulus sent ambassadors to the neighboring states to solicit an alliance and the privilege of intermarriage for his new subjects…No where did the embassy obtain a favorable hearing…The Roman youth resented this conduct bitterly, and the matter unquestionably began to point towards violence. Romulus, in order that he might afford a favorable time and place for this, dissembling his resentment, purposely prepares games in honor of Neptunus Equestris; he calls them Consualia. He then orders the spectacle to be proclaimed among their neighbors; and they prepare for the celebration with all the magnificence they were then acquainted with, or were capable of doing, that they might render the matter famous, and an object of expectation. Great numbers assembled, from a desire also of seeing the new city; especially their nearest neighbors, the Cæninenses, Crustumini, and Antemnates. Moreover the whole multitude of the Sabines came, with their wives and children. Having been hospitably invited to the different houses, when they had seen the situation, and fortifications, and the city crowded with houses, they became astonished that the Roman power had increased so rapidly. When the time of the spectacle came on, and while their minds and eyes were intent upon it, according to concert a tumult began, and upon a signal given the Roman youth ran different ways to carry off the virgins by force. A great number were carried off at hap-hazard, according as they fell into their hands.

Persons from the common people, who had been charged with the task, conveyed to their houses some women of surpassing beauty, destined for the leading senators. They say that one, far distinguished beyond the others for stature and beauty, was carried off by the party of one Thalassius, and whilst many inquired to whom they were carrying her, they cried out every now and then, in order that no one might molest her, that she was being taken to Thalassius; that from this circumstance this term became a nuptial one. The festival being disturbed by this alarm, the parents of the young women retire in grief, appealing to the compact of violated hospitality, and invoking the god, to whose festival and games they had come, deceived by the pretense of religion and good faith. Neither had the ravished virgins better hopes of their condition, or less indignation. But Romulus in person went about and declared, “That what was done was owing to the pride of their fathers, who had refused to grant the privilege of marriage to their neighbors; but notwithstanding, they should be joined in lawful wedlock, participate in all their possessions and civil privileges, and, than which nothing can be dearer to the human heart, in their common children. He begged them only to assuage the fierceness of their anger, and cheerfully surrender their affections to those to whom fortune had consigned their persons.” [He added,] “That from injuries love and friendship often arise; and that they should find them kinder husbands on this account, because each of them, besides the performance of his conjugal duty, would endeavor to the utmost of his power to make up for the want of their parents and native country.” To this the caresses of the husbands were added, excusing what they had done on the plea of passion and love, arguments that work most successfully on women’s hearts.” SOURCE:THE HISTORY OF ROME by TITUS LIVIUS


“August 21 was a special day in the times of Ancient Rome. It was a day of celebration and games. This day was called Consualia and it was a day to celebrate Consus, the Roman God of grains. He was the protector of grains and anything that the grain was stored in. This day was celebrated every year in Ancient Rome.

On this day, horses and mules were “given the day off,” as these were the sacred animals of Consus. The horses and mules were dressed up in garland and flowers. There were also games held in celebration on this day. There were horse races and chariot races held in the Circus Maximus.

Consus’ shrine was underground and usually kept covered throughout the year. However, on August 21, the shrine was uncovered for the celebration. The shrine was also uncovered on July 7 for celebration as well. The shrine was filled with new grains every time that it was uncovered.

Another part of this celebration was that Roman men would go out and kidnap the Sabine women and force them to marry them. The Sabines were a tribe of people who lived near Rome. Although the women were taken by force, they said that the Roman men treated them better than the Sabine men.” – Joseph Novack


“Consus became a god associated with secret conferences, as his name was also interpreted allegorically in relation to consilium (“council, assembly”). Servius says that Consus is the god of councils.[10] This fact stems from the role played by Consus in the abduction of the Sabine women, which took place on the occasion of the Consualia aestiva and was considered to have been advised by the god himself.” (

“The Latins (Romans) associated Consus’ name with consilium (“councils, synagogues, assemblies; place where councils assemble”). This word should not be confused with “counsel” (“advice”). It in fact expresses the idea of “sitting together” (consentes), “being together” (con-sum) or perhaps “called together, conclaimed” (con-calare). The connection of Consus with these secret councils is attested by Servius (En. 8:636): Consus autem deus est consiliorum (“Consus is however the god of councils”). 

As such, it seems that Consus was a member of the council of the Di Consentes (“Council of the Gods”) formed by six gods and six goddesses which assembled in order to assist Jupiter in making great decisions such as destroying Troy or Atlantis with a Flood, etc.. This tradition is due to the Etruscans, but is also widely attested in Greece as well, for instance, in Homer.” (

Odin, Birth Pains and Jupiter

I was looking at 1st Thessalonians 5:4 recently and looked up the word for “travail” in the Greek. Lets look at the verse.

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

Now something first came to mind when I read this verse. It was the “peace and safety” then “sudden destruction”. I didn’t know if this is relevant for this false sign of September 23rd (which is the 3rd day of 5778) but on September 21st (the first day of the year of 5778) the United Nations has a declared this day is the International Day of Peace. This isn’t something new but it seems to coincide with the 9/23 event.

“Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.The Day’s theme for 2017 is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” The theme honours the spirit of TOGETHER, a global initiative that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life.”…On 15 September 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., the Secretary-General will celebrate the Day in the Peace Garden at United Nations Headquarters by ringing the Peace Bell and observing a minute of silence. United Nations Messengers of Peace will participate in the ceremony. The United Nations Education Outreach Section will hold a global student videoconference on the same day, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., also at United Nations Headquarters. (

Interesting enough, this year is called “Together for Peace” and is focusing on those who have to flee from their homes in search for a better life. In my opinion, this 9/23 date will eventually be the catalyst to get the ball rolling fur this sudden destruction once peace and safety is proclaimed. But that’s not what I want to talk about. This sudden destruction is compared to a woman in travail or birth pangs. Now I find it interesting that this word for travail in the Greek is “odin”. If you remember from my Asgardia article, Odin is represented as Wednesday hence he is connected to the Day of Mercury. Odin is also associated with Apollo, Nimrod and Osiris. 

Now I’m not saying that this word travail is connected to the mythological Norse character Odin but it is the same word on Greek. And its strange that we have the United Nations peace and safety business connected to the false sign of 9/23. Now there seems to be a strange connection based off of the wording to Odin and a woman going through travail or birth pains with the false 9/23 sign. Is it a coincidence or maybe I’m just reading into it. It’s still strange. Lets look at a little history behind Odin.

“Before the beginning of time, before the great convulsion that gave birth to the universe and the nine worlds, there was always, the All-Father. The oldest of the Gods is the All-Father, and he is the unseen and the uncreated. He existed from the beginning of time and has many names. He is the God without a name and possesses many names. He is sometimes known as the Lord of Hosts, Lord of the Spear, Smiter, All-knowing, Fulfiller of wishes, Farspoken, Shaker, Burner, destroyer, Protector and Gelding. This last name refers to the Yggdrasill, the World-Tree, which means Odin’s horse. Odin rides his horse, the World-Tree, which means he rides himself because Odin is the All-Father born in the guise of the father of the Gods. The All-Father was known by the most ancient of our people, the original Aryans before they separated into many different tribes. His memory lived on among the Greeks, who called him Ouranos – the God of the Sky, who came to his wife in the night, Mother Earth, and covered her entirely, causing his son, Kronos to thrust free. And with his left-hand Kronos took a huge sickle and cut off Ouranus’ manhood, casting it behind his back. This is not unlike the evolution in the Norse religion where the All-Father is born as Buri, an androgynous entity, who gave life to Bor. Bor took a giantess as a wife (Mother Earth) and gave birth to Odin, Vili and Ve. These are just a few of the names he is known as.” (

You can see all these strange connections Odin has according to this Norse legend. He was also called Ouranos – the god of the sky- which would be Baal ie Lord of the Air. This correlates with Hubal/Sin/Lucifer. Now ouranus (οὐρανός) is also mentioned in the New Testament which means heaven. And according to that legend mentioned above, Kronos ie Saturn cuts off Ouranos’ manhood or his penis. This is reminescent of Osiris getting his penis cut off. Odin seems to have many names just like his altar egos do. 

So we have a “woman (Virgo)” giving birth to a “child (Jupiter)” on 9/23 and this happens because of birth pains while they are crying peace and safety 2 days prior. So is a Odin type of character being “birthed” spiritually? Well what if I told you that Odin was called Jupiter according to some scholars? Now some believe Odin is connected to Jupiter. And this isn’t so far fetched because a few scholars have brought up this connection. Lets look at a few. “Odin is really coming from a WAY later tradition. On the same extend we have Roman writers mentioning celtic/norse believes but giving them Roman names (Jupiter/Odin, Herakles/Thor, etc.). Considering the attributes of Odin, he can be attached to Jupiter, Hades or Hermes.” (

“Odin, where have you hidden the eye? In the greater Fountain of Mimir.” In ancient Norse and Germanic mythology, it was said that Odin sacrificed one of his eyes at Mímir’s spring in order to gain wisdom. Odin’s Teacher of the Runes is known as Mímir, the giant who lives in the roots of Yggdrasil, and guards the well to the spring of Mimir which was the source of all knowledge. After the sacrifice of his eye, Odin then drank the water from the well to then become the wisest of gods and men…the name Odin gives us the words od (ad) and in. The meaning of ‘od (ad)’ is a power, energy and/or force that is said to pervade all throughout nature. This is why Odin is often called the AllFather. The meaning of the word ‘in’, would be the expressing movement with the result that someone or something becomes enclosed or surrounded by something else. Therefor, we can safely say that the meaning of the name Odin is “an energy, or force that encloses or surrounds all nature.”

The name of the giant who taught Odin, and the spring he had sacrificed his eye was called Mimir. In the etymology of the name Mimir (Mi and mir), we can discover the hidden meaning that goes right in line with the etymology of the name Odin. The name mimir is a Chaldaic-Hebrew word, meaning ” He who speaks with authority.” Mir is a title which is derived from the Arabic title Emir or Amir (Arabic: أمير). In Iran, mir has also been formally used as a high title of nobility and honor.

In the story of Odin and the sacrifice of his eye, it was said that forever thereafter, the God Odin with his one eye looks down from heaven upon the earth. I have found that this single eye of Odin points beyond all doubt to the planet Jupiter, who also looks down with the great red spot that the ancients had identified with their stories of one eye Gods. The planet Jupiter I have written about many times, detailing how the ancients had called this planet the King of the Heavens, Soul of the World, and Lord of the Universe.

“The One Eye of Odin, are simply esoteric myths about the planet Jupiter on the as above, and how the gods on the so below in these various cultures personify their Jupiter attributes of wisdom, truth, reason and the nobility that comes from being wise such as Odin and other famous royalty like King Solomon…The meaning of Odin sacrificing his eye for wisdom, is the story of how the world is ruled by Jupiter in which this planet pervades the as above heavens and so below earth, along with the as within humans who obtain wisdom, and on the as without which they attain earthly authority to become Gods, and nobility.” (

Here are a few excerpts from “MYTHS OF THE NORSEMEN FROM THE EDDAS AND SAGAS” BY H. A. GUERBER. (1908). He is showing the connection to Odin and Jupiter.

“Jupiter and Odin Jupiter, like Odin, was the father of the gods, the god of victory, and a personification of the universe. Hlids kialf, Allfather’s lofty throne, was no less exalted than Olympus or Ida, whence the Thunderer could observe all that was taking place; and Odin’s invincible spear Gungnir was as terror-inspiring as the thunderbolts brandished by his Greek prototype. The Northern deities feasted continually upon mead and boar’s flesh, the drink and meat most suitable ‘to the inhabitants of a Northern climate, while the gods of Olympus pre ferred the nectar and ambrosia which formed their only sustenance. Twelve ]Esir sat in Odin’s council hall to deliberate over the wisest measures for the government of the world and men, and an equal number of gods assembled on the cloudy peak of Mount Olympus for a similar purpose. The Golden Age in Greece was a period of idyllic happiness, amid ever-flowering groves and under balmy skies, while the Northern age of bliss was also a time when peace and innocence flourished on the earth, and when evil was as yet entirely unknown.” (Page 346)

“Like Jupiter, Odin is always described as majestic and middle-aged, and both gods are regarded as the divine progenitors of royal races, for while the Hera clidae claimed Jupiter as their father, the Inglings, Skioldings, etc., held that Odin was the founder of their families. The most solemn oaths were sworn by Odin’s spear as well as by Jupiter’s footstool, and both gods rejoice in a multitude of names, all descriptive of the various phases of their nature and worship. Odin, like Jupiter, frequently visited the earth in disguise, to judge of the hospitable intentions of man kind, as in the story of Geirrod and Agnar, which resembles that of Philemon and Baucis. The aim was to encourage hospitality; therefore, in both stories, those who showed themselves humanely inclined are richly rewarded, and in the Northern myth the lesson is enforced by the punishment inflicted upon Geirrod, as the scalds believed in poetic justice and saw that it was carefully meted out. The contest of wit between Odin and Vafthrudnir has its parallel in the musical rivalry of Apollo and Marsyas, or in the test of skill between Minerva and Arachne. Odin further resembled Apollo in that he, too, was god of eloquence and poetry, and could win all hearts by means of his divine voice;” (Page 348)

5 potential Red Heifers and where the Ashes were burnt.

The Temple Institute announced that they have 5 potential red heifer candidates that will be born in spring of 2018. 

Read the story here:

This article comes from The Temple Institute (6/28/17) regarding where the ashes of the red heifer were burnt. It was on the Mount of Olives and I go over all of this in my book. (The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place are starting to push this abomination once again.


Looking from the Temple Mount area towards the East to the Mount of Olives

“This is the statute of the Torah which HaShem commanded, saying, Speak to the children of Israel and have them take for you a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke was laid.  And you shall give it to Eleazar the kohen, and he shall take it outside the camp and slaughter it in his presence. Eleazar the kohen shall take from its blood with his finger and sprinkle it toward the front of the Tent of Meeting seven times.” (Numbers 19:2-4)

In this week’s Torah reading of Chukat we read about the burning of the red heifer outside the Israelite encampment, directly opposite the Ohel Mo’ed (Tent of Meeting). 

The following article by Pinchas Abramovich which we have translated from the Hebrew, discusses where the red heifer was slaughtered and burned in Jerusalem, when the Holy Temple was standing. The burning of the red heifer was required to be done due east of the Holy Temple, in a precise location from which the kohen (Temple priest) performing the procedure could look directly into the Temple Sanctuary and the place of the Holy of Holies. Is it possible to locate today the precise location where this was done?

The wine press in the courtyard of the church on Olivet

Parashat Chukat opens with the commandment of the red heifer: a person who came in contact with a dead person, or a grave site, or who was inside a tent in which a dead body was located, must be purified of his impurity by being sprinkled with purifying waters mixed with the ashes produced by the burning of a red heifer. The burning of the heifer and the sprinkling of the waters are performed in the desert by a kohen outside of the Israelite encampment. Later, this was performed on the Mount of Olives outside of walled Jerusalem, east of the Holy Temple. This was done in a location from which the kohen could clearly see into the open entrance of the Holy Temple. He would slaughter the heifer and sprinkle its blood seven times in the direction of the Temple. He then burned the cow in what was referred to as a ‘wine-press’ and gathered up the ashes of the heifer.

The Mishnah and the Tosefta to Tractate Parah (chapter 3) describe the location of the burning of the heifer on the Mount of Olives, in a place known as the ‘wine-press,’ due to its shape bring similar to that of a wine-press in which grapes were tread upon. This ‘wine-press’ was hewn into the mountain bedrock, beneath which cavities were excavated, in order to create a separation through which impurity could not pass, lest there be a burial site hewn into the bedrock below. The kohen who sprinkles the blood stands on the Mount of Olives and looks westward to the site of the Holy Temple and from there towards the Holy Temple itself, and in the language of the Mishnah (Meudot 2): “The kohen directs his gaze toward the Temple Sanctuary while he is sprinkling the blood of the red heifer.”

The Byzantine church mosiac floor

“The Gemara (Yoma 16a) calculates in detail the line of view of the kohen, who stands on the Mount of Olives and looks toward the entrance to the Temple. Thus, the priest’s gaze passes through four gates that stood in one line – the gate of the women’s section (Ezrat Nashim), the Nikanor Gate, the massive entrance to the Ulam (entrance hall of the Holy Temple), and the entrance to the Sanctuary. These gates increased in height as they approached the Temple. Thus the lintel of the gate of the Ezrat Nashim was only slightly higher than the level of the floor of the entrance to the Sanctuary. If so, then the location of the burning of the cow on the Mount of Olives should be exactly between the height of the entrance floor and the gate of the Ezrat Nashim.

Archaeologist Yonatan Adler proposes identifying the site of the burning of the red heifer on the Mount of Olives in the courtyard of the church of Domanus Plavit – the Church of the Dama, which is located directly to the east and at the same elevation of the opening of the Temple in the Dome of the Rock, as this is the only area on the Mount of Olives from where the kohen can look directly into the entrance to the Holy Temple, through all four gates described above.

Indeed, during the archaeological excavation which was conducted in the churchyard, and even in a survey done above the surface, he was able to reveal everything that was required in order for this location to be the actual site of the burning of the red heifer: the churchyard is on a rocky area and it is built on huge cavities carved into the bedrock. Between these hollow spaces exists a large area used today as an underground water cistern. A wine-press from the Byzantine period was found in this courtyard, which is reminiscent of the wine-press shaped location described as being the site of the burning of the red heifer in the Mishnah. In excavations conducted during the construction of the church in the 1950s, a mosaic of an important Byzantine church was discovered, attesting to the importance of the site as early as the ancient period. Like many Byzantine churches, this may also preserve the importance of the place even before the construction of the church, even from the time of the Holy Temple.

In these excavations in the 1950s, there was also discovered a large Jewish cemetery with hundreds of burial niches, tombs and ossuaries from the Second Temple period. Once again, the stark contrast between the two functions of the Mount of Olives increases: a cemetery on the one hand, and a house of purity on the other, upon which the purity of the entire nation of Israel is dependent. Similarly, it is said that they  who burn the red heifer ‘purify the impure and defile the pure,’ and as the Midrash of our sages of blessed memory in tractate Niddah (9) states “Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean one? Not one.” (Job 14:4) This reflects the mystery of the purifying waters which purify the impure, but should another come in contact with these waters, he would be rendered impure. (





Yitzchak Reuven shares an update on the Temple Institute’s Raise a Red Heifer in Israel project with the exciting news that five red angus cows are currently carrying potential red heifer candidates. This good news of course coincides with this week’s Torah reading of Chukat, in which the laws of the Red Heifer are presented. Even as we excitedly are anticipating the prospect of being able to nullify the ritual impurity of contact with death via the ashes of the red heifer, the Muslim death cult is being celebrated on the Temple Mount in the final days of Ramadan as candies are being handed out in packages bearing the faces of terrorist murderers of innocent Jewish men, women and children.



Thank you to Karen of Washington state who shared with us this photo of a red heifer candidate which was born on her farm. This photo was taken when the heifer was three days old. 

Learn more about the red heifer:

Tuesday, the Hidden Hand and the Arch

There is something to be said about Tuesdays. According to God’s calendar in conjunction with the Gregorian calender, it is the 3rd day of the week. This is so because the 7th day is Saturday on our modern calender. So logically speaking, our modern Tuesday is in fact the third day of the week. In Scripture, the 3rd day of creation was the only day that was blessed twice. The first six days of creation had a single blessing pronounced on them except for the 3rd day. Before I go on I want to point out that some Jews try to have a Jewish wedding on the 3rd day or in this case a Tuesday. It has everything to do with a double blessing and GOD the Creator called it good…twice. Another point that should stand out is that Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day. That’s not the third day ala Tuesday, but it was still the third day after His crucifixion. We see that He rose from the grave three days after His crucifixion on the 1st day of the week. I needed to tell you these things so that you will understand better where I’m going with all of this. Now lets look at the 3rd day of creation.

9And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. 10And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good. 11And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.12And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 13And the evening and the morning were the third day.

As you can see, this day was the day Earth was made and was seperated from the waters and He called them Seas. That was the first time it was called good. The second time was when seed was to follow its own kind. Now I just want to point out a few things that I’m seeing here with my eschatological glasses on. First off, this is the first mention of the Earth. Is there a connection here as to why the debate about the shape of the earth sometimes gets so heated? People say it doesn’t matter about the shape of the earth and its irrelevant (and that usually comes from the global sphere perspective). But maybe it does matter. Maybe there is a reason as to why this debate gets so heated and maybe it has something to do with it appearing on the 3rd day? A day of double blessing.

I also want to point out that there was the seperation of the sea and land on this 3rd day of creation. This makes me think to Revelation 13 that mentions the beast of the sea and beast of the land. The kingdom and spirit behind this Antichrist system and the man of sin himself. This is the antithesis of the double blessing of what GOD has called good twice. As the second good was dealing with seed bearing fruit, herbs and grass. This takes me to Revelation 9 where John is shown that the locusts aren’t to harm anything green, the grass or trees. In my opinion, these are things that are symbolic for something that has life because he goes on to say that those who aren’t sealed by the Spirit of GOD are to be harmed. Those who are sealed have eternal life through Jesus and are represented as the greeness and life of the trees, grass and herbs. This goes along with Jesus using the analogy of a tree that bears good fruit. 

Revelation 9: 3  And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4  And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

So we can see how originally at the time of Creation, there is a double blessing and GOD called it good. Not only the mentions I made of the 3rd day at the beginning of this article is relevant, but the 3rd day is mentioned throughout scripture. So with all that said about the 3rd day being good (twice), is there proof that the enemy wants to ruin that double blessing? Before I answer that, let me say that I believe Jesus was born on September 11th 3BC. This just so happened to fall on a Tuesday on our calender so there is another witness tasty the 3rd day of the week is in fact a blessing. Now since I just mentioned 9/11, did you actually know that in 2001 this day fell on a Tuesday? Yep. It sure did. The 3rd day of ghee week and the actual day the Messiah Jesus was born. Coincidence? I think not. When 911 happened, “they” had every intent on doing it on this particular day. And I will tell you why in a second. 

Before we get into that, I want to mention that Jupiter is dropping out of the womb of Virgo on September 9th 2017. This happens to fall on a Saturday this year. You can technically say it happens anywhere (give or take a few days) around this time frame so its awfully close to happening around the birth of Jesus. And if you see this Jupiter sign as a very bad sign (like me) then you can see why its being “birthed” around this same time. Satan loves to copy and invert what GOD has called good and blessed. Now I believe that the Arch of Triumph is connected to these signs in the heavens that we have been seeing. These Luciferians worship these celestial planets and stars so as far as this Arch is concerned, they will try to do everything to defy GOD.

We saw this happen when the Arch of Triumph from Palmyra was originally set up in Trafalgar Square. This was set up for 3 days on April 19th, 2016 which just happened to fall on the 3rd day of the week…a Tuesday. This was symbolic of them raising up there god right before Passover and telling their fellow Luciferians that their god will rise again. They were openly mocking GOD/Jesus with this symbolic gesture of this Arch rising from the ashes and resurrecting. And they didn’t try to hide this sort of language from the media because these were the exact headlines soon after.

I have connected in my recent studies the Freemasons role in all of this. The Royal Arch Masons are symbolically related to all of this Arch blasphemy. I had even recently come across a Masonic lodge in Ohio who were called the Palmyra Royall Arch Masons. What’s the odds of that? But there seems to be a connection with Freemasonary and Tuesdays. Let me explain. 

Tewes Day

In some Slavic languages the word Tuesday originated from Old Church Slavonic word въторъ meaning “the second”. Bulgarian and Russian “Вторник” (Vtornik) (Serbian:уторак (utorak)) is derived from the Bulgarian and Russian adjective for ‘Second’ – “Втори” (Vtori) or “Второй” (Vtoroi). In Japanese, the word Tuesday is 火曜日(ka youbi), meaning ‘fire day’ and is associated with 火星 (kasei): Mars (the planet), literally meaning “fire star”. Similarly, in Korean the word Tuesday is 화요일 (hwa yo il), also meaning fire day.

 Now that we have looked at the day Tuesday, I want to mention why Tuesday is actually called “Tuesday”. It’s based off of the god of war (Mars) and Tyr. Here is what Wikipedia’s entry is. “The name Tuesday derives from the Old English “Tiwesdæg” and literally means “Tiw’s Day”. Tiw is the Old English form of the Proto-Germanic god *Tîwaz, or Týr in Norse, a god of war and law.[2][3] *Tîwaz derives from the Proto-Indo-European base *dei-, *deyā-, *dīdyā-, meaning ‘to shine’, whence comes also such words as “deity”. The Latin name dies Martis (“day of Mars”) is equivalent to the Greek ἡμέρα Ἄρεως. In most languages with Latin origins (Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian, Galician, Sardinian, Corsican, but not Portuguese), the day is named after Mars, the Ancient Greek Ares Ἄρης .

In the Indo-Aryan languages Pali and Sanskrit the name of the day is taken from Angaraka (‘one who is red in colour’)[13] a style (manner of address) for Mangal, the god of war, and for Mars, the red planet…In the Greek world, Tuesday (the day of the week of the Fall of Constantinople) is considered an unlucky day. The same is true in the Spanish-speaking world. For both Greeks and Spanish-speakers, the 13th of the month is considered unlucky if it falls on Tuesday, instead of Friday. In Judaism, on the other hand, Tuesday is considered a particularly lucky day, because in the first chapter of Genesis the paragraph about this day contains the phrase “it was good” twice.
In the Thai solar calendar, the day is named for the Pali word for the planet Mars, which also means “Ashes of the Dead”;[14] the color associated with Tuesday is pink.” (

Now we can see where this connection to Tuesday, Tyr and Mars intertwine. The 3rd day of the week in our Gregorian calender is named after a Norse god. Nite the interesting thing about Tyr and any other false god for that matter, is that these gods are all based off of some older ancient god. Lets look at Tyr first and then I’ll explain. Tyr is the Germanic god associated with law and heroic glory in Norse mythology, and is portrayed as being one-handed. He is the son of Odin who in Egyptian mythology represents Osiris. Remember, they are all representing the same person but their names have changed in different cultures. This would make Tyr the same as Horus or Tammuz, the resurrected “King” that these Luciferians are waiting for. 
No the word Tyr is actually a generic word for “god”. It would be the same as the word Allat that means “goddess”. “Old Norse Týr, literally “god”, plural tívar “gods”, comes from Proto-Germanic *Tīwaz (cf. Old English Tīw, Old High German Zīo), which continues Proto-Indo-European *deiwós “celestial being, god” (cf. Welsh duw, Latindeus, Lithuanian diẽvas, Sanskrit dēvá, Avestan daēvō (false) “god”). And *deiwós is based in *dei-, *deyā-, *dīdyā-, meaning ‘to shine’.[3] Týr in origin was a generic noun meaning “god”, e.g. Hangatyr, literally, the “god of the hanged”, as one of Odin’s names, which was probably inherited from Týr in his role as god of justice.[citation needed] The name continues on as Norwegian Tyr, Swedish Tyr, Danish Tyr, while it remains Týr in Modern Icelandic and Faroese.” (

It’s also interesting that plants have derived from this word Tyr. “Old Norse Týsfiola (after the Latin Viola Martis), Týrhialm (Aconitum, one of the most poisonous plants in Europe whose helmet-like shape might suggest a warlike connection) and Týviðr, “Tý’s wood”, Tiveden may also be named after Týr, or reflecting Týr as a generic word for “god” (i.e., the forest of the gods).” ( Aconitum (/ˌækəˈnaɪtəm/), is also sometimes called aconite, monkshood, wolf’s bane, leopard’s bane, mousebane, women’s bane, devil’s helmet, queen of poisons, or blue rocket. Now notice the wolf, leopard and mouse reference to bane. Bane means curse and we see the connection to Satan as a wolf, Nimrods leopard and the abomination the mouse. Also take note of the devils helmet and queesn of poisons. They also mention Ty’s wood. This can only make me think about how Freemasonry uses Egyptian symbology with the phallic of Osiris for the oblesk.


Now the story goes that Tyr lost his right hand to a wolf called Fenrir. “The gods decided to shackle the Fenris wolf (Fenrir), but the beast broke every chain they put upon him. Eventually they had the dwarves make them a magical ribbon called Gleipnir. It appeared to be only a silken ribbon but was made of six wondrous ingredients: the sound of a cat’s footfall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear’s sinews (meaning nerves, sensibility), fish’s breath and bird’s spittle. The creation of Gleipnir is said to be the reason why none of the above exist.[10] Fenrir sensed the gods’ deceit and refused to be bound with it unless one of them put his hand in the wolf’s mouth.
Týr, known for his great wisdom and courage, agreed, and the other gods bound the wolf. After Fenrir had been bound by the gods, he struggled to try to break the rope. Fenrir could not break the ribbon and, enraged, bit Týr’s right hand off. When the gods saw that Fenrir was bound they all rejoiced, except Týr. Fenrir would remain bound until the day of Ragnarök. As a result of this deed, Týr is called the “Leavings of the Wolf”; which is to be understood as a poetic kenning for glory. As a consequence, however, his name is also associated with perjury.” Ragnarök is “is a series of future events, including a great battle, foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki), the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors.” ( To sum it up, the wolf that bit the right hand of Tyr off would eventually be released in what is called “the twilights of the gods” or what we know in Scripture as these fallen angels being released from their chains. This Norse mythology parallels the time prior to the flood of Noah and prior to Jesus coming to judge the world.

Tyr has also been called the prince of temples. This is interesting because the one handed god is the prince of temples. My first thought when hearing the name Tyr was that of Hiram the Phoenician king of Tyre or son of the window. The man (or son of the man?) who helped Solomon build the Temple and the man that the Freemasons revere. Freemasons also believe that King Hiram Abif had a son of the same name and that the father died prior to the building of the Temple. “In all the variations of the Masonic traditions, the Hiram whose death occurred immediately preceding the completion of the Temple is named “Hiram Abif.” 

This designation becomes significant only in view of the fact that another Hiram, his son, also superintended at the building of the Temple and finished the work which his father would no doubt have finished had he lived a few years longer. Why should the designation “Abif” have been given if there was no other Hiram engaged at the Temple? It surely. indicates not only another Hiram, but also that the other was the son of the Hiram so named. The Hiram whom Solomon “fetched out of Tyre” is described as the son of a widow. This description accords exactly with the theory now advanced. If Hiram Abif was dead and his wife alive, his son Hiram would naturally be the son of a widow.” ( So in my opinion there is another connection to Freemasonry and this “god” of Tuesday named Tyr. 


“Roman mytho-history (Romans liked to give their history a mythic burnish), one-eyed Horatio Cocles (“Cocles” being derived from “Cyclops”) and soon to be one-handed Mucius Scaevola team up to defeat Lars Porsenna, an invading Etruscan determined to sack Rome. According to Dumzeil, the one-eyed Cocles “holds the enemy in check by his strangely wild behavior.” Citing the Roman historian Livy, Dumezil writes that “remaining alone at the entrance to the bridge, [Cocles] casts terrible and menacing looks at the Etruscan leaders, challenging them individually, insulting them collectively.” He also deploys “terrible grimaces.”

Cocles’ antics stop Porsenna temporarily, but the surly Etruscan soon brings war upon Rome again, and this time it’s Scaevola, whose mind ran in a more statesmanlike track than his comrade Cocles, to the rescue. He warns Porsenna that he has 300 assassins at his disposal—it’s a bluff, but Scaevola burns his hand in a fire to convince his enemy his threat is bona fide. Porsenna agrees to leave Rome be.” (


But it doesn’t stop there. We seem to have a connection with the one handed bandit to Hubal, their main god that was worshipped in the Ka’ab in Mecca. Hubal in fact also had one hand and was “kicked out” of Mecca by Mohammad to only then worship one god, allah. Which by the way, I believe allah is in fact Hubal who is Sin of the Sinai (Paran) desert who is Ba’al who is none other than Satan.

“Muhammad ibn Ishaq said that Hubal was (made of) cornelian pearl in the shape of a human. His right hand was broken off and the Quraysh made a gold hand for it. It had a vault for the sacrifice, and there were seven arrows cast (On issues relating to) a dead person, virginity and marriage. Its offering was a hundred camels. It had a custodian (hajib). (Azraqi 1858: 73-74)…Hubal was associated with the Semitic god Ba’l and with Adonis or Tammuz, the gods of spring, fertility, agriculture and plenty…Hubal’s idol used to stand by the holy well inside the Sacred House. It was made of red sapphire but had a broken arm until the tribe of Quraysh, who considered him one of their major gods, made him a replacement in solid gold.” (Fabled Cities, Princes & Jin from Arab Myths and Legends, Khairt al-Saeh, 1985, p. 28-30.)…The great god of Mecca was Hubal, an idol made of red cornelian. (Mohammed, Maxime Rodinson, 1961, translated by Anne Carter, 1971, p 16-17)…HUBAL, the name of an idol, which was worshipped at Mecca in the Ka`ba but otherwise is only known from a Nabataean inscription (Carp. Inscr. Semit., ii. n”. 189 = Jaussen et Savignac, Afission Archiol. en Arabie, i. 169, 170)” (

“Hubal, an Arabian god whose worship was fostered in Mecca by the Khuza’i ‘Amr b. Luhayy [q.v.] in the first half of the 3rd century A.D. Represented at first by a baetyl, like most of the Arab deities, it was later personified, with human features, by a statue made of cornelian, with the right arm truncated (cf. Judges III, 15, XX, 16) and which the Kuraysh’s are said to have replaced by a golden arm (al-Azraki, Akhbar Makka, ed. Wustenfeld, Leipzig 1858, 74). (The Encyclopaedia Of Islam, New Edition, Edited By B. Lewis, V. L. Menage, Ch. Pellat And J. Schacht, 1971, HUBAL page 536)…There may be some foundation of truth in the story that Qusayy had travelled in Syria, and had brought back from there the cult of the goddesses al- ‘Uzza and Manat, and had combined it with that of Hubal, the idol of the Khuzaca. It has been suggested that he may actually have been a Nabataean. (Mohammed, Maxime Rodinson, 1961, translated by Anne Carter, 1971, p 38-49)” (

Baal Hammon with one broken hand

Baal Hammon, properly Baʿal Hammon or Hamon (Puniclbʻl ḥmn), was the chief god of Carthage. His female cult partner was Tanit Ancient Greek writers identified him with the Titan CronusIn ancient Rome, he was identified with SaturnGreco-Roman sources report that the Carthaginians burned their children as offerings to Baʿal Hammon. 

So you can see that Hubal in fact did have one hand and not only that, the Quaryish tribe (modern day Hashemites) gave him a gold one in its place. I wonder if this hidden hand or the evil hand with the eye in the palm was associated and connected to Hubal? I couldn’t find any other “god” who had one hand other than Tyr the Norse god, the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli and Nuada the one with the silver arm. He “was the god of war. He was also known as the god of the sun, human sacrifice and patron of the city of Tenochtitlan. He originally was a tribal wizard god of the Nahuas people that had a lesser importance compared to Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl. The Aztec ruler called Tlacaelel changed the religion of his time and elevated Huitzilopochtli divinity to that of Tlaloc and made him a sun god. What is interesting about this god is a legend recorded in the Aubin Codex. It says the Aztecs were originally from a place called Aztlan and it was Huitzilopochtli who ordered them to leave and find a new home which became Tenochtitlan. In Aztec iconography Huitzilopochtli is painted with a black face. He is adorned with various feathers possibly that of the humming bird and he is shown holding a scepter shaped like a snake. His other arm or hand is hidden behind a mirror sometimes fastened to four planks.” (

Now most come to the conclusion that a king would lose his hand to take his warrior status away and this would make it difficult for one to fight in battle. Another theory is that when “aliens” showed up to ancient civilizations, their “generals or leaders” would for whatever reason have one hand. Nuada was no different. He was a one handed warrior but instead of having a gold hand, he had a silver hand. “Nuada was the first king the Tuatha Dé Danann, equivalent to the Gaulish Nodens and Welsh Nudd/Ludd.  He was also called Nuada Airgetlám (Nuada of the Silver Hand/Arm) or Lludd Llaw Eraint (Lludd of the Silver Hand). Nuada was the god of the sea, healing, and warfare, linked to the Roman gods Mars and Neptune, and also the Norse god Týr/Tir.  He is also associated with the sun, youth, beauty, writing, sorcery and magic.” (

Something that I had come across that may not be related to any of this, but found it interesting, is a neurological disease called Alien Hand Syndrome. It is when people cannot control the use of one of their hands and it does something on its own. “Alien hand syndrome (AHS) is a condition in which a person experiences their limbs acting seemingly on their own, without control over the actions.[1] The term is used for a variety of clinical conditions and most commonly affects the left hand.[2] There are many similar names used to describe the various forms of the condition but they are often used inappropriately.[3] The afflicted person may sometimes reach for objects and manipulate them without wanting to do so, even to the point of having to use the controllable hand to restrain the alien hand.[4] While under normal circumstances, thought, as intent, and action can be assumed to be deeply mutually entangled, the occurrence of alien hand syndrome can be usefully conceptualized as a phenomenon reflecting a functional “disentanglement” between thought and action.”
“Alien hand syndrome is best documented in cases where a person has had the two hemispheres of their brain surgically separated,[citation needed] a procedure sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of extreme cases of epilepsy. It also occurs in some cases after brain surgery, stroke, infection, tumor, aneurysm and specific degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.[citation needed] Other areas of the brain that are associated with alien hand syndrome are the frontal, occipital, and parietal lobes.” (

So their seems to be something to this handed god. We just looked at three “gods” who all have the same conection, having one hand. We see this in movies too. I recently wrote about the new Mummy here and I suggest you take a look at it to see this conection. You also see the one hand symbolism in the father/son Star Wars duo Darth Vader (Anakin) and Luke Skywalker. And notice they were father/son. Does that remind you of Osiris/Horus and Nimrod/Tammuz? You also see it with the hero from Army of Darkness and his “boomstick” being connected to his “hand”. Remember Captain Hook and his one hand and one eye? What about Voldemort from Harry Potter and his sliver hand. You can even see this in Pop Culture with Michael Jackson wearing the one glove covering the hand and then Beyonce also started to do it. There are more but I think you get the point. This is a “shout out” to something and my guess it’s to Hubal.

How does this all relate to True Grit?
How does this all relate to True Grit? Rooster Cogburn is a one-eyed U.S. Marshal who doles out his own brand of frontier justice, not caring much for the niceties of the legal system. When we first meet him, he’s being forced under cross-examination to admit that he’s killed 23 men while working as a marshal. It’s clear he’d rather be behind a rifle sight than on the witness stand. Like Odhinn, Cogburn is comfortable with lying to his enemies (he exaggerates the number of marshals he has with him when attempting to take on a crew of bandits in a cabin). Like Cocles, he attacks his enemy with wild behavior. In the climactic fight scene, Cogburn takes on the four men of the Lucky Ned Pepper gang with abandon—his two revolvers drawn and the reins of his horse between his teeth. In Charles Portis’ novel, from which True Grit was adapted, Cogburn is described as “snapping his head from side to side to bring his good eye into play.” In the film, we see a menacing look in his eye when his teeth take the reins. Earlier in the film he tells Mattie of a time he pulled a similar stunt against seven men.

Contrast Cogburn’s approach with Mattie’s. Her precocious, legalistic manner is established right from the beginning of True Grit. Early in the film, she threatens a horse trader with a “writ of replevin.” (The bewildered horse trader replies “a what?”) When she finally comes face-to-face with Tom Chaney, the man she is trying to bring to justice for killing her father, she shoots intending to subdue him, not to kill. Even after she has been taken hostage by Chaney and the Pepper gang, she talks of swearing affidavits to his good behavior so that his sentence may be more humane. Yet at the end of the film Mattie shoots Chaney with intent to kill—the pressing needs of justice having forced her to act outside the legal code she has heretofore championed. The kickback of the gun knocks her over into a pit, where she suffers a snakebite that will cause her to lose her left arm. *

Are Rooster and Mattie modern manifestations of the ancient allegorical characters Dumezil studied? Or are they merely two different personality types: the charismatic, devil-may-care swaggerer and the exacting, careful planner—Dionysus and Apollo, Oscar and Felix. Whether Portis is familiar with Dumezil is unclear—the novelist keeps to himself. A spokesman for the Coens assured me the brothers are not aware of Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty. Still, the myths Dumezil compiled and explicated do illuminate the novel and the film, regardless of whether the author or filmmaker knew his work directly. They remind the reader or viewer that this isn’t just the story of a young girl with great pluck, but something of an origins myth as well.

In the stories Dumezil analyzes, the one-eyed and one-armed gods act in concert to save the state in an emergency, but they really represent different moments in statehood: creation and conservation, or founding and running. True Grit, too, is a story about the founding of a nation, or more accurately, the closing of the frontier and the birth of modern America. The film ends in 1903, when Cogburn dies after having performed for years in a Wild West show, a sorry imitation of the real West in which he thrived. By the time of his death, the frontier had closed, depriving Cogburn of his natural element and forcing him, like Buffalo Bill, into a representation of that element.

It took men like Cogburn to tame the wilderness and its outlaws and establish order. (To say nothing of appropriating the land of the native peoples who first inhabited that wilderness—True Grit is curiously short on Indians, despite being set in Choctaw territory.) They paved the way for the stable, business-friendly climate of the America in which Mattie will grow up, where laws and contracts will rule. Though she’s forced to act outside the law to exact vengeance on her father’s killer, Mattie appreciates the institutions of civilization. “I love my church and my bank,” she says in Portis’ novel, a line that Cogburn could never utter. Order has been established, now it needs a steady hand to manage it and business-oriented individuals to thrive within it. Mattie was born at the end of the Civil War and is only about 38 when Rooster dies in 1903. Her life illustrates just how fleeting the Wild West’s moment really was—but her lost arm is a reminder of what it took to subdue it.

Correction, Feb. 8, 2011: The article originally misspelled Fenrir. ( Return to the corrected sentence.) It also originally stated that Mattie loses her right arm. (Return to the corrected sentence.)

(Paul Devlin is a regular contributer to The Root and the editor of Rifftide: The Life and Opinions of Papa Jo Jones.) (

Alan Dundes in his 1989 book Folklore Matters makes mention of the cut off hand folklore. He believes that the term “giving your hand in marriage” comes from this. This makes me think of a covenant for obvious reasons. And the one covenant that comes to mind is Baalberith, the ultimate covenant to those who reject God and bow to the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub. Now when looking at scripture, there is a verse that stands out that mentions a withered arm and blinded eye. It comes from Zechariah 11:17. “Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.” Albert Barnes in his commentary on this verse connects this shepherd to the man of sin of 2nd Thessalonians. He says, “The right arm, the symbol of might, and the right eye which was to direct its aim, should fail together, through the judgment of God against him. He, lately boastful and persecuting shall become blind and powerless, bereit alike of wisdom and strength. The “right” in Holy Scripture being so often a symbol of what is good, the left of what is evil, it may be also imagined, that (Osorius), “the left eye, that is, the acumen and cunning to devise deadly frauds, will remain uninjured: while the ‘right eye,’ that is, counsel to guard against evil, will be sunk in thick darkness. And so, the more he employs his ability to evil, the more frantically will he bring to bear destruction upon himself:”

We see this verse being symbolic of Osiris (as Barnes mentioned above) with his all seeing left eye. Some believe this all seeing eye is represented by the eye of Horus but with that said, Horus is supposed to be the resurrected Osiris. So to them its one in the same. And when looking at the withered arm, we can see this conection to Hubal…the chief god in Mecca and of the Quaryish tribe. One interesting thing I want to mention when translating this Hebrew word for blinding the right eye into Greek is what it means. The word εκτυφλούμενος is used and comes from ektrōma. It actually can mean an “untimely birth or abortion” that is something born out of due time. I’m not saying anything here but that I do find it interesting that this false sign that these people are claiming for 9/23/17 is in fact an “untimely birth”. This will be a spiritual miscarriage for those who are waiting for some “rapture”.

And remember when I mentioned cutting off the hand as a sign of a covenant ie taking your hand in marriage? We see a taking away the right eye covenant in 1st Samuel 11:2. “And Nahash the Ammonite answered them, On this condition will I make a covenant with you, that I may thrust out all your right eyes, and lay it for a reproach upon all Israel.” And this King of the Ammonites (modern Jordan) has the name nâchâsh or should we say serpent. Yep, the same serpent from the garden. There is a typology of all of this and you Baalberith. “Theodoret observes, “He who opposes his shield to the enemy with his left hand, thereby hides his left eye, and looks at his enemy with his right eye; he therefore who plucks out that right eye makes men useless in war.” Josephus gives the same reason.” (Adam Clarke Commentary)

Let me go ahead and mention that an Allat the goddess statue was also found with a missing arm/hand. I’m sure this is because of being vandalised but it was still interesting because of the Hubal connection to here. Also look at the coin of Allat and the hand with an eye on it. This will make more sense when reading about the Hamsa below.

I’ll now move onto the next section about this hand but I’ll leave you with this. The one hand and one eye symbolism is obviously antchrist and in this modern day represents the Antichrist system of government. Committing idolatry with this world system that is represented as a woman should be avoided at all costs. If you look at what Jesus says in a spiritual light it makes a lot of sense knowing what we know about this one hand/one eyed symbolism. “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” (Matthew 5:28-30) Do away with this idolatrous system altogether.

Hidden Hand of Freemasonry

Now I also want to bring up the Freemasonic connection to this hidden hand. This hidden hand is mentioned in the 7th Royal Arch Degree. But not only is the hidden hand mentioned, they give their initiates the hidden name of their god. His name is Jahbulon. I find it interesting that both of these come from the Royal ARCH Degree out of all the degrees. 

“Figure 34 shown here is taken directly from Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor (3rd Edition). It pictures the Royal Arch Mason performing the magical Sign of the Master of the Second Veil, which I informally and more informatively call here the Sign of the Hidden Hand of the Men of Jahbuhlun. 

According to Duncan’s the candidate presents this sign when he is approached by three sojourners from Babylon. Their objective: Rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and eventually establish a world empire of the Jews. 

In his teaching course on Ancient Masonry, C.C. Zain of The Brotherhood of Light explains that the ritual for this degree requires a keen understanding of astrology. But, its performance is said to be derived from a passage in the scriptures. “The sign is made,” writes Zain, “by thrusting the hand into the bosom and again drawing it out.”9 The official Masonic explanation for this sign—a myth intended to divert the profane from the truth — is that it refers to the fourth chapter of Exodus in the Bible :

“And the Lord said unto Moses, put now thine hand into thy bosom; and he put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behold his hand was leprous as snow.”

Leprous, indeed, is the hand of the Mason who vainly seeks to hide and coverup his fides oath of allegiance to Jahbuhlun, his sacred God. But, believe me, there is no relationship of the Mason to Moses, a prophet of God who loyally worshipped the true I AM, the God who reigns for all eternity in heaven.” (

“Therefore, the name of the horrible God whom the Masons worship must stay hidden. The name and identity of the hidden God must be concealed at all costs, and thus an appropriate hand sign has been devised to represent this grotesque coverup: the Sign of the Hidden Hand.” (

So why is the hidden hand and the hidden name of their god a part of the 7th York Rite/13th Scottish Rite Degree of the Royal Arch? Because this hand symbolism tells fellow Masons of the Craft that this is the god they follow. But is he really called Jahbulon like they say?

“The ‘hidden hand’ can, in fact, be found in the rituals of the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry and the world leaders that use this sign are subtly saying to other initiates of the order: ‘This is what I’m part of, this is what I believe in and this is what I’m working for’….The Royal Arch Degree (the 13th degree of the Scottish Rite or the 7th degree of the York Rite) is also known as the Mason of the Secret. During this Degree, initiates are said to receive great Masonic truths….It is during this degree that the initiate learns the sacred name of God.”        -Vigiliant Christian

jaHBuLon or HuBaL?

Here is something I published on my Facebook page I Don’t Care If Anyone Reads This on February 15th questioning if Jahbulon was actually the real secret hidden mane of their god. I wonder if this was just a front for the real hidden name of their god? Here is what I wrote:
If you had a secret, would you dare tell anyone? Would you especially tell someone you didn’t want to know? Isn’t that the point of a secret, to not tell anyone. I know that if I had a secret, I wouldn’t tell a soul.

So Freemasonry has a secret. This secret is the secret name of their god Jahbulon. Initiates learn this secret name during the 3rd Degree (Master Mason) or what they call the Royal Arch Degree. The problem is this though, its not a secret anymore. The first time this secret name came out in print was in the 18th Century. “The current Moderns ritual, and the composite name, was invented by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons according to the Old Institution, 1751 (The Antients). Acceptance of it as the completion of the third or Master Mason’s degree was a pre-requisite for the agreed capitulation by The Grand Lodge of London in 1813, which allowed the formation of The United Grand Lodge of England. Prior to this The Grand Lodge of London stated that Craft freemasonry consists of three degrees and three degrees only, the Entered Apprentice, the fellow Craft, and the Master Mason.” (
So you can see that the conception of this secret name Jahbulon started in the 18th century. The name Jahbulon is a composite name made up of three parts – “Jah”, being the Hebrew name for God… “Bul” refers to the Babylonian deity Baal and “On” refers to the Egytpian deity Osiris. When I “discovered” this secret name years ago, my first thought was of this unholy trinity. Jah (the father), Bul (the son) and On (the antichrist spirit). This made sense to me being that Osiris was Apollo/Nimrod and he was to come out of the abyss as this king Apollyon/Abbadon. I still believe this king is the literal spirit of Satan in its full culmination of his antichrist kingdoms. 
But over the years this revealing of the secret name didn’t make any sense. Do you honestly think this ancient order of Babylonian and Egyptian Mystery Schools was going to reveal this name that easy? Now (presently) I don’t think so because hundreds of thousands of Masons and non-Masons alike now know this secret. And remember, its supposed to be a “secret”. Now there are meme’s of this secret…that doesn’t sound much like a secret now does it?

So maybe there is a secret name of their demonic god and its hidden in another secret name? Maybe it’s right before our eyes and we just aren’t seeing it. Maybe its associated to Tubal-Cain who the Masons revere. And maybe it goes back to the beginning with Cain and his parents? Maybe it’s who the religious Jews call “The Name” because they show reverence to their father the Devil? Because if you remember, at one point no one was supposed to know the secret name of God YHWH. But know we know it, its Jesus. 
Maybe they will know their secret name when they eventually go through this Royal Arch portal? Do you get what I’m saying? So could this secret hidden demonic name be inside this composite of what we are all told is the secret name jaHBuLon? Look close…what do you see? HBL=Hubal.

Hamsa: The Evil Hand

I have wrote about this evil hand a few weeks ago but I need to repost what I wrote because its very relevant to this one hand study. And notice the statues of Allat with here left arm and hand missing. I’m sure its just a coincidence. I suggest you read the whole study here ( Here is an excerpt from this paper. “One last thing I want to mention. There was also a coin that represented Allat. It had the palm of a hand with an eye on it. Remember what I wrote a few weeks ago about Israelis Jubilee celebration? They were puttong images of the Hamsa on the Roman Antonio Fortress wall. A HAND with an EYE on the palm. I will soon post what this hand and eye represents in the next blog. Lets just say it has everything to do with Hubal.

I did this short article on the Hamsa/Jubilee conection in May. “The Jerusalem Jubilee celebration is coming up evidently. I saw a preview of the light show that they put up on YouTube. Notice the eye and the hand with the eye on it. The hand is called “hamsa” in Arabic and means five. This is to ward off the evil eye and this is just a variation of making your hand into the devil horns (the gypsy way). This is also called the hand of Fatima (Mohammads daughter) or the hand of Miriam (Moses sister). This is a Kabbalistic thing no doubt about it. Now you should have no problem seeing who these people are thanking for their being in spiritual slavery.

Watch preview of the Jubilee light show.

What is the hamsa?

Now notice who this Hamsa represents according to Judaism, Christians (really Catholics) and Muslims. “All of these different culture have their own interpretation of the symbol:
In Judaism they refer to it as the hand of Miriam, to honor the sister of Moses.
In Levantine Christianity it’s known as the hand of Mother Mary, after Jesus’ mother.
In Islam it’s known as the hand of Fatima, after Muhammad’s daughter.
The earliest known appearance of the Hamsa was in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq area). Here it could be seen in the amulets worn by certain female goddesses. From there, it’s theorized it spread to Egypt as a two-finger amulet representing Osiris and Isis.” 

Now let me stop right there fur a minute before I go on with this article. It says it comes from Mesopotamia, the same place Hubal and Allat came from. And all three religions say it represents three woman. Moses sister Miriam, Jesus’ mother Mary and Mohammads daughter Fatima. The common denominator for these three is the connection to mother/child cult and Catholicism and Islam equate “Mary” and Fatima (read that article for the Dianna Queen of Heaven connection) as this same higher power ie goddess. Also there is a connection to Mohammad in Petra and Moses in Petra, where Allat and her all seeing eye hand was worshipped. We also see the Osiris/Isis conection to this Hamsa. 

Lets read on. “Depending on who you ask, the Hamsa may mean different things. But its symbology means very different things to Hindus and Buddhists. For Hindus and Buddhists, it symbolizes the interplay of the chakras, the energy flow in the body, the five senses, and the mudras that effect them.

Each finger has it’s own energy:
Thumb- Fire element, solar plexus chakra.
Forefinger- Air element, heart chakra.
Middle Finger- Ethereal elements, throat chakra.
Ring Finger- Earth element, root chakra.
Pinkie Finger- Water element, sacral chakra.

These energies can be combined to change the flow of energy in the body and heal psychological and physical ailments.” (
Now they say that this hand and fingers are to be used/represents as healing the body. Well, this sounds like an inversion of the five fold ministry mentioned in Ephesians 4:11-13. “And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints for the work of ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ, until we all arrive to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;” (LOGOS Bible) 

Here is the interesting thing about how some pastors explain with five fold ministry. They use the HAND as an example. One of the purposes of this five fold ministry is to edify the BODY. This Hamsa is an inverted version of the five fold ministry example that is used today. But we can see that it actually represents Allat, Hubal and the wedjat or Eye of Horus.

One other thing I want to bring up is the symbolism with the crossing of the arms that Sunni Muslims do. The term Qabd refers to folding arms (right hand over the left hand) and Sadl refers to keeping your arms or hands by your side at the time of prayers.  The Shiias support Sadl while the Sunnis uphold Qabd. I just thought this was interesting that Sunni’s do this form of worship And the Hashemites are Sunni’s. And notice they are hiding the left hand with the right hand on top. Below you will see King Abdullah II of The Hashemites do this. 

And this brings me to the modernized American symbolism of the hidden hand. It is a fact that America was founded on Masonic principles. I’m not going to get into what god they dedicated this land to but I believe the ones who prevailed were Masons. This isn’t saying that their weren’t some Christians back then who believed and accepted Jesus as the Messiah, but those who didn’t had the stronger will of the two. That is how this country was formed. They were theists and those who believed in a deity. We just didn’t know what deity and what god they served. My assumption is Baal is who they made a covenant with. We can see Baal worship from pop culture to movies to groups like Planned Parenthood. To deny this is just plain ignorance. 

With all that said, according to the flag code, the American flag is a living entity.  (para. 8(j)): “(j) No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch may be affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations. The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. Therefore, the lapel flag pin being a replica, should be worn on the left lapel near the heart.”

George Washington: First President and Freemason

This excerpt comes from Yashua Emanuel. Make note that I could careless about Kaepernick. His “reason” is not the real reason why we as Christians should not acknowledge pledging your allegiance to a flag. Bottom line…This is idolatry. This was posted on September 18yh, 2016. Post starts here:


“#Kaepernick is currently one of the most hated people in America, but for what? Wouldn’t the Messiah do the same exact thing and not stand giving honor to a flag? Even though Kaepernick is doing it for a particular reason, the fact that people are upset because he won’t stand up  says alot about peoples character. 

Did you know that according to U.S Law Code the Flag is considered a “living thing “? So the real reason its such a big deal to not stand and give this thing Honor with your “heart” is because the Government believes it to be ALIVE. To them its not just some inanimate object made of cloth, but a “living thing” representing a “living country”. Now I know its more to the phase “The American spirit “then just a slogan.  Read it for yourself…..


Conduct During Playing.—During a rendition of the national anthem—

(1) when the flag is displayed—

(A&B) Are military orders (C) is for civilians 

(C) ALL other persons present should FACE THE FLAG and STAND at ATTENTION with their RIGHT HAND OVER THE HEART, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should REMOVE  their HEADRESSES with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the HAND being OVER the HEART; and

(2) when the FLAG is not displayed, all present should FACE TOWARD THE  MUSIC and ACT in the SAME MANNER they would if THE FLAG  WERE DISPLAYED.


(Title 4, United States Code, Chapter 1)

(Section 8)

(J)”THE FLAG  represents a living country and is itself CONSIDERED  LIVING THING . Therefore, the LAPEL FLAG  PIN being a REPLICA, should be WORN on the LEFT LAPEL NEAR THE HEART.”

All this sounds very similar to when The King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar set up his Image of worship and when the MUSIC PLAYED “All present ” had to FACE THE IMAGE Bow down and Worship. (Daniel 3:5)

Diffrence being people don’t bow down, they ONLY>>> face the flag, remove their hat, place hand over heart to the living entity called the U.S FLAG standing at attention??What!?<<<<You have to have NO sense of reality if you think that’s ok and that our MESSIAH would do that….. PERIOD.

What about the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to this Flag?? Would Yahshua The Messiah Pledge his Allegiance to a Flag??? We ALL know the Answer to that. NO!!!

4 U.S. Code § 4 – Pledge of allegiance to the flag; manner of delivery

US Code

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, should be rendered by standing at attention FACING the FLAG with the right hand over the HEART .When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the HAND being over the HEART.

So People Idolize it, remove their hats for it, face it, with hands over heart.?? Yeah its a IDOL! 

End post

Here is an article from the 1st Amendment Center.

Here is an article from zero

I suggest you read all of these links.

The Smithsonian wrote an interesting article in 2016 entitled “The Rules About How to Address the U.S. Flag Came About Because No One Wanted to Look Like a Nazi”. I’m going to qoute this article so you can get an idea about the history of how to saluting the flag came about.

“But where did the idea to regulate the way Americans choose to respect the flag come from, anyway? As it turns out, the U.S. Flag Code dates back to the not-too-distant year of 1942. The decision to enact began with the Pledge of Allegiance—a ritual that used to involve a salute that required you to raise your right hand, flip your palm down, point it toward the flag in a salute and recite the words. These instructions might seem unthinkable today for obvious reasons—they’re reminiscent of rows of Nazis saluting their Fuhrer. But believe it or not, they date from the beginning of the Pledge itself.

As Bob Greene writes for CNN, the right-handed salute is part of the Pledge’s strange history. Originally known as the Bellamy Salute, the gesture came to be in the 1890s, when the Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis J. Bellamy. The Christian socialist minister was recruited to write a patriotic pledge to the American flag as part of magazine mogul Daniel Sharp Ford’s quest to get the flag into public schools.

““At a signal from the Principal,” Bellamy wrote, “the pupils, in ordered ranks, hands to the side, face the Flag. Another signal is given; every pupil gives the flag the military salute—right hand lifted, palm downward, to a line with the forehead and close to it. Standing thus, all repeat together, slowly, ‘I pledge allegiance to my Flag…’” (The words of the Pledge itself have a long and contentious history of their own, as Amy Crawford wrote for Smithsonian magazine last year. (”

“Now that the one-armed salute smacked more of totalitarianism than of American patriotism, Americans abandoned the gesture that had been a symbol of national unity for 50 years. The 1942 U.S. Flag Code attempted to distance the Pledge of Allegiance from the country’s avowed enemies, instructing saluters to put their right hand over their heart while reciting the Pledge, and also included instructions for people to salute the flag with their right hand over their heart while listening to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” (Though the song was written back in 1814, it had only been the United States’ official anthem since 1931.)”


Let me also add that the pledge of your allegiance didn’t always say “under god” in it. “The original version of the Pledge of Allegiance did not include the words “under God.” The patriotic oath – attributed to a Baptist minister named Francis Bellamy and published in a children’s magazine in September 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America –  read: “I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Congress added “Under God” to the Pledge in 1954 – during the Cold War. Many members of Congress reportedly wanted to emphasize the distinctions between the United States and the officially atheistic Soviet Union.” (

So I think the question that should be asked is #1) who do you pledge your allegiance to when pledging to specifically an American flag? #2) And what god and/or flag (which is a living entity according to the flag code) are you pledging to? And #3) when placing your right hand over your heart, are you symbolically doing what Freemasonry does in the Royal Arch Degree signifying who your are pledging your allegiance to? I would speculate yes you are. And to who? Is say you are making a covenant with Baal ie Hubal ie SIN.

The one word in Revelation 12:1 that shows you that this sign has already taken place

Disclaimer: I in no way own any rights to these images. I am just making that known now just in case someone wants to get copyright happy. These images belong to there respected owners. Nor do I support these images that promote this false sign. These are being used on a “need to be shown” basis.

“For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.  But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things. But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.  And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.” (Mark 13:22-26)

I am completely dumbfounded by those who call themselves Christians when it comes to 2 things. (There are actually more than 2 but these are more relevant at this moment). One being the false “rapture” doctrine and two being the “rapture” happening on September 23rd (or in some cases they are now working towards a plan b, c and d “rapture” window because they now doubt it could be on 9/23/17, this is there way of saving face and saying “I actually never said it was on this date, I was just making it known”).

When it comes to something that is in Scripture than there is only one view we should need to know that it is truth…the Word of God. Here are a few facts regarding this Revelation 12:1 “sign or wonder” Scripturally that John saw. John saw a wonder/sign in Heaven pointing to the birth of Jesus. Even those who claim that this sign is happening in September believe this to be true. They understand that this is the birth of Jesus while some deny it and claim its the birth of the Church. The problem with the latter is that the Church was birthed on Pentecost, not on September 23rd. And I’m not even going to get into where they get that this baby is the Church being raptured. False and wrong doctrine only leads to more deception.

The one thing that can prove that this sign has already been fulfilled is what the Greek says. You can take it at face value in English and see that this represents the birth of the Messiah Jesus but if your interpretation of Revelation is skewed you are going to end up in deep waters you can’t swim out of. I understand that not everyone is a Greek scholar or can read Greek. I am neither, but I do have it in me to search the Scriptures daily as the Bereans did and dig deeper for those gold nuggets that are in the original language.
I am going to show you the one proof of evidence in the Greek that you need to determine if this sign in Revelation 12:1 has already been fulfilled or if its for a future time or if their is a double fulfillment there. Lets look at this verse in question, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:” This word “ōphthē -ὤφθη” is translated in the KJV as “appeared”. It means “properly, see, often with metaphorical meaning: “to see with the mind” (i.e. spiritually see), i.e. perceive (with inward spiritual perception)” and comes from the root word “horaó”. This normally comes from a night vision and it would be safe to say John saw something happening in a dream.

If you look at the literal Greek interpretation of this verse it says “And a sign great was seen“. At the time John saw this back in 90ish AD, he wrote it down in the past tense. This means that what he saw had already taken place. He was seeing something from the past and it wasn’t for a future time. And this can be proven by the Greek tense and mood he wrote this in. If you believe that Scripture was God breathed and given to these men that were led and inspired by the Holy Spirit then you take every word of God for what it says. It is not meant to be changed or interpreted any differently. So with that said, the Greek tense and mood of “ōphthē” is in the Aorist Indicative Passive. This means exactly how its originally written in the Greek. It is a simple action that took place in the past and isn’t moving forward in anyway. And that’s exactly how John wrote it. 

So according to God breathed scripture that was inspired by the Holy Spirit for men of God to write down, the sign that appeared in Heaven in Revelation 12:1 was something that John had seen that had happened sometime in his distant past. The Aortist Indicative Passive in the 3rd Person is the key. Now knowing this we can look back at this sign and come to the conclusion that this is the real sign of the birth of Jesus that happened on 3 BC on September 11th. This is a well known fact and to deny this is to then deny this sign and God breathed inspired Scripture. For those who have put out a meme that says this sign has only happened one time in 7,000 years and its on September 23rd 2017, is a blatant lie. They are denying that this sign was and is the birth of Jesus.

Some even go so far to say that this sign has a double fulfillment. Well that’s not true either, you can see that the tense and mood of this word ōphthē being Aorist Indicative Passive (AIP) that it only happened one time and it was in the past before John wrote what he saw. There is no double fulfillment of this sign but some still grasp at straws to make this sign a future event. 

When confronted with the Greek language, most people are skirting the real issue here. The Greek word John used was in the form of AORIST INDICATIVE PASSIVE. A simple understanding of grammar allows you to see this. Why didn’t he use this word “εἶδον (eidon)” instead if he wanted the sign for a future event?  This is in the form AORIST INDICATIVE ACTIVE. That is for a future event or event that happened that is continuing. Why didn’t he use that form of horaó there instead? Answer me that. That form wasn’t foriegn to John. He used it 45 times in Revelation alone. And in the entire New Testament it was used 76 times. Only used  31 times outside of Revelation. Tell me why he didn’t use that form instead, because if he did I wouldn’t of wrote this article. He didn’t use that firm because it was something that happened in the past.

Cornigo Brouwer, a moderator for the group “Revelation 12 Sign 2017” along with Scottie Clarke and Julian Brasser, had this comment on 6/21/17. I hate to repost the whole comment because it’s so ridiculous but you need to see the hoops that these people are jumping through to make this fit in their minds. 

“The brightest star in the constellation Virgo is Spica. This star is actually a combination of 2 stars, but they’re so close, one can only infer that by seperating their spectra. The child in Revelation 12 has long been interpreted as Jesus, but since a few centuries, people are beginning to see it has a double layer. It could be seen as a combination of 2 prophecies, which are so close, one can only distinguish them by separating their specifics. In the original Mazzaroth, Spica was called the Tsemech. The Branch. John 15:5: “I am the vine, ye are the branches. Jeremiah 23:5: “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.” Tsemech can also mean ‘corn’. John 12:24: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” We see the double layering coming back again and again. He had to die, and so do we, in a sense. To be clothed with a new body, without sin. Jesus is the Head, we are the body. Somehow we are one, but yet, different. He is the Light of the world, we are the light of the world. He is the Branch, we are the branches. He is the Child of a virgin, we are the child in Virgo. He has a rod of iron, we will receive a rod of iron. To me, this all makes sense. It’s as if the Holy Spirit is telling all the critics: “Hey, it’s not one star. It’s two. It’s not one prophecy, it’s two events, yet one future.” God bless! :)”

Notice at the end he says “To me, this all makes sense. It’s as if the Holy Spirit is telling all the critics: “Hey, it’s not one star. It’s two. It’s not one prophecy, it’s two events, yet one future.” He is basing this sign being a futuristic sign off of Spica being two stars. He’s disregarding any Scripture that says its a passive sign that has already taken place. He is depending more on what the Virgo sign is saying in the stars than what Gods Word says. These are the square hoops these people need to jump through time and time again. I can go on with a thousand posts just like this that try to justify this being a future sign. Its just not and they are being dishonest with themselves, others and Scripture. And besides, this placing this date as the “rapture” is wholly based on false doctrine to begin with. If you can’t Exegiate scripture at all and see that there is no “rapture” of the Church before Jesus’ second coming then you will probably believe any doctrine that is thrown out there to be carried by the wind. The bodily resurrection happens at the end. That’s it. There is no “secret rapture” happening. And the irony in their secret rapture theory being on September 23rd is that its no secret at all. Everyone knows or has heard about this sign in one way or another. The cats out of the bag so to speak…there is no secret.

Now I want to go back to this word ōphthē that is used in this particular verse that we are talking about. I already mentioned that the root word of ōphthē is this word “horaó”. This is the word that you will see in your Strongs Concordance. Strongs only gives you root words and not the original word used in Greek. This is why you should always go to the original Greek and not rely on a Strongs Concordance to tell the whole story. This word horaó is used in Strongs 684 times. That actually means that there are 56 different forms or transliterations of this one root word used in Scripture. And ōphthē is used just 18 times in the form of Aorist Indicative Passive. Three times it is used in Revelation (11:19, 12:1, 12:3), five time in the Gospels (Matthew 17:3, Mark 9:4, Luke 1:11, 22:43, 24:34), five times in the Book of Acts (7:2,26,30; 13:31; 16:9), for times in 1st Corinthians 15:5-8 and 1st Timothy 3:16. That’s 18 times that this form of this word is used ( You can go through these verses and see that each appearence out of the 18 was something that happened at a one time event in the past, prior to each writer writing what actually took place.

Now there is one more thing I want to touch on. Greek scholars agree that the use of the word sign in this verse would be better translated as wonder. Now this got me thinking about how these people believe this sign is for a future event and that it wasn’t already fulfilled with the birth of Jesus. The word used here is σημεῖον (sēmeion) and in this form its used 38 times. Different forms or transliterations of this word is used 77 times, this being half of the amount used. Now this word for wonders/sign is used 15 times in the Gospels as everytime its referring to when the Pharisees and Saducees are tempting Jesus to give them a sign. Jesus replies with the sign of the Prophet Jonah. What is the sign of the Prophet Jonah? That he was in the belly of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights which is representing and pointing to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. 
Now read what is actually being said here. And keep in mind of what is going on today with the doctrine they have created around September 23rd 2017. 

“The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” (Matthew 16:1-4) 

These people who have formed this rapture doctrine around September 23rd are no different than the religious hypocrites of Jesus day. They ask for a sign in the heavens I might add, because Jesus refers to the Heavens and sky as an example, then tells them that there is only one sign or wonder you need to focus on…the sign of the Prophet Jonah. “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” Is that anymore blatant for you with what is going on today?

These people are setting themselves up for failure. Steven Fletcher predicts a rapture date every week and is wrong. After 50 failed attempts he told everyone he is a false prophet if it didn’t come to pass on a certain date and that he would stop. A week later he is back, with people still slobbering over him. Scottie Clarke has spent years establishing his false doctrine of a September 23rd rapture and if he would’ve just read scripture and exegiate properly, he wouldn’t have led thousands of people on a rabbit trail to nowhere. Steven Sewell has claimed that if the rapture doesn’t happen between 9/23 and 12/1 he will disappear for good. I hope he and these other men repent publicly on December 2nd. If not, so be it. They will continue to decieve others and be decieved.

Now all along I have said that this sign is a FALSE SIGN. What do I mean by that? I don’t mean the Revelation 12:1 sign is false in itself, that is ridiculous. It was the birth of Jesus The Messiah and was fulfilled as a TRUE SIGN from the Heavens. This is a fact. 

There is nothing false about the true sign. The false sign is being made by a wicked and perverse generation that seeks after a sign to be whisked away. These people who claim this have made it a false sign. There are those that claim they are the messiah but we know that they are false. Why? Because the true Messiah is here and His name is Jesus. That’s why this is a false sign. Because this sign has been fulfilled and they are making it out to be like it never was. This makes it a false sign. 
Through all my research on this false sign, which can be found here, I believe the Luciferians and occultists are awaiting there king. They are just loving it, watching these so called Christians await a sign that was already fulfilled. 

But would you expect anything less from a wicked generation that denies the sign of the birth of Jesus only to welcome the spirit that has decieved them this whole time. 

So what’s going to happen September 23rd? Not the rapture. You will all still be here until God has brought the last person into the Kingdom on that last day. Will the Anitchrist be birhed? According to my research, that’s where it is headed but not in the sense of a woman giving birth to an actual child. I suspect it is this Antichrist spirit that may be loosed and then we will see what will happen. The Jews await their false messiah in 5778 so spiritually everything is lining up. But there will be no “rapture”.

If you believe this false sign and are promoting it I suggest you repent of it and turn back to scripture. Rely on God’s Spirit to show you all things, not man. You will see soon enough that you haven’t went anywhere. Scripture says so.

The Bad Seeds

Below are a few posts regarding these predictions of this Revelation 12 “rapture” sign.

March 29th, 2017

I want to show you guys what doubt looks like. Its actually sad because I think Steven Sewell does great videos but he is completely off on a few things. A few being the pre-trib “rapture”, his understanding of Israel and Daniels 70 weeks. This is what happens when you bank everything on one date and make that claim that the “rapture” is on “this” certain date.

Please go read his comments. I’m betting there are a lot of other Christians who are counting on the 9/23 rapture scenario to come through and if it doesn’t then they will lose that blessed hope. He is 6 months away from it and he is already questioning it. Doubt has now set in.

I wish he understood that its not the “rapture” that’s happening. It is the beginning of the end and we wont lose our faith.

May 21st, 2017

There are 4 groups when it comes to this 9/23 “sign”. 

First group are those who could careless. 

The second group doesn’t believe its much of anything at all and writes it off. But as they are writing it off they are confronting the third group about their beliefs.

The third group believes that this is the “rapture” and has given themselves a little elbow room just incase they are still here after 9/24.

The fourth group is seeing this sign as a false sign and its infact welcoming in the Antichrist. Now this doesn’t mean that a child is born or its going to happen that particular day. We see it as something very wicked is being set into motion. 

I’m in the fourth group….obviously.  Now the second and third groups have started to fight amongst themselves and started to talk smack about each other. You have people like Steven Sewel (not so much), Scottie Clark, Gary Stearman and Billy Crone getting into the action. Its actually getting really ridiculous and now their followers are starting up in this mess. 

Here’s the thing. All of them want to disregard the original Greek and Greek tense of Revelation 12. And its actually strange because group two is agreeing with group four in that this sign was fulfilled at the birth of Jesus. The others aren’t. Group three isn’t exegiating scripture AT ALL. Not even when confronted on the issue. They are haughty (as usual) and I’m pretty sure it comes from their belief in the false pre-trib “rapture”.

I’m over it. I left every group I was in because of it and the only thing I can say is this. “Be ye not decieved”. And those aren’t my words…figure it.

May 24th, 2017

We are told by Jesus that we don’t know the day or the hour but it seems that some people didn’t read that part. This is where something like this turns into madness and is border line cult talk. I could’ve posted all 115 comments but you get the point. And the funny thing is, they still insist they aren’t setting a date for a “rapture” even after they took a 15 minute video to set a date. I almost don’t feel sorry for them. Bad interpretation leads to a strong deception. Im going to give them a few weeks after September 23rd to let them re-evalute there beliefs, then make them give an answer as to why they were misled and wrong. Scottie Clarke, Steven Sewell and Steven Fletcher are leading a lot of people in the wrong direction with this “rapture” nonsense.

My “review” of the movie The Mummy…for what its worth.

So I watched the new movie The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. I had already previously wrote on the duality of this movie and Wonder Woman. You got the “good” and “bad” of Isis and man was that right on. If you don’t want to know a few details of the movie I suggest you stop reading here. Otherwise there will be some spoilers about to take place. 

So the movie starts out with the story of Ahmanet. I’ll just say she is embalmed alive and leave it at that. The opening sequence also shows a Knights Templar being buried in London with a reddish stone. Back to Ahmanet. They take her far from Egypt to be buried in a “hole” that at the bottom is covered in mercury. We already see a Alchemy connection with Mercury and the Templars. Tom Cruises character Nick, is a Indiana Jones type a blackmarket dude. He is in Mosul watching ISIS destroy statues. It brings the movie up to date since ISIS actually did destroy artifacts in Nimrud, near Mosul. I think that’s a strange connection with ISIS and Isis that they are making. 

Anyways, long story short…the US ends up shooting missiles there to save “Nick” from ISIS and in turn it opens a huge hole. In this hole is where this princess is entombed and chained in the mercury so she can’t ever be released. The symbolism I caught was Lucifer being chained or bound in the abyss or bottomless pit. This pit wasn’t actually bottomless but the symbolism did come across well. Now I mentioned that this Ahmanet was symbolic for Isis and one thing I want to point out is the occults belief that Lucifer is masculine on the earth but feminine in the air. Ahmanet wasn’t in the air but we see the “as above so below” symbolism there. I saw this as a representation of Lucifer chained in the Abyss.

Now I have always thought that this Palmrya Triumphant Arch is symbolic of Isis trying to invoke Osiris back to life. Just as she searched for his 13 body parts but couldn’t ever find the 14th. I almost see the Arch as the 14th part that is being used to invoke that spirit that was in Osiris to come back. This movie had the same principle. Except it was Ahmanet invoking Set to come back and rule. Now Set is a representation of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil and she needs a body to bring him back. And Tom Cruise is that body in this movie. 

Cruise somehow gets “possessed” by her in the sense that she draws him towards her in search of this stone and knife/dagger. You can see this when The Mummy sarcophagus is put onto the American military plane and it crashes because of get doing. But the interesting thing is the symbology of this plane crashing while Cruise is actually still on it. I see this as symbolic as Satan falling from Heaven as lightning and was being cast to Earth. This is what happened with Cruise who was to be Set ie Satan. He was cast to the Earth, thought to be dead in the morgue in a body bag, “resurrects” and comes back to life. 

Now I will skip to the end where he eventually becomes possessed with the spirit of Set/Lucifer and becomes this god man like Ahmanet wants. They talk about how he is the good guy who will redeem himself eventually and blah blah blah. Its the same old ancient lie from the garden that man can become like God and the God of Creation is the bad guy while Lucifer, the good guy got a bad wrap. 

I want to mention one last character who was behind bringing back this “spirit” of Set/Lucifer. We see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in this movie. But here was the interesting thing. He had the hidden hand symbology of Freemasonry. His left hand was withered and covered in a black glove. This caught my attention because of the Hubal one hand connection. I will go into this more in another article but just wanted to bring up the Hubal symbology from this movie. You can also see these symbolism in the movie Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey has the same symbolism quite a few times. He is seen having one glove on his hand while the other isn’t covered. This is a nod to Freemasonry and their god Hubal/Sin/Baal/Satan which is way the hidden hand represents. And this movie Interstellar is centered around Saturn and multiverses where man is the god of “they”. They are their own gods. Hubal worship is more prevelant in movies than we think. Remember Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and his one hand? What about Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin, getting his hand cut off by his father?

The last thing I want to mention from The Mummy is the numbers 10/17 written on Cruises partner in crime. 

He becomes zombified or possessed because of this curse and has these numbers on his left arm right before he is “killed” (although he doesn’t actually die). What do these numbers represent? The only thing I could possibly find was a conjunction of Venus and Mercury on 10/18 of 2017. Ironically Venus represents the goddess and Sophia, who is the feminine of Lucifer and if you remember, The Mummy was entombed in the abyss filled with Mercury. A couple of strange connections there. Also notice the right one eye symbolism. October 2017? Who knows…

The Warrior King at it again

It seems he’s on the news a lot again lately. The Warrior King started Ramadan in Mecca and then was seen in Aqqaba doing his prayers.

Then King Abdullah helped residents in Jordan fight a fire near his Hashemite Palace a few days ago. He then went an had an iftar banquet tasty welcomed the representatives of churches and awqaf in Jerusalem.

WATCH: Jordan’s King Abdullah helps put out fire near his palace

Staff writer, Al Arabiya EnglishSunday, 18 June 2017

Jordan’s King Abdullah II thanked the various entities that participated in putting out a fire in the area of Kamaliyya on the outskirts of the capital Amman, a green mountain range with a spring weather and heavy air, located along the edges of the royal palace.

King Abdullah tweeted on Sunday: “By the grace of the brave of all the military and civil devices, the fire of Kamalism was extinguished yesterday, thank you for all the efforts that they have made, God save you and save Jordan.”

A video showing King Abdullah close to the trees rescued from the fire circulated social media sites, with a large number of young people witnessed fighting the fire that broke out in the forested area.

Last Update: Sunday, 18 June 2017 KSA 20:36 – GMT 17:36 (

“A waqf (Arabic: وقف‎‎), also known as habous or mortmain property, is an inalienable charitable endowment under Islamic law, which typically involves donating a building, plot of land or other assets for Muslim religious or charitable purposes with no intention of reclaiming the assets.[1] The donated assets may be held by a charitable trust. The person making such dedication is known as waqif, a donor.” ( I have to ask. Is someone giving up some land in Jerusalem to someone in Jordan?

The iftar banquet was the evening meal prior to the evening call to prayer tasty breaks the daily fast during Ramadan. “iftar. /ˈɪftɑː/ noun. the meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset every day during Ramadan. from Arabic iftar the breaking of the fast; compare Id-ul-Fitr.” (

He then celebrated Fathers Day, just like a good Westerner does.

All in a few weeks. I didn’t mention all of the meetings with heads of state but you get my point. 

Jupiter is now the oldest divisive planet

It never ceases to amaze me. NASA has now come out and said that Jupiter is the oldest planet in the universe ( and was the cause for dividing our solar system ( It seems like since last year, NASA has been putting out and finding more new information on Jupiter than any other planet. The new info on Jupiter is staggering to say the least. It seems like every month since Jupiter has been in Virgo, there is always something new about Jupiter. And now I’m wondering if there is a reason for all of this. 

These occultist see Jupiter as there king planet and its representing their long awaited messiah, Horus. Prior to 2017 alot of the focus was on Saturn. That has seemed to die down but they are still awaiting the less than popular September event where Cassini is going to plunge into the “abyss” of Saturns North pole. I personally think that NASA is showing us symbolically the changing of the guard so to speak. That’s just my opinion though.

So there seems to be a lot of new finds with Jupiter this year and I’m betting that they don’t stop coming up with new things to find. They believe Jupiter being the biggest planet has led to the solar system being split in two. “Modeling indicates that Jupiter would need to be 20 Earth masses to physically separate the two reservoirs. And the new data suggest that a separation had to take place by a million years into the Solar System’s history. All of which means that Jupiter had to grow very large, very quickly. This would be large enough for Jupiter to start accumulating gas well before the newly formed Sun started driving the gas out of the disk. By the time Jupiter grew to 50 Earth masses, it would create a permanent physical separation between the two parts of the disk.” ( “Our measurements show that the growth of Jupiter can be dated using the distinct genetic heritage and formation times of meteorites,” Kruijer said in the same statement.” (

So just keep watching what NASA puts out about Jupiter in the coming months. They are telegraphing everything nowadays. And I’ll leave you to think about this, look how Jupiter today is causing sick a division between “Christians”. The majority of Christians that know about this sign are claiming there is going to be a rapture by September 23rd. Matter of fact they said there would be one on June 16th. And they were wrong again. Jupiter has definetly become the planet that divides.

And look at Jupiters non-beard status at the Temple of Belin Syria.

Who really wanted the Arch of Triumph built? Or was it even about the Arch in the first place?

When I recently watched the documentary (at the end of this article) on the Arch of Triumph in Arona, Italy, something stood out to me that I didn’t seem to catch before. Roger Michels from the IDA said something that caught my attention. He basically said that they (IDA) weren’t the ones who originally wanted the Arch built, it was actually a few people from TORART and D-Shape. Michels said that they were just able to help supply some of the photos that were provided by Khaled al-Asaad, the archeologist and site custodian in Palmyra. I always assumed that the IDA and UNESCO were the ones behind this Arch being built but that doesn’t seem like the case.

(The videos I posted were taken down for some reason)

According to press releases, they actually got a blessing from Dubai in order to make the Arch. And the Arch that we are seeing is a small scale model that was originally intended to just go around the world. If you actually read the the wording they use they have a full scale model of the Arch of Triumph that will in fact go back to Palmyra. What we are seeing set up is a smaller model of it and not the full scale reproduction. The original production of it is 49 feet (15 meters) tall and weighs 11 tons or 22 thousand pounds. The Arch that they have for the traveling circus is only 25 feet (7.62 meters) tall and weighs in at 3,000 pounds or 1.5 tons. There is quite the difference in size from the real one that will be placed back in Palmyra and the traveling one. 

So where is the real one now? Is it in Dubai? Are they waiting for Palmyra to be secured before they move it back and are they going to construct the temple of Bel? What if I told you they more than likely have the temple already built. I mentioned in one of my first papers on the Arch that this was their intention from the very beginning, to rebuild the entire ancient complex. And this is way they are doing. “Italians experts have already submitted to the Government of the United Arab the reduced-scale reproduction of the Palmyra temple.” I am showing you here that they have already made a smaller scale of the Temple of Bel by their own admission. I will post the full article and link below. 

They will rebuild the ancient city and its ironic that this happens at the same time the Jews are pushing for their 3rd temple. I have said from day one that this ancient city of Palmyra will be the main hub (militarily and religiously) for the man of sin before he enters the glorious land and enters Jerusalem. We can already see it as a military complex as Russia has been there from day one trying to lay claim on it. And by the looks of it from the link below, TORART is preparing to give us a show on 3D printing.


Milan , March 30, 2016 – 08:52

Palmira rises again in 3D thanks to Italy 

The triumphal arch designed by robots of Nicola Di Turi

Palmira “rebuilt” in 3D thanks to an Italian company. The ancient Syrian city devastated by ISIS could rise thanks to technology developed by our country. Two Tuscan companies are working on making the arc of triumph of Palmyra, built nearly 2000 years ago, but pulverized by jihadists last October. TorArt, Carrara company specializing in sculpture and founded by Giacomo Filippo Massari with Tincolini, will build the arch in the archaeological site in Syria destroyed in partnership with D-Shape, a company founded by Enrico Dini lets (Pisa).

Presented in London on April 19

Italians experts have already submitted to the Government of the United Arab the reduced-scale reproduction of the Palmyra temple. Next stop, the reconstruction of the arc-scale triumph of Palmyra, which will be presented in London in Trafalgar Square on April 19. The goal, of course, remains that sooner or later to install the monument in Syria, where today remains a pile of rubble. The technique used to reconstruct the arch of Palmyra is 3D printing, exploited by D-Shape for sand and rock binding, printing blocks of raw marble and sandstone.

Material from Carrara or from the Alps»

“The 70% of the material that we will use will come from Carrara or the Alps. The day that we will move to Syria, we will use local materials,” says the BBC Enrico Dini, engineer and founder of the company. For the demonstration in London, in fact, it will produce an arc by the small size, compared to the original to be installed in Syria. TorArt intervene at a later time, when it will be necessary to work and define the printed sand, in order to obtain the monument. “Our technique is subtractive, let’s take off to shape. The robots work together with our sculptors. There is no limit to what you can do and these days we are sculpting a life-size David, “says Giacomo Massari, founder of TorArt, who established his laboratory in the famous marble quarries of Carrara.

The triumphal arch of Palmyra made by the two Italian companies, will be 15 meters high and weighs 11 tons. To rebuild it will take approximately 70 cubic meters of sand, for a higher production equivalent to 100 thousand euro, to which must be added the cost of finishing, assembly and shipping. Each robot used by TorArt for finishing has a cost of about 300 thousand euro. “The will is to rebuild Palmira, but also the archaeological sites affected by natural disasters,” argues Giacomo Massari. From Pompeii at Sybaris, in Italy there would be spoiled for choice. Yet witness the process of defining the arc grooves, it means also return to themselves a bit ‘of that sense of beauty sorely tested by the reckless pickaxe terrorists. An essential contribution to the reconstruction of Palmyra arch arrived by the Institute for Digital Archeology at Oxford, a partner with the Government of the United Arab Emirates. The institute has distributed over 5000 cameras civilians and volunteers in the Middle East, to photograph monuments and sites at risk, rimpinguando the Million Image Database with thousands of photos. Useful to reproduce the works in 3D, but essential to give us back the hope, against iconoclastic wave with which ISIS wants to destroy the memory of our past. (

The new Palmyra’s Arch, 15 meters tall and 11 tons heavy

“The Palmyra’s Arch developed by the two italian companies will be 15 meters tall and 11 tons heavy. To rebuild the Arch70 cubic meters of sand will be necessary, with an equivalent value of 100 thousand Euros. Each robot used by TorArt in this project has a 300 thousand Euros worth.

“Our will is to rebuild Palmyra but also the many archaeological sites destroyed by natural disaster” argued Giacomo Massari. A fundamental contribution in this project comes from the Institute for Digital Archaeology in Oxford, with the distribution, to civilian and volunteers in the Middle East, of more than 5 thousand photo cameras to take pictures to the monuments and sites in danger.

Maybe this project and the work of the two italian companies, is not just to rebuild Palmyra’s Arch, but to rebuild our feelings for beauty and art too, that were tested by the brutality of the terrorists.” (

So essentially the Arch was going back home. Or should we say it’s its home away grim home. I suggest you go take a look at website to see what they are actually up to. It seems that they are more of a key player in this whole Arch agenda. 

You can see below in TORART’S post that they also recently recreated the decapitated head of Allat, the Sun goddess for the Italian Consulate in New York. They just aren’t in the business of making Arches and other statues but obviously have some sort of agenda that has Palmyra in mind. I mentioned this here.

Matter of fact, they have had intentions from day one to rebuild the ancient city of Palmyra in its entirety like I already mentione. And I’m not just talking about the Arch. My question now is what is Dubai’s role in all of this. We know they are probably funding this whole thing. But why do they want the Temple of Bel built and the Arch of Triumph. From the looks of it it looks like they were presented with the Temple of Bel first and then the Arch came shortly after. Does it have to do with that god they worship in Mecca? And I’m not talking about their “new” god Allah. I’m talking about that ancient god Hubal and Allat. Is this why they want the Temple of Bel built along with Palmyra in its entirety? Does it have anything to do with the Quaryish tribe and the Hashemites?

Videos from TORART.

And I’m going to keep going over the differences between these three arches until people get it in their heads. 

Arch of Triumph

Temple of Baalshamin

Temple of Bel

Somewhere over the “rain”bow

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