Damascus and the Mosque

Be careful with all the talk about Isaiah 17 and Damascus future prophecy stuff in "American Christendom". Read the chapter again and see if it was for a future modern time like ours. This falls right in line with Islamic Eschatology not Christian Biblical Eschatology. Umayyid Mosque...do you know what it is and where its... Continue Reading →

The Trump Papers

Disclaimer: I personally don't think Trump or Kushner are THE ANTICHRIST as they have been portrayed to be. I do find it interesting that the media has put it out there as such. They don't fit Biblically and that is all that counts. (These were papers I wrote that were featured on my FB page... Continue Reading →

Arch going back to Italy

I'm not sure why Christians (and in this case Jews) are so adamant with calling this Arch from Palmyra (Tadmor), the Arch of Baal. I can't get over it. It's the Arch of Triump. I've went over this with pictures even, explaining the differences between these three arches (Triumph, Ba'al and Bel) in Palmyra. Even... Continue Reading →

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