2020: Perfect Vision

Earlier today I was accused by someone of practicing divination. To forsee the future or to be told something by a god about a future event. Hmmm. This was in response because I said that the 9/23 sign was a false sign. She in turn rebuked me then went on to say that she believed this date was a sign that something was going to happen (for the good) ie outpouring of the Holy Spirit or something of that occasion. How would she know this? The irony right? 

So I think its fitting that I mention a few interesting things about the year 2020…perfect vision. Those eyes that have 2020 vision have great eyesight right? It reminds me of Jesus saying those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I had always thought there was something odd about this year and I found a few interesting things going on in the Heavens. And before we go on. I’m never predicting anything…but I am telling you what I see according to what’s unfolding in the world. That’s all. 

So in 2020 (the year of Perfect Vision) there are a few interesting things that are happening. In June of the year 2020 we are going to see a Venus-Sun inferior conjunction. But before I go on, let me say that June is equivalent to the Hebrew month of Tammuz. We all know that Tammuz was Nimrods son and is the same as Horus. This is who these Luciferians are waiting for. Their dead Saturn/Nimrod who “resurrects” as Jupiter/Tammuz. So keep in mind that these things happen in this month, the month of Tammuz. The 6th month. 


It starts on February 18th, 2020. The Moon crosses right through the Golden Gate. Then in June something interesting happens in between the horns of Taurus on June 3rd, 2020. Venus and the Sun have an inferior conjunction like with what happened on March 25th 2017. This time it’s on the East. A few days later on 6/19/20 Venus and the Moon have a conjunction and the next day (6/20/20) there is an eclipse with the Sun and Moon right on the center of the Silver Gate in the East. Nothing happens again until the Moon makes direct contact with the gate on November 11th, 2020. Then on December 21, 2020 Jupiter and Saturn have the Great Conjunction or what is called “ha dibbuq ha gadol” in Capricornus or the sea goat. It can literally be called the Great Cleaving in Hebrew and at this same time the Sun goes into the Golden Gate with Mercury directly below it. 



TIMELINES: Golden and Silver Gates

Golden Gate

Every year on 12/21 the Sun goes through the Golden Gate. Its located between Sagittarius and Scorpius right near Ophiuchus. This year absolutely nothing goes through this gate (Ecliptic and Galactic Plane) until 12/21/17. The last thing to go through it was the Sun on 12/21/16. This year (or should I say 5778) just over 1 month after Saturn leaves Ophiuchus (The Restrainer) on 11/18, we have a lot of action going on. The Sun goes through this gate on the 21st and then Venus goes through ot on the 25th with Saturn right behind it on the 26th. On January 11th, 2018 Mercury goes through it with Mars right behind it on March 17th. The Sun does it’s normal thing on every 21st of December but nothing happens again until 12/4/19 with Jupiter finally going through it. The Sun comes in a day late on December 22nd in 2019 with an eclipse with the Sun amd Moon 3 days later on the 25th on the top portion of Sagittarius. Jupiter nearly gets in the way. On 12/27/19 Jupiter aligns with the Sun with Mercury crossing the gate on the following day (12/28/19). Mars comes through again on February 16th 2020 while exactly one month later the Moon crosses over hitting the gate with the bullseye. On December 21st the Sun does it’s routine crossing but something really interesting happens…Saturn and Jupiter meet for the Great Conjunction. Venus comes through on January 8th with Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are all in Capricornus or the Sea Goat.

Silver Gate

Nothing goes through the Silver Gate in 5777 until June 4th. Mars, the god of war, is the first planet to go through this gate that is located between Gemini and Taurus with Orion right below it. On this same day you can see the Sun directly on between the horns of Taurus looking like the Sun disc in between the Horns or Crescent. Every year on June 21st the Sun crosses into the Silver Gate and this year (2017), Mercury goes through it directly above the Sun at the same time. Venus goes just below it on August 1st, 2017 and nothing happens until the next year (2018) when Venus goes just above it this time. Mercury goes just above it on June 12th, 2018 with the Sun doing its thing pn the 22nd. Mars comes back through on 5/16/19 with the Sun on 6/22 and on August 3rd Venus hits a bullseye. Something interesting happens inbetween the horns of Taurus on June 3rd, 2020. Venus and the Sun have an inferior conjunction like with what happened on March 25th 2017. This time it’s on the East. A few days later on 6/19/20 Venus and the Moon have a conjunction and the next day (6/20/20) there is an eclipse with thr Sun and Moon right on the center of the Silver Gate in the East. Nothing really happens again until the Moon makes direct contact with the gate on November 11th, 2020. Mercury makes a direct hit on July 5th 2022 with Venus behind it on the 18th of July.  Jupiter goes through on July 11th 2025. 

The 3rd day of 5778

​Its kind of funny but I was reluctant to write anything on this 9/23/17 sign since everyone was already doing it. But I think its time now being that soooo many people are saying its the “rapture” date but still beating around the bush just in case its not. Well let me say this first. Its not the date of the “rapture” of the Church. Jesus comes back one time and to say He comes back more them once at the END is just being disingenuous with Scripture. When 9/24/17 hits the calender we will all still be here not unless of course you have went home to be with the Lord Jesus in a more natural kind of way.

Now as you can see, I don’t see this as any rapture date or as a good sign for that much. I see this sign in the heavens as a FALSE sign. What do I mean by that? Well first off this sign happened at the birth of Jesus. Not all of Revelation (or Rev 12 for that matter) happened in the past because we are still waiting for a few things to come to pass in an eschatological sense. I think that’s obvious. But this sign mentioned in Rev 12 admit the woman giving birth to the male child is in fact Jesus. Not one time in scripture is the Church or should I say Ekklesia mention as a male child being caught up or harpazdo to Heaven. In fact, the Ekklesia is mentioned as just the opposite. We are mentioned as the body of Christ where Jesus is the head. We are mentioned as the Bride of Christ, to our Bridegroom. This is feminine not masculine. So this sign in Rev 12 makes absolutely no mention of the ekklesia anywhere. 

Now its being tagged as the sign that hasn’t happened in 7,000 years. Well that’s not exactly true. Jupiter the King planet actually has an 11 year cycle where it goes into Virgo for a period of time. I will say that this 9/23 sign is unique in its own way but it isn’t exactly following a Biblical mandate. Especially if its talking about the birth of Jesus (which it was) and He was already born. That should tell you that this specific part has come to pass. (And I still hold to the Sept 11, 3 BC date for the birth of Jesus, in which this sign originally appeared.) But trust me, that won’t stop the enemy from playing their game of deception and fooling alot, and I mean alot, of Christians. Its all about deception and this is what we are seeing. The enemy will invert and twist scripture just to add a little chaos to the situation.

Now another problem with this sign is that the woman has a crown over her head. Well the most popular theory is that this crown of 12 stars is actually the constellation Leo the lion with the addition of Mercury, Mars and Venus. Since when did a Lion and three planets all of the sudden become a crown? Since never that’s when. Now there is actually a crown above Virgo’s head that has 12 stars and is called the Virgo cluster. Its also known as the constellation “Coma Berenices”. And once again, this showed up perfectly on 3 BC at the birth of Jesus. But for some reason people want to disregard the actual crown connected to Virgo and say that its actually Leo and three planets that have become this crown for this 9/23 sign. 

“The astronomer, Professor Thorley, has shown that there are exactly twelve stars surrounding the head of Virgo as we view them from the earth. If one will look at Norton’s Star Atlas, twelve visible stars will be seen around Virgo’s head. They are, according to astronomical terminology: (1) Pi, (2) Nu, (3) Beta, (4) Sigma, (5) Chi, (6) Iota – these six stars form the southern hemisphere around the head of Virgo. Then there are (7) Theta, (8) Star 60, (9) Delta, (10) Star 93, (11) Beta, (12) Omicron – these last six form the northern hemisphere around the head of Virgo.” (https://philologos.org/bpr/files/c006.htm)

Now don’t get me wrong. This false sign still has a ton of implications but they are all bad. Jewish rabbis are expecting their messiah to show up sometime in 5778. I have shown you where a Rabbi predicted how the UN would come against the land of Israel to divide it and if it was fine by a certain time, it would welcome in there “messiah”. This would then lead to meteors fallong at an alarming rate. This has all come to pass. Are we to listen to what a Jewish Rabbi predicted? Not necessarily but its very interesting that everything is falling into place.

I believe this is a false sign with very negative connotations. Do I believe someone will literally be born on 9/23? No I don’t. What I believe is happening is of spiritual significance. I personally think that Satan and this Antichrist spirit could influence this man of sin and put it in his heart to fulfill Gods will. I see this same thing happening with what happened with Judas in John 13:2. I do want to point out that the KJV translated this as “having now put into the heart of Judas” which I believe isn’t a good choice of words in English. I think a better translation is “having already put into the heart of Judas” and this word put could be translated as cast or “give motion to, not with force yet with attention and for a purpose”. Another form of this word is used in Revelation for Satan being cast into the pit and a 1/3 of the stars cast out of heaven. 

You can see that something was cast or thrown into Judas. But with that being said it was not with force, yet with attention and for a purpose. A seed was planted in Judas heart and I believe that this is what is happening here. A SEED is being planted in this man of sin with this symbolic false birth sign in the heavens on 9/23. I don’t normally use a Aramic translation but I actually think that this is a good interpretation and example of what is going on with this sign. “And when it was supper he cast Satan into the heart of Yehuda son of Shimeon Scariota, so that he would betray him.”

Let me add one last thing about this sign. Some point out that Jupiter actually leaves the “womb” of Virgo earlier than 9/23. It actually does leave the womb on 9/9/17 but I found Isaiah 66:7-8 very interesting in this context. ” Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God”. We know this is about the Messiah being birthed from the nation of Israel but I find it interesting in context with a birth before travail. 

If we take everything into account that we have already seen since December of 2016, then we know there is some bad things coming in the future. Another sign I mention in the near future is Saturn leaving the restrainer (Ophiuchus) on November 18th 2017. Is this connected to this false birthing sign and is this reminiscent of Judas taking the sop and being indwelled with Satan (John 13:27)? And i suggest you refer back to my study on the restrainer in 2nd Thessalonians here (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1097645790344972&id=519754571467433). To shut the womb or make barren in Hebrew is literally to restrain. And in this case, when the restraint is gone, it opens up the womb for something to be birthed. Do you understand what I’m getting at? So with everything we already know, is this 3rd day of 5778 that just happens to fall on September 23rd, 2017 really a good sign? Or is something being birthed and being taken out of the way so this man of sin can be indwelled with Satan who will have but a short time.

Lamassu and Iraqi syrup

Well ot looks like the Lamassu will be in Trafalgar Square in 2018. “While the original was made out of marble, its recreation will be made out of date syrup tin cans, emblematic of Iraq’s once flourishing industry “destroyed, like the bull, by war” the Fourth Plinth website says.” (https://www.rt.com/uk/381628-trafalgar-art-isis-surveillance/). 

“For the Fourth Plinth, Rakowitz has proposed to make a Lamassu, a winged bull and protective deity that stood at the entrance to the Nergal Gate of Ninevah in Northern Iraq from circa 700 BC until February 2015, when it was destroyed by ISIS along with other artefacts in the nearby Mosul Museum. The original work measured approximately fourteen feet, dimensions similar to those of the Fourth Plinth. Rakowitz’s Lamassu will be recreated using empty metal Iraqi date syrup cans, acknowledging this once renowned industry that has now been decimated by the Iraq Wars. 

Reconceiving the Lamassu in Trafalgar Square, Rakowitz imagines that this sculpture can continue performing its duties as a guardian of Nineveh’s past, present and future, even as a refugee or ghost. Using simple materials, Rakowitz has proposed a multi-layered work that address issues of war, industry and history.” (http://www.sculpturenature.com/en/the-fourth-plinth-shortlist-exhibition/)

I wanted to bring this Lamassu event back up from last year being that this new syrup can Lamassu will be in the spotlight in 2018. 

(Originally posted October 11th, 2017)

Well they are at it again. Earlier this year we saw the Arch of Triumph being unveiled in Trafalgar Square and then in New York City. While we await the final installation in Dubai, they have someing else in store for us. This time we see the ancient Bull of Nimrud at the Colosseum in Rome. It is on display from October 7th to December 11th. And guess who destroyed this winged bull, lamassu? ISIS. (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/06/isis-destroys-ancient-assyrian-site-of-nimrud).

What is a lamassu exactly? “These monumental statues were called aladlammû (“protective spirit”) or lamassu, which means that the original female word was now applied for a rather macho demon.” (http://www.livius.org/articles/mythology/lamassu-bull-man/?) “In the Epic of Gilgamesh and Enuma Elis , both Lamassu and Aspasu (Inara) are symbols of the starry heavens, constellations, and the zodiac. No matter if they are in a female or male form, Lamassu always represent the parent-stars, constellations, or the zodiac. In the Epic of Gilgamesh , they were considered as protective because they encompass all life within them.” (http://www.ancient-origins.net/history/mythical-lamassu-impressive-symbols-mesopotamian-protection-005358). So they represent “macho demons” that protect, but are also symbols of stars, constellations and the zodiak. Sounds like they represent fallen angels to me.  Why should we be surprised at anything anymore?

Some believe that these statues and the arch of triumph are a “welcome mat” for the Antichrist. I say it’s more than a welcome mat.  The people that worship this ancient spirit know good and well of what they are invoking. They believe that these symbols and statues send off a vibration or energy and they are using this as a ceremonial invocation. This is called the Saturn vibration. They are invoking this ancient spirit to indwell in their man of Sin (Ancient god Sin maybe). They are pushing for this restrainer to be taken out of the way. And when He is, the devil has but a short time to indwell in this last and final king, the bull.

I also want to point out that there is a bit coin machine from a company called lamassu. Buy or sell anyone? I just wanted point out a few things and hopefully I will be able to delve in a little deeper on what this all means for lamassu.

Read the articles on this exhibit here: 





English translation here.

“Thanks to reconstruction work in 1: 1, made in Italy, will be able to see three monuments destroyed, damaged or debased by wars in the Middle East. The three works, which will be exhibited in the exhibition ‘Rising from destruction. Ebla, Nimrud and Palmira ‘are the Bull of Nimrud with the head of human appearance, which no longer exists, the ceiling of the temple in Palmyra of which are fragments, and the archive room of the State Palace of Ebla, which housed 17,000 tablets cuneiform, and is facing serious state of neglect.

The aim of the exhibition is to sensitize the international public to knowledge, culture and the safeguarding of sites and monuments, world heritage site but also to further the debate on the reconstruction of what was destroyed and restoration of the remains. The revival of the three monuments was made possible thanks to highly qualified employment and of three specialized Italian companies through the use of innovative technologies and under the guidance of a scientific committee of archaeologists and art historians. Alongside the reconstruction, they are also exposed two original coming directly from Palmyra and damaged by terrorism.

After the exhibition, the two draped portraits of a man and a woman, carved in stone, will be taken over by the Ministry of Culture to be restored by the top experts of the Institute for Conservation and Restoration. Concluded his speech, the precious works will be returned to the National Museum of Damascus.”

If you are interested in what all this symbolism means, I suggest you read my papers on the Arch of Triumph. https://independent.academia.edu/craigpatin

Lamassu: bit coin machine https://lamassu.is

The Death of the Mother of Dark Matter

(Originally posted on December 26th, 2017)

As the world mourned the Death of “Princess Leia”, someone else’s death got overlooked. Vera Rubin, known as the “Mother of Dark Matter” is the one who “opened doors for astronomy” has died. She was the one to discover dark matter and at 88 she died on Christmas Day. She had gotten her Phd at Jesuit school Georgetown and later taught there for a decade. 

“Rubin died on Sunday at an assisted living facility in Princeton, New Jersey, and had suffered from dementia for several years, Allan Rubin, a geosciences professor at Princeton University, said in an email. Rubin, a Philadelphia native, used galaxies’ rotations to discover the first direct evidence of dark matter in the 1970s while working at the Carnegie Institution in Washington.” (http://www.mirror.co.uk/science/vera-rubin-dead-astronomer-who-9520881)

“An ardent feminist who spent her lifetime advocating for other women in the sciences, Rubin was the first woman allowed to observe at the Palomar Observatory. She was born 1928 in Washington, and she earned her Ph.D. from Georgetown University, where she then taught for 10 years. In 1993, she earned the nation’s highest scientific award, the National Medal of Science. In 1996, she became the first woman to receive the Royal Astronomical Society’s Gold Medal since Caroline Hershel, who was awarded the prize in 1828, according to the Carnegie Institution.” (http://patch.com/new-jersey/princeton/vera-rubin-mother-dark-matter-has-died)

“Her work helped usher in a Copernican-scale change in cosmic consciousness, namely the realization that what astronomers always saw and thought was the universe is just the visible tip of a lumbering iceberg of mystery. Scientists now know we are not the center of the universe, nor are we even made of the same stuff as most of creation. Cosmologists have now concluded that there is five or 10 times as much dark matter in the universe as there is ordinary atomic matter — the stuff of stars, planets and people. “We know very little about the universe,” Dr. Rubin said in an interview for “Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos: The Story of the Scientific Quest for the Secret of the Universe.” “I personally don’t believe it’s uniform and the same everywhere. That’s like saying the earth is flat.” (http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/12/27/science/vera-rubin-astronomist-who-made-the-case-for-dark-matter-dies-at-88.html?referer=http://www.google.com/)

She discovered dark matter was made up in the milky way where Ophiuchus the Restrainer sets. She was called a giant in the world of astronomy and evidently thought the universe was beyond our imagination and that the earth isn’t flat. Need I say more?
You can read her bio here: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/295/5557/960.full

What is dark matter?



German super computer was built to track dark matter. “Supercomputer builds profile to hone in on dark matter particles. Scientists have long puzzled over what dark matter, thought to account for 85 percent of the mass of the universe, is made of. With the help of a German supercomputer, they might just be a little closer to finding out.”


The Arch is now going to Florence to prosper, not to Arona just yet.

​So there seems to be a change of plans and a little bit of smoke and mirrors going on as far as the Arch of Triumph goes. Here is a article from yesterday (3/22/17) that I had just come across. And evidently this was released by the IDA around March 17th.

Arch of Palmyra to be installed for G7 Off Culture reconstructed

MARCH 22, 2017 – 16:49

With the G7 Culture Summit just around the corner, a copy of the Monumental Arch of Palmyra will be installed in piazza della Signoria from March 27 to April 27, 2017. The installation will coincide with the G7 Summit, held in Palazzo Vecchio on March 30 and 31, 2017, as a symbol of the rebirth and reconstruction of humanity’s cultural heritage, continually at risk from the dangers of humankind and nature.

Concurrently, the Palazzo Vecchio will host a three-way dialogue between the Chimera di Arezzo, an Etruscan bronze statue found in Arezzo in 1553, a sketch of the Chimera by Baccio Bandinelli and Bandinelli’s bust of Cosimo I. The three pieces will go on display in the Sala di Leone X, where Cosimo I requested the bronze statue be displayed after its discovery. Like the Arch of Palmyra, the Chimera will remain on display until April 27, 2017, before being returned to its permanent home in the Florence Archaeological Museum.

The original triumphal arch was destroyed by Islamic State militants in October 2015, sending shockwaves throughout the international community. (http://www.theflorentine.net/news/2017/03/arch-palmyra-installed-g7-off/)

So here is what we now know. The Arch of Triumph of Palmyra replica will have a “major installation and presentation at the G7 Culture Summit in Florence” at the Palazzo della Signoria (location of Michelangelos David statue and the Neptune statue). 

Michelangelo’s David

It will be at the Palazzo della Signoria – Florence, (Tuscany) Italy.
Mar 24-27 – Arch displayed   http://g7arch.org/
Mar 30 @ 2:00 – unveiling ceremony of arch
Mar 30-31 – G7 Summit / Conclave of cultural ministers

Following will be a “six month series of events at the Museum of Archaeology in Arona, Italy.” The arch will be on display as part of a larger exhibit and renaming of the Museum of Archaeology. So this means that the Arch will be in Arona until September, and will leave just in time for the 9/23 event (and I’m assuming it will head back home to Palmyra at that time). 

But here is something interesting that is happening at this event in Florence (which is 4 hours from Arona and means blossoming like a flower or flourishing/prosperous). People are going to be able to touch it and go through and under this Arch this time around. “The occasion will be the summit of all ministers of culture of the G7, set in the Tuscan capital. The arch will ne not roped off, allowing visitors to walk under it and touch it.” (http://www.florencedailynews.com/2017/03/14/replica-palmyras-arch-unveiled-g7-florence/). They are wanting people to get up close and personal this time around….its starting to “flourish”. Take note that they are also displaying the Chimera di Arezzo, a bronze statue of a beast with a lions head and body, back scales of a dragon and tail of a snakes head. 

Chimera di Arezzo

Here is a little bit about this G7 (Group of 7) event in Florence. “Two months before the G7 summit of leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States (plus a representative from the European Union) in May 2017, a summit of Minsters of Culture from the G7 (Group of Seven) nations will take place in Florence on March 30 – 31 as announced by Cultural Heritage Minister Dario Franceschini in Rome. 

It marks the first time that a G7 cultural summit has ever been organized. Some political insiders believe this is a consolation prize to Florence given the fact that former Prime Minister Renzi had first announced that Florence would host the G7 meeting, which he later moved to Sicily.  The venue for the cultural summit has not been chosen yet in Florence, although Palazzo Vecchio is a strong contender. To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.” (http://www.magentaflorence.com/g7-culture-summit-scheduled-florence/)
Here is where you can find the change of plans from the IDA Newsletter. (https://issuu.com/ida89/docs/wg_newsletter_21_02_17_9c469c8a2095bc)

Jupiter and the Mystery Star

Jupiter and a mystery star next to it
I just recently came across a video about Jupiter and a star that was really close to it. I guess NASA decided to black it out and try to hide it. I can’t find a date when this object was seen next to Jupiter or when NASA actually did this but I found it interesting. I’m guessing it was around January 16th, 2017. Here is the original picture before it was blacked out.

Now I came across a story from March of last year about an “object” hitting Jupiter. I don’t know if these two events are connected but I just thought I should mention them both.(https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/03/30/world/object-hits-jupiter-irpt/index.html)

So I’m not sure what it is exactly that hit Jupiter last year and what this mystery object is that is next to it. I do know that Jupiter’s moon Europa is near Jupiter but I don’t think it’s ever looked that big next to Jupiter.

Now as of today 3/22/17, GOOGLE Sky still has it blocked out…but I think you can see it here with out the infrar red effect. Jupiter is the blue star on the upper right and the star in question is the lower left yellow star.

Here are the videos on the object next to Jupiter courtesy of Heavenly Sign 2017

Saturn’s Magnetism

(Originally posted on January 8th, 2017)

Notice the picture above of the black cube. Think about magnetism while looking at this picture and reading this excerpt from Manly P. Hall. It’s an interesting read but think about the black cube of Saturn. This is what this cube is based off of…the cult of Saturn. This is just one of the many conduits of the occultic Saturn worship. Now magnetism is “1. a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.

2. the ability to attract and charm people.” 

NASA says “The ancient Greeks, originally those near the city of Magnesia, and also the early Chinese knew about strange and rare stones (possibly chunks of iron ore struck by lightning) with the power to attract iron. A steel needle stroked with such a “lodestone” became “magnetic” as well, and around 1000 the Chinese found that such a needle, when freely suspended, pointed north-south.” (http://www-spof.gsfc.nasa.gov/Education/Imagnet.html) So think about this, lightning (we know who fell like lightning from heaven – Satan who represents Saturn) somehow affected iron to somehow to give it this magnetism to draw things to it. 

Now think about Daniel 2:33’s iron mixed with miry clay for a second. “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” This word iron (parzel) corresponds to barzel (iron axe head) which is the same as Birzoth (a descendant from Asher and means to pierce or hole). This is what draws the clay (potters clay that is used to form something) to this iron to the point of piercing it. This is a form of magnetism. And notice the iron ax is similar with  the tool that is used in beheading in Revelation…It’s an axe not a sword. 
And let me also say that just in the last few days there are reports of the earths magnetosphere collapsed on Jan 4 (https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=fCFFv_sVo_I). Is this due to the waves of helium that have been hitting the earth?  Remember that both Saturn and Jupiter are both made of helium. Is this making a connection with this iron and miry clay? Is this part of the beginning of birth pains? I could go on but then this op could go on forever. Something to think about….

“Section from panorama of Mecca in D’Ohsson’s Tableau Général de l’Empire Othman.

The Caaba, or cube-shaped building in the midst of the great court of the mosque at Mecca, is the most holy spot in the Islamic world. Toward it the followers of the Prophet must face five times a day at the appointed hours of prayer. Like the devotees of nearly all other faiths, the Mussulman originally faced the East while in prayer, but by a later decree he was ordered to turn his face toward Mecca. 
Little is known of the history of the Caaba prior to its rededication as a Mohammedan mosque, other than that the building was a pagan temple. At the time the Prophet captured Mecca, the Caaba and surrounding court contained 360 idols, which were destroyed by Mohammed before he actually gained access to the shrine itself. The “Ancient House,” as the Caaba is called, is an irregular cube measuring about 38 feet in length, 35 feet in height, and 30 feet in width. The length of each side wall varies slightly and that of the end walls over a foot. In the southeast corner of the wall at a convenient distance above the ground (about five feet) is embedded the sacred and mysterious black stone or aerolite of Abraham. When first given to that patriarch by the Angel Gabriel this stone was of such strong whiteness as to be visible from every part of the earth, but late, it became black because of the sins of man. This black stone, oval in shape and about seven inches in diameter, was broken in the seventh century and is now held together by a silver mounting.

According to tradition, 2,000 years before the creation of the world the Caaba was first constructed in heaven, where a model of it still remains. Adam erected the Caaba on earth exactly below the spot in heaven occupied by the original, and selected the stones from the five sacred mountains Sinai, al-Jud•, Hir•, Olivet, and Lebanon. Ten thousand angels were appointed to guard the structure. At the time of the Deluge the sacred house was destroyed, but afterward was rebuilt by Abraham and his son Ishmael. (For details see A Dictionary of Islam). It is probable that the site of the Caaba was originally occupied by a prehistoric stone altar or ring of uncut monoliths similar to those of Stonehenge. Like the temple at Jerusalem, the Caaba has undergone many vicissitudes, and the present structure does not antedate the seventeenth century of the Christian Era. When Mecca was sacked in A.D. 930, the famous black stone was captured by the Carmathians, in whose possession it remained over twenty years and it is a moot question whether the stone finally returned by them in exchange far a princely ransom was actually the original block or a substitute.

The side of the Caaba are the supposed graves of Hagar and Ishmael, and near the door (which is about seven feet above the ground) is the stone upon which Abraham stood while rebuilding the Caaba. Various coverings have always been thrown over the cube-shaped structure; the present drape, which is replaced annually, is a black brocade embroidered in a gold. Small pieces a the old drape are cherished by pilgrims as holy relics. Entrance to the Caaba is effected by a movable flight of steps. The interior is lined with varicolored marble, silver, and gilt. Although the building is generally conceived to be windowless, this point is disputed. Access to the roof is had through a silver-plated door. In addition to the sacred books the Caaba contains thirteen lamps. 

The great courtyard around the building contains a number of holy objects, and is bounded by a colonnade which originally consisted of 360 pillars. Opening into the courtyard are nineteen gates, the sacred and significant number of the Metonic Cycle and also the number of stones in the inner ring of Stonehenge. Seven great minarets tower above the Caaba, and one of the sacred ceremonials in connection with the building includes seven circumambulations about the central Caaba in an apparent effort to portray the motion of the celestial bodies.”

Excerpt from The Faith of Islam, page 191

Manly P Hall – The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Artwork by Ahmad Mater

Uranus and Mercury Conjunction

​It’s been said that the planet Uranus is connected with earthquakes, not only scientifically but also in mythology. I’m wanting to stay away from astrologies views because to be honest, there is alot on the internet about astrology, earthquakes and Uranus. I’m only bringing up this up because of the conjunction with Mercury in a 3 month period. Based off of the chatter (again) about the “big one” hitting the San Andreas soon and what was been going on with the signs in the Heavens, I thought I should bring it up. Otherwise I wouldn’t ever bring it up. 

Uranus means sky or heavens and according to its mythology it was the father of the 12 Titans. In my opinion this would best describe Baal who was lord of the air. Mercury in Roman mythology was associated with merchants, travelers and transporters of goods, and thieves and tricksters. He was the Greek equivalent of Hermes, the messenger and his father was Jupiter. So we have the sly messenger and the god of the sky meeting up. You can see in this article here (http://themostimportantnews.com/archives/could-planetary-alignments-be-responsible-for-massive-earthquakes) that there are connections to the conjunction of these planets and earthquakes. It has been seen in the ’64 Alaska earthquake and the Japan earthquake.  

I am in no way saying that there is going to be an earthquake between March 27th and May 7th but i do find it interesting as far as the timing goes. We have seen more meteors fall and earthquakes in the near past than we would like. And if we are truly seeing birth pains then we will see a few more bigger earthquakes. And the start of this conjunction comes 2 days after Venus inferior conjunction and 1 day before Venus goes into Pegasus for 3 hours. I just wanted to make this known even though I am a little relunctant to bring it up.

Here is a paper from 1959 on Uranus and earthquakes. (http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v184/n4681/abs/184177a0.html)

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