TIMELINES: Golden and Silver Gates

Golden Gate Every year on 12/21 the Sun goes through the Golden Gate. Its located between Sagittarius and Scorpius right near Ophiuchus. This year absolutely nothing goes through this gate (Ecliptic and Galactic Plane) until 12/21/17. The last thing to go through it was the Sun on 12/21/16. This year (or should I say 5778)... Continue Reading →

The 3rd day of 5778

​Its kind of funny but I was reluctant to write anything on this 9/23/17 sign since everyone was already doing it. But I think its time now being that soooo many people are saying its the "rapture" date but still beating around the bush just in case its not. Well let me say this first.... Continue Reading →

The Death of the Mother of Dark Matter

(Originally posted on December 26th, 2017) As the world mourned the Death of "Princess Leia", someone else's death got overlooked. Vera Rubin, known as the "Mother of Dark Matter" is the one who "opened doors for astronomy" has died. She was the one to discover dark matter and at 88 she died on Christmas Day.... Continue Reading →

Jupiter and the Mystery Star

  I just recently came across a video about Jupiter and a star that was really close to it. I guess NASA decided to black it out and try to hide it. I can't find a date when this object was seen next to Jupiter or when NASA actually did this but I found it interesting.... Continue Reading →

Saturn’s Magnetism

(Originally posted on January 8th, 2017) Notice the picture above of the black cube. Think about magnetism while looking at this picture and reading this excerpt from Manly P. Hall. It's an interesting read but think about the black cube of Saturn. This is what this cube is based off of...the cult of Saturn. This... Continue Reading →

Uranus and Mercury Conjunction

​It's been said that the planet Uranus is connected with earthquakes, not only scientifically but also in mythology. I'm wanting to stay away from astrologies views because to be honest, there is alot on the internet about astrology, earthquakes and Uranus. I'm only bringing up this up because of the conjunction with Mercury in a... Continue Reading →

The Golden Gate and the Silver Gate

Golden Gate Silver Gate I wanted to share this guys blog. Obviously I don't agree with everything he says but he gives a good rundown of these two gates that intersect on the Galactic Meridian and Ecliptic Meridian. I'm also going to share the Stellarium videos I did of each of these gates for the... Continue Reading →

August 21st eclipse and Leo

​I had been putting off writing anything about the "Great American Eclipse" that happens on 8/21 of this year for awhile now. My first initial thought about this eclipse was Trumps Time cover of the "Divided States of America". This caught my attention being that this eclipse was going from West to East and in... Continue Reading →

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