Fatima and Diana – Queens of Heaven?

A article came out about an Egyptian cleric claiming that Mohammad will marry Mary, the mother of Jesus in heaven. Strange right. Well its nothing new. This has been around for many many years in Islamic writings. We know this just isn't true, obviously. But what kind of spiritual implications does this have and when... Continue Reading →

Venus or Niburu?

The chatter on Facebook in the last month has been, "what is that star that is so bright that it's flickering and looks like its changing colors?" The majority of comments have been that this is Niburu or Planet X. I poo pooed most of these comments because I knew what I was seeing was... Continue Reading →

Venus Inferior Conjunction

On March 25th 2017, the Arch of Triumph is going to be erected at Arona, Italy (https://m.facebook.com/idontcareifanyonereadsthis/photos/a.519935928115964.1073741828.519754571467433/1076438119132406/?type=3). The interesting thing about this date is that Venus is going into inferior conjunction of 8 degrees on this same day in the Northern hemisphere. "This phenomenon occurs when an inferior planet passes between the Earth and the... Continue Reading →

The Two Horns of Revelation 13

This is just a thought. No one is being dogmatic here. This is something to consider. I had read a post by Son Windham this morning that really had got me thinking. He wrote, "The false prophet with his two horns (two false witnesses, false Moses and false Elijah)". And then gave this scriptural reference.... Continue Reading →

The Year 5777

Lets look at the significance of this Jewish year, 5777, which is our 2017. I am going to try to leave my own opinion and commentary out of this research until the end. I am going to give you quotes from sources. I think you can take away something from this without any presuppositions given... Continue Reading →

Portals and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP’s)

I had seen an interesting headline from Breaking Israel News dot com that read "Electromagnetic Pulse Could Be High-Tech Portal to End of Days" (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.breakingisraelnews.com/80072/electromagnetic-pulse-high-tech-portal-end-days/amp/?client=ms-android-metropcs-us). The article was about EMP's and the damage they can cause. But this headline got me thinking. Can an EMP open a portal? We have already been over before that... Continue Reading →

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