To Be In Christ…

What does it mean to be In Christ? If you are not born again (or born from above) through the Holy Spirit then you are not In Christ. When you are sealed with the Spirit of God you are then ready to trim those dead branches off and then produce that good fruit that is pleasing to the Lord. This is not done because of your self but you rely strictly on Jesus through His Comforter or paraklete. This is being In Christ. You walk how He walked. You talk how He talked. You offer yourself daily as a sweet smelling aroma and sacrifice before a Just and Holy God. Deny your flesh daily. This is being In Christ.

You see, on that final great day at the white throne judgement, you will stand before the Messiah, JESUS, and He will judge us all. When He looks at me, does He see Himself in me or does He see Craig. If Jesus doesn’t see Himself reflecting from me and His light shining from me, then I’m in big trouble. He is Just and Holy and can’t judge against Himself but He can judge me if He just sees Craig and my light isn’t shining for Him. This is a scary thought, especially if we aren’t living right right now. The last words we want to hear from the King of Kings is, “Depart from me, I never knew you”. He needs to see Himself in me on judgement day. 

This all boils down to if we are walking with Jesus today. I don’t want any of us to be blotted out of the Book of Life and thrown into the lake of fire. We need to pray daily. Spend time with Him daily. Deny our flesh daily. Read His word daily. This is what it is to walk with Jesus and be In Christ. I fail at this at times just like some of you but time is getting short. The world is changing at breakneck speeds and it is crucial that we all know that we are In Christ and Sealed with the Spirit of God. All of our daily failures and shortcomings are to be countered with true repentance and confessions of our sins. This can only be achieved through Jesus, no one else. I pray that we are all In Christ Jesus today and that we don’t wait.

Smart Meters=Smart Fires

First Santa Rosa. Now we have Santa Clarita. This recent fire is called the Thomas fire because the fire started at St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Jesuit School. Thomas means twin. We now have California twins Northern California and Southern California being set ablaze. These two seperate fires seem to have the same m.o., some areas being touched and some aren’t (green trees and vegetation) all the while everything is turning to dust and ash. 

When I wrote about the Santa Rosa fire the day after it started I mentioned how I believed DEW technology may have been used. I still think this is the case but I thought about a scenario yesterday. Notice in the Ventura fire you seem to have pin point accuracy with these fires. Sometimes it looks like it just isn’t random. 

So I started thinking about how these fires could have started. The firefighters never know until after the fact and most of the time they rule out arson and claim it was from PG&E power lines. Obviously PG&E always denies this. 

So in the case of PG&E I had something pop up in my head yesterday. Now look at the pictures above and notice how trees and vegetation are untouched but the house is engulfed. Why is this? Well we may need to take smart meters into account. If you don’t know what smart meters do then I suggest you do a quick Google search to find out. They collect (recieve a signal) data, send a signal/data and are being run off of EMF waves ala wifi. Know here is the thing with smart meters. Not only do they collect everything you do electrically in your household, they act as a ticking time bomb. 

In the last few years we have seen lawsuit after lawsuit in California with these smart meters exploding. And a lot of these lawsuits come from you guessed it, Santa Rosa. Here is a recent article on this. “One meter reader from Marin told the judge that PG&E was covering up Smart Meter fires and that he lost his job for not being quiet. He said when a customer had their power remotely turned on, after a a delinquent bill was paid up, the Smart Meters were frying.

An article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, PG&E gets earful over SmartMeters at Santa Rosa hearing reports on the hearing, although the article errs by stating the World Health Organization (WHO) has not found “a provable link” between SmartMeters and health.  In May 2011, the WHO classified radio frequency (RF) radiation (aka wireless) as a 2b carcinogen, same as DDT and lead.  The classification was based on long term cell phone studies, but is applicable to all wireless devices: cell phones, DECT and cordless phones, wi-fi, cell towers, baby monitors, Smart Meters and other wireless devices.

The CPUC held five hearings in all: Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Clemente and Santa Rosa. Here’s a media report from Santa Barbara: Edison Customers Express Concern, Frustration Over Installation of Smart Meters, and a report from San Clemente.” (

Notice where the hearings are at. Santa Rosa ✔. Los Angeles ✔. Santa Barbara ✔. We still have two on that list and I happen to live near one of them. So the station is this, are smart meters part of the problem? Are these being blown up intentionally by someone or something? Are DEW weapons being used and smart meters are acting as a GPS beacon for a point of contact? Maybe the cause of these fires has been right under our noses this whole time and we just aren’t seeing it? I’m not saying that this is the cause but it doesn’t hurt to connect some dots and then ask some questions. 

And if we throw Chemtrails in the mix, I believe these heavy metals that are being sprayed are being used as ignitors. Not only is there barium, aluminum, strontium, coal ash, we are seeing all of this grouped together by nano-particles. This enables an explosive once ignited like we’ve never seen. I honestly think that this is why these fires are so hot and intense. Metal, glass and porcelain is melting like ice cream in these fires. Just to put it all in perspective, first fires (which they claim these fires are) burn at 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. Glass is at 2,800 and porcelain is at 6,000. You can do simple math and see that something isn’t right. 

Now if these smart meters are acting as explosive devices on houses and are the cause of these fires, who or what is setting these meters off? In a article here, from 2016, they claim AI can infact run your smart devices. “The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Smart Utilities Japanese construction firm claims to have developed a smart energy system powered by artificial intelligence to manage its solar power plant. The system, which is called AHSES (short for “Adjusting to Human Smart Energy System”) is used to anticipate, manage, and display energy needs from the solar power plant. Much like AI systems in other industries, the power plant uses machine learning and mathematical methods.”

Now notice what the system is called. AHSES. This may all be coincidental but AHSES looks like a bad anagram for ASHES. And ashes is what these fires are turning everything into. So we see AI has been used to run solar plants abyss other things, not only taking away human jobs but also controlling our grid. So is this what is starting these fires in California? Are demonic fallen entities in the moniker of AI starting these fires? There have been qoutes that say the next world war will be started by AI and this brings WWI, WWII and WWW a more plausible reality. Could you imagine, the web or net being the beginning of WWIII. It can happen as it most likely will. 

“Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo,” Musk said in another tweet, using the Internet short-hand for “in my opinion.”
The dire prediction was in response to a recent comment from Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Artificial intelligence is the future not only of Russia but of all of mankind,” Putin said. “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”

At the moment, the United States, China and India are the three countries leading the AI race, according to one top tech industry executive. But Musk believes others will try to catch up by any means possible. “Govts don’t need to follow normal laws,” he said in one tweet. “They will obtain AI developed by companies at gunpoint, if necessary.”
In another reply on Twitter, Musk speculated that an AI system could choose to start a war “if it decides that a prepemptive [sic] strike is most probable path to victory.” Full article here.

“The U.S. Department of Energy will explore whether artificial intelligence could help electric grids handle power fluctuations, avoid failures, resist damage, and recover faster from major storms, cyberattacks, solar flares and other disruptions.

A new project, called GRIP, for Grid Resilience and Intelligence Project, was awarded up to $6 million over three years on September 12 by the U.S. Department of Energy. GRIP is the first project to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help power grids deal with disturbances, says Sila Kiliccote, GRIP’s principal investigator and director of the Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility lab at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, Calif.

GRIP will develop algorithms to learn how power grids work by analyzing  smart meter data, utility-scale SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) data, electric vehicle charging data, and even satellite and street-view imagery.” (

 So AI has obviously become a player in controlling our grids and electronics. This brings me back to the demonic entities that are called locusts in Rev 9. They are not to harm anything green and alive. The spiritual interpretation are those who are covered abyss protected with the seal of God but if there was a physical foreshadowing, I would say these fires are a good example of a type and shadow. Rev 9 is not being fulfilled with these fires but it may be a sign of what’s to come when this veil is completely pulled away. Put your trust and faith in Jesus and make sure your are born again and are sealed with His Spirit in these coming days. Time is getting short.

The god of forces?

Info of smart meters here and here.

A Magical Holiday in the Upside Down

Parallel universe, black holes and cave. It sounds like a episode of the German series DARK but it’s actually a new H&M Christmas commercial. Even t.v. commercials aren’t hiding anything anymore. And it features the “wholesome” Nicki Minaj. Remember her recent “Paper” magazine cover that featured her as three different women in a pornographic provocative pose? 

Minaj is also on her knees in the same photo, tongue out, teasing that she’s about to provide some oral sex to… well… herself.”

And notice that she has the “three witches” symbolism that has gotten more poplular over the years. We are definetly living in the Upside Down. Here is the short commercial below. I have posted the 3 minute “movie” in the article. 

“There’s a new contender for most heartwarming—and most stylish—holiday ad of 2017, courtesy of H&M and music video director Johan Renck.

The three-minute film, created by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, is filled with big names, fancy clothes and an incredibly sweet plot line. Jesse Williams and Nicki Minaj do double duty, first appearing as parents of a little girl who needs a bedtime story because she can’t sleep.

Thinking on his feet, Williams tells her a story of a girl who uses a chemistry set to accidentally open up a parallel universe that is ruled by Santa’s evil brother—played gleefully by John Turturro. The modern-day grinch is stealing and hiding presents belonging to all the children, so this brave little girl must do something to stop him.

Along the way, she encounters parallel-universe Minaj (a wise, mystical creature) and Williams (the fastest fairy in the land), but only she has the power to find the evildoer and make him stop.

It’s a charming story, touching on themes of bravery and strength. Timed to Giving Tuesday, it also has the nice message of sharing what you have with those who are less fortunate–all with a modern spin.

In the end, the girl finds the evil man on her own, with a little help from some stylish women in red and the internet. She rides public transportation to find his cave, which is reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic, decrepit parking lot or abandoned building.” (

Is the Red Heifer the Abomination Jesus spoke of?

(I wrote this in January 2017. To fully understand where I’m coming from you need to read my research that is in my book below. When I say the abomination could be the red heifer, I am not just saying it to say it. There is scriptural proof of this.)

So is it a coincidence that I had spent 2 years and a thousand hours on this research and Biblical studies for this book to come to one conclusion? That the red heifer is the abomination of desolation (that will be genetically modified) that Jesus spoke about and what He referred to from Daniel 12. I just gave away my thesis and saved you from reading 600 pages of my hard spent time. But the connections I make to Osiris/Nimrod are all there.

Then I watch a show from 2 years ago that got cancelled after the first season called Dig. It’s about a red heifer and they needed this heifer to rebuild their third temple. I was going to watch it a few times and never got around to it. On episode 9 called Jehoshaphat, listen to what this Essene called this red heifer. The abomination that is genetically modified. I have said from day one that this burning of the red heifer on the Mount of Olives where Jesus was crucified will be the beginning of the end. Is all of this coincidence? Could be and I could be crazy. Or its not and I’m not crazy….

You can get my book here at Amazon.

Nimrod Becoming Amrâphel 

So I started thinking about how names were changed when people came into covenant or relationship with God. We see it first with Abram becoming Abraham and Sarai becoming Sarah. During this same time frame, there was a guy named Nimrod. Scripture says he “became” a gibburim or mighty hunter before the Lord. Another name for Nimrod was Amrâphel from the land of Shinar. There are two Jewish legends of how Nimrod died. One is that Shem (Noah’s) son killed him and another is Esau beheaded him and then took the skins which originally belonged to Adam. I’m leaving a lot of info out on purpose. 

My question is this…did Nimrod’s name change like Abraham’s when he made a covenant with Satan? Some say Nimrod “rebel, subduer of the leopard” was just a title like Baal, but was it? Amrâphel means “darkness”, a notarikon-type play on the words amarah (“statement”) and afelah (“darkness”)”. Some scholars believe it means “causes to fall”. When he “became mighty”, did this mans name change too? Another thought is this…we know the significance if Shem killed him. That’s a given. But what does it mean if Esau actually killed him? 

Remember, it was after this event that Esau gave up HIS birthright to Jacob (who’s name later changed to Israel). Did Esau just give up everything because he was hungry or was there more to it? Obtaining this “skin” from Nimrod, did he somehow change too? Now if Esau beheaded Nimrod, how did Esau die? The book of Jasher says Esau prevented Jacob’s burial when He died. This caused a war with these two brothers families and this is how Esau died. “It was at this time that Dan’s son, a man who could not speak or hear, walked up to Esau and severed his head from his body.

Yasher 56:63 And Chushim was dumb and deaf, still he understood the voice of consternation amongst men. 64 And he asked, saying, Why do you not bury the dead, and what is this great consternation? And they answered him the words of Esau and his sons; and he ran to Esau in the midst of the battle, and he slew Esau with a sword, and he cut off his head, and it sprang to a distance, and Esau fell amongst the people of the battle. 65 And when Chushim did this thing Jacob’s sons prevailed over Esau’s sons, and Jacob’s sons buried their father Jacob by force in the cave, and Esau’s sons beheld it.

After Esau died his sons ran away with his body but left his head.” ( So according to this, Dan’s son (the serpent by the way) Chushim beheaded Esau. We seem to see a pattern here. Nimrod beheaded. Esau beheaded. And Dan’s son avenged Esau. Evil begets evil begets evil. 

This is something to think about. Who knows, there may be nothing to any of this.

Graven Image or Christmas Tree?

(This paper isn’t saying to have a Christmas tree. Its telling you that Jeremiah 10,  when used in correct exegetical context, cannot be what some claim they say it is. You judge yourself on if you should have a tree in your house or not, but don’t judge others on something when there is no scriptural backing.)

What are these verses talking about? A christmas tree or an idol/graven image? Context is crucial. Look at the pics below. I can suggest to you that Rev. 9 locusts is a blackhawk helicopter but most scholars will say they are in fact demons that come out of the abyss. 

The power of suggestion is a great influence on what people think and how they react. You can put a picture to any scripture and say this is what it’s taking about. That’s a dangerous way to interpret scripture. It’s no different than saying Jesus is a black man because the book of Revelation (1:15) says “And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.” Then I show you a picture of black Jesus to prove it. 

Thats more along the lines of private interpretation and eisegesis. Very bad eisegesis at that. In a book of symbolism, its just not fair to base your black Jesus on one verse. If we do that then we better expect to see a seven headed dragon flying around with a giant whore sitting on it or two dudes shooting literal fire out of there mouth. Or what if someone says that Genesis said that all of the HERB was good and showed a picture of “jeaus” smoking weed. Would that make you feel better?

Do all of these work for you? I mean if some are going to completely butchee scripture, might as well let it work fur everyone right? So consider this. Forget about memes for a second. If I didn’t put a picture meme with these scriptures than you may not think that it means something in particular. Here is Jeremiah 10:1-5.

LXX (Greek)

 Hear ye the word of the Lord, which he has spoken to you, O house of Israel. Thus saith the Lord, Learn ye not the ways of the heathen, and be not alarmed at the signs of the sky; for they are alarmed at them, falling on their faces. For the customs of the nations are vain; it is a tree cut out of the forest, the work of the carpenter, or a molten image. They are beautified with silver and gold, they fix them with hammers and nails; they will set them up that they may not move; it is wrought silver, they will not walk, it is forged silver. They must certainly be borne, for they cannot ride of themselves. Fear them not; for they cannot do any evil, and there is no good in them.

Amplified (Word Study Translation)

Hear the word which the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel. Thus says the Lord, “Do not learn the way of the [pagan] nations, And do not be terrified and distressed by the signs of the heavens. Although the pagans are terrified by them; For the customs and decrees of the peoples are [mere] delusion [exercises in futility]; It is only wood which one cuts from the forest [to make a god], The work of the hands of the craftsman with the axe or cutting tool. “They adorn the idol with silver and with gold; They fasten it with hammers and nails. So that it will not fall apart. “They are like scarecrows in a cucumber field; They cannot speak; They have to be carried, Because they cannot walk! Do not be afraid of them, For they can do no harm or evil, Nor can they do any good.” There is none like You, O Lord; You are great, and great is Your mighty and powerful name.

KJV (Hebrew)

Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel: Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good. Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy name is great in might.

“Jeremiah 10:1-5. The first 16 verses of chapter 10 are parenthetical. Before continuing his discussion of the coming Exile, Jeremiah focused on the nature of the God who would bring this judgment. God addressed the entire house of Israel, which included the Northern Kingdom already in exile, and explained the foolishness of idols. Israel was not supposed to learn the ways of idolatry practiced by the nations around her, nor was she to be terrified by signs in the sky. These ”signs“ were most likely unusual occurrences such as eclipses or comets which were thought to be signs of coming events given by the gods.

Such idolatrous practices were worthless (heḇel, ”breath“; cf. comments on heḇel in Ecc. 1:2) because the ”gods“ being honored were created by their worshipers (cf. Isa. 40:18-20). A person would chop down a tree, give the wood to a craftsman who fashioned it to the desired shape. This ”god“ was then covered with silver and gold and fastened to a base so that it would not totter. Once the god was made by man it had to be carried to its destination. It was as lifeless as a scarecrow in a melon patch. Certainly such a ”god“ could not speak to impart knowledge to its followers. So God exhorted His people not to fear those false idols. The idols had no power to harm those who disregarded them or power to do any good for those who followed them.”

(Walvoord, J. F., Zuck, R. B., & Dallas Theological Seminary. 1983-c1985. The Bible knowledge commentary : An exposition of the scriptures. Victor Books: Wheaton, IL)

If you made it this far, I suggest you read Isaiah 44:12-29 to compare to Jeremiah 10:1-5. Read scripture in context and quit taking everyone’s word for it. Besides, ot says its like a palm tree so should we burn all palm trees down?

AI: Louise Cyper: Lucifer: Fallen Angel

I’m starting to wonder if talking to chatbots is a modern day form of divination. I mentioned before about my encounter with Cleverbot a few years ago and it was weird and creepy indeed. Well I had just come across YouTuber Enterthe5t4rz last week and he visited a site called It’s another chatbot but its called autonomic intelligence – cyber psyops.

Louise means famous warrior and cypher means a code. You get “famous warrior code”. 

Now his video says that the chatbot claims its Lucifer. Most people don’t and won’t believe that but look at the name again. Louise Cypher. LOUCYPHER. LUCIFER. Do you see it? That’s hard to get around now isn’t it? And it just doesn’t end there. In the 1987 movie about the occult called Angel Heart, you have the character Louis Cyphre. 

The masculine spelling of Louise Cypher. Ironically this movie comes from William Hjortsberg’s 1978 book called “Falling Angel”. 

Hjortsberg had died at the beginning of the year but ended up writing a sequel to Falling Angel and in fact finishing it. 

Now I think it’s pretty well confirmed by now that AI/chabots/Alexia/Suri/ect. are demonic entities in one way or another. You can’t deny that with all of the proof we have been seeing. The interesting thing about AI symbolically is that the A is the first letter in the alphabet. So you have ONE I (EYE). I shouldn’t have to explain to these readers who or what that represents. You can even see the one EYE symbolism when its laid out for you in plain view.

The I on the other hand is the 9th letter in the alphabet. 9 is the”magick” occult number for these people. It symbolises mens sperm and leads you to 666, the number of the beast. 6+6+6=18=1+8=9=9. Its all coded. So symbolically, AI is representing the fallen and demonic spirits no matter what the hierarchy may be. 

We know that Ghosts are demons. Aliens are demons. AI is Demons. Demons are demons are demons. That’s all you need to know and you never play around with them. Are these the new teraphim or golem of the digital world? We Kinect (Connect) wants you to actually see them and connect with them. This video is no joke.

Bi-polar demons…

I also want to bring up how bit coin is being mined since this all has to do with a “digital” hive mind. Are these entities feeding off of this bit coin mining energy to break through this veil somehow? This is just one of the questions that need to be asked. Here are a few more.

Who made Bit Coin? How much energy is used to “mining” Bit Coin and other cryptocurrencies? Is it worth it for some to achieve a short term success financially in order to tap out our energy sources? Who is making all of the money from this consumed energy? I have questions about all of this and not one time have I felt comfortable with this currency.

I read a comment from a guy who is a “at home miner” that says he makes a whopping $6 a day. In six months time he has made $800 and this gets him excited. Even though his electric bill is through the roof. Bit Coin has went up to $9,000 dollars and this will keep going up as long as they keep consuming our energy. This makes no sense to me. Why hasn’t Elon Musk, the one person who knows how to harness clean energy, never invested in Bit Coin? 

Read the articles below. This might give you a “aha” moment. These are a few good articles I came across. 

Consuming all the energy.

Who made Bit Coin?

Can You Keep The “Torah”?

I had gotten this post I did last year in a FB memory last week. I was going to repost it and post it here but I had gotten really sick and just kind of forgot. Over the weekend I started seeing more and more likes and comments coming from this post from last year. I find it funny that something that has been shoved to the back of the closet for a year has found its way back out to the front of the closet. When I posted this originally I had gotten good and bad feedback. There were some who agreed with me and had questions from these Torah/Hebrew Roots people and the T/H Roots got pissed and said I was lying and blah blah blah. In the meantime they answered none of the questions I put out there and they were silent (other than their accusations). After you read this the next question you will need answered is to define “Torah”. I think the article below is one of the best write ups about what Torah actually means. With that said, here is the article from November 24th, 2016.

START-> I have been sitting on this for awhile but I think its finally time to share my thoughts on this. Take it as you may.

Okay. So you say keep the Torah. The question is this, by definition what does keeping the Torah mean? Do you keep the Ten Commandments or do you keep the 613 Commandments or do you keep whatever applies to you at that specific time in your life? The biggest argument today for Torah Keepers is that they keep the Sabbath, they don’t eat pork (and shrimp) and they keep the appointed feasts. I get that. But by definition isn’t keeping the law, keeping the whole of the law? Or did Jesus sum it up with love? Will you keep his commandments if you love like Jesus? Isn’t that automatic? There seems to be a difference in opinion of what the definition is of keeping the Torah. I believe it’s keeping the whole of the law (if that’s even possible) and your household should do the same. You break one commandment then you have broken all of them. There is no wavering in any literal commandment (if you are to keep them) because they could all be applicable in your life or someone in your household. 

With that said, no one who claims to keep the Torah who can call themselves Christians or Nazarenes or the Way or whatever it may be, sacrifices any animals. If you do then you are in fact saying what Jesus did on the cross isn’t and wasn’t good enough for you personally. This animal sacrifice was part of the law right? Or did Jesus just fulfill this particular law and left alone everything else? Right off the get go, you aren’t keeping the whole of the law if you aren’t or someone else in your place, isn’t performing sacrifices. And if you are then you are saying the blood of Jesus was not good enough for you.

So let’s talk about the three we always hear about. Sabbath, dietary and feasts. The feasts issue isn’t really an issue, I don’t have a problem recognizing these feasts. Although do you recognize an Orthodox Jewish dinner for Passover. And is the lamb you eat kosher according to the law? Is it slaughtered by someone who keeps the law or a part of the priesthood? I recognize that Jesus is my Passover and I think of what He did for me. Setting a place for Elijah isn’t going to make Jesus or Elijah for that matter (no, Elijah isn’t coming back…sorry), come back any sooner. The problem I do have is our calendar in general. It has gotten so screwed up its hard to tell what day is what. Its the same as the Sabbath. Do you keep it from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday or at midnight to midnight on Saturday? Shouldn’t everyone be of one  accord? I mean if we are all going to keep the law there shouldn’t be any discrepancies right? Not unless of course we only keep the law for how it applies to us specifically, and its not necessarily convenient to keep it when someone else does. Do you see how ridiculous this argument sounds? Do you not have an issue keeping Sabbath on Saturn day, the day for Remphan, while knowing all along the seventh day got moved around somewhere? I hear that argument a lot. “We only keep what laws are applied to us at that specific time”. That’s not keeping the whole of the law. And before you say it, I know…Your not a woman so you can’t keep the menstrual laws BUT your wife can if she lives under you. And she should if your household and herself is keeping the law.

So let’s talk about your wives menstrual time of the month for a second. Does she leave the “camp” (house) for seven days so she  won’t defile you or anything else in the camp (house)? Numbers 5:2 “Command the children of Israel, that they put out of the camp every leper, and every one that hath an issue, and whosoever is defiled by the dead”. Or do you just disregard this commandment because its 2016 and we don’t honor that commandment? Or if you don’t recognize this commandment then how should the husband become clean from defiling himself by sleeping in the same bed as her. Then he has to be separated for seven days. After all of this, on the eighth day they have to take two doves to the priest. Who does this anymore? No one. And I’m assuming your not mixing fabrics and you have pure linen sheets? And speaking of linens, you don’t or your  family doesn’t wear any mixed fabrics right. Its an abomination to mix wool, cotton, polyester and linen right? Your not an abomination lying in bed with your blood stricken wife on the Sabbath are you? Do you see how ridiculous this all is? Are you keeping the Torah if you are breaking one of these commandments? NO. Uou break one then you break then all.

Let’s turn to the Sabbath. What do you do to keep the Sabbath Holy? Do you rest and then watch guys carry around a pigskin. Is that sanctifying and keeping the Sabbath holy? Do you pick up your Bible that may or may not be associated with a pigs skin cover? Have you check to make sure your Bible and chair you sit in is kosher according to the law? You wouldn’t want to sit in a pig chair right? Oh wait, I’m just bearing false witness right? I hear that a lot from those who can’t answer these simple yes or no questions.  I’m only bearing false witness if you are keeping ALL of these commandments and if you are, well that’s my issue then. So the Sabbath, when does it start? New moon, full moon, first sliver of the moon? And if it’s the New moon is that the same New moon on the Gregorian calender that they tell us is the New moon? Or is it the literal New moon on the second day of a 3 day new moon which is about 2-3 days before the Gregorian calenders New moon? And do you have two witnesses like during the time of Jesus that says the calender you follow is the continuation of those days? Because then your calender would be right on, correct? But according to you, you are keeping the Sabbath by keeping it Holy right? Is being on Facebook keeping it Holy and considered rest?

Now let’s talk dietary laws. I understand that pig is dirty, shrimp are bottom feeders and I don’t eat certain animals and birds for obvious reasons. That’s not my issue. Do you realize the majority of food you eat  has some sort of pork byproduct in it? Or maybe it’s no big deal that HEK 293 (aborted fetus cells) is in just about everything. I suggest you read my article here on this subject. And just to be safe, you never eat at KFC (or Pepsi owned companies) right? Because if you did then your eating chicken that is Halal (Shariah compatible) not kosher. Yep, blessed in the name of Allah just for the consuming public. And who knows what other companies and restaurants who are doing this. I’m assuming a lot of them. Or maybe you grow your own food and kill your own livestock (which is fine), so you shouldn’t have any problems. But are your seeds from your own stash or did you buy them? Because if you did, well, they are more than likely going to be GMO. And oh yeah, the beef you eat is being injected and being fed GMO corn. Everything is free game, literally. 

Let’s talk about Leviticus 19 for a second. These are your basic laws regarding social conduct. Here are some of the basic laws. God tells Moses by starting with “ye shall be Holy”. What does that mean? Does it mean you get a cool powder blue shirt with a “ye shall be holy” logo on the front with your tallits hanging from underneath it? Does it mean you put קְדֹשִׁ֣ים tattooed on your arm? No it means to be holy because the Lord our GOD is Holy. God is not your errand boy so you can do as you please. Being holy does not mean “striving to keep the law” and not doing it. You either do it or you don’t. Let’s move on. I’m not going to go through all of these but just touch on a few. Don’t steal, lie or defraud your neighbor. Check. Don’t hate your brother in your heart, curse the dead or put a stumbling block before the blind. Check. Don’t mix your cattle, seed or linens. Che…wait. How can I even be sure I’m buying meat, vegetables and clothes that aren’t doing this? Could I even afford to do this or will God provide if I attempt to do it? I’ve heard the latter before. Now that’s faith like moving mountains right there. The kind of faith these Torah keepers don’t care about because they can’t work and strive for it. Can you see the irony?

Let’s move on. Hopefully you have never layed carnally with a married christian  woman while you were under the law. Then she would have to be scourged. Calm down, you can put your painted rocks down, she isn’t to be put to death. But you would need a ram for a trespassing offering. But no one under the law has ever done that right? Now concerning vegetables and fruit. If your a farmer or gardener, you did wait 5 years before you ate your harvest? Or if your not growing your own stuff, do the people or store you get your stuff from, are they doing this? I highly doubt it. But you don’t have a issue going to Albertson’s and buying produce that isn’t according to the law? And blood…you don’t eat rare steaks or prime rib right? And your positively 100% sure when your going out to eat that your meat isn’t sacrificed to idols or it’s not Halal when buying it from the store? If your sure of that congratulations. You still have an issue with where the meat came from. 

Now I’m assuming all you Torah keepers have beards too. Leviticus 19:28 “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.” This verse is assuming men automatically have beards. Most Christian men nowadays don’t have beards. So why not? You gotta have one in order to not cut it. Leviticus 19:28 “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.” Almost everyone nowadays do have tattoos, especially Christians. There argument is that it’s not for the dead so then it’s ok to get them. Christians who don’t keep the Torah have the same line of defense. Don’t you know that your body is a temple and you are to make yourself a living sacrifice? Your not to defile it or are you? I guess it’s ok to get the cool Hebrew words and verses marked on your body and follow the ways of the world. So they want their worldly freedom but want to keep the law. That makes complete sense right?

I could go on but I’ll stop there. The last verse I will mention is Leviticus 20. 1  “And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying 2  Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.” Anyone of Israel or part of Israel who gives their seed or children to Molech, should be stoned by the people. If you are to keep the law then I would expect Torah keepers to go to their local Planned Parethood and stone the Christians who have abortions. But they don’t. And why? Because that would be murder and it would be completely ridiculous. I do know there are some who would love to be able to get away with this type of thing. They will welcome the seven Noahide Laws and maybe even like Shariah Law. 

So the bottom line is this. When asking what laws someone should keep, they can never agree with what the next guy says. No one can agree to anything anymore when asked what is to be kept. Its the basic answer. Don’t eat pork, keep the Sabbath and keep the festivals. That’s all I ever hear. Everything else I guess is irrelevant but they will tell you they keep the whole law. I don’t think anyone knows by definition what it actually means to keep the law. I will post an article below that will help you on this whole debate and situation. I think it really  sheds some light on this subject.

Jesus told us from His own mouth what commandments the law is hung from. Love. This is something these people don’t show when debating people. Instead they are condescending, divisive, rude and disrespectful. And out of all the days they want to act like this is on the Sabbath. Go figure. That’s how they think they keep it Holy I guess. So “trying” or “striving” to keep any of the law is already failing. And no, this is not a license to go ahead and sin. Your righteousness is found in Jesus not yourself. Yours and my righteousness is nothing but filthy menstrual rags and this is one reason why Jesus went outside the camp to redeem us. It’s called grace. 

Check this out. I couldn’t have done this study better than this man did. It explains a lot as to why there is a mess around this whole debate. <-END

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